tagBDSMA Lesson for a Fat Bad-Girl Wife

A Lesson for a Fat Bad-Girl Wife


I had all the evidence I needed! That slut wife of mine was fucking some little bastard from her office. She left a couple of emails in her account inbox, which she didn't know I had access to. The little twit was oozing about her massive tits and ample ass. His little prick probably couldn't reach far enough to get into her cavernous gash. Gail was a lovely large woman, a BBW, big beautiful woman. Her five foot eight and one hundred and sixty pound frame supported a set of 44DD tits and a luscious pillowy ass. Her soft belly rubbed on my own when we fucked missionary style, and her fat ass bounced against my belly when I slammed her from behind. I love to fuck my fat wife!

And I did frequently. So, why was she letting some twenty-year old stock boy play with her tits and pussy? And I suspected he was black, too! I didn't care, but it would stop and stop with a vengeance. I was waiting for her when she got home from work that day, with a small arsenal of implements of punishment for a bad girl: paddle, strap, rope, whip, pinching clothes pins, a huge hard dildo and a cloth to gag her mouth with if she got too noisy!

"Hi Hon," said the fatty slut as she bounced in the door of our apartment, "You're home early! That's nice."

"I doubt you'll think so soon, you slut! Get over here," I snarled as I grabbed her roughly by the arm and threw her over the end of the sofa, lifted the butt paddle high in the air and brought it down hard on her big fat ass...WACK, WACK, WACK.

"OOOOWWWWEEEE, What are you doing????!!!," she hysterically yelled.

"This is just the beginning, you adulterous bitch." (Whack, whack, whack again.) "I know about you and that little bastard at your office. I found your emails to each other. Don't wait your breath denying it; you'll need all your breath to survive tonight. You will pay with your body for whoring your body around!" (Another set of whacks.)

"Oh, NO...Oh, No, I...a...er...Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, I wish I'd deleted all those notes. It didn't mean anything! It was a mistake. Oh..OOWWEEE, please stop; just talk to me about it....OHHHH, I'm so SSOOORRRRYYYYY!"

I twisted her around, sitting her sore ass on the sofa, and stood like a drill sergeant in front of her. "So, go ahead you faithless bitch. Try to explain this. I doubt it will work."

"It was all a big mistake," (Sob, sob, sob, with tears and I think fake remorse.) "We were just kidding around the office, you know how we joke and all about, well, you know, sex and stuff. And some of the other girls were razing Leon about how black guys have big dicks. Well, I just was joining in, and one thing led to another and they dared me to find out!"

"So, Leon agreed and we went into the stock room at the end of the day after everyone had left, and well, he said I wouldn't know how big he got till he was excited and all. And so, well I let him feel up my big titties – just over my blouse, see. And, well, he told me to upzip his pants, and I, ah, and, well, it just came busting OUT! And it was HUGE! I mean, you're big and all and really love your cock! But Leon's dick is a big black monster! Well, what's a girl to do? He was loving my titties up, and I was so shocked at his massive pecker, and he got his hands up my skirt before I knew it and I was soooo wet! And light headed and, well, you know how I get when you sex me up and all!"

"The next thing I knew he had opened my blouse and unsnapped my bra and lifted my skirt and pulled my panties right off my legs! I didn't know what was happening, except that I was fascinated with that big cock and just couldn't keep my hands off of it."

"So, well, you've got to understand I was just so shocked and not myself! And, well, a...he...a...er...he just so sexily eased me back onto a table there and told me to rub that massive black rod up and down my wet slit, and I couldn't stop myself! I did, and he just sort of slipped that thing right into me! I am so, sorry. I didn't mean to do that! I just love your cock in me so much, and well, Leon was so BIG! I guess my little cunny was plenty big enough for it, though. It didn't hurt...but, Oh, it felt good...I'm really SORRY!"

"So you let that black bastard fuck your big white wet pussy, did you? And did you take his black man seed into you, too???"

"Ah, well...you see, a...YES I did!! He filled me up with a gallon of his jism, and I loved IT!! So there."

"Well you'll pay for your little escapade now, you white whore; fucking a black guy in the stock room. I suppose all you're girl friends know he laid you there!"

"OH, no, I couldn't let them know. I'd be so embarrassed! I made Leon promise not to tell, or I would accuse him of rape. I just told the girls how big it was, that I only looked at him, and that's what Leon said, too. But then he's been after me ever since! He really likes my plumpish body, just like you do! OH, I love you and it was a mistake, you see."

