tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Letter To Xandra #3

A Letter To Xandra #3


Dear Xandra,

There were four of them this time. Every time they manifest themselves they appear in the guise of actresses that I've recently "pleasured" myself to. Two in particular, the two entities that materialized the previous time to this one, seem different in appearance, but their essence seems familiar. It sounds crazy, but it's true. Specifically they were, as Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The two others showed themselves, as Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez.

The events seem to possess all the earmarks of a classic alien visitation. Brilliant but soft bright white light, a vacuum of silence, sleep paralysis accompanied by feelings of paranoia. However, my body never leaves the room. My body seems to be levitating, though I somehow feel that I am still lying on my bed... very strange. Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom I will refer to, as LOVE for simplicities sake was the first to appear. Her smile, warm, seductive, her eyes reassuring, calming, yet enticing. Seductively emerging from the brilliance of light, as she walked to the side of my bed. Reaching out her hand, gingerly dragging it along my bare skin, gooseflesh aroused by her touch, my cock stirred by the black mesh bikini which displayed all of her full womanly curves. She rested herself at the side of me, stroked my chin, pressing her fingertips to my lips, eyes mesmerizing.

Next, the light engulfed the whole of my bedroom. Hands slid over my chest, up toward my shoulders, finding their way to my face, each cupping a cheek. Easily drawing my eyes to meet her eyes, Salma Hayek materialized, straddling me, her form solidifying. Her hands moved down to each of my wrists, lifting my arms up above my head, leaning forward, her bulbous, naked tits pressing full against my face, warm, and soft. She lifts my arms above my head, passing them to Jennifer Lopez. J-Lo takes my hands, my gaze following, our eyes meet, smiles down at me. My hands cup each of her full ass cheeks, she helps them squeeze her fleshy bottom. She grips my wrists, securing my arms over my head, my hands massaging her bountiful ass.

LOVE licking my nipple, Salma has slid to my other side. She's lying beside me, her leg crossed over mine. She's stroking the length of my torso, down to my thighs, her swollen breasts pressed firmly to my side. LOVE's hand does the same, brushing my cock, it thickens, stiffening, filling with blood. J-Lo leans over me, her lips pressing to mine, my arms have fallen straight out to my sides, palms up to the sky. J-Lo's hands are exploring my upper body, massaging, warming, teasing.

It's sensory immersion, Salma's hand caressing my balls, LOVE slowly stroking my shaft, J-Lo probing my mouth with her tongue. My eyelids fall closed, the ecstasy washing over me. The light grows in intensity once more. From beneath heavy eyelids barely open, Lindsay Lohan now stands over me, hands held in a praying position. She leans forward, pushing her praying hands between my thighs. Brushing them easily apart with the backs of her hands, kneeling between them in one fluid move, almost dance-like. She kneels there, hands resting on either thigh. Salma grips my cock firmly in her hand, my head swollen, throbbing, pulsating. Lindsay throws her head back, as if letting out a silent scream, bringing her head forward, mouth gaping wide, my dick disappears in her mouth. Her head stutters up and down a few times, Salma swallows my cock, her head doing the same. LOVE takes a turn, Salma still gripping and jerking my rod. Each one of the women are taking turns, letting their warm, moist mouth, love my cock. J-Lo massaging and teasing my nipples whispers in my ear, "how's that feel, Baby?"

She grips me under my arms pulling me toward the end of the bed, my upper body arches over the edge. The other three women roll me onto my belly, as the room whirls around. My ass sticks high in the air, face down over the edge, J-Lo's pink pussy is right in my face. She lays on her back, legs bent and spread wide giving my mouth total access to her warm snatch. I smell her scent. Her hands at the back of my head pull my mouth to her moist cunt. My tongue lapping at her soft flesh, flicking her slowly swelling lips.

A tongue begins licking my asshole, a pair of hands gripping my ass, spreading my cheeks. It's Lindsay, I can't see her, but I just "know" it's her. The same way I "know" Salma is sucking my cock beneath me, as Lindsay straddles her. The same way I know that LOVE is giving Salma a Venus Butterfly, which makes her work my cock that much more urgently. I hear Lindsay spit, feel the warmth of her saliva when it hits my asshole, dripping over my taint. It leaves a warm trail down to my balls, where Salma has them gripped, squeezing and fondling them, her mouth still fucking my cock. A finger slips inside my ass Lindsay's tongue still working there. Salma shudders to LOVE's fingers and tongue tantalizing her cunt. The wave washes over us simultaneously, as we are as one.

