tagBDSMA Letter to Daddy

A Letter to Daddy


All people in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.


My Dearest Daddy,

I would be your most devoted Cock worshipper. On my knees in front of you, smiling in awe of your Beautiful, naked, Masculinity.

First, Daddy, I would cover your Big Beautiful Cock and your Cum Filled Balls, with tiny wet kisses. Slowly, making sure not to miss a single spot. Every few kisses I look you in the eyes and whisper the Magic Words.




"I worship Daddy's Big...Beautiful...Cock. and Cum...Filled...Balls."

I begin to lick first your balls, gently sucking each one into my warm, wet mouth. Massaging them with my tongue. Nuzzling them with my nose. Oh Daddy, they are so big and firm. I love the way they fill up my mouth and roll around.

Your Big Beautiful Cock has now come fully to life. It towers over me. Oh Daddy, it truly is Beautiful. My mouth is watering just anticipating you.

I begin to lick it, starting at the base, moving up slowly, watching your eyes until I reach the tip. Then my eyes close as I taste the drop of precum at the top, letting out a small 'mmm'.

"You taste so nice Daddy. Am I doing okay? "

I feel a bit nervous, searching your face for confirmation.

Relief comes as you tell me,

"Yes, my obedient Little One."

You smile and nod, patting my head softly.

Your approval renews my confidence and I continue, bathing your huge Daddy dick with my wet tongue.

I can't wait any longer, Daddy, I need you in my mouth. I open wide, taking you in to the back of my mouth, close my lips and suck deeply. You groan and put your fingers in my hair. I suck hard and move back up to the tip, it makes a loud 'pop' as it exits my mouth. I waste no time doing it again, going deeper each time, swirling my tongue around the tip.

My soft little hands are busy too, one cupping your balls and squeezing gently, the other wrapped around your Cock following my mouth up and down. My mouth is watering so much Daddy, running down your Big Hard Cock, making it slide smoothly through my fingers and poke the back of my throat.

You instruct me to put my hands behind my back, and clasp them together. I do as you say ( of course) and your fingers tighten your hold on my hair. You move my head up and down, pushing deeper each stroke.

Oh Daddy I love it when you take me this way. My pussy is dripping wetness down my thighs, trying to make me beg you to fuck it, but I know You control my pussy.

I try to swallow against the gagging as your Big Cock enters my throat, the sensation squeezing your sensitive tip. The sounds of your growling and my gagging, turn me on even more. I know I am so lucky to be Daddy's Secret Slut, and I love it, and you know this.

You pull my head up off your Cock, my mouth still open wide, a string of saliva still connecting my tongue to you. You surprise me by commanding me to change places with you. You position me on my back with my head hanging off the edge of Your chair and my legs up the back of it.

"Open wide Little One."

I do, and you begin to once more feed me your cock. It slides into my throat more easily in this position. You grab my pretty ass and thrust your hot, hard, Daddy cock into me, and hold it in for a moment. Your balls resting on my nose, then you pull back, repeating and moving faster. Soon, you are fucking my face steadily.

My pussy is so wet I feel like its flooding, it makes me groan around your cock. You notice how much this is turning me on being so obedient for my Daddy, you know my pretty pink pussy is silently screaming for attention. You smile knowing how badly I want to beg you to touch it, or let me. I remain unaware of what you're thinking above me, contracting my throat muscles and trying my hardest to work my tongue. Earnestly trying to do my very best for my Daddy.

Still fucking my face, you spread my legs wide, placing each foot on the edges of the top of Your chair. I squeal a little as the cool air hits my burning soaked pussy.

"Your pussy is so pretty Little One. And what's this? How wet you are! You like having Daddy's big hard cock down your throat, don't you?"

I attempt to answer you but it comes out as a muffled sound. You continue thrusting in and out, keeping a steady pace. Your cock begins to swell in my throat and I know you are getting close. I close my eyes tight, lost in a world of pleasing my Daddy. I am so anticipating the moment you shoot your hot cum deep into my throat, and I know that its soon.

I don't know, however, what you are planning next.

Suddenly you thrust two fingers deep into my pussy and put your thumb firmly on my swollen clit. I scream around your cock. The unexpected attention nearly puts me over the edge, it takes everything in me not to cum unless you allow it, I clamp down impossibly hard onto your fingers. You are pleased with my self control, knowing how difficult it must be. You continue your pace in my throat, never missing a beat.

"Good Girl." You half growl, praising my obedience.

You are ready now, you rapidly fuck my pussy with your fingers and rub my clit, the speed matching your assault on my throat.

I am groaning and bucking underneath you. Dying for you to say it, waiting, the hardest thing I have ever done.


My orgasm explodes throughout my entire body, wracking me in waves. I scream around your cock, and it throws you over the edge. Your hot cum spurting deep in my throat. You let out a deep groan holding your pulsing cock inside me.

You rise off of me, pulling my trembling body close to you, into your lap. Holding my face in your big hands, you kiss my tear stained cheeks. Then my pouty lips.

"Thank you Daddy." I whisper.

"You're very welcome, my obedient Little One."

I lay my head on your chest and drift off to sleep.

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