tagLetters & TranscriptsA Letter to Master

A Letter to Master

bySean Renaud©

Dear Master,

I hope you really understand just how much I love you and that nothing that I'm doing will ever change that. Time with you is like my little piece of Heaven and everything else is just appetizers. I don't understand really why you love me so much for being a slut but I will do as you've asked because that is what a slave does. So with no further adeau my week.

Well it started as you know with you, that Monday morning on the base. Just like always you woke me up ridiculously early in the morning and fucking me while your roommate slept only five feet away. So close that I know he had to have heard that one gasp I let out when I came. I know you know that part, I'm just reminding you so you can see how my entire day went.

After I finished with you I drove home and took a shower to wait for Mark, I doubt he wanted sloppy seconds you know? Anyway after I finished taking a shower and trimming like you told me to I got dressed into that strapless pink and black top I bought and that net skirt you always tell me screams "fuck me" and since that is exactly what I wanted I wore it. When he showed up he started washing my car and I realized just how badly I wanted him so we went out to eat and I gave him a hand job. Then he dared me to give him road head. Road head? You don't even understand how exciting it is to give road head and I promise as soon as you get your license I will give you road head. It's just craze knowing that people are watching me, just random truck drivers. Then there's you trying so hard to keep control because just a minor mistake and we could both die because I'm sucking. It's a rush unlike anything else. I was so into the moment that I didn't even notice that he'd stopped the car until I pulled away from his dick. There really isn't much else to tell about that, he climbed on top of me and fucked me as fast as he could. I think I came twice. His dick is so amazing. Mark is almost as long as you but not quite as thick and it's so smooth. I can take him all the way into my throat and barely gag on him. Anyway after he fucked me he took me home and dropped me off. I'd already called you and given you all the real juicy details already so I won't bore you with the details a second time here.

What I didn't tell you is that the next day I went out with his best friend Steve and let him take me out to breakfast. We ended up spending most of the day together just kickin it and shopping you know? Steve is such a fucking clown, you would love spending time with him. Anyway he and I started joking around about how black girls are freakier and I was telling him that I was the biggest freak he'd ever meet. I was starting to tell him about some of the things you've done to me, don't worry nothing "too" interesting has been told. I didn't tell him you've used me as a pissmop or that you've made me suck you clean after you fucked me in the ass or that you choked me out during sex. But I did tell him that I've liked your asshole and that I swallow and that kind of stuff. When we pulled up in front of his house and I climbed on him and fucked his brains out. He didn't even give me an orgasm.

The night after that me and Enrique went out dancing, and you have to call him and tell him that its ok to spend time with me. After that whole thing with Miggy he thinks your going to get upset if you find out we go dancing and drinking together so please tell him he's ok. Enrique is such an awesome dancer, just getting on the floor with him makes you think of sex. Even when he's being shy his hands are in all the right places I can't imagine how good it would be if he was trying to turn me on. It only took one drink for both of us before we had to rush to his truck for a mind blowing fuck. I told you about that one too.

Then there was yesterday and I'm sure I've got a few bruises from that one. If I hadn't brought it on myself I would tell you to go kill Eric but it was my fault. You do know what happened with Eric right I know he called you to apologize for what he did to me. He felt really bad about it and it was because he was so pissed off at that bitch Chrissy and I wouldn't leave him alone. He did beat me pretty bad, slapped me around and gagged me with his cock. Just like you do all the time. I have to admit it got me all wet to see him so. . .in charge of a situation. I've never seen him quite like that. I thought for a second he was you when cuffed me and dragged me into the bathroom. Did I tell you how scared I was, I thought he was gonna kill me when he shoved me head into the toilet. He nearly drown me a few times before I agreed to stop fighting. Then he fucked me in the ass hard. Just like you would he made me suck the shit off his dick and the pissed on me. I won't tell you about what happened to Chrissy just yet, he made me promise that he could tell you about that.

I don't think there is really anything else for me to tell you. You know that I spent most of yesterday kicking it with your little brother and his friends. I think he was staring at my tits, I was wearing the shields again, just like the ones Janet Jackson had and you could see them through my shirt. Its so cute, to bad he's so young and your little brother j/k. Tomorrow I'll be at Knott's Berry Farm all day tomorrow but I'll call you when I get off. Don't worry if anything happens in Camp Snoopy I'll be sure to tell you Master. I love you so much.

Your loving, adoring, eternal slave slut

Karen "Lilli" Lowell

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