tagMatureA Librarian's Lonely Life

A Librarian's Lonely Life


The sun was going to rise soon, with a little evidence of that beginning to seep through the slightly off kilter window blinds and onto the foot of the bed, a bed that had two occupants for a change. Only one of the two was sleeping, snoring and snorting occasionally in between wiggling around in the sheets, while the woman beside him - the resident of the dingy apartment - had been awake all night, the result of her guilty conscience along with the dull aches in parts of her body that were rarely used these days.

The woman was Constance Briggs, the librarian in charge of the Wells Public Library, and while at 48 she should have felt no guilt over what she had done, old habits die hard and even though she had been dead five years the Librarian still felt that her mother was watching and shaking her head over her daughter's life.

Funny thing now was that Constance herself couldn't believe what she had done. Not only what she did with the lad, but the fact that in doing so she had broken one of her cardinal rules. As if she didn't have enough past experiences in using her faulty judgement to recall.

How exactly did this kid end up in her bed? Unlike the past, there was no haze of alcohol to cloud her memory this time.

The boy beside her - actually in his early 20's Eric Young was hardly a child either chronologically or otherwise - was a mechanic at a local garage, and not only had Constance not rebuffed his crude advances, she might have actually enjoyed and encouraged the roughneck over the last few weeks.

Eric was new in town, and since he didn't have a TV started spending the couple of evenings each week that the Library was open roaming the aisles, looking for books at first. Constance began to notice that whenever she would look at the lad he would be looking at her, either over the top of a book or from a nearby aisle, and since Constance was a stereotypical small town librarian as far as looks go that wasn't something she was used to.

In fact, one of the first conversations Constance had with the boy was about how he thought that she looked a lot like Donna Reed did in the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life". Not the parts of the film when she was with Jimmy Stewart, but the scenes where the town was depicted as if George Bailey had never existed. The town was cold and heartless and Donna Reed was shown as a sad and lonely spinster, not exactly a compliment but then again the crude Eric Young wasn't exactly a ladies man.

"I thought she was hot as a librarian," Eric had said as they stood at the desk in the quiet library. "Just like you are Miss Briggs. I think your hairy arms are sexy too."

Constance had shuddered at that comment, reflexively tugged down the sleeves of her blazer in response while turning a bit red, but the mechanic didn't apologize but actually seemed to like making her feel uncomfortable.

"Mr. Young..." Constance started to say, but the kid just grinned at that.

"My old man was Mr. Young. I'm Eric," he reminded her. "I wasn't making fun of you either. Heck, I mean I know your shave your legs from when you wear skirts, but the rest of you? I betcha the rest of your body never sees a razor. Am I right? Hope I am because I love furry women."

"You're very bold," he was told. "Very out of line as well."

"So I've been told," he had replied, and that should have been the end of it, but the next time the lad came in he resumed his blunt talk.

"Spent a lot of time last night thinking about you Miss Briggs," the mechanic said when no one else was around the desk, drumming his fingers - fingers that were washed but because of his job never really seemed clean - on the desk. "I bet you thought about me too."

"Is there something I can help you with Mr. Young?" Constance asked, wincing when the kid grinned at her accidental double entendre.

"That Henry Miller book I asked for come in yet?"

"I'll check," she said, feeling his eyes on her when she went to the bookcase where the interlibrary loans were held, and after she didn't find it told him so.

"Oh well. You ever read Henry Miller, Miss Briggs? Course you have," he added quickly. "You always wear those long skirts that don't let me see much of your legs. They don't look bad at all. You should wear more flattering blouses too. Something that gives a guy an idea of what's underneath. I know you've got small breasts but that doesn't matter to me. Anything more than a handful, you know?"

"You realize that you're walking a fine line here, the way you speak to me?" Constance informed the boy as curtly as she could manage. "I could have you banned from the library."

"Then who would make you feel the way that I do?" Eric asked. "Tell me you don't love me mentally undressing you like me. Heck, I know you better than you think. I know you aren't the prudish old maid you try to play behind that desk, and you never answered that question I asked before - about thinking about me late at night when you get home."

