tagMatureA Lesson Well-Learned Ch. 01

A Lesson Well-Learned Ch. 01


Riley scribbled on the test laid out before him, answering the million math questions that filled his vision. The last half of the paper started to resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics after a while, but he was somehow able to finish anyway. Setting down his pencil and looking around the silent classroom, his eyes zipped to each of his classmates as they focused on their own exams. Movement from his peripheral made him turn that way to see his friend, Ryan waving at him and pointing down at his paper. When will he ever learn? A quiet sigh escaped Riley's mouth.

"Ryan!" The teacher yelled, rising from her desk at the head of the class. "You dare cheat in my classroom?!"

"I-I'm sorry!" He yelped, bouncing in his chair.

"Ten laps outside, now!" She pointed to the door.

Everyone barely reacted to the disturbance, continuing to focus on their tests. Riley understood their nonchalance. Miss Rivers was the toughest person in his school and didn't tolerate any foolishness, being a former officer in the military. After class, he headed to the student council room and had the scheduled meeting for the week before returning to her classroom.

"Hey, Miss Rivers." He greeted her, carrying a sheet in his hand as he moved in front of her desk.

"Hello, Riley. You're finished with council work already?" Her head popped up from a stack of tests she'd been grading. "Sorry I couldn't supervise today."

"It's no problem. I know you like to grade our tests as quickly as possible." He smiled. She's as beautiful today as ever. It was true that Violet Rivers put other strict teachers to shame, but her attractiveness was what Riley focused on when she was around.

Pale, smooth skin covered the voluptuous shape of her body. Despite being in her late thirties, the two mounds on her chest were perky and full. Riley guessed they had to be double D's. And when she would face the whiteboard to write down a problem, her plump ass was on full display, even in her conservative skirts; her brunette hair was usually up in a neat bun. But above all, her sparkling green eyes, cute button nose and full lips that were covered in deep, red lipstick were her best features.

"Yes. I thank you for taking the time out to aid me in choreographing the upcoming fundraiser. You are truly an exemplary student."

"You say all that, but I don't think we'll make it in time..." He made an uncomfortable face.

Her eyebrows went up. "I didn't know we were so behind. You should have told me of this blunder earlier."

"Sorry... I thought I could handle the preparations alone, but ended up having to put in more study time for today's test." His eyes strayed down to the aforementioned papers. "Speaking of which..."

"No!" She covered them immediately when she noticed. "You will have to wait like the others."

He sighed. "Strict as ever, huh?"

"Were you expecting different?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"I guess not." Riley huffed out a laugh through his nose. "Actually, that reminds me of a request I had for you."

"Speak freely, Riley."

He scratched the back of his head. "Well, you see... I know Ryan was in the wrong today for trying to cheat, but I was hoping you would let him off with a warning this time?"

"No. He has had enough chances and will receive full punishment from my hand." Miss Rivers' voice raised and the muscles in her forehead creased.

"I understand what you're saying... but he's been having a rough time at home. I'll talk to him and make sure he does better from now on, I promise." Riley gave his best, charming smile.

The older woman responded with a reluctant sigh after watching him for a little. "...Fine. I will leave his rehabilitation in your desecration. But if he commits another unsavory act, then you will not be able to save him."

"Thanks, Miss Rivers!" He dipped his head with renewed energy.

"I am only agreeing because you are my most reliable student. I trust in your abilities." Her expression was still hard and serious.

He blushed and cleared his throat. "Anyway, regarding the fundraiser problem, I'll need at least a few days to finish the rest."

"That is very problematic with the event being two days away..." She grabbed her chin.

"Yeah. That's why I was thinking of coming over to your house, so we can work on it together and finish it off tomorrow." He waved his hand.

Miss Rivers had been Riley's school teacher for almost four years now and his next door neighbor for just as long, though he had never actually had a reason to enter her house - until now.

"I don't think that's a very good idea, Riley... People might misunderstand." She had a troubled expression.

He raised one hand. "I won't tell anyone, scout's honor."

"That isn't the issue..."

"It's only for one day, and I really can't do this without your help, Miss Rivers..." He gazed into her eyes.

