A Life Not My Own Ch. 01


I've tried to make it as clear as possible that I'm going to shoot my load but Echo keeps the faith and opts to swallow rather than mess up her face or clothing. I keep things steady until I feel my rod shrink out of her mouth. She licks the head of the last dribbled bits eagerly. I rise up, stroking her hair in appreciation of what she's done for me.

I lean in and lick off the few dribbles she's missed, then kiss her nose and lips. We settle in on our sides, hers for the sake of her handcuffs and mine so that I can stare at her body. When she gives me the faintest of smiles, I start moving in on her shoulders and neck, laying sweet little butterfly kisses. Since I'm not paying attention to her tits, Echo has taken to rubbing them against my chest in a very distracting fashion.

Echo somehow rises up on top of me, her shoulders pulled back because of the cuffs, making her breasts stand out even further. Echo starts rubbing along my shaft, spreading her thick, oily flow down my shaft to my ball-sack. I start to sit up, pushing Echo back into a sitting position on her knees and thighs. Unlike last time, her legs are wide open and wafting of her sex appeal.

I slip off the bed and pad down the hallway to get the key while Echo's eyes try to follow me. She remains slightly tense while I remove the cuffs and sit down beside her. Echo rubs her red wrists while remaining on her knees facing me, staring eye to eye.

"What now?" Echo finally asks.

"I still have a girlfriend, Echo. Besides, you did kind of ambush me and threaten me with jail time to get me back here," I explain to her.

"It was baking powder," Echo informs me. "You were in no real danger."

"So the abuse of police powers doesn't bother you, Echo? I don't appreciate being treated like that," I scold her.

"I -- well ... I don't know why but I couldn't stop thinking about you," she mumbles. "I have to admit that this made more sense when I was horny this afternoon."

"Yeah ... okay. So how did you find out who I was?" I inquire.

"I asked the bartender after you paid for the drinks at the bar with your credit card. Badges do things like that for you," she informs me. "I found out where you worked from your financials, then I waited for you at work and followed you to a convenient place to pull you over."

"I hope you know we aren't going to do this again; right?" I tell her. I hope she knows that is not really a question.

"Um ... okay," she sighs. "I admit, I have come across as crazy, but I'm not normally like this."

"Hey," I smile as I stroke her cheek, "I have to say this is a date I won't soon forget."

"Was this our first date?" Echo smiles suggestively.

"First, last, only," I inform her, but I keep a compassionate tone; I'm not really so pissed anymore.

"Is the date over yet?" insinuating to me there could be more.

"Echo, remember, I do have a girlfriend," I remind her. "I'm a bit out of bounds as it is."

"That's not a 'no'," she grins.

"First you won't talk to me and now you are trying to put words in my mouth, Echo. What is your game?" I respond.

"When we arrived here I didn't know what to say. Initially I was going to blackmail you into sex, but I realized after being with you that it would be a mistake," she tells me.

"So you let me wrestle you to the ground, handcuff you, strip you, and then have oral sex with you?" I wonder. Echo nods with stunning and unlooked for meekness.

"Speaking of sex, why didn't we have any?" she asks.

"No condoms," I explain. "I was planning on getting back with my girlfriend tonight but that fell through but I was still going to pick some up later tonight."

"Damn," she grumbles, "I knew I should have brought some."

"On that note," I suggest, "we should get dressed and you should go." Echo's shoulders droop and she starts putting her bra and shirt in order. She keeps glancing over to me as she gracefully clothes herself and I can't tell if she's embarrassed or curious. I would prefer that she be contrite.

At the door Echo turns and grabs my wrist.

"This has been the best sex I've had in a long time," she expresses to me.

"Um ... okay," I stammer.

"I guess that tells you something about my sex life," she chuckles dryly.

"Why is that? You are very pretty, and when you aren't trying to threaten me or arrest me, I like being around you," I relate.

"Oh," she shrugs, "most guys I meet want to either dominate me because I'm a female cop, or they want me to dominate them for the same reason. Those types turn my stomach."

"But I don't?" I question.

"We spent all that time on the dance floor but you never put your hands inappropriately on me; and when I gave you shit, you nearly dumped me back on my friends," she explains. "You weren't a macho asshole and you weren't a wimp."

"So we come back here and I wrestle you into some handcuffs ... and I get all of this attention because I'm not a jerk. I'm honored, I guess," I answer.

