tagBDSMA Lesbian's Dream Ch. 02

A Lesbian's Dream Ch. 02


It was exactly two o'clock in the afternoon when Amanda shoved a piece of ice, the long half-moonshape, up Sammy's pussy before cupping her hand around the cunt to hold the ice in place. And it was exactly two o'clock in the afternoon when Sammy woke from her trance after having came so many times earlier that day, screaming at the sensation of the ice melting in her pussy and making her body shiver from the waist up. Sammy jerked straight up from the torture chamber's table, running her face straight into Amanda's breasts, where the laughing mistress held the face very closely.

"Nice to have you awake again, cunt. I was worried these lovely pillows would have put you in a sleep too great for you to wake up."

Sammy was still whimpering from the ice, and still shaking from the absolute chill against the normally-hottest part of her whole body. But she managed to compose herself enough to try to pull back to talk, and was pushed straight back into Amanda's breasts, squishing them against her chest. "Talk there. You apparently love this chest so much..."

Sammy smiled and moaned into Amanda's chest, "I'm sorry for sleeping so long, you just made me so comfy-y, and I do love your boobs."

Amanda laughed and pulled her shirt up before pulling out her bra, wrapping the strap around Sammy's head to snap it in place, keeping her slave snug against her breasts before lowering her shirt again. "They're all yours, slave. I hope you learn to enjoy them."

Sammy moaned happily and started kissing Amanda's breasts the best she could while held so tight against them. Amanda moaned as Sammy started licking and kissing, sucking on the skin that found her lips as well as nuzzling her face lovingly against the two soft, squishy tits... until they hardened against her lips, to be sucked on.

Amanda moaned and pushed Sammy's face 'til she was snug between the boobs, held tight by the bra's strap. Amanda grabbed her breasts and pushed in, squishing Sammy's face with them, and started rubbing them up and down, practically tit-fucking Sammy's moaning face.

Sammy was already hard and ready for another good hour of being tortured, and Amanda knew it. But she had other ideas for now, and let Sammy out of her chest to breathe. Just as Sammy's breath was being caught, Amanda pushed Sammy back just enough that the two could kiss, tongues instantly intertwining and both the women were moaning against each others' lips in a kiss so passionate, it had been as if each kiss online were real between the two lovers.

Amanda pulled back with a happy, a truly pleased smile and tugged gently at Sammy's body, wanting her to follow. "Come, come, Sammy, let's go upstairs, it's more comfortable." Sammy smiled and stood up, the half-melted ice instantly dropping out of her pussy against the floor. Sammy happily followed Amanda, still naked and breasts jiggling in pleasure of bouncing after her mistress.

"Where are we going, mistress?" Sammy practically slammed into Amanda as soon as the lady stopped and turned to face Sammy with a face so soft and happy, Sammy could have melted on the spot.

"To the only room you'll ever want to kiss a woman in." Sammy smiled and allowed, and enjoyed, Amanda picking her wrists and pulling her up the stairs near where the two stopped. As soon as they were up, they hit a fork. "To the right is our room, but to the left..."

"Yes, yes?" Sammy was wiggly and wanted to find out, so bad, but Amanda only motioned and Sammy instantly bounded through the door. She almost had to cover her eyes from the sheer amount of pink, purple, and orange she saw... The room was themed so well for her, she could have swore it was made just FOR her. As soon as Amanda stepped in after her and flipped the light switch, lights didn't come on. Instead, a machine just next to the doorway started blowing bubbles in a slow, steady stream, reflecting the room's colors beautifully before Sammy's eyes. "I... this is..."

Amanda hugged Sammy and tucked their bodies snug against each other. "Amazing? Perfect? When we talked, I just knew you'd be mine. So I had this room made. Look around, cupcake..." And Sammy did, taking in the heart-shaped bed, candles all around, skin lotions on the shelves, spare bottles upon bottles of bubble mix for the machine, a computer with Amanda as the screen saver on, and to her surprise, a little oven with cupcake tins on top and shelves open with mix and ingredients showing. "You don't ever want to leave this room, do you?"

"Not even for bathroom breaks and work." Sammy couldn't help but step around, looking in disbelief at how much Amanda spent on her... "How did you... how did you afford all this, for me?"

Amanda smiled and led Sammy to the bed, slowly pulling the two bodies into the middle of the soft, sinking mattress. "I never did tell you my job... How else do you think I got all those toys? I run a sex toy store, specializing in bondage toys. That's how everything downstairs was so easy to attain. Also... I love women because a man tore my heart. He took my happiness, but I took his money, which is all he tried to win me with, so it was easy to get this house. Stocking it for you was surprisingly simple, honey, enjoy it all you want... after this."