She had always found it difficult to refuse Riley when he made such a face. Out of all her students, he had always been her favorite because of his serious work ethic and overall good nature. "...I suppose I would not be a very good teacher if I refused to help one of my best students, would I?" She relented with a soft sigh.

"No, you wouldn't." He grinned.

She had a tiny smile. "I will see you and your smart mouth tomorrow... But make sure to come in through the back door. I'll leave it open for you."

Riley nodded and left. I can't believe I'll actually be alone with her! Him being behind on the prep for the school's upcoming fundraiser was actually on purpose. He'd had a huge crush on the ex-military woman since their initial meeting and finally planned to make his first move in making her his woman. The number of times he had imagined sticking his face between her ass cheeks and sucking on her fat tits was countless.

The next day, he waited until it was around noon to head over to Violet's house. He made sure that no one could see him make his way to the back of her house and enter the door there. "Miss Rivers?" He slowly walked out of the laundry room he was now in and into the kitchen.

"Good afternoon, Riley." The tough woman was sitting at the table with several papers scattered before her and a pen in her hand. Her attire was much laxer than what she usually wore at school; a plain, white T-shirt and gym shorts.

"Sorry. Did I keep you waiting? We never set a time, so I didn't want to come over too early."

"It's fine. I busied myself going over the lesson plan for the upcoming week." She glanced at the notes.

"You really work hard, don't you? I wish I had half your focus." He revealed in a defeated tone.

She put her pen down. "Don't be silly. You are one of my hardest working students. Students like your friend Ryan are the ones that need to be whipped into shape."

"Sometimes, I really do think you really will pull out a whip..." Riley gave a strained laugh.

"I won't deny that the thought has crossed my mind." She had a mini smirk. "Anyway, shall we get started?"

"Sure." He moved closer and sat beside her.

For the next few hours, the two straightened out the details of the school's fundraiser.

"Ahh, we're finally done!" Riley stretched his arms into the air upon completion.

"Good job. We finished much faster than I thought we would." She was still seated next to him.

"No it was - " His stomach growled.

"Either I have a stray dog in my home, or you must be starving." Violet's eyes strayed down to his gut.

"Sorry... I didn't eat breakfast this morning." He put a hand on it, blushing.

"That is not healthy, Riley. I'll make you something before you leave." She stood up without waiting for an answer.

"You really don't have to do that, Miss Rivers..." He held out a hand to her as she went to her refrigerator and opened it.

"And have you collapse halfway to your home? I don't think so." She brushed aside his protest. "Do you like rice??

Riley chuckled lightly. I actually like this part of her too. "Rice is great."

"Excellent. Now, where did I place the broccoli...?" She muttered out loud as she bent over to search.

His cock started to rise, seeing her juicy and full ass on display.

"This won't take long, so feel free to watch television in the living room." She turned her head back, forcing him to look up in a panic.

"S-Sure. I'll do that." He got up and sat down on one of her leather sofas; a big TV was mounted on the wall ahead, and the remote was on the glass, coffee table not far in front of him. But as he went to reach for it, the thick photo album on the shelf under it caught his attention. Grabbing it, he rifled through the picture-filled pages and saw her as a teenager. "Wow. Is this your sister?" I've seen her visit before.

"What?" She stopped whatever she was doing and walked over to stand beside him. "Yes. That was her when she was... sixteen, I believe?"

Riley laughed. "Fashion ten years ago was really different."

"It certainly was. I told her those high water jeans looked ridiculous." Violet plopped down on the couch, letting out a small laugh.

"I hope you don't mind I looked without asking first." He glanced at her.

"It's no problem."

He smiled and flipped the pages, commenting on more of her and her family. "I don't really see any pictures of you here? How come?"

"I'm not exactly the photogenic type..." Her expression was a little reluctant.

"That's not true. You're beautiful." Riley gazed directly into his thirty-seven-year-old teacher's eyes.

"Thank you, Riley... you're very kind." Her eyes broke the hard eye contact. "I should get back to making your food - "

As she went to stand, he grabbed her. "I'm serious. You're one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life."

She started breathing harder with nervousness. "Please, let me go..." She glanced down at his hand gripping hers.

