tagLetters & TranscriptsA Letter to My Wife: Business Trip

A Letter to My Wife: Business Trip



This business trip is so boring. The girls here are just mediocre, I'm sure they'd be a fun fuck, but you're not here to help me enjoy them, so it just wouldn't be the same. Not like last time anyway. I still won't ever forget that ride home from the city with you and Liz. I knew you two were getting horny, but fuck! I hope you never forget how hard that made me and how long we screwed after that; it's amazing we didn't get caught by the cops in that rest stop...

All I can think about is your tight pussy. I keep picturing you in that silky black robe of yours, walking into the living room, a Gin and Tonic in each hand, mine a little stronger than yours. I can smell your pussy starting to juice up from the chair and it makes my dick jump in my pants. I want to be in you so bad, but I know you have other plans for the occasion.

Slowly, you unbutton my jeans and I lift my ass off the chair to help you slide them off. My rigid pole stands straight up, waving with the recoil of being released from my pants. You sit on my lap, making a show of your pussy as you lift one leg and put it beside mine and then push yourself up, sliding the other against me, and you pin me into the chair. My dick rests solidly against your belly, and slowly you take a sip from your drink, your eyes not leaving mine. Your hand goes to my meat and you start stroking up and down its length slowly, your heating pussy warming my balls and your little clit getting harder against the root of my cock. I take a sip of my drink, but it doesn't quench the thirst building inside me.

"Is there anything you want?" you say sexily, still stroking my dick with your fingers, but your thumb begins to concentrate on the head, resting just above your belly button. I can only nod at this point and you giggle devilishly, your robe parting a little farther, showing off some of your spectacular cleavage, but still leaving plenty of promise of the treasures within. My cock wobbles in your hand and your teeth come out over your bottom lip, biting it gently as your eyes begin to twinkle.

"Tell me what you want," you say, bending forward, nibbling on my neck, kissing, licking, and blowing a path to my ear. Your drink sets on the end table next to us and your hand remains free for only a moment as it joins its mate on my stiff cock. Both of your thumbs start squeezing and playing with the head while your fingers dance up and down the remaining 8 inches of meat.

"What are my choices?" I say, teasing you with my breath on your ear. You giggle and groan demurely, pulling back up to a sitting position, your teeth still barely biting on your bottom lip, your gorgeous deep blue eyes sparkling with lust and glazing over with desire.

"No, no. You tell me what to do," you say, speeding up your hands, one hand stroking my meat and rubbing your leaking pussy juice all over my shaft, the other strictly playing with the head, smearing my pre-cum around like frosting. I moan loudly, my stomach flexing like butterfly wings under your ministrations.

"If you keep doing that, you'll make me cum," I manage to moan out before my back arches off the chair.

"That's the idea," you say, leaning back in, hooking the tie on the robe around my throbbing cock. Slowly, you sit back, your pussy coating my balls in a generous amount of your honey, my cock pulling the sash away from your hips, letting your robe open fully and your beautiful rose-colored nipples stand in the air, tightening even more than before. Your hips start to rock on mine, letting your shaved mound stroke the base of my wanton member, your pussy buttering up the skin it touches. The smell of us begins to drift through the room, the heady aphrodisiac making my dick throb even harder.

"Maybe I should just keep this up?" you say, speeding up your hands, smearing your cum and my pre-cum around, coating your belly with it as our skin rubs together. "But I do hate wasting cum," you say, almost pouting.

"You've got me close enough now, you better get it in you quick," I say, my breathing becoming labored, my eyes trying to drink all of you in at once. You smile wickedly and lift yourself up, pushing my dick along your drooling pink slit, letting me feel your juice run over the top of my head as you slowly masturbate your cunt with just the tip of my organ.

"You feel that?" you breathe, putting your lips to my ear again. "That's how much I want you, that's how much I want you to cum," you moan, your teeth sinking lightly into my ear lobe.

"Oh God, yes," I almost hiss out, my body convulsing from the feel of your pussy kissing my cock and from the wet sounds of it sliding through your hot pink folds.

"Maybe I should just keep teasing you then," you say, my cock throbbing in response. "You seem to like this; maybe I should just let you cum against my clit." Your breath is beginning to get as hard and heavy as mine and I can tell you're close. My hands go up to your bulging tits and I maul the ample flesh while pinching your nipples between my knuckles. It's your turn to shiver and you do so deliciously, your legs relaxing at the exact moment my dick is at the entrance of your cunt and the head just barely pops in, stretching your flesh as it invades your velvet vice. We both moan in pleasure and don't want that moment to stop. Your hand stays on my pole and you begin to jack me off, my head firmly engulfed by your hot wet box.

"You like it like this, don't you?" I say, my breath blowing along your skin. You only moan in response and your hand starts moving faster. "You like feeling my cum shoot completely through your pussy? You like feeling your cunt drip juice down my cock and using that to jerk me off?" Your moan is louder and more urgent, your hand slapping against your pussy with each stroke, and with each stroke, the sound is getting wetter and wetter.

"You feel that? You want it so bad; your pussy juice is flowing onto me. I can feel you splashing out onto us," I say, you let loose a quick loud moan as you begin to cum, your pussy clenching and unclenching around my meat with such speed that its almost matching your hand, still wanking me off, trying to get me to cum into your snatch.

"Please..." you moan out, your body starting to twitch. "Now...." you say, your voice barely a whisper over your panting breath as another orgasm hits you like a tidal wave.

"Please what?" I say, a grin on my face as my body starts to convulse. I feel my toes curl and lightening shoots from my legs and arms to my brain. I don't have much time left, but I know if I make you say it, you'll cum that much harder.

"Please cum in my," you pant out, your pussy literally splashing its hot cum out onto us now, soaking you, me, your robe, and even the chair. "Cum in my..."

"In your what," I say, trying now to fight off the cum trying like hell to boil from my balls. It's going to be a big load this time, and I can't wait to feel it shooting from my dick into your tight twat, I can't wait to feel my cock rock in you with each powerful shot.

"Cum in my cunt!" you scream out, your mouth trying to silence the scream by biting into my shoulder. That's all I need and I blow shot after shot deep into your pussy, painting your womb white with my cum. My body rocks with each shot that blows up into you, seven in all, and then I twitch heavily with each dry shot after that, another 5 total. We look down and your spasming pussy is leaking your clear cum down my still twitching, but already softening shaft. The head is still trapped inside your soaking pink vice, and slowly you rise up, both of our eyes locked onto the scene.

A second passes and nothing other than your cum drips from your used pussy onto my cock. Another second passes and nothing at all. Then a drip of our milky combined juices falls on my cock; it twitches involuntarily at the sensation. Then another follows, and another, and soon your still quaking cunt pushes half our cum from your pink depths, coating my dick, belly, and thighs with our love sauce. My dick twitches frantically, trying to work itself up to full strength again, but I'm not 18 any more and it will be a few minutes.

"Oh my God," you say, and twist, settling heavily beside me and on top of me, trying to catch your breath. "Oh, I love you," you say, and turn to kiss my cheek. Your head flops heavily beside mine, your pussy still leaking cum onto my thigh, and we both fall asleep.

You have no idea how hard I am right now. Even these mediocre girls in their conservative suits with their God-only-knows caret diamond rings on their fingers are looking good right now. I should be paying attention, but all I can smell is your pussy, all I can think about is being inside you, and this damn bottle water isn't quenching my thirst for pussy juice. Maybe I'll fuck one silly and write you about it, or maybe even better, call you during.

I love you so much.


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