Sammy was about to ask after what, but Amanda pulled their faces together and pressed her lips gently against her lovers', kissing so softly it was practically a tease. Sammy squealed with delight through her nose but kissed back just as softly, ready to explode into a thousand little bubbles from all her happiness and struggling to hold back her delight in the kissing.

Amanda sensed it and gave Sammy a much deeper kiss, slowly parting their lips so their tongues could find and massage each others' in another burst of passion. Amanda's hand found Sammy's cheek and rubbed softly, lovingly across the skin, holding her face in place for the kiss that lasted as long as both women's lungs could hold out.

It was Amanda who broke first, leaving Sammy to hug her tight and bury her face into her mistress' neck. "Don't let me wake up, don't wake me up, please..."

Amanda smiled and pushed the bare back of her foot against Sammy's exposed pussy, wiggling her toes against Sammy's cunt. "Not even for this?" Sammy cried out, instinctively pushing her pussy down to mold against Amanda's foot. "That's better. I have just as much of every fetish you have, cupcake, except that I prefer giving the pain. You love feet...? Then get ready, cunt."

Amanda pulled away the foot that was on Sammy's pussy and raised it with such flexibility to put the sole against Sammy's face. "Clean me off."

"Yes, yes yes!" Sammy couldn't even remember to say 'mistress' before licking happily, lapping at the foot for a full two seconds before the foot pushed against her face to force her back on the bed. Amanda kept pushing down, rubbing her foot against Sammy's mouth before wiggling her toes between the lips, then digging her whole foot in, bit by bit.

Sammy moaned out, louder than ever as she drooled out against Amanda's foot in delight before sucking and licking everywhere possible, so ecstatic to have Amanda's foot that she dropped all care for taking anything slow. Amanda smiled and reached to the bed's side, finding a bottle of lotion on the bed table before pulling Sammy's feet up into her lap. Sammy's toes wiggled, which made Amanda wiggle her own against Sammy's tongue.

Before Sammy could catch a glimpse of what her feet were about to feel, she moaned again as Amanda poured a few squirts of the lotion onto each foot and started rubbing it in, massaging and dripping her spit to join the lotion. Sammy couldn't help but moan, and cry, and lick even faster before Amanda swapped feet, putting her dry one into Sammy's mouth while the drool-covered one rubbed blindly against Sammy's face.

Sammy was reveling in all that was going on, absolutely spoiled within the first day at how she was treated and being forced to please her mistress, all while pleasing back. Sammy moaned happily as the lotion was massaged completely into her skin, leaving dose after dose of spit to cover her feet.

Amanda pulled out her other foot and put her feet around Sammy's cheeks, rubbing up and down in a gentle tease, running her feet all over Sammy's face and neck, leaving Sammy to moan and rub her face back against Amanda while her own feet were led slowly and slyly to her pussy... Before Sammy could catch on, Amanda pushed Sammy's feet together and shoved them straight up, rough and fast, into her pussy, filling up Sammy with her own spit-covered feet.

Sammy moaned and cried out, taken over by the familiar pleasure that was magnified so many times because it wasn't her doing. Sammy gasped and wiggled her toes around, not having done that in so long... Amanda took the opportunity to get off and quickly crawl about to find a tall, chocolate-scented candle. She brought it back and lit it, letting the aroma fill the room quickly as Sammy kept grinding her pussy against her feet, as Amanda expected.

Amanda smiled at Sammy... she was in the perfect position, on her back. She just needed to be closer... So Amanda took Sammy's waist and yanked her back, intentionally making sure Sammy's butt was on one of Amanda's feet. She rang out in a sweet tone, "I know my little cupcake has never been able to put a toe up her bum... Would she like one, or two?"

Sammy moaned and nodded furiously, wiggling and grinding her ass against Amanda's foot. "Please, please-please-please!" Before Sammy could get to another 'please', Amanda had found her big toe against Sammy's asshole and pushed straight in, stretching the hole instantly. Sammy cried out and grinded against her feet as quickly as possible, even humping them inside and out to get as many tingles of pleasure as she could.

The room was thick with chocolate scent now, and the wax was filling into the basin-like cup on the handle of the candle. Amanda smiled and reached over, grabbing it and lowering the whole thing toward Sammy's chest, hovering over her breasts by an inch. "Hold still, slave." Sammy whimpered, seeing the flame and knowing what was coming before she flinched and bit her lip in anticipation.

