tagLoving WivesA Letter to My Husband Mark

A Letter to My Husband Mark


Dear Mark,

I hope this letter finds you well, sweetheart. You have probably heard from your coworkers at the office that I am on the cruise ship. Steven said he called in and made sure that everyone knew. I am sorry baby... I wouldn't have rubbed it in to everybody that your rival is on a Valentine's Day trip with your wife, but you know, I can't tell him what to do... or not to do.

Baby, I am sure you understand I couldn't let the tickets go to waste. And honestly, I am sorry about what happened. I am sure it must have been very painful for you to come home and find me bouncing up and down on your rival's cock in our marital bed, right on Valentine's Day. I was really shocked when I saw you standing in the doorway, holding the bottle of champagne in one hand and the cruise tickets in the other. I suppose I should have stopped fucking Steven right then, but god, his huge cock just felt so good and I was so close. I am sorry you had to watch me cumming all over his shaft, see my cunt juices run down on it, watch me arch back as the orgasm ripped through me.

Of course, that was the first time you ever saw me have a real orgasm. Oh baby, not that you don't give me any, but only when your head it between my legs, so you can't really see me cum. But Steven's cock does wonders for me. And I know, sweetheart... Steven should have probably stopped right there. It wasn't right of him to push me over and mount me from behind like a horny bitch. He shouldn't have fucked your wife right in front of your eyes honey. I saw in your eyes how hurt you were. And you know I couldn't stop him, he's so strong. Why didn't you push him off me? Why did you let him fuck your wife to three more orgasms, baby?

Well anyway... I am a little ashamed at how loudly I moaned, and how strongly I came, when he finally filled my married cunt with his seed. But at least it was over then, he grabbed his things, pushed you out of the way and left. My darling husband... even though maybe I called for him not to go, I didn't really mean it. And you know I got up and hugged you, holding you in my loving embrace while your rival's cum dripped out of my cunt, down my legs and onto the high heels I wore for him in bed. And you know I promised you I'd never cheat on you again, and you even opened the bottle of champagne and we toasted on it.

Of course... it was really wrong of Steven to come back right then. I was still weak, you know how I get when I'm hot and excited. When he laid on the bed and called me over for more... I saw you wanted to hold me and call me back, but you were so quiet. So I mounted his huge cock again only moments after promising you that I'd never fuck another man again. Baby, I am sure it must have been even more painful to see me do that and drink your Valentine's Day champagne while I came on his cock again. I am sure that's why you ran out.

I tried to call you, you know. I left a voice mail on your cell phone. And sweetheart, you must believe me that I was sincere when I asked you to come back! I know I was giggling, and sometimes moaning... I must confess Steven was still ramming his monster prick into my pussy when I left that message. I had begged him to be allowed to call you, and he agreed under the condition that I'd take him on the cruise. I wanted to talk to my beloved husband so much, I agreed! That's what got me here.

So, you know how much I need sex, so Steven and I rarely ever leave our room on the cruise ship. Actually, sometimes he dresses me up and parades me around the ship like a trophy, and people can see that I wear a wedding band while he does not. Then he takes me back to the room and fucks my brains out. He has always done that so well.

Oh... well sweetie... now that we're being honest, I guess I should confess that I've been fucking your rival for over two months now, since the Christmas party at your office. He flirted with me, and you didn't stop him. He danced with me, and you said nothing when his hand moved to my ass. Then he took me outside... what did you thnk we were doing, talking? He showed me his massive cock. God, it's so big, it touches me in places your tiny pecker will never get close to. He fucked me right against the wall outside, even as your boss came out and saw us. Maybe that's why Steven got promoted. Maybe it's just that he's better than you in every way.

So, I didn't want to see him again, but he just came over and took me. Okay, maybe I called him the next day, and asked him over, but it was all really innocent. I just wanted to talk about what happened. Then he fucked me on our couch, in our marital bed where you sleep next to me every night, in our car, on our kitchen table. Even on your desk when you were on that business trip late January. I came all over his massive prick so many times, I couldn't get enough. But I never meant for you to find out. I never meant to hurt you.

Now, when this Valentine's Day cruise is over, and Steven drops me at our house, can we go back to the way things were? I know the whole office knows that your wife has been a fuckslut for your rival for this whole trip, but you can handle that, can't you? Please baby. I will never cheat on you again.

I promise.

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