A Lesson for the Teacher


Then neither of them could talk as they kissed hungrily, and Kayla's hands were all over the big, full breasts, kneading them, squeezing them and pinching the large nipples. She kissed Missy's neck and when the other woman didn't pull away, she went lower and closed her soft lips around a hard nipple which grew harder against her sucking mouth.

Missy moaned. "Mmmmm, Kayla, that feels good. Is this what I've been missing?"

Kayla's reply was a soft mouth closing over the other nipple while her fingers played with the first moist, hard pink point. Missy couldn't believe what she was doing or how good it felt. She let herself fully experience the sensations. I need to be as good a pupil as I am a teacher she told herself. As Kayla's tongue licked her nipple and all around her full breast she told herself that this was all for Glen, and she pressed the honey-colored head to her chest and moaned softly.

Kayla felt as if she could suck and caress Missy's breasts all night, but Missy moved away slightly and Kayla's heart sank. Kayla's disappointment faded, however, when the other teacher began to lift up the light green tank top Kayla was wearing.

"I want to feel yours again," Missy said quietly as she fumbled with Kayla's silky blue bra. She managed to unhook it and Kayla reached up and pulled off the top and bra, lifting her chest and thrusting her full, firm breasts towards Missy.

"Suck my nipples," she begged.

Missy obliged willingly, hungrily sucking one hard nipple into her wine-sweetened mouth. She couldn't believe how good Kayla's hard nipple felt against her tongue, and she sucked hungrily first at one and then the other. Suddenly, she seemed to sober up, and as if awakening from a surreal dream, she pulled away.

"Do you want to stop, Missy?" Kayla asked nervously, afraid that she'd pushed her friend too far.

Missy considered for a minute, but she didn't want these new and delicious feelings to end. She shook her head, but she was starting to feel a little self-conscious. Kayla got up and went in the dining room to refill the wine glasses.

"Here, drink some more. It will help relax you," she said, handing Missy the crystal goblet.

Missy took a large sip and sighed. "Ok, what's next, mentor? I think it's going pretty well, don't you?"

"Incredibly well," Kayla replied as she went over to a cloth tote bag she had set down by the front door. I brought something very important to continue our lessons, but I think we should take it up to your bedroom.

Missy flushed, but she rose and grasped the wine glasses and began to walk bare-chested to the staircase. Kayla thought she looked incredible like that in just her skirt and pumps, and she couldn't keep her eyes from Missy's rounded rear as she mounted the stairs behind her. Kayla had been in the guest room but had not seen Missy's room before. A large iron bed with four high posts and a canopy graced one wall, and the walls were a pale, feminine pink. Missy sat down tentatively on the side of the big bed and set the wine glasses on her light oak nightstand. She couldn't stop gazing at Kayla's perfect round breasts and her long legs which were clad only in a tiny pair of denim shorts.

"Ok, Missy," Kayla said as she fumbled in the tote bag. "I have something here for you to learn how to give Glen his blow job."

Kayla pulled something out of her bag and placed it on the bed. It was wrapped in a hand towel so Missy couldn't see what it was, but her eyes were quickly back on Kayla who was unbuttoning and unzipping her tiny shorts. To Missy's utter surprise, Kayla was sliding her shorts down her long, tanned legs and stepping out of them. She was wearing a pale blue lace thong that matched the bra that was lying on the floor downstairs. A moment later she was slipping off the thong, and Missy was blushing but couldn't look away. She felt that incredible tingling between her legs and almost had an uncontrollable desire to touch herself, but that was something she had never done before.

Kayla's pussy was completely shaved and the mound was smooth. Her pink clit was long and slightly erect in her excitement and was peeking out from between her outer lips. She reached for the item in the towel and held it up for Missy to see. It was a big blue rubber dildo attached to a strap. She held it to her lips and sucked the head of the fake cock.

"See, Missy, I'm licking the head like I showed you with the banana. You can lick the whole shaft like this and then you can take it deep into your mouth." Kayla closed her mouth over the blue cock and went down on it and then showed Missy how to suck it up and down. "Guys like you to try to take it all the way down your throat but just go as far as you're comfortable and then suck it more at the top again. When he starts to get really excited you can go faster in a rhythm, and then he'll finally climax and shoot a load of cum into your mouth. It will take some getting used to, but I recommend that as a newbie you just swallow it quickly."