"Too bad you are taken. Is she nice to you?" she inquires.

"Stephanie is a bright girl. She's a criminal litigator at Bronson and Sheers and she's really great at her job. A mutual friend hooked us up when I moved out here. As for being nice -- we fight and we both work a lot, but I like to think that we are compatible."

"That's a ringing endorsement," she notes sarcastically.

"I can't say that we are in love but we have the same friends, hang out at the same places, and like the same things," I tell her.

"Does she like having sex with you as much as I do?" she asks.

"Out!" I insist. I gently prod her out the door, lean against it when it shuts, and take a deep cleansing breath.

"Well," I mutter to myself, "That was fucked up." At least the lady with the gun was out of my place, and hopefully my life. I figured I needed a little help with this so I went over to my phone and gave Stephanie a call. She's a lawyer after although I don't want to talk to her about Echo.

"Hey, Dominic," she answers.

"Hey, Steph," I begin. I am hearing some movement in the background; not unexpected, but then I hear 'Room service' and suddenly it is not okay. We remain silent for several seconds as Steph must have figured out that I heard that too.

"Okay," I say carefully, "I'll let you get back to your work."

"Wait, Dominic -- " she starts to say before I hang up.

"Dominic," she says shakily when she calls back, "it is not what you think."

"You are in a hotel room when you told me you would be at work. What have I misunderstood?" I grumble.

"I'll come by tonight and we'll talk about it," she suggests.

"Are you going to shower before you stop by?" I smirk.

"Dominic, stop trying to make me the bad guy here," she snaps back.

"That's right. I was sexing up a hot lady earlier tonight but I tossed her out before we did the deed because I didn't want to cheat on you," I confess.

"Dominic, you are a bastard!" Steph shouts before cutting the connection. This is turning into a wonderful fucking night -- God damn it.


"Dominic, you have Children's Welfare Charity on Friday night so don't forget," Katya reminds me. She is the Floor PA for me and the five other people here in Projections. I spin in the hallway and feign a collapse.

"Don't do that," she tsk-tsk's me. "Stay with your date and the cougars won't swoop off with you."

I've heard about this function. It is like feeding the youth of the financial world into the grist mill of High Society sexual politics. Worse, my company President, Brad Pierce, knows me (we really like each other) and expects me to show up. Since I like the guy and my future plans rely on staying on his good side, I'm going.

"I'll think of something," I concede.

I make the handful of steps over to my office and start going through my call list, phoning the few unattached women I know. My luck being what it is, they are all either previously committed or attached and I'm down to Stephanie. We haven't talked since the 'room service' call.

Actually, I have two mutually unattractive choices. Recalling her digits are pretty easy for me; making the call is not.

"Detective Ashaz," Echo answers.

"Hello, Echo, it's Dominic Umstead," I inform her.

"Oh," she says after a moment. "I need to call you back; I'm working."

"Oh-kay," I respond, right before she hangs up. Well, that didn't go as badly I thought it would.

That night I'm walking into my apartment when the phone rings. I'm praying it isn't work calling me back in but caller ID makes my heart beat faster.

"Hey," I respond.

"Dominic, it's Echo. What do you want?" she says abruptly. Oh, this is not good.

"I was wondering if you want to go out Friday night," I inquire.

"I thought we were done," she counters.

"Well, things can change. I'd like to take you to a company function if you would like to come," I go on.

"Where is your girlfriend?"

"Things didn't work out the way I thought they would," I confess.

"She cheated on you," Echo chuckles.

"What makes you think that? You are right, but what made you say it?" I sigh.

"I'm a cop. When a relationship doesn't work out, it always boils down to someone cheating," she instructs me. "As for the date, why me?"

"Is it hard for you to believe I want to spend the evening with you?" I offer.

"Do I have to drag you downtown and interrogate you or are you going to be honest with me?" she threatens.

"Besides you being a downright sexy woman with curves to die for, you were the second to last person on my list. Everyone else was busy," I explain.

"Second to last? I imagine you ex-girlfriend would be last, then. I need to think about this," she replies. She hangs up and I go to the in-house gym to work out my frustrations.

The call catches me in the shower so I have to slip across the tile floor to the video phone in the hall.

"Dominic," I pant into the phone.

