tagIncest/TabooA Lifetime Kink Ch. 11

A Lifetime Kink Ch. 11


The story so far:

Former wild child Stevie was now middle-aged, divorced, and going out of her mind. Her marriage ended shortly after her now ex-husband Ray tried to manipulate her into fucking her own son, Lee. Though the now long-gone Ray was a controlling narcissist and may have had his own agendas, this was not out of the blue.

To cut a long story short, Stevie had this kink – more than just an incest fantasy – that had for years taken its toll on her relationship with Lee.

Little did even Ray know that Stevie was considering offering herself to her son on his 18th birthday, because her desire to had nothing to do with what Ray wanted. Ray was a bit of a shit when he wanted to be, and when he didn't get his way, he went elsewhere.

Stevie didn't bed her son, though, and Ray became abusive and finally left them. Years later, Stevie and Lee were alone again, and struggling as a family. Stevie was in therapy, dealing with anxiety and depression; punishing herself for her guilty secrets

Confessing everything to him, little did she expect that her son would be sympathetic, and even so understanding of her sordid lifestyle. But Lee had his own confessions to make. For years he had been more than just physically attracted to his mother. That attraction had only grown stronger when he essentially became the man of the house.

He too felt the same as she did, and shared the same fantasies. She didn't need to feel like a monster. She wasn't. And if anything had happened between them years ago or since, he professed that it would have been consensual.

The bomb dropped, Stevie came to realise that she and her son really weren't so different. And with that in mind, she began to see that they wanted each other, and that maybe they could have each other.

Turning their lives around and trying to live more liberally together, their mutual interests began to play a part in their increased shows of love and affection for one another, as they learned to admit that their sordid fantasies were one and the same.

The more Stevie and Lee dared to push boundaries, the more comfortable they became with their sexual revelations, the more frequent their suggestive pranks, and the bolder their confessions, the more intimate and open-minded they became with each other.

Investigating their strange secret world together, mother and son gradually became more flirtatious, more physically affectionate – more sexually suggestive of their desires – and less like family, until the chemistry, tension, and desire, between them threatened to drive them insane; if it didn't drive them apart.

After a series of close encounters, both Stevie and her son fuelled fantasy while testing the waters, knocking down the last remaining boundaries. Now as they come closer than ever to swapping fantasy for reality, neither can pretend for much longer...

It's not easy being family when you share a lifetime kink!


She played him like a fiddle. He supposed she would, and that was okay, because in the end she was only playing him into the position that he wanted to be in. She was no manipulator either, though she liked to play these saucy little games. Who'd have thought this was his mother?

Saturday night was rolling to a close, and yet it had only really begun. Whose fault was that? With a false start like the hose and bikini incident in the back garden, it might have been a surprise that they had gotten this far with their heads still screwed on.

Who gave a fuck what the movie was – this wasn't about the movie now. They were in it for shits and giggles and just maybe something else.

After a few hits of the bong each, the one Stevie had bought him on a whim just recently, they curled up into bed cuddling, and settled in to watch the movie.

At Lee's side, one leg over the cover, knee and calf rested over hip and thigh, Stevie's cheek rested on his chest, her fingers slowly twirling in circles across his torso. And oh what delicious pictures her mind played over as she recalled many things in recent history. No less that wet, half-naked encounter in the grass out back, but in her mind there were no clothes at all – just more wetness, and kissing, and sucking, and sex.

Between her legs she ached for it, and in the way that the magical green bud amplified thoughts and feelings, her mind and body yelled and echoed that this man was her son; the object of her love and affections, her flirtations and fantasies.

The object of her desires, her sexual hunger, lay there breathing evenly, occasionally looking down on her to see her smiling, still awake.

The lightweight and floaty buzz of being high and happy together like that stirred all sorts of sensations, even without suggestion or motion. And still hearts fluttered, and occasionally breaths betrayed. And what bare flesh there was seemed magnetised together.

