tagRomanceA Lazy Night

A Lazy Night


It started off just kind of innocent and slow, lying in bed, kissing each other, gently running our hands over each other. I like this. Taking time to explore, not rushing to take off our clothes, slowly building the tension and passion, drawing out the pleasure.

I close my eyes and relish the feel of your lips moving from my mouth to my chin and then down to my throat. You run the tip of your tongue along my throat and then move to lightly brushing your lips along the side of my neck and up to my ear, gently tugging on my earlobe with your teeth. My body responds, pressing tighter against you. I touch your face delicately; run my fingers along your cheek and jaw and then your neck.

I trace my fingernails along your neck from its base to your head and back again, my hand pushing your head more firmly against my neck, the heat in my body rising. I wrap a leg around you, wanting to be closer still. You feel so fucking good.

I release your head and move to massaging your shoulder and bicep. I love how you feel. Firm. Strong. So warm. Your temperature is rising now, too, as we caress each other.

You move your mouth again to nibble and kiss my jaw and chin as you slowly trace the edges of my scoop neck t-shirt, running them so softly along it where my skin is exposed, making me take a sharp breath, causing my pussy to contract. Then you briefly brush my breast, open palmed, but not lingering. You move your hand to the side of it and instinctively I remove my arm from around you and let it rest against the bed over my head. I know what you're about to do and my anticipation rises.

I've already decided to let you guide this session. I've surrendered and I know you can sense this and I love that I can do that with you, give up, give in and not worry about a thing. You aren't expecting anything from me other than to open myself for you, to give myself to you completely. And I am yours.

You start along the underside of my exposed arm, your fingers sprawled, a gentle pressure as you trace my flesh, working your hand down to the side of my ribs. You caress the side of my breast slowly and then just underneath, making me squirm and moan. You know how hot this makes me. My nipples have grown so hard and my pussy is on fire, my panties damp. You feel so fucking good.

"God, yes, baby," I whisper as I raise my hips and wrap my leg around you tighter. You kiss me long and deep and I bite your lip, my breath quickening, my body burning. I can feel your hard cock straining against your boxer briefs and that sends another electric jolt through me. I love to feel your arousal.

You begin kneading my breast, running your thumb over my hard nipple and then giving it a gentle pinch. My body rises again to meet yours and you shift yourself, propping yourself on one arm as you lie on your side looking into my eyes with a heat and passion that just consumes me.

You go back to tracing the edges of my shirt, pulling it down some to expose more of my cleavage, running your fingers so lightly against it. I moan and you smile as you trace my nipples again through my shirt. I long for more pressure, to feel your tongue and you oblige me, running your tongue along my cleavage as you give my nipple a firm pinch. My hips buck of their own accord as the pleasure courses through me, making my clit throb harder.

I reach down and grip your cock through your boxers, giving it several firm strokes. You growl your approval, which only makes me more anxious to have you buried deep inside me.

"Fuck me, baby," I whisper and I move to take off my shirt, but you stop me and lean in to my ear.

"Not yet," you reply and take both of my wrists in one hand, pinning them over my head. Then you continue your sweet torment, running your free hand and fingers over my breasts, tracing their form and teasing my nipples while you suck on my neck.

I'm squirming now, my pussy desperate for attention, soaking wet and aching. You release my wrists and push my t-shirt up, exposing my breasts. I grab your cock again. It feels so good and your boxers are damp with pre-cum.

I want to take off my panties, but again, you stop me, and position yourself half on top of me with one of your legs between mine so I can feel your thick member against my thigh.

You start sucking on one nipple while your fingers work its light pink partner and then you switch to suck on the other. I can feel your cock strain with every one of my moans. You press it harder against me and I lift my hips in response, grinding myself against the leg positioned between mine. I need to feel you. I can't think straight; I'm panting and moaning; on fire.

"Please, baby, please," I almost whine, "Fuck me. I want your cock in me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

You rise to kneel and yank my panties off then quickly remove your boxers and position yourself between my spread legs. Surely you can see the hunger in my eyes as I see yours. You press yourself against my dripping slit and forcefully bury your cock deep within me as I let out a cry. You know I want it hard; you can read me so well. With as wet as I am, you don't have ease into it, you don't have to be gentle. And you aren't.

You pound yourself hard within me and I wrap my legs and arms tightly around you, clawing at your back, my orgasm already beginning within the first few thrusts. Every muscle in my body tenses as I moan unintelligibly.

"Oh god, baby. Fuck! Yes!"

My orgasm overtakes me and I let out a long howl and then sink my teeth into your shoulder. My orgasm carries on and on and I moan and purr as my muscles contract around you. You love this sound and it fuels your lust, pushing you to the edge. Within minutes I feel you exploding inside me, your body shaking as you continue to thrust until the waves begin to ebb.

You collapse onto me and we lay there, still joined, breathing each other in while our pulses return to normal. I cup your head in one hand, the back of your neck in the other and pull you into my softness, covering your face and head with kisses, sighing contentedly.

After we separate, you pull me into you, spooning against me, your warmth surrounding me, cupping my breast in one hand and resting your head against me, but joined still.

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