tagBDSMA Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent


My dear this letter explains my intentions when you arrive this weekend. Be warned these are the images I plan to turn into reality. If they are beyond your ability to withstand then inform me and we will adjust accordingly, but if I do not hear from you then I will assume you are willing, and even excited to live out these scenes. I await your arrival with impatience.

The summer sun has reached its zenith as I place the leather blindfold over your eyes. I instruct you to remain still as I remove all your clothing. Piece by piece I unwrap you like beautiful package not touching your skin as the garments are taken away. Finally only your panties remain and I must touch your hips to slide them down your legs. You are told to step out of them as they lie on the floor. I bind your arms behind your back. The soft rope is wound four times above your elbows pulling them almost together forcing your breasts forward. Your wrists are also bound in the same manner and you are instructed not to move. I leave you standing naked and bound while I retrieve the leather collar I will place around your neck. Upon my return I fasten the collar with the metal ring facing forward and I attach the chain leash to the ring.

I lead you outdoors, never touching you, but guiding you with my voice. Your wrists are tied to the maple tree at the edge of the lawn. The hot sun warms your naked body and makes it glisten. I prod your hips forward with my crop and spread your feet to the pegs in the ground. I tie your ankles to the pegs and run the crop along the insides of your legs stopping before the junction. I flick the switch against your nipples and your mouth opens silently. Two or three times I sting each nipple watching them stiffen and becoming red. I bend my mouth to your left tit and bite its nub. Your chest heaves and I hear your sharp intake of breath. I repeat the process this time biting the right tit. I stand back and observe your engorged red nipples and am inflamed by the sight. Now it is time to turn your bottom crimson, I use the slappper you selected previously on each cheek until both are red and hot. Three slaps to your belly brings the blood rushing and makes you even more beautiful.

I use the crop to chastise your womanhood and elicit a cry of surprise just before I enter you with my ardent male lance. I roughly pull your hips against mine and pump my passion deep into your belly. At the culminating moment I bite your nipples and release my love into you.

I untie your ankles and lead you from the tree to lay your bruised bottom on the cool grass. I spread your legs and tie them to pegs as I stretch your arms over your head. I leave you spread eagle on the lawn as I walk away. I will return, but when?

I walk to the house, leaving you magnificently secured to the grass, the sun drying your wetness and heating your reddened breasts and tummy. I stop to gaze at the tranquil beauty of your subdued form; again you arouse my senses. I enter the house leaving you alone without neither a sound nor an indication of when I will return. As the sun heats you and the aloneness grows you begin to wonder if I have abandoned you. You strain to hear any indication of my presence. You pull at the ropes to no avail, you begin to pant and inner fear builds.

Suddenly you feel my body near. My hand lifts your head and a cool glass is presented to your lips. You drink the ice water feeling the calm return of your normal heartbeat. I let your head fall and pass an ice cube over your left breast. You shiver at the contrast and the unexpected sensation. Your nipple hardens as I place the ice on the right breast. I run the ice down your belly and push one cube into your furnace. I then place another against your most sensitive nub and hold it there. The wonderful cool sensation changes to numbing pain as I maintain the cube in place. You control your breath and try to will the stimulation to stop. You feel me move above you but the ice stays in place.

I lift the cube and my heated lance splits your frigid wetness slowly and deeply. My motion is slow and long as I warm you from the inside. While spearing your loins I hold a cube to each breast nub increasing your flood of feelings. I lift them and place one at the top of your split, again numbing that sensitive spot. You writhe beneath me, arousing my passion, and causing me to lose control. I drop the ice and pull your hips to mine as my mouth finds yours in a deep embrace. You whimper into my breath as the waves of release roll over your whole being. I plunge deeply into your channel and feel my passion flood you.

I untie your legs and arms to carry you tenderly inside. Leaving the blindfold on we shower together. I dry you softly trying not to rub your sensitive skin and lay your beautiful body on the bed. I lie next to you hugging you and thanking you for your gift of submission. I get up softly and leave you alone.

The sun kisses the horizon as I return to find you doing chores dressed in a light summer dress. You are radiant and relaxed as you fold into my arms. We kiss softly and my hands discover your lack of undergarments. The house is warm but not oppressive leaving no need for clothing so your light attire is understandable. I inform you that I will prepare dinner for you and that you are to do nothing but follow my commands. While I start the preparations for dinner I ask you to take a long bath to completely relax. You disappear and I hear the water running as I busy myself in the kitchen. When I hear the water stop I wait five minutes then I knock on the bathroom door and ask if I can wash your back. While you soak I sponge your back and massage your neck. I can sense the tension leave your body and am thrilled to observe you completely relax in my hands. I direct you rest on your bed while I continue with dinner and that I will come to you when it is time.

The dinner preparations being finished I fill a glass with red wine and go to your bed. You are dozing naked on your back. I stand and admire your beauty before waking you and offering the wine. I sit beside you and explain my desires for the evening. We will eat on the porch and afterward I will torment you. During this time I will deprive you of your senses of sight and sound. You will taste, feel, and smell all but you will not be able to hear nor see. I place the blindfold over your eyes and put earplugs in your ears. I help you off the bed and lead you out to the porch. I sit you on a soft cushion and help you sip your wine. I tie your arms to the arms of the chair and your legs to the chair's legs. Slowly I feed you the meal I have prepared knowing I have chosen foods you adore. From time to time I pause and leave you to create a sense of disorientation. You never really know when I am about to place a morsel in your mouth or give you a glass to drink. Not having sight or hearing you find the food has more taste and especially more odors. After a while you know when I am beside you by smell but you have no idea of my next action. Periodically I cannot resist and I caress your breasts or belly increasing your uncertainty of what will occur next. As I feed you dessert you realize the torment will begin soon.

I untie your arms and legs and lead you in side. I position you on your belly over the leather ottoman and tie your wrists together in front of you. I then tie each ankle and pull the rope forward to your wrists. This spreads your legs and raises your bottom. I let you become accustom to the pose and run my hands along your thighs and back. Suddenly you feel the sting of a flogger on your thighs as I lash each ten times. I then redden your buttocks with fifteen lashes on each cheek. Your inflamed skin turns a deep crimson and small beads form almost everywhere. I begin to lightly trail the tentacles of the flogger up the insides of your thighs that are parted by the way you are tied. As I drag it toward your junction I see you squirm, for this I flog your nether lips. I cannot command you to stay still so I must make you understand by my actions. Again I tickle your inner thighs and again you squirm. I whip your most tender region while I listen to your moans turn to little cries. You cannot stop moving the heat and pain is too much. I stop briefly to keep the fire on your rear by beating each cheek five more times. I then return to your seam and strike it almost mercilessly.

Suddenly I stop all action and leave you for a minute. I return with a cool soft cloth that I apply to your inflamed nether lips. You moan your relief at the cool touch. It is then I embrace your womanhood with my lips and tongue until you flood my mouth with your nectar. Your release is total leaving you almost faint at its culmination. I untie you and carry you to bed removing the blindfold and earplugs. I undress and lie beside you telling you of my devotion and gratitude.

"Do with me what you will, my dear." I say, "I am yours to use however you please, it is your turn."

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