The credits rolled and nobody moved, not to leave the room at least. Stevie was content where she was, but felt motivated to do something she didn't want anyone to regret.


'Sleepy?' she asked. 'I can go leave you alone...'

Her suggestion had no place here. Shifting a little lower, being invited deeper into her arms, Lee turned to face her in the dim lamplight and shook his head - 'No...'

No to which, though? She didn't have to ask. In kind one hand fell at his mother's hip and used it as a handle to pull her further into him. That feeling of two warm bodies, cocooned in comfort, embraced together in a loving clinch, Stevie regarded his sparkling eyes with a spacey smile and she adjusted the duvet, slipping her leg back under to have fewer boundaries between them.

'Are you falling asleep?' Lee asked. His mother continued to smile. No. She bit her lip a little anxiously and wet it with the tip of her tongue. Under the duvet her fingers continued to roam.

'I'm just very, very comfortable,' she purred. 'Besides I have everything I want here.'

Stevie leaned in and kissed him on the lips just the once and it was soft and sticky, as though it begged for more. Back away she shifted, twisted her hips so she could roll onto her back with her lower body latched to her son's right hip.

'Everything,' he questioned.

She offered no clue, nothing but a suggestive hum. Her eyebrows dancing on a hint, Stevie felt as though she was watching this play out from somewhere else.

Her eyes never left his, inviting him over, as if to say, "if you want more, come and get it." Lee followed, sliding his left thigh in between hers, his knee now becoming her saddle. The sensations that alone caused, Stevie's lower body lit up and responded. She adjusted to let him in and to mould herself around him.

'Oh hello,' Stevie said playfully, inviting him with open arms. 'Hi,' Lee replied, barely inches away. And the next moment he was wrapped around her, his lips pressed to hers. Without apprehension, without warning, she silently consented to the parting of her lips. The kiss became mutual, sensuous, and deep.

It was like their own theatrical television kiss at first, the dramatic music of the movie's end credits rolling to its own crescendo. And then the TV fell silent. All that remained was the wet and hungry partnership of their playful lips and tongue.

But then Stevie eased back away a little, just enough for them to acknowledge each other without going cross-eyed. With only the faintest hint of a smile on her lips, Lee paused for caution.

The first time they had kissed anything like this was the night she confessed she'd caught him masturbating, fantasising about her in this very bed. And then the next time, the night she dared to trade him for the written confessions of her own feelings and her fantasies.

The last time they kissed anything like this, they were lying wet and mostly naked in the garden, "dry"-humping, with his hard cock pressing at the gusset of her bikini bottoms, making her incredibly horny and wet inside.

Now they were in bed together, spaced out and feeling all deliciously dreamy, wrapped up in each other. 'My fantasy hunk,' Stevie declared, kissing him again. 'I like being in bed with you. Maybe we should do it more often?'

'With all that's gone on lately, is that such a good idea?' Lee asked. But there was no reluctance in his question, and definitely none in the way that he returned his mother's kiss. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and then let go with a wet smack.

Stevie gasped weakly. 'Maybe it's a very good idea, because it's such a bad idea?'

With a hint of sarcasm he replied; 'No guessing what you want to happen...'

No, there were no guesses necessary. No second guesses could come closer to the truth that was already known. 'Oh well, I'll just go to my own bed,' Stevie falsely protested, tensing as though to sit up. But his hands held her right where she was, pressed against his now bulging pelvis.

Lee chuckled, delighted by her quick submission, and his hands still didn't let up. They held her firmly to him, as though she was his property. And there was something about it that aroused Stevie and scared her all the same. The only way was forward now.

A playful grin overcame her as she basked in the mischievous gaze of her son. 'I suppose we could fuel another fantasy for a while longer,' she hinted. 'So long as we don't end up soaking wet in the grass again...'

Now there was an innuendo to fire up the imagination. She felt its effect immediately. Her son grew harder, pressing right up against her lower abdomen. That only caused Stevie to grin harder. 'You on top of me about to blow your huge load...'