"Dominic, if you are trying to convince me to go out with you, it is working," Echo sounds amused. I have to think about that for the moment, then I realize the phone shows a lot of my naked body. I feel like editing this day from my memory.

"I've tried Party Animal and Rich Playboy, and since those didn't work, I decided to go for Man Candy this time out," I laugh. Echo gives me a snort.

"Fine, what is the party going to be like?" she inquires.

"Black tie affair with tons of rich people; it is the Children's Welfare Charity," I inform her. I can tell she is hesitating again but I think I know why.

"I'll do it, but mostly to make up for the stupid stunt I pulled on you. Don't make too much out of this. Do I meet you there or are you going to pick me up?" she tells me.

"I'll pick you up. What are you going to wear?" I inquire.

"Do I need to wear anything special?" she responds. The problem is one of economics -- notably her underwhelming public sector paycheck.

"I tell you what; since I'm dumping this on you at the last moment, why don't I buy you an evening gown for the event?" I offer. I can hear her mental gears grinding.

"Oh ... how would that work?" she finally says.

"We could do an early lunch tomorrow and hit some shops along the Strip," I suggest. Again she seems to weigh her options before replying.

"Fine, I'll meet you outside of you work address at eleven," she instructs me. "Will there be anything else I need to know?"

"I'm glad I gave you a call, Echo," I admit. I hear her snort over the phone.

"If you say so," she responds.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning at eleven sharp," I say as I get ready to sign off.

"Good night, Dominic ... and thanks for calling," she says before the connection ends.


They come for me at 11:10 and you can hear half the floor stampede for the restroom to dump all their coke, weed, and illegal prescription drugs. Echo and her partner's looks scream cop and everyone thinks they are here on official business. To my credit, I'm carrying my jacket and briefcase coming out of my office with my phone pulled out calling her, so Echo's glower improves to a frown.

"Echo," I say by way of a greeting. I'm trying to sound happy. Her partner turns out to be the brunette from the club that first night. We look each other over and I'm thankful she looks far less upset.

"We were waiting," Echo states.

"Hey, Dominic, I'm Detective Lydia Haversett -- Gloomy's partner," she chortles. I enjoy her humor. "What kept you?"

"Conference call with London," I groan. "To them it's end-of-business so I couldn't jump ship. My apologies, ladies."

"Works for me," Lydia grins. "Now let's get going." She immediately starts to steer us back toward the elevators while I'm trying to be upbeat and Echo keeps studying me. My plan was to take my car, but you would have to shoehorn someone into the rear of my vehicle so we take the unmarked cop car on the shopping expedition.

I guess it would be too much to hope that Echo would be giddy over dress shopping but at least Lydia is getting into it. There is that priceless moment when the saleswoman catches sight of Lydia's gun. Fortunately, Echo spots the woman's panic and shows her a badge before Beverly Hills SWAT storms the place. The next prime moment is when Echo final shifts slightly away from her feigned displeasure and begins looking at some fetching styles.

When she inquires about the price she nearly chokes. Lydia comes over to see what the problem is and shoots me a worried look. I smile and give her a nod that tells her I know exactly what I'm getting into. A little power struggle erupts between Lydia and Echo as Echo starts choosing the cheapest (and that wasn't saying much in this place) and Lydia goes for the most flattering (perhaps too flattering).

When I see Lydia examine this strapless ocean blue satin number with a slit half way to the hip, my interest perks up. Lydia catches that and hustles Echo into the changing room.

"Come here," Lydia whispers to me as she comes racing out of the back area. Before I can resist, I'm dragged around the corner and to the booth were Echo is changing.

Echo is wearing translucent black bra and panties while stepping into the dress. Her head snaps up to regard me, anger flashing in her eyes toward me and Lydia.

"Lydia," Echo growls; I get the feeling our last escapade hasn't been discussed with her partner yet.

"Hey, the man should get to appreciate what he's paying for," Lydia giggles. That argument doesn't win points with Echo so I try for something else. I step up to Echo and run a hand along her jaw, around her ear, to the back of her head. I pull her down and start kissing her tentatively, slowly tickling her lips with my tongue, and then she returns my attention, going into a full passionate embrace.

When we separate, she regards me with lustful curiosity.

"You are a hell of a fox, Detective Echo Ashaz. I think I'll leave you in peace now," I say with a sexually promising smile of my own. I turn and walk back to the main floor.