"It was because you are a fat fucking slut, Gail! You can't resist any cock. When will this happen again? I remember when we were dating; you were banging a bunch of guys before we married! I thought you'd get over that, but you're such a nympho whore!"

"Yeah, well, that was then. I just love sex, you know that! Don't we have a wonderful life in our bedroom...and here in the living room, and on the terrace, and in our car sometimes? You like it when I want sex, don't you?"

"Yes...BUT WITH ME! Not with every Tom's Dick and Leon's, too!! Who else have you been fucking behind my back?"

"NO ONE, I promise. I, mean...a...you didn't find any other emails, did you?" she tentatively asked.

"SO THERE ARE OTHERS!!!" I angrily yelled.

"NO, no, not really. It's just that my big titties get kind of tingly at work sometimes, and, I...a...well, a couple of times a few months ago our supervisor, Mr. Thompson, got a little personal and was complimenting my huge boobs, and I let him touch them, and well, I just sort of ended up topless with his cock jerking off between them."

"YOU WHAT!!?? You titty fucked your boss, too??!! You are nothing but a fucking nympho slut. You are a WHORE, Gail. Do you know that? That's it, then."

"So, what are you going to do, now," she pleaded. "Please don't leave me. I'm so sorry."

"Oh, I won't leave, you nympho fatty. No, not me. I might kick you out on the street, though. You'll be gone with nothing, hear me? NOTHING! And I have the written proof of your infidelity and will use it everywhere – family, friends, and court! You will be out and alone, and I doubt even bastard Leon will take you in when I get through with you!"

"NO, no, please don't do that. I'll do anything to make it up to you, you know that. I love you and want to be with you. It was just a little mistake!"

"It didn't sound so little to me! It sounds like his cock was a pretty BIG thing to you!"

"I'll make it up to you. Don't throw me out...PLEASE!"

"OK, so here is the deal. You will be punished for the next several days...."

"DAYS!! What do you mean by that?"

"SHUT UP, BITCH," I shouted. "You just listen, and listen good. I set the rules now. Period. Or else out you go on your fat ass. Now, like I said, you will be punished for the next several days. You will learn to be the faithful submissive wife I deserve. You are now my sex slave for life, Bitch. You certainly will have sex, and on my terms. And they will not always be nice. And if you learn well, we will see about the future. You will be called Slut, or Bitch, and you will always call me Sir. So, to start with, stand up there, quite your blubbering, and STRIP!"

"Strip?" she quietly sobbed. "You mean right here, take my clothes off?"

"I mean a nice strip tease, Slut. And make it real sexy. And you forgot to say Sir!. Just get me excited with your luscious chunky body...get those togs off and feel up your soft titties and jam your fingers into that sloppy cunt. Now, MOVE!"

And so, Gail stood up and began to dance a bit, very tentatively at first, but kind of getting into it. She pulled off her sweater and then unzipped her tight skirt. She playfully kicked off her shoes and rubbed her ample fleshy body up and down. After a bit of that action, she reached around to unsnap her big white bra, and out flooded those massive mammaries I so enjoy looking at! She cupped them up and rubbed them down, and even lifted the nipples up to her mouth for a bit of a suck – those beauties are big!

"Ah, you sexy Slut, you are getting the hang of it, aren't you? Now, off with those wet panties. I see that dark spot between your legs. Pull those panties off and sniff your own pussy juice!"

Pull them off she did, but was a bit slow to shove them in her face. She did, however, she kind of pretended to sniff at the effluent of her horny cunny. "Sniff it big I said, Bitch. Get a good whiff of your slutty cock hungry cunt! That's what got you in trouble, isn't it, your horny cunt needs cocks all the time!"

"OH, yes it does, it needs YOUR Cock! Oh, I do need you. I am getting so horny stripping for you!" she cooed, trying to be so nice and love-y.

"Well you don't get to be satisfied until I am, and maybe not then. Your body exists for one and one thing only, to be for my pleasure alone. Do you understand, you two-timing, faithless Slut?"

"Yes, I do," she meekly said with lowed head. She just might be catching on!

"Yes, WHAT?" I demanded. "Yes...Sir," she again meekly said.

"Then get over here you useless cunt slut. Crawl on your hands and knees, and suck my dick, and make it good!" She slowly crawled toward my lap. Gail was always a great cocksucker, and enjoyed it too. She unzipped my slacks, pulled them down with my boxers, and began to lick and suck my enlarging rod.