Missy was looking perplexed, and she couldn't stop peering at Kayla's bare pussy. She was so embarrassed by her interest in it and was trying so hard to concentrate on Kayla's demonstration, but the pussy in front of her was mesmerizing. Kayla wasn't sure what Missy was thinking, but she looked confused, so Kayla opened the Velcro on the black straps and fitted herself with the strap-on dildo.

"Ok, I'm going to lie down on the bed and pretend to be Glen, and you are going to practice sucking my cock," the leggy golden-haired girl said as she spread her legs slightly and displayed her big, rubber erection.

Missy got on all fours and tentatively licked the head of the cock. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but she was, and she really needed to stop being surprised. She knew something new was happening to her, and she didn't want to question it anymore. She looked at the sexy, lean girl spread out on her bed with her round breasts and hard nipples, and she felt a surge of lust like never before. She began to suck the cock in earnest just as Kayla had shown her, and Kayla was impressed with Missy's sudden skill and enthusiasm. She felt a pang of jealousy as she pictured the beautiful blonde doing this to her boyfriend. But a minute later, she felt an enormous jolt of excitement as Melissa's tongue grazed her pussy----- first one outer lip and then the other. Missy reached up and moved the cock aside, and her tongue swirled on the tip of Kayla's pink clit.

"Oh, God, Missy!" Kayla exclaimed.

"Was that ok, Kayla?" Missy asked in a worried tone. She didn't know what had come over her that had made her push the dildo aside and lick Kayla's bare flesh. After all, she was supposed to be learning how to suck a cock, but all she wanted to do was to lick that beautiful, fragrant pussy she could see and smell beneath the dildo.

"It felt sooo good," Kayla replied dreamily, her eyes half-closed.

Missy was partly drunk from the wine and partly from desire, and she moved the dildo aside again and licked up and down the outer lips of Kayla's pussy.

"Mmmm," Kayla moaned.

Missy couldn't stop. She needed to feel that pussy against her tongue and taste Kayla in her mouth. Her mouth was beginning to grow bolder in her exploration, and Kayla fumbled with the Velcro closures and pulled the dildo off of her body. Her pussy was now fully exposed to her new lover, and she opened her legs wide. Missy lowered her mouth and with a primal moan began to devour Kayla's moist, pink flesh as if she were starving. She could now see all the inner folds, and she was so amazed by the beauty and intricacy of a woman's pussy. And Kayla's was especially pretty. The inner lips were large and full and reminded Missy of butterfly wings. She thrilled at closing her lips around them and pulling on them gently with her lips, lifting them. Kayla's clit was hard and throbbing-----aching with need. When Missy closed her lips around it Kayla raised her hips, pressing her aching clit into Missy's probing mouth. It seemed then that Missy's exploring tongue was everywhere. She licked and sucked at the hard clit and ran her tongue over the entire slit, sticking it deep into Kayla's hole and licking the juices that were flowing out. She began to lick the pink slit up and down from top to bottom, and she felt Kayla tense beneath her.

"Oh, God, Missy. You're going to make me cum. "OH, I'm CUUUMMMIINGG!!! OHHHH!!! OH GOD!!!!" Kayla screamed and cried out as her body was experiencing the most powerful climax of her life. She finally tensed and then collapsed back against the pillows.

"Come up here," she said to Missy when she could speak, and Missy crawled up beside the beautiful, golden-haired girl and pulled her naked body to hers. She felt incredibly tender towards Kayla and extremely aroused after watching the sexy girl climax like that. Then, when she peered into Kayla's flushed face, she felt embarrassed.

"Um, Kayla, was it ok that I did that? You didn't mind? I was supposed to be sucking that thing you were wearing, and something just came over me, and....."

"Did it seem like I minded?" Kayla asked with a small laugh. "I think you know I loved it. In fact, I think I need to do it again. I can't usually stop at one climax."

Missy looked confused. "You mean, you....." Her voice trailed off, and she had a serious look on her face.

Kayla gently stroked her long nails up Missy's arm. She gently lifted first one of Missy's heavy breasts and then the other.

"Have you ever climaxed, Missy?"

Melissa's pretty face turned pink. She had never really thought about it before, and she was trying to practice sex so that she could perform for Glen. She had never given a thought to her own pleasure-----had never even considered it. But then she had watched Kayla climax, had made Kayla climax, and she wondered what it would be like. Kayla seemed to read her thoughts, and she began to unbutton Missy's skirt.

