tagBDSMA Lesson Well Learned

A Lesson Well Learned


She meekly gazes at the floor as her Master scolds her for not obeying his instructions in a timely fashion. I am sorry Master, I truly am. I wont make this mistake again...she whispers to Him. He looks sternly down at her and says Well precious that is something you will need to prove to me but first I want that delectable mouth on my cock! NOW! Come here and suck me slut!

Yes Master she replies...happy to be able to please him in this way and she moves to him on her knees and lifts his cock with her finger and tentatively closes her mouth around it. Moaning as her mouth is filled with the taste of the Master she loves. Swirling her talented tongue all over the head of his cock, tasting his sweet precum. Taking her tiny hand she grasps the shaft of his hardness and strokes it up and down ...smoothly and gently all the while her tongue is now all over his cock.

Making it very slippery for her hand to stroke him harder and faster in perfect timing with her mouth. Taking him deeper and deeper into her hungry mouth. Mmmmmm she moans showing her pleasure at the task he has graciously given her in spite of her error. Sucking him deeper now and moving her hand faster and faster...she reaches with her other hand and gets her little finger all wet with the juices from her mouth and moves her hand behind her Master's hard ass and traces between his cheeks bringing a moan from Him as

He knows what His little one wants to give him now...running her wet finger all along the rim of his asshole...wetting him and then inserting her finger so gently inside him...this makes her suck him harder and faster, bringing severe wetness to her Master's pussy making her squirm there on her knees before Him. She rocks her head in time with her hands on him...feeling his cock swell inside her mouth as she knows Her Master is nearing his orgasm.

Her Master grasps her head with his huge hands and crushes her face tight against His crotch. Fucking her mouth, in and out, faster and faster and deeper till he finally cries out her name and releases his hot cum into her throat, pumping in and out of her mouth, ravaging her as His little slut swallows his juices hungrily...drinking from her Master...

He starts slowing His movements and pulls away from her, looking down at her bowed head with a smile yet with a trace of menace as he suddenly recalls her error once again. She sees the look come across His face and trembles in fear. Not knowing what her Master will do to her now.

He jerks her up by her hair roughly and forces her small body away from him ripping at her sheer gown...ripping it right from her back, exposing her nudity to his eyes. Forcing her to her hands and knees with her bare ass quivering in front of Him, he finds His cock hard once again and that amazes him at the way his slut arouses him so soon after that powerful orgasm he just experienced.

He grabs her ass and shoves His rock hard cock inside His soaking wet pussy, raping her with his angry manhood, savagely thrusting into her again and again while he places his fingers in front of her and roughly feels her clit and pussy soaking his strong fingers with her juices bringing moans from her mouth as He drives His cock to the very depth of her womb again and again, merciless in His lust of her.

He then moves his hand to her shapely ass and enters her tight asshole with his index finger, drives it all the way in not giving her any of the time he usually does for her to adjust to his thick fingers. Making her scream in pain and pleasure. Want to cum now my little bitch he hisses at her. She sighs and whimpers Please Master let your slut cum for you!!

Please she begs Him. He fucks her tight pussy even more ruthlessly than before and suddenly has an incredible orgasm that rocks him to the core...leaving his slut on her hands and knees desperate to cum and he withdraws that powerful cock from her. Knowing his slut wont displease him again as she remembers being left in this state of high arousal without satisfaction. A lesson well learned.

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