"Someone will let you know when your book request comes in," Constance said before turning away and going to the back of the office area.

That book arrived from the Utica library the next day, meaning Constance was forced to deal with the upstart mechanic once again, but this time the librarian was ready to dispatch him quickly.

"So tell me Miss Briggs," the lewd patron said as he held the book, making his bicep bulge as it stretched the t-shirt he had on as well as showing off the garish tattoo he had there. "How about after you close the place you and me go out for a drink or two?"

"I don't drink."

"Probably don't want to be seen in a bar in this hick town, especially with somebody like me, huh Miss Briggs? Have to keep up the image."

"I told you I don't drink," Constance replied, not mentioning that she couldn't have said that a few years ago.

"Well then we could go to my place. It's a dump though. I'm sure your place is nicer," Eric suggested. "Your place on King Street, It might not be much either but it's down at the end of the street so your neighbors probably wouldn't be able to hear you howl."

"Are you through?" Constance asked curtly.

"Haven't given me an answer yet. I know you're sweet on me Miss Briggs. You even put on a little lipstick for me, didn't you? Not too much though because I like my women natural.. I like that you did that for me. A little eye makeup too."

"You're delusional."

"Quiet in here tonight," Eric said as he looked around the small facility. "Just that old fart over in the sports section. Gives us a chance to talk."

"But I have things to do."

"When are you going to stop playing games Miss Briggs?"

"I'm not playing anything. I find you lewd and crude. If your mother ever heard you talking to a lady like this..."

"My mother?" Eric chortled. "Heck, she'd say something like just take the broad home and fuck her. My perverted Mom popped my cherry a long time ago, right around the time she saw her grown up boy get out of the shower. Maybe that's why I dig older gals like you. Me and my brother had what you might call a strange upbringing. You know my brother as a matter-of-fact. That's how I know you."

"I don't know your brother or anybody else by the name of Young."

"His old man was a different guy than mine was. Not better, just another fool with a different last name," Eric said as he watched the other patron approach the desk. "Check this guy out so we can really talk."

Constance nervously moved towards the little old fellow and charged out his book, and after he left returned to her persistent patron.

"Let's go over here, so people going past the window don't have to see you talking to a guy like me," Eric said as he ushered the petite brunette over to the far aisle.

"If you do anything to me, I'll scream," Constance threatened, making the boy chuckle.

"You'll scream alright, but not here. Relax. I ain't that kind of guy. I just want to explain some stuff to you," Eric said as he stood at the end of the aisle, his hand on the side of the shelf as he looked down at the nervous spinster. "You see. I know who you are. You're just like me."

"I'm nothing at all like you. Whatever my faults, I'm..."

"...a horny sex addict," Eric finished, relishing the shocked expression on the librarian's face. "Just like me. That's what the counselor at school called me. A sex addict. Guess he didn't mind me screwing the students but when I moved on up to teachers, the administration had him talk to me. Didn't work though because I ended up fucking his wife before I graduated. Just can't help myself, just like you can't."

"You have the wrong person, or someone is playing a joke on you."

"No, I have the right person. I mean, when you went on your road trips to Utica or Rome most weekends to get laid, you didn't use your real name. You weren't Constance Briggs then. You assumed a different identity. Did you use the same alias every time? Were you always Veronica?"


"That's the name you used on this guy who told me about you, but he didn't care about the name. He just wanted to get laid and was drunk too. He looked in your purse when you went to the bathroom in the motel and saw your library identification card," Eric explained. "I know the guy didn't lie about anything because that guy is my brother. William? About my height with a scar on his rib cage? When I told him I got a job at the garage up here he told me about the night you two had in some motel room outside of Utica and said I should look you up because you were more my type than his."

"You okay Miss Briggs?" the arrogant lad asked when he saw the older woman reach to a shelf for support. "I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I figure that you took road trips so the locals didn't find out about you. You've stopped doing that haven't you? Going out of town to get off I mean, because I've been keeping my eye on you. I know you're aware there's more to life than work and going home for TV and Lean Cuisine."

"What is this Mr. Young? Extortion?" a shaky Constance Briggs asked.