"Oh, Kayla, I don't know----I've never...."

"Shhhh, it's your turn now, sexy lady," Kayla soothed as she slid Missy's skirt down her legs and let it fall onto the floor.

She removed one of Missy's leather pumps and stroked her nails gently over the sole of the blonde's foot. Missy felt a tremor go through her like she had never experienced before. Kayla removed the other shoe and crawled to the foot of the bed. She stroked Missy's foot like she had the other one, but this time she sucked one pink-polished toe into her mouth. Missy gasped and relaxed into the sensations. She loved getting a pedicure, but this was even better. It was the most amazing thing she'd ever felt. Kayla stroked Missy's foot gently as she licked and sucked each pretty toe and then Missy's instep.

"Mmmm, Kayla," she moaned. Missy was relaxing into the sensations as Kayla hoped she would, and she licked the pretty teacher's instep again and then her ankle.

Slowly, slowly, Kayla's tongue roamed up Missy's leg until she reached her panties. Kayla licked around the leg openings of the silky, white panties and then trailed her tongue and nails over the waistband. Missy was squirming with pleasure, all conscious thought having left her as the overwhelming sensations engulfed her. Kayla licked the front of the panties and even chewed them a little. She ran her long tongue over the silky fabric, and she could feel wetness at the crotch. She slipped her tongue inside and tasted her lover's juices, and she shuddered at the sheer delight of it.

Missy was shuddering too. She had never felt anything like this before, and she was lost in a swirl of amazing sensations. She needed it to continue, but she really didn't know what it was she needed. Kayla remedied that by slipping the panties down and over Missy's feet, dropping them to the floor. She then licked the outer lips ever so slowly. Missy's flesh was pink and moist and so pretty. Kayla spread the outer lips and gazed into a beautiful pink pussy. A virgin pussy, she thought. One that was about to have its first climax. The thought gave Kayla a huge rush of lust, and she closed her mouth over the soft, pink flesh and licked it and sucked it with abandon.

Missy was squirming and moaning and grasping Kayla's honey-blonde hair and twirling it in her fingers. Kayla was licking the wet flesh with long, hungry strokes of her tongue. She couldn't get enough of the pink skin beneath her tongue or the fragrant juices she lapped up. Melissa was incredibly wet. Kayla focused on the pink clit. It was large and swollen, and when she closed her mouth over it, Missy cried out.

"Oh, God, Kayla, yes! I need something----help me, Kayla." Missy needed a climax, but she didn't recognize what she was feeling.

Kayla sucked the swollen clit, licking it and sucking it over and over. Her face was buried in the dripping, fragrant pussy, and she felt Missy pulling her hair. She loved what she was doing to the pretty other woman, and she wanted to give Missy incredible pleasure----pleasure like she had never experienced. She was accomplishing it, as Missy was engulfed in incredible sensations, moaning and twisting beneath Kayla's sucking mouth. She was amazed by what she felt and she grasped Kayla's hair in a combination of ecstasy and the agony of need. Then Missy's legs tensed, and suddenly, her whole body was exploding with sensations she had never known before. She was literally convulsing in pleasure, and she felt like it would never end.

"KAAAYYYLLLAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" she screamed in ecstasy as her first climax overtook her completely. When the amazing sensations finally subsided, she lay there exhausted, unbelieving.

Kayla swept Missy into her arms and pressed her naked body against hers. It felt so good to be pressed against the soft curves of her new lover. Missy was in a drowsy, satisfied haze and thought that it felt wonderful to have Kayla snuggling against her. Kayla reached down to the foot of the bed where a soft pink throw was folded. She pulled it up, covering the two of them, and they both drifted off into a satisfied sleep.

Chapter Nine

The sun was slanting into the room, and Kayla awoke suddenly and opened her eyes. She couldn't believe where she was. A beautiful, naked Melissa was asleep next to her, her usually neat hair a tousled mess around her face and shoulders. Kayla thought she had never seen anything so beautiful. For one brief moment, she wondered if she was dreaming and that none of this had happened. She reached out and gently touched Missy's cheek. She felt real enough. I guess this really happened Kayla told herself. She and Missy had eaten each other's pussies, had brought each other to shattering climaxes and had spent the night together cuddling naked as they slept. It was the most wonderful Saturday morning Kayla had ever awakened to.