"Fuck me, Baby!" J-Lo lifting her head arms reaching out for me. My cock audibly pulls away from Salma's sucking mouth, "smock!" Lindsay's finger slips from my asshole. Sliding off the bed on my belly, right between J-Lo's thick dancer thighs, my cock pokes her pussy and with the slightest pause slides in to its' hilt. "Oh!" Her cry of delight echoes around the room, bouncing off objects like a ricochet. I feel a pair of hands massaging my shoulders, a hand rubbing my back, and still another spanking my ass with each thrust of my hips. LOVE is the one at my shoulder whispering something in my ear. It sounds like gibberish, spoken like an incantation. Whatever she's saying is causing my penis to thicken in girth. It feels like I have a tree trunk plunging into J-Lo's pussy, over and over again. Her pussy filling up over and over again with my mammoth spellbound cock. On the verge of blowing my load, throwing my hips into J-Lo at a maniacal pace, our flesh slapping together. Her thick thighs ripple with each explosive plunge. She throws her arms back over her head, nipples erect. I drive deep in her, my back arched, Lindsay whispers something in my other ear, more gibberish, more spells? The room goes dark, save for a spot of light around J-Lo and myself. J-Lo spasms, her pussy squishing with her own cum, as it squeezes my cock with each contraction. When she's in the afterglow, oblivious to her surroundings, spasms waning, Salma and LOVE grab her by her arms, pulling her away and out of the light.

My monstrous enchanted dick slaps against the floor. It's pulsating. Lifting up and then plopping back down on the floor, like a massive beached whale. I'm on my knees, the rooms completely dark, only the spotlight illuminates me. In the dark, just beyond the cast of light, Lindsay prowls like a jungle cat. She crawls into the spotlight on hands and knees, beautiful tits hanging free, pussy high in the air, she circles in front me in display. She is purring, a deep raspy purr. She opens her mouth, "meow-yow-wow-wow-yow". Again, this time a cat-like gibberish, as she backs up to me, seemingly gliding on air. Her pussy purrs louder as she gets closer. The world goes black. I cannot see, ANYTHING! The purring is all there is now. My cock is starting to go flaccid. Is it the purring? First the purring is in front of me. Then it's joined by another purr, just as loud, but different from Lindsay. It's LOVE. Her purr is softer, mixed with an almost sigh. Then another joins in, it's Salma. Her purr is melodic, almost singing, going from a high pitch to low, then high again.

Being led by the hand somewhere, but my bodies not moving anywhere. My mind is moving forward through space. Is it this space? A warmth presses against my cheek, I feel fur and another purr begins. It's J-Lo's purr. Her purr is part purr, part hum, very soothing, like a lullaby. Another warmth presses to the other cheek, another fur. It's LOVE. I can feel J-Los' and LOVEs' warmth. Now I can hear them breathing? There's a feeling of rhythmic warmth against my neck. Sucking in, blowing out. Sucking in -- blowing out. Suck in -- blow out. In -- out. In -- out. In -- out. My body's swaying side to side, my head is swimming. The purring, the breathing, it's hypnotic.

There's Lindsay again, glowing in the darkness, radiating light. She raises her arms straight out to her sides, raising up on tip toes, arching her back, face up to the sky. Her mouth falls open, she cries out, "uh!" Her head falls forward, her body collapses into a ball. She's hugging her knees to her chest, her naked body in a crouching ball, her hair hanging down over her face and knees. Her radiant light gets dimmer. Salma, J-Lo and LOVE become illuminated, their naked bodies beginning to glow. They each reach out a right hand to Lindsay, circling her clockwise, chanting. Lindsay begins to glow. The three women stop, join hands in a circle around her showing their bare asses to me. They start to revolve around crouching Lindsay, slowing turning about her, spinning on an invisible turntable.

Am I still on my knees? The light is so bright! "What an ass!" I'm fucking J-Lo in her ass! Oh, it feels so good. Where's my dick? It's in -- her ass? No. No! It's between Salma's swollen tits, sliding between them, splitting her cleavage. She's pressing them tight around my... What? Where's my cock? Between Salma's... No! Between LOVE's lips! Her mouth is so wet and warm. It's sliding over my cock - over my cock. Over -- my -- cock. Where's Lindsay? Where's Lindsay? There's Lindsay. Her tongue's in my ear, licking my lobe, nibbling. Her tits are against my bicep. Now my hands hold her face. I'm staring into those cool eyes. We embrace, her tits pressing against my chest. I'm whispering to her. What did I say? My dick is where? Our hips are bumping. How? She turns around, her back to me. 'Push'. Over she goes. My dick is where? We're drifting. She's leaning forward. Her hips are bucking back against mine. Back. Back. Back. Back. Back. Her tits are in my hands. They're firm. Squeezing them. My dick is where? Hands on her hips. Back. Back. Back. My dick is where?