He ignored her and leaned forward to kiss her, but a swift jab to his face made him reel back. "Ow! My nose!"

"Oh! I am so sorry, Riley!" She hurriedly grabbed his chin and studied his face. "There seems to be no injury..." She let him go. "But what in the world were you doing?"

That could've gone better. He rubbed his nose and sighed. "Sorry... I've just always had a crush on you, and... my feelings just took over. Are you mad at me?"

How can I be mad at you when you look at me like that? Violet thought and shook her head. "I appreciate your feelings, but a teacher and student cannot engage in such a relationship. And no, I'm not mad." She sent a reassuring smile at him.

He searched for his next words carefully. "...I know what I'm about to ask is big, but can I have one kiss?" He asked and spoke again before she could. "I know, I know, it's inappropriate. But it's something I've wanted for a long time, and it's a memory I would never forget..."

She watched him for a while, her thoughts going left and right. Is he serious? I cannot engage in such behavior with one of my students... However, he has always been my favorite and never caused me any trouble... If it is only a little kiss he wants, then I suppose it wouldn't hurt. "One, small kiss. That's it." Her voice was serious.

She actually said yes?! Riley's eyes widened in excitement. Okay. Stay calm, dude. "Yeah. Just one."

"Fine... I'll give it to you." She inhaled silently and quickly pressed her lips against his. "There."

He didn't speak for a moment.

"Is something wrong?" She noticed his slow reaction.

"Um... It's just that was kind of quick." He scratched the side of his head.


"Yeah... I didn't even feel anything. Would you mind if I kissed you instead?" He stared longingly into her eyes.

Of course I mind! Violet wanted to admonish, but him staring at her like a lost puppy made her lose her nerve. "...You're asking for a lot."

He dipped his head in apology. "I know, but this means a lot to me... So please?"

Oh god. Just stop looking at me like that... "Okay, Riley. I will let you do this. But please make it fast."

He nodded so hard, he resembled a bobble-head. Leaning in slowly, he brought their lips together and stayed there for a few seconds before pulling away. The action made Violet's breathing increase, so she tried to even it out before he noticed.

"You really are gorgeous, you know that?" He caressed the side of her face.

What is he doing...? She was wanted to tell him to stop, but he beat her in speaking.

"I'm going to kiss you again. I know it's in your military blood, but don't punch me this time, okay?" He smiled.

The way Riley spoke, as a matter of fact, gave her no room to protest or deny him. So as his mouth came into contact with hers, all she could do was squirm, her mind almost blank. What am I doing? I should tell him to stop. He's my student...

"Open your mouth a little." He separated from her to give the order and kissed her as soon as the last word left his mouth.

Huh? My mouth...? Violet didn't understand what he was saying. However, when his tongue poked against her teeth, attempting to gain access to the insides of her mouth, she tried to pull away from him.

Riley hurriedly wrapped his arm around her back to prevent the escape. "Open your mouth."

His soft and soothing voice made her relax. And when he went to stick his tongue in her mouth for the second time, she let him after a weak struggle. For the next several seconds, his tongue pushed and pressed against his teacher's own, sloppy and wet sounds coming from the act. He had developed a hard-on ever since staring at Violet's fat ass in her shorts.

His tongue tastes like candy... That's probably all he ate today. She started to feel warm all over, but when the sensation spread to her pussy, she broke off the kiss in a panic. No! This is wrong!

Riley was startled by the abrupt action and studied the woman as she hugged herself, sinking into the corner of the couch. He reached for her, but she flinched, forcing him to retract his touch. I shouldn't push too hard, even though it's killing me not to. His cock twitched in his pants as if agreeing with him. "I'm gonna head home. And I really appreciate you cooking for me, Miss Rivers. I'll see you at the fundraiser tomorrow." He smiled at her and left through the back door.

A million and one thoughts were running wild in Violet's head. What just happened? Riley kissed me. I did say it was okay, but he only said once... The feeling of his sticky, wet tongue was still in her mouth. He's always smiling with that cute, innocent face of his, so his aggressiveness left me flustered. "Yes... I was just stunned." Her breathing was still ragged. "After the fundraiser, I'll tell him to forget today even happened." She smiled and nodded to herself.