"That is nice, Slut. I like that. Now, lick my balls, and jerk my cock with your chubby hands." I love my balls licked. Gail used to worship my man tools, and she would learn to again! She deftly ran her talented tongue all over my nut bag, and firmly jerked my hardening cock up and down.

"That's fine, you horny Slut, but you're having too much pleasure with this. Get up here and lay across my lap for your punishment."

"NNNNOOOO, don't hit me again!" she protested.

"What did you call me? It had better be Sir!"

"OK, OK, Please, Sir, don't hit me again."

"Forget it, Bitch. Did you let your pussy be used by that black bastard? Did you let that old man jerk off on your big soft tits? Now, get your fat ass up here in the air across my lap! Or, it's your ass on the street!"

Gail slowly arose from the floor in front of me, and eased her plump body on top of mine. As soon as she lay there I quickly slapped her fat ass with my hand, first one jiggling cheek and then the other.

"I think you need to appreciate my loving punishment more, Slut. Count out each swat, and say, Thank you, Sir."

"What? I won't do...."she started to say before I slapped her very hard.

"You still don't get it, Bitch! What do you call me? Sir. At all times. And what I say, you do, or you will suffer ultimate consequences. Now, I had about enough of your insolence. Disobey me once more and out you go...Got it, Bitch?"

"Yes, I get it...a...Sir? I'm so sorry, please, can't we just settle this some other way? Anything....a...Sir?"

"No. It's my way or the highway, Slut. Now, count, and thank me for it." I the decided to use the thick leather strap to spank her fucking ass into submission.

SLAP... "One, thank you, Sir," she now dutifully said.

SLAP... "Two, thank you, Sir." SLAP... "Three, thank you, Sir." SLAP... "Four, thank you, Sir." And so it went for twenty wonderful swats on her by then very sore butt. The more I spanked her with that strap, the more she began to whimper and cry. Tears, more from embarrassment than pain, dripped down her chubby face cheeks as her ass cheeks got red and warm.

"I think that's enough for now, Bitch. Now, let's check that adulterous cunt of yours....Oh, my, it's very wet, you horny Slut! You like this spanking, don't you, Slut? Answer me!"

"Yes, Sir, I like you to spank my bad ass. I've been so bad, Sir, I'm so sorry. I will never again do anything like that."

"Like what, Bitch? Just what did you do that was so bad to me?" I angrily demanded.

"I gave my big tits to another man, Sir. I let another man fuck me, Sir. I let those cocks empty their sticky spunk onto my titties and into my pussy. I am a very bad girl, Sir, I know this now."

"Well, you'll really know it in awhile, you useless Cunt Slut. You are nothing more than a trashy stock room whore. You think so little of yourself and of our marriage that you'll let any cock cum up in your stinking fat cunt, won't you, Slut?"

"Oh, No, Sir, never again. My pussy is your pussy. My tits are your tits. My ass in your ass."

"Then I want to punish those nasty big baggy tits! Here, put these on your nipples, and let them pinch you good!" I handed her several pinching clothes pins.

"Oh, no. This will hurt, Sir!" "It sure will, Slut, now put those on!"

Slowly, she latched this wooden pinchers onto the nipples of each breast, and then several around the fat flesh of those tits. She winced and cried, and I laughed and snickered!

"That should keep you aware of the pain you've caused me, Bitch. But there's more. Get your fat ass into the bedroom and lay on your back in the middle of our now desecrated marriage bed." Off we went into the bedroom, as I slapped her bouncing ass all the way down the hallway.

When she plopped herself down on the bed, I quickly reached up and tied her hands above her head with rope I had attached to the headboard. Gail was getting the idea that to protest would be worse for her, and she just lay here with a worried look.

"You will feel the pain I felt when I read those email notes, Slut," as I picked up the horsehair whip and snapped it across her big fat knockers. "Feel that on your tits, Bitch? Do you like that on those fleshy boobs that you let that old bastard suck and feel and squeeze and cum all over?" Whap, whap, whap...I angrily raked the whip across her tender boobie flesh.

"OOOWWWEE, that really hurts! Oh, I'm so sorry. I do feel your pain. Please, no more...Sir!"