"Don't tease me." They say.

"I would never," I say.

Salma, are you there? Are you Salma? Love, are you there? Are you Love? J-Lo? Are you J-Lo? Lindsay? Where's my dick?

"It's right here." She waves it over her head, tosses my dick to Salma. Salma catches it against her chest. Salma then tosses it to Love, who catches it against her face. Love tosses it to J-Lo, who drops it, slips and lands on it with her ass. She regains her feet, tosses it back to Lindsay. They're playing keep away with my dick. Lindsay holds my penis to her face, looks at the head and says, "Hello Mr. Penis. Are you having fun?" Off it goes to Salma. Salma circles her nipple with it, squats, wiggles it against her pussy, pushes it inside, then fucks herself fast with it. Pulls it out , my dick flopping around in her hand semi-hard. Salma gnashes her teeth. "Who's fucking dick is this?!" in her Spanish accent.

She tosses it to Love. "It's mine now!" Love licks it like a lollipop. Sucks on the head, gropes the balls. It pops from her mouth, like a cork from a bottle. "Uh, so good! Who's dick is this?!"

J-Lo catches it. "It's my dick!" J-Lo holds my penis in the palm of her hand. She begins to pet it. It grows harder, thicker, longer. "You like that?" she asks. My penis nods to her. "Do you want some more?" J-Lo puckers her lips, pressing my penis to them. Her pursed lips part, her teeth bare, and she gently bites down. "Who's dick is this?!" she says through clenched teeth. She shakes her head like a dog with a chew toy, my penis squeaks, flying from her mouth, disappearing into the darkness. Darkness. "Where's my dick?!"

A spotlight comes on. Salma bends over, sticking out her ass, arching her back. "Here's your dick, Baby."

Another spotlight, this time Love bends over, "I've got your cock, right here, Babe." Love spreads her pussy so I can see my dick in her cooch.

A third spotlight comes on. J-Lo bends over, her plump ass sticking out, "here's yo penga, Baby!" She smacks her own ass.

A fourth spotlight comes on. Lindsay bends over. "Where's your dick, Baby?"

"Where's my dick?" There's no answer to my question. I feel... a hand... on my dick. "Here's your dick, Baby." My eyes are closed. I open them and Lindsay is not but an inch from me, her nose at my nose. Her eyes search mine. She's holding my dick in her hand, tugging on it. She takes it in both her hands. Holding the shaft with one, she licks the inside of her other hand, then circles my head with her saliva soaked palm. Your dick is where it's always been," she whispers in my ear with heavy breath, "right in the palm of my hands". Her hands are deftly working. My head goes back, my breath ragged gasps. "I'm gonna cum."

"Not yet! Wait!" It's Love telling me to hold on.

"I can't! I'm gonna cum!"

"Here it comes!" warns J-Lo.

"Oh -- shit!" I can't hold it anymore. No more spells.

"He's gonna fucking blow!" Salma giggles.

"Uh!" Lindsay's hand still jerking my dick, drawing every ounce of cream from my nuts, it just keeps squirting out. I can't see, again. Everything's dark.

"Look at all that!" Salma marvels.

"Don't spill it." Love says.

"Gimme." That's J-Lo's voice. "Mmm." That's J-Lo's mouth.

"Oh, fuck." I fall back. Where am I? I'm lying down, J-Lo's licking my cock.

"Look." All the four women are backlit. Lindsay holds out a glass filled with my jizz. She takes a gulp, letting some cum spill down her chin. Salma rushes to her, licking it, they kiss each other, her mouth covering Lindsay's, swapping my cum. Salma gargles, then swallows, licks her lips clean, then wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. Salma holds the glass out to Love, who tilts her head back, letting cum to slide from the glass down her throat. J-Lo takes the glass, scoops the remaining cum in her hands and licks it from her fingers. She smears some on her tits. Lindsay and Salma suck cum clean from J-Lo's titties. Love takes J-Lo's hand, trying scavenge whatever spew is left.

"Where's your dick, Baby?" They ask me in unison.

"Right fuckin' here, ladies!" Grabbing my junk, I said, "right where it's always been."

It always ends the same way, Xandra. Whoever is present at the event kisses my cheek, then walks away disappearing through the far wall in a glowing fog. What does this all mean? I fear I'm losing my mind. Is this a dream? Next time it happens I will try to control it.

I think of you, always, Xandra. Hope you are well.

Much love,


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