Kayla padded quietly to the bathroom and freshened up, and then she quietly crept across the room and climbed into bed with the sleeping blonde. Missy's gorgeous bare breasts rose and fell with her slumber breathing, and Kayla felt her pussy starting to get very wet as she gazed at the beautiful orbs. She planted a gentle kiss on one of Missy's cheeks. Melissa twitched but did not awaken. Kayla began to lightly kiss her way down her lover's body starting at her soft, full lips and moving to her neck. She kissed one full breast and then sucked the nipple on the other. Missy moaned in her sleep but still did not awaken. Kayla moved down Missy's torso, slowly moving the throw which had fallen to below the sleeping girl's breasts. When she got to Missy's belly, she pulled the throw all the way off, and hovered above the girl's pussy. Kayla gently spread Missy's outer lips and blew warm air onto the exposed flesh.

She began to lick the outer lips and then the inner lips and then moved her exploring tongue to the soft inner thighs. Missy started to wake up, and when Kayla plunged her tongue deep into Missy's pink, rosebud asshole Missy almost jolted up. She looked totally lost for a moment as she came out of the haze.

"Oh, my God, Kayla----what?"

"Just relax, Missy---enjoy!" Kayla replied before sticking her tongue deeper into the other girl's asshole.

Missy was wide awake now and memories of the night before came flooding back to her. Her face turned pink with embarrassment when she thought about what had happened now during the sober light of day. And now another woman's tongue was plying its way into her bottom. What was going on here? For a moment, she felt very uptight and ready to put an end to this nonsense. Then all the warm and tender feelings she had for Kayla came rushing back to her followed by a bolt of sheer desire as Kayla's soft hands closed around her thighs and her tongue plunged deeper inside Missy's asshole. Missy relaxed and decided that if it felt this good, it had to be all right.

She could feel Kayla's tongue sliding out of her asshole, and the sensation was incredible. Kayla gently tickled Melissa's thighs with her long nails as she slid her tongue from the now moist asshole to the tip of the pink clit which was now hard with desire. Kayla gave long, sensuous strokes of her tongue over and over from asshole to clit, wiping the dripping slit over and over with her exploring mouth.

Missy was starting to feel something build in her again, and she vaguely remembered what had happened the night before. She desperately needed to feel that again----she needed it more than she had ever needed anything. Kayla who was deeply engrossed in the soft, fragrant pink flesh sensed Missy's need and began to make shorter, faster strokes with her tongue. Kayla had a real rhythm going now, and Missy was moaning and gasping and grabbing Kayla's long hair in her hands. Kayla new Missy was on the brink of her second-ever climax. Kayla slid one long finger into the rosebud asshole that had been occupied earlier by her tongue and one finger glided into the dripping pussy hole. This sent Missy over the edge and she began to spasm and climax intensely.

"OHHHHH, God, Kayla! Ohhhh my God!!!! I must be cumming!" she said breathlessly and in disbelief as her body went into wave after wave of incredible pleasure more intense than anything she had ever experienced.

When the powerful climax had subsided, she lay limp with Kayla's face still buried in her wet flesh. Kayla crawled up toward Missy and looked into her beautiful, satisfied face. It was at that moment that she knew that her feelings for Missy were even stronger than she thought. She was in love with the sweet, voluptuous blonde. Kayla was overcome with emotion and desire as she realized this, and she was so relieved that Missy had not reacted badly this morning when she was not under the influence of wine.

She reached for Missy's hand and gently kissed the soft palm. "I love doing that to you, Missy," she said softly, so overcome with emotion that she was quiet and not her usual bubbly self.

Missy didn't reply for a few minutes, and Kayla grew worried, but then Missy's words eased her mind.

"I felt a bit confused when I woke up this morning, Kayla, to be honest. I have had a very straightforward and traditional life. For heaven's sake, I had never even given myself a climax. But you have awakened something very new in me, and I might struggle with my feelings about it at times, but I really feel that anything this good has to be right. I love being with you in every way possible----so it's ok, right?"

"Missy, it is more than ok----it is incredible! I just want us to enjoy it and not analyze it----how about that?"

"Kayla, I will try to do that. I have never felt like this before, and I like it! You only live once, right?"

Kayla's response to that was a warm, full kiss on Missy's pink lips. Missy's mouth parted and Kayla's tongue found hers, and they kissed with the familiarity of intimacy now, and Missy secretly thrilled at tasting herself on Kayla's sweet tongue.

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