"I don't think you've felt enough yet, Slut. I think you need to feel the pain in your nasty wet slutty adulterous cunt!" and with that I knelt between her legs and swiped the whip up and down her faithless fuck hole. "That cunt is mine, Bitch, only MINE! You will use it for sex only when I allow you, do you understand?" (Swat, swat, swat on her cunt.)

"YYYYEEESSS, SIR. I understand! Oh, please, it hurts so BBAAADDD!"

"I sure hope it does hurt, you traitorous broad. I want you to feel that pain every time you even think about another man's cock!" And with that I just stood beside the bed and savagely whipped my fat wife's body all over, as she yelped and squealed and cried like a baby. It felt so good to see her squirm in pain, when I thought about that black boy's big boffer banging my Bitch and that old bosses boffer banging her big boobs!

I slapped the clothes pin off of her titties with my hand, with maximum pain in the process. All this action had gotten my cock in a ready state for a good solid fucking, so I untied her hands, and told her to turn over onto her hands and knees. I retied her hands above her head, and forced her still red tush into the air.

"I need to get my pleasure now Slut. What do you offer me? What possibly can your worthless whoring body do for me?"

"Oh, Sir, please fuck my pussy! Make it yours and yours alone. You will like how wet and tight my..er..your cunt is now. It will make your cock feel so good, I'm sure. Please spray your wonderful cum inside your very own honeybox," she eagerly invited me.

"I think I will, Slut. You are just a useless cum bucket. You are nothing from now on but a receptacle for my sticky sperm juice. In your cunt, in your mouth, in your ass, too! I will fill your body cavities with my jism as much as I want and wherever or whenever I want. What do you say to that, you useless fat bag of female holes!"

"Thank you, Sir. Oh, thank you for using my body so. I am here for your pleasure, I know; just yours, Sir. Oh, please fuck me now; that would be soooo good!"

"I think you might enjoy that too much, Bitch. But here, take my cock, take it you worthless Slut. Tell me you want me, again and again," as I rammed my man rod into Gail's now very sloppy wet cunt.

"OOOHHH, fuck me, Sir, please fuck me HARD. Ram my cunt, you wonderful lover. Take your pleasure from me, PLEASE! FUCK MEEEEEE!" she yelled as I knew she experienced a huge orgasm."

"Your big sloppy gash needs to be filled with my cock, Slut," as I pumped in and out of her from behind, "But you need more! I know you like big black dicks, so here is one for your whoring asshole!" With that, I shoved the huge fourteen inch long, three inch around black dildo into her dry little rosebud asshole! No lube of any kind, just a huge dry ass fuck.

"OOOOOWWWEEEEE!!!" she screamed, "you're tearing me apart!!!"

"I thought you'd be more used to big black dicks in your whoring ass! I guess you need to have some more!" As I pumped my own cock to a great big eruption into her swampy cunt, and I continued to ram that monster fake cock into her dry tight shit tunnel, the horny deceitful fat slut screamed because of the pleasure in her pussy and the pain in her ass. I slipped out of her cunt with my jism and her cum juice oozing down her leg, but it was shit-brown blood that came out of her ripped up ass!

I untied her, as she collapsed in the aftermath of all that bodily pain. "Go clean yourself up, Slut. You can use lotion on any part of your worthless body that you think needs it," I lovingly offered. As she slid into the bathroom I added, "and then leave your fat body naked and get into the living room."

After quite a time, as Gail showered and soothed her abused flesh, she slinked back into our living room, dutifully naked with head hanging down and hands behind her back. "So...what have you learned, Slut?" I inquired.

"That I am a very bad Slut, Sir. And that my body is only for your pleasure and my own pain. And that I will never, EVER, even think about another man's cock or hands or anything else using my...a...I mean, your body."

"Well that is very good, my dutiful fatty slut. But we might adjust that last comment. I think it will pleasure me to offer that slutty body to other men of my choosing. You will now become my personal whore and prostitute. You will suck and fuck any man I bring to you. That will certainly help with my business prospects, and maybe you'll make me some money, too! Well see. But from now on you will always be totally naked in this apartment. You will only wear off-fashion business clothing to work that totally covers your slutty body, and is as ugly as we can find. When we are here at home you will only sit on the floor at my feet, and continue to call me Sir. And it goes without saying that my every wish is your command, right Slut?"

"Yes, Sir. I am your slave in everyway. But, ah, Sir...when can we start with my whoring tasks? Soon, I hope. I will really like that!"

Once a nympho whore, always a nympho whore!

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