"Hell no. I'm not out to ruin your gig here. You know what I want from you. Wiiliam - he told me about how kinky you were and how... what was the word he used? Insatiable? That was it. He said that he saw you in another bar down in Utica after that night - Bengee's I think it was, but he snuck out before you saw him. He told me that he wasn't up for seconds because you aren't his type - he likes the feminine bimbos with big tits - but I think it was more like you were way too much for him. Too nasty."

"Alright," Constance said in resignation. "So you have an idea of my past, but I've changed."

"That why you go to church every week? You've seen the light or something?"

"I'm trying to be a better person."

"I doubt there was anything wrong with you a couple years ago, except you were more honest with yourself," Eric opined. "Back then you worked hard and rewarded yourself with a guy on the weekend. Now? Now I bet you console yourself with a vibrator while thinking of the past. Am I right?"

"No, I don't peek in your window at night," Eric chortled when he saw the librarian's reaction to that guess. "I just know people and I think you're dying to have a night like you used to, and I'm just the guy who can provide what you need. Here. Let me show you."

"Wait!" Constance said after Eric took her wrist, moving down the aisle a ways to where they were out of sight of the primitive security camera that worked infrequently and ineffectively.

"Like I was going to say, my brother William got the looks, and probably the brains too," Eric said as his eyes focused on the librarian's through her thick glasses while bringing her hand down to his trousers.

This never got old to the mechanic and this time was no different, relishing that moment when he pressed Miss Briggs' hand onto him through the slacks, her eyes bulging and her face looking like she was on a roller coaster heading down the loop.

"What do you think Miss Briggs?" Eric chuckled as he slid her trembling hand up and down the spongy bulge. "I know size ain't everything, but it's something, and I have a feeling you like the big dicks. Am I right?"

"Please don't - don't make me do this Mr. Young," the librarian pleaded through eyes that were watering up.

"Do what?"

"You know," Constance insisted.

"But I'm not making you do anything Miss Briggs," Eric noted, nodding down to show the older woman that he was not holding her wrist and guiding her hand up and down the inside of his thigh. "It's okay. Let yourself go. If you like it flaccid I suspect you'll love it when it gets hard. What do you say Miss Briggs? You might say I've been sent here by a greater power to save you - from yourself."

Constance's answer came in the form of her throwing herself at the roughneck, kissing and clawing at him roughly while practically sitting in his lap as he stood there in the aisle. Only until he peeled the tiny older woman off did she relent, standing there breathing heavy with a flushed face.

"We close at 8."

"I know."

"Do you have a car?" Constance asked.

"We'll take yours to your place," Eric told her. "It's the old Nissan out back right?"

"Get in without anybody seeing you," the librarian said as she got herself together before going out to the library floor just in time for a couple of elderly women to enter.

At closing time Constance had hustled out the back door right after locking up, and she recalled how she made the lad duck down as she drove down Main Street for fear someone would see her with the mechanic, and after getting home made sure no busybodies were out on her quiet street before sneaking the guy in like a criminal.

Constance had offered her guest a soda but the crude boy made it clear there was only one thing that he wanted, moving her against the ancient refrigerator and kissing her passionately while his hand groped her blouse.

"Mmm, you do have little ones, don't you?" he had said, making the older woman cringe briefly before he assured her he liked, as he put it, tiny tits.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable?" she had offered. "I worked all day so let me take a shower so..."

"Screw that. I want you just as you are," Eric told her. "Don't want you going in there getting all perfumed or shaving anything. Bedroom."

Constance recalled leading the lad, or more accurately letting him guide her down the hall of the little cottage to the bedroom, where she apologized for the unmade bed and clutter.

"Only gonna tear it up anyway," Eric said as he unbuttoned his shirt. "Now get that dress off - and don't go turning that light off. I want to see you."

"If you don't speed up Miss Briggs, I'm going to rip that thing off you," Eric had ezplained while tossing his shirt aside, revealing a supple upper torso with a hairless chest but numerous crude tattoos that did nothing for her.