She couldn't keep herself from screaming as Amanda tipped the collection of wax over to let it pour down onto Sammy's nipples, steaming from heat before she coated both equally. She put the candle away again and snuffed it quickly before starting to rubbing the wax in circles, not caring that her own fingers were starting to burn a bit. "Cum for me... Cum for mistress."

Sammy nodded and moaned, wiggling furiously against her own feet, against Amanda's foot slowly pushing deeper into her ass, and against the fingers rubbing the searing wax all over. The buildup of so many of her fetishes combined into once caused her to splatter cum all over her feet, bringing back the fatigue of her earlier torture... Her pussy throbbed, and quivered, and... it just got so wet, so much hotter and wetter against her feet, she wanted to faint.

Amanda abruptly pulled her toe out and yanked Sammy's feet from her pussy. "Bend over slave, on your knees." Sammy scrambled as fast as she could, getting on her knees and propping herself on her hands as if ready to be humped like a dog. Amanda waved the foot that was in Sammy's butt. "Being in you made me dirty. Clean that toe off, now."

Sammy smiled in delight and said "Yes ma'am!" with such enthusiasm before wrapping her mouth around the waiting big toe, not caring if she winds up sucking off feces or not. There was none to be felt, though the taste was like no other against her tongue, and she happily drooled over the foot before sucking it dry and licking every crevice of the skin to clean the toe off completely.

"Mm... You dirty little whore... You're filthy for licking that off, and I know you love it." Amanda pushed her whole foot back into Sammy's mouth, as deep as possible so she could rub the butt-piercing big toe as much around Sammy's tongue as possible. Sammy was almost in tears at the gagging, both because it was intensely great and uncomfortable.

It didn't take thirty seconds before Amanda smiled and pulled her foot out. She rolled over to get in a similar position as Sammy was in, except her breasts smothered the bed and her hand traveled up her body to find her own pussy. "I'm still dirty, cupcake, clean out my sweet little hole..." As if to show where, Amanda took her other hand and gently fingered into her ass for a few seconds.

Sammy was in such shock that she didn't take in, at all, what she was allowed to do just because of how much of a perfect finish it would be to everything she's been poured with today. It took a bubble popping against her butt to get her to shove her mouth against Amanda's asshole, kissing it in worship before licking inside it, tasting a whole new flavor and loving every second of it.

Amanda brought the finger she fingered her ass with and started sucking on it, happy with her own flavor as well while her other hand started rubbing against her pussy, wanting to cum for the first time that day... Sammy couldn't help but not notice, she was already in heaven and only soaring higher, leaving Amanda's fingers to curl into her pussy to rub around the rim.

Amanda couldn't help but get caught up in her ass being played with, a huge fetish she shared with no-one except Sammy. "You... filthy bitch." Amanda could only gasp it out through the pleasure. "I know you love my ass, take my cheeks and grind them all over your face, worship my ass!" It was less than a split second later that Sammy's face was wrapped up in Amanda's butt cheeks, rubbing all around to cause her tongue to wiggle wildly inside her mistress.

It didn't take long before Amanda hit her peak. She hadn't let anyone touch her in years, and was now letting those years of waiting and anticipation get close to pouring out. She deftly sprung up and forced her pussy into Sammy's face, instantly cumming and splattering those years of cum all over Sammy's face. Sammy moaned and took it all, instantly sucking out Amanda's pussy and licking the insides of it clean. Amanda moaned the whole time, a sound Sammy never heard before and completely adored because of its soft, sweet tone.

Amanda, limp from her first cumshot in nearly forever, turned around and started kissing and licking her own cum away from Sammy's face. Sammy instinctively knew to hold still, smiling at the moans of pleasure emanating from her mistress. Sammy never knew Amanda enjoyed the taste of her cum, but was glad to be cleaned off if Amanda enjoyed it.

As soon as Amanda cleaned off Sammy's face as much as possible, she kissed her slave fully, pushing a small store of her cum through parted lips to feed Sammy the hot, sweet pleasure that waited years to find her mouth. Sammy savored its sweetness before swallowing it, and started rubbing her tongue against Amanda's in another fond, passionate kiss. Amanda couldn't hold out, and soon wound up falling limp against Sammy. Amanda groaned quietly... "Cupcake..."

Sammy smiled and tucked Amanda's head against her chest in a gentle snuggle. Her breasts were far smaller, but they were still big enough to be of comfort to her mistress, whose eyes closed as she curled up in Sammy's lap instantly. "Cupcake's here, mistress. She'll take care of you."

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