A Lebanese Christian Beauty


Suddenly, Thomas cell phone began to vibrate. He picked it up, and saw a number he didn't recognize, plus the words 'hey cutie' in bold letters. He looked up and saw Josephine smiling at him. Thomas smiled back. This chick was something else. She told him to save the number, and he did. They continued talking and laughing until lunch time was over. Thomas winced, but he really had to get back to work but hated leaving. Josephine walked him to the elevator and told him to keep his ass out of trouble. Thomas smiled, shook her hand and winked before getting into the elevator. Trouble always seemed to follow him, but today he wouldn't mind.

Josephine went back to the tech tower, grinning. The Nigerian stud was even better-looking up close. And he smelled really good too. A little heavy on the cologne but that was alright. Josephine was aware of the other techs looking at her as she smiled like a schoolgirl. It had been a while since she met an interesting man. Nine days out of ten, the only guys she met were arrogant and cocky Arab guys who hated her faith but wanted to get into her pants. No way she'd ever get involved with any of them. She didn't want to convert to Islam or share her bed with a Muslim guy. The Lebanese guys in town, including the Christian ones, seemed hell-bent on chasing fat White women and ignored ladies like her. The only guys who showed interest in her were White guys, and she wasn't interested in them. A lot of White guys only went after Arab women because so many White women were dating Arab men. Especially the trashy blondes. Arab men's fetish for anything blonde was well-known throughout the world.

Josephine Al-Mansur smiled to herself as she received a text from Thomas Adebayo. The Nigerian stud was wondering if she wanted to 'chill' after work. It was Friday. She was thrilled at his offer but waited a good fifteen minutes before texting him back, asking what he had in mind. He told her he wanted to take her to see Avengers, and then they could grab a bite somewhere after. Josephine had seen The Avengers movie on opening night just like any good nerd gal. She wanted to see Dark Shadows, since she loved anything with Johnny Depp in it. Thomas seemed okay with that, and told her he'd been a Depp fan since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Everything was cool. Josephine agreed to meet him at Blair for the eight o'clock showing of Dark Shadows. Josephine texted him that she looked forward to it, and wished him a good day.

In his cubicle, Thomas Adebayo grinned from ear to ear. It was one o'clock in the afternoon on a Friday and he had a date for the night. With a hot Lebanese chick he met today on the bus while heading to work. Hot damn. He texted his buddy Jasper the good news, and the Detroit-born Ontario cop advised him to take things slow, and just go with the flow. Thomas promised his buddy he'd do just that. Then he went back to work. He had a mountain of research to do for his boss, a redneck asshole named Tim something or other, but he wasn't thinking about that night. Tonight, he had a date with the most interesting woman he'd met in a long time. A gorgeous Arab woman who was also a Christian. Kissing his crucifix for good luck, the Nigerian stud thanked his lucky stars. Tonight was going to be an interesting night indeed.

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