The fundraiser came as promised, and Riley and a bunch of other students ran the event in the school's giant auditorium. He hadn't seen Miss Rivers throughout the whole thing, but once most were gone and he was one of the last few cleaning up, she appeared.

"Good work, everyone. You did splendidly today." She nodded seriously to the two male, and three students, including Riley. "Riley. If you don't mind, I'd like to go over your recent test score in my office."

She's obviously lying and wants to talk yesterday like I thought she would. Good. Time to move into the next phase. "Sure. I'll be right there as soon as we're done." Ten minutes later, he did finish up cleaning and set out towards her office. His heart rate increased as he opened the door and saw her standing by the shuttered window behind her desk.

"You wanted to see me about my test score, Miss Rivers?" He played dumb, moving to stand across from her, the desk between them.

"Ah, no... I apologize for lying, but the subject I wanted to discuss with you required a certain amount of discretion." She took a step and faced him.

"What do you mean?"

The teacher bit her bottom lip in discomfort. I practiced what I was going to say in my head over and over, but the embarrassment of actually having to speak them aloud is posing more of a problem than I anticipated.

"Do you mean our kiss yesterday?" He spoke since she was hesitant. That should give her a slight push.

Her eyes opened up at once. He actually said it. "Y-Yes..." She released a quiet breath. "I hope yesterday was a good memory for you, but our relationship will go back to the way it was starting now... Do you understand?"

"I do."

She had a relieved smile. "Good. Then - "

"But that doesn't mean I agree." He moved passed the desk to stand in front of her.

"W-What are you doing?" She took a step back.

"Yesterday when we were kissing, I felt something...powerful." He had a nostalgic smile. "Before I thought I had a crush on you, but I know now that I love you. I've never felt this way about anything or anybody, so there's no way I'm letting you get away from me."

"Riley... Even if you do feel that way, there is no possibility that we will be together. You have to understand that." She dropped her hands to her side and looked at him with hard eyes.

"I know you felt what I did too. You wanted to fight it, but your body wouldn't let you, would it?" His eyes drifted down to the perky melons on her chest, her nipples slightly visible through her blouse.

She covered her breasts when she noticed him staring. "I-I was just stunned by everything yesterday, so you're misreading the situation."

"You're lying." He took a couple steps closer.

"Stop!" She held her hand out. "If you come any closer, I will have to use my defensive training on you."

The punch he received yesterday was still fresh in his mind, phantom pain flaring up in his nose. I'd really like to avoid getting hit if I can help it. "I'm not going to stop, Violet."

His use of her first name made her breathing quicken.

"I love you, and I'm going to make you my woman." Riley smiled confidently.

Miss Rivers was at a loss for words. She couldn't tell anyone about his harassment after kissing him willingly. Besides, she wouldn't have done it anyway. He was a good kid who was just... a little confused at the moment. "...You can feel however you want, but I'm not going to return your feelings."

He slowly made his way towards her. Please don't slug me.

"I don't want to hurt you, Riley... please..." She backed up until pressed against the window.

"I don't mind if you hurt me." He closed the distance between them and put both of his hand against the window, trapping her in the middle. They were about the same height, so their faces were only a foot apart.

"What are you even saying...?" She turned her head sideways, refusing to make eye contact. His breath is tickling my cheek.

"I'm saying that I accept all of you, Violet. You can think that I'm crazy or delusional, but that's how strongly I feel about you."

What... No one has ever spoken such words to me before. They sound like lines from a cheesy romance movie, but why do they make my heart beat faster? "There are plenty of other girls who are younger and prettier than me..."

"Please, look at me."

She didn't. I can't...

Riley gently grabbed her chin and made direct eye contact. "I don't ever want to hear say that. You are gorgeous, and any man would be lucky to have you." He smirked. "Not that I'm going to let them have a chance."

A knock on the door made her jump. "Violet, it's Principal Clarke. Can I come in? I would like to discuss the results of the fundraiser."

"H-Hold on!" Violet pushed him back a little. "You have to go now, Riley!"

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