Constance recalled taking the dress off, ashamed at what she looked like in the light at her age. Her bra hung loosely on her shoulders with the contents having shrunk over the years, and her granny panties looked clownish, but Eric seemed more pleased that despite the very modestly cut undies, her pubic hair still peaked out the elastic legs.

"Can't wait to see that bush Miss Briggs," Eric had said while undoing his belt. "Get that bra off, but before you do lift your arms up for me. Put your hands behind your head."

"Eric..." Constance had whined, but the boy was insistent.

"Damn," Eric had hissed as he enjoyed the sight of the bushy armpits she exposed for him, even lifting his own arms to exclaim, "You got more hair under your arms than I do. So freaking sexy. Look what you're doing to me."

Constance remembered glancing down as the boy's slacks dropped to the floor, startled enough when she saw the obscene bulge in the lad's boxers before noticing the tip of his uncircumcised organ peeking out from the leg of the briefs.

"Like that, don't you Miss Briggs?" he had leered while watching the older woman take her bra off, commenting favorably about the large crimson nipples that dominated the small orbs and not seeming to mind that her breasts drooped a bit, before going a bit wild when she lowered her panties.

"Omigod," Eric mumbled as she stared at her large untrimmed triangle of curls which grew so densely he could barely see her puppy labia. "To think that a lot of women trim their bushes, or even shave them bald? Now this is a woman's pussy. Beautiful, and as you can see I'm not bullshitting you."

Constance was well aware that the young man was now fully aroused, and while his sizable organ had not grown much from its flaccid state his erection was still way larger than average. His cock curved a bit to the side, the beige tube's veins bulging, and the tip of the bulbous head had a pearl of pre-cum on the tip as it peeked out from the foreskin, making it look even more vulgar.

"What do you think Miss Briggs?" the brash mechanic sneered as he stood there with his penis bouncing up and down, but as he spoke Constance was already moving, stepping towards him as if in a trance and then going to her knees on the carpet before him with her hands in his pubic hair framing his cock.

The ruddy glans popped out of hiding from under the shroud just as her lips reached it, and as the roughneck's eyes bulged he watched his cock disappear into her mouth and brushing her throat before her lips pulled back to the tip.

"Damn!" Eric muttered as he took the sides of her head in his calloused hands and gave her help she didn't need. "That's it, deep throat that thing!"

Constance did as she was told, putty in his hands as her lips moved up and down the shaft, and his groaning was downright feral sounding, sending shivers down her spine as she kept sucking until Eric pulled his organ out of her mouth and slapped her on the cheek with it before lifting it upright.

"Give them balls some love too," he instructed as he exposed the vein riddled undercarriage of his manhood so she could get to the hairy sac, and as she licked the salty, sweaty scrotum he added, "suck on those nuts too."

He couldn't see her wince when her tongue ran over the hairy sac, the musky orbs showing evidence of time spent in confinement all day, and while she was able to capture the left one in her mouth the much larger right one was too large for her to suck one. No matter because the rather grubby mechanic had other plans, which he revealed after slapping her chest with his meaty member.

Reaching down under her arms, he lifted her to her feet effortlessly and kissed her hard before depositing the petite older lady onto her bed and ordering her to spread her legs wide, and then wider still as he stood with cock in hand and looked her over before climbing onto the bed and knee walking up until he was close enough to bury her face into the thicket.

The librarian's sex was well hidden in the hair but the wetness and the aroma led him to the opening, and once his tongue danced inside the petite lady he felt her entire body begin to shake with her legs squeezing his head, and as he lapped eagerly at her very pungent sex Miss Briggs arched her lower torso upwards. Eric grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted the little lady so that he could look between her buttocks but the dim light did not allow a good view, although he suspected the dark valley was hair that grew up from between her legs.

"You like it in the ass, don't you Miss Briggs? he asked after he put her butt back down in the bedding and rose to his knees.

"No - please don't."

"Why not? My brother said you loved it," Eric snapped as he slapped the head of his cock into the bush.

"Yes but - not you. Please," she almost sobbed.

"Why not?" he challenged as he rubbed the tip of his tool into the well hidden fold and watched her squirm in response.

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