"Woot!" exclaims Lydia, "you have a live one there."

"You have no idea," Echo mutters loudly enough for my hearing, but I imagine there is a grin with that grumbling.

Echo latches onto my eyes when she comes back to the front. I let out a low whistle but as she sneers, her eyes flash with star-like luminescence. She turns from side to side, letting me drink in her curvaceous lines from the swell of her breasts, the flatness of her stomach, and the shapeliness of her ass.

She keeps moving back and forth in such a seductive dance that I'm caught off guard when Lydia playfully punches my chest.

"You can breathe now," Lydia jokes.

"Wow, Echo," I stammer, "like, Wow."

"I keep feeling like my boobs are going to spring out," Echo gripes. Lydia snickers; I fantasize about helping her fit those puppies back in during the function. As I recall, they feel quite nice.

"Let's go for something in that color but with straps, then," Lydia chimes in. The shopping goes on and we finally do get a dress for Echo, but that night I'm left thinking of her in the dressing room even after I drop off to sleep.


We have a strange little arrangement; Echo meets me at the door of her apartment. I think I catch a glimpse of a cluttered apartment-home before I'm totally absorbed in the lovely woman before me.

"How do I look? Is something wrong?" Echo asks me as she touches her hair and tries to check if she's missed something.

"Umm ... how about this; Beautiful doesn't begin to describe you, Echo," I laud her. "I'm the luckiest man in town tonight." She studies me to see if I'm serious, then slowly grins.

"We'll see about you getting lucky later," she whispers into my ear. Only when I offer her my hand do I realize her purse is bulging.

"Let me guess," I sigh, "you have your gun with you."

"Of course. I'm an off-duty police officer; I always have my gun and badge," she informs me.

"Did you bring your handcuffs," I inquire.

"Yes; why?"

"I hear this party can get wild; you may need to restrain somebody," I suggest.

"Someone like you?" she wonders.

"No, I promise to behave myself," I swear. She looks at me intently.

"Well, don't promise to be too good," Echo bumps me with her hip.

I hold the car door open for Echo and she catches me admiring the slit of her dress riding up to the top of her stockings, plus some. She moves her leg into my car with sensuous grace and it was with great reluctance that I shut the door, cutting off half of my view of her. After I sit down on my side, I bundled us off with haste; I am feeling a bit reckless.

"Buckle up," Echo cautions me with playful chastisement. I'm speeding down the road, unbuckled, with a cop sitting next to me; I start buckling. "Wait until we are at a light."

I see her point and comply at our next stop.

"Don't be so nervous, Dominic; I'm not in the habit of arresting people for every little infraction," Echo tells me. So says the women who turned baking powder into a lethal weapon.


"Dominic!" exclaims Rachel Pierce, my Boss's ex-wife and minority partner in my firm. She and her husband were still married when they recruited me, before I went for my Master's in International Finance. Even back then, I thought she had a thing for me. At the firm's Christmas Party, she had her hand down my pants and was administering a round of tongue wrestling when her secretary stumbled in on us.

I decided it was best to find Stephanie and that had been the end of that.

"Who is your friend?" Rachel asks.

"Rachel Pierce, this is Echo--" I start to introduce my date before she elbows me in the ribs.

"Oh, Ms. Echo, I don't recognize you. What firm are you with?" Rachel asks with false politeness. "I thought Dominic would be alone, seeing how he and Stephanie Waller have so recently broken up."

"I'm with the city," Echo informs her. Echo gives a shark-like clarification, "It is nothing important."

"Are you a professional or a civil servant?" Rachel persists.

"I'm a professional civil servant, "Echo responds.

"I'm a little surprised that Dominic would know someone like you. He normally only spends time with the best and brightest. He was number one in his class at Stanford, after all, and had his Masters by the time he was twenty," Rachel points out.

"I may have graduated from LA City College but I'm far less likely to be a cheating whore who abuses him," Echo shoots right back.

Rachel is stunned by Echo's aggression.

"Rachel, Echo is a good friend and was here for me when I caught Stephanie cheating on me," I say. "She is a wonderful person."

"Oh, well," Rachel smirks, "Stephanie is here with Carl Dunne, in case you are interested."

Rachel turns and walks away, tossing a look over her shoulder as Echo and I watch her backless forest green gown move across the floor.

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