A Letter Home


My sexy little honey-pot,

I'm having a great time in Europe but I miss you like crazy. Honestly, none of the girls here can even compare to your tight body, I miss your long brown curly hair and your simple smile, your silly jokes and your dorkiness... and how all of that washes away and you become the most vicious little demon in bed. I know we said that we'd be open to sex with other people while I'm over here, but I have to admit that after my first attempt I haven't bothered again. It wasn't you and so I didn't want it.

Instead I've been sitting here every night thinking about you and jacking off to thoughts of what I'm going to be doing to you in two weeks when I get home. First thing I'm doing is kissing you, because I've missed the way you suck on my tongue and the way your lips press up against mine and your hot little bod follows. Then I'm going to strip all your clothes off and spend plenty of time playing with your little titties... I know that you don't like their size but I miss those perky little boobs, now all the other girls here just seemed oversized. I want to suck your whole little boob into my mouth and leave giant hickeys all over your body, I want to cover your nipples in strawberry syrup and suck them clean. I'm going to lick out your whole wet little pussy while I play with those long nipples of yours, and I'm going to suck on your sweet juices and little clit while I tongue your hole. It'll be great to see your body bouncing all over the place while I eat you out, I miss your dirty talking and your moans.

When we fuck I'm going to pound your little body so hard, I've missed your tight little pussy and the way you have of whispering words in my ears. I've missed hearing you call yourself my dirty slut and my little sex toy, I've missed the way you nibble my earlobes when you tell me to fuck my little cum whore. You are my little cum whore and you're going to have a whole lotta cum in you when I get home. I fantasize about fucking that tight pussy of yours and then eating you out again while you suck my dick until I'm hard again and then fucking you again and again. You're going to be up all night when I finally get home, I'm going to fuck you until my dick is chafed and raw and your pussy can't take it anymore. And then I'm going to lube up that tight little asshole of yours and fuck that too, just so I can hear you screaming about my cum up your ass... I know how much you like it when I leave a load up that hole.

And then we're going to get into the shower and I'm going to get you all sudsy with soap, and when we come out I'm going to put you on your hands and knees on the bathroom floor and fuck you there too. I hope your roommate has somewhere else to be cuz I'm planning on re-christening every room in that house... the time we did it in the kitchen was the best, having you all stretched out on the table. You're so sexy when you're moaning on my cock while your little tits are bouncing all over the place.

Do you remember the night before I left? You came over, dressed in a trench coat, and I was wondering what was going on and why you were dressed like that... and then as soon as you came in you opened it up... I was totally shocked. After all that time that I'd been begging you to shave and you said that was dirty, that you weren't a little girl... seeing your pink shaved mound in between those black garter straps was the hottest thing ever. It still gets me hard just thinking about it, looking at your pretty pink lips. Those black thigh highs hugged your long legs so tight, and they were so silky smooth. I think my favorite part of all of it was that you finally had your boobs completely uncovered... I know you say it hurts when you don't wear a bra, but I think they look gorgeous just hanging there on your chest. I remember kissing you and squeezing those melons with my hands, watching while they spilled all over the place cuz they were too big for me to hold. That was fucking beautiful.

And you, with your little angelic face, those short brown curls, all done up like a whore with dark eye shadow around your eyes... I love the color of your eyes, they look all golden when you're turned on. Pouty red lips... I couldn't believe it when you just slid the coat off and dropped on your knees to start pulling my pants off. Getting head from you is fucking amazing, the way you can lick your tongue along my whole length while at the same time sucking me down your throat... I'll never know how you manage to swallow all 8" of me, but it's not something I feel the need to question to closely anyway. Having you just on your knees sucking me off got me so hot, I just couldn't hold back - and having you swallow it all but that little bit on your lip was so sexy, especially when you licked your lips to get it all off.

Then when we got into the bedroom... I could believe how you got me hard again so fast! This is why I miss you so much right now, I don't think there's another girl in the world who could get me going again in under 5 minutes. The little dance you did while standing over me though... shaking those gorgeous boobs in my face, and I was harder than I'd been the first time! That's why you're so fucking amazing. I loved how you looked bouncing on top of me, boobs flopping everywhere, and I could run my hands all over your legs with those stockings and up your body, holding your tits while you fucked me. It's so great to watch you cum when you're on top cuz your mouth makes this perfect little "O", and you wiggled and grind and it makes turns me on so much that I can't help but cum at the same time.

I can't believe how many times we had sex that night... four at least wasn't it?! We're outdoing that when I get home... I'm going to fuck your brains out, until we're both red and raw and chafing. And then the next day I'm going to do it again. We're going to go through the kamasutra all over again babe, but in much less time this time.

Be good, I can't wait to see you...

Love you,


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by Sweetkittenbj10/25/16

Wait...are her breasts tiny or huge? They seem to hav grown from one paragraph to another

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