'That's just cruel,' Lee protested under his breath. 'Don't forget that two can play that game!'

'I'm looking forward to hearing how,' she replied confidently, 'but I was really enjoying that kiss...'

He didn't need instructions. He didn't need any clearer consent. Like it was a naughty little game between two hormonal teenagers they came together again, giggling and touching. And this time, against all familial sensibility, when the urge to pull away came, they didn't stop.


Stevie began to sigh, and breathing a little heavier she kissed her son open-mouthed, the tip of her tongue dancing off the tip of his. Those full-on kisses, loud and wet, lips sucking at each other, were the ones that really fired her up deep down.

Lee's hand roamed almost everywhere, up her thighs, over the rolling hill of her hip and to the valley of her waist and her ribs, before settling atop one breast. His kisses became hotter, heavier, breathier then – and so did hers – as his thumb and forefinger sought the erect nipple and began to lightly tickle and pinch.

She pulled away, eyelids a little heavier, and scanned her son's face again, but with a look he mistook for something that gave him cause to worry. His eyes were alive and filled with eager fire. 'Mum,' he softly exclaimed, thinking that she was afraid of what would happen. Her hand smoothed the neat hairs of his chest down before she reassured him with another 1-2-3.

'Fuck, do you know how good a kisser you are?' she inquired breathlessly.

'Takes one to know one,' he remarked, stealing another 1-2-3. Stevie sighed aloud, happily despite her frustrated state; her eyes rolling up to the ceiling to daydream. But she was here and there, and neither here nor there. Inside she was dancing and zigzagging about her own mind like a pinball.

Stevie rolled onto her side again, took her son's hand and placed it back on her breast – no big deal to her now, he might as well enjoy it – and her own rested atop it, her fingers stroking his.

'So, tell me a fantasy of yours about your mum!'

Lee was not prepared for the question, despite the relative easiness of their current compromising position. For a moment he just studied her in silence.

And then after pausing for thought, that mischievous look was back, and he leaned in to whisper in her ear. 'I'd be on top of you, but you might be the one who's soaking wet...'

Her heart stopped! That's what it felt like, anyway. The absolute first image that came to mind was of his huge hard cock sinking hot and wet and easy, deep inside Stevie; her legs wrapped around him just like when they would play-fight.

Somehow her curious expression didn't falter. Stevie just nodded thoughtfully a moment, and then; 'I was soaking wet in more ways than you may know,' she confessed of what had happened after the garden hose incident. Lee swallowed dryly.

'Tell you something I've really been thinking about a lot lately, though,' she quickly added, before he could answer. Stevie sat up quickly then, and in one swift motion slipped effortlessly out of her camisole, falling back into the pillows, adoring Lee's dumbfounded expression as he regarded her nakedness.

'You love my tits, don't you?' she asked. She knew she had asked before at some point but the novelty would never wear off. 'God, the way you looked at me earlier,' she gushed and blushed.

'You literally have the greatest tits in the world, mum,' Lee adorned shamelessly.

'Well here they are,' she replied flatly. And Lee was not going to wait for permission, or to be guided. Again he engaged his mother in a suggestive French kiss, his tongue swirling around hers, before he sucked the tip into his mouth – his free hand now roaming her breasts with nothing to stop them.

His skin, though smooth and free of friction, filled her with buzzing static. Every nerve ending seemed to react to his touch, and especially as his burning fingertips grazed her naked nipples.

Their playful lips parted once again, with a needy gasp, barely allowing Stevie the time or breath to deliver the suggestion now playing on her mind.

'I bet you'd love to suck on them!'

'Can I?' he asked eagerly, already lowering his head, craning his neck to take him there.

'Oh I think about that a lot lately,' she admitted freely, nodding eagerly herself. And then before she knew it, his lips latched around the achingly stiff nipples of each naked breast, one after the other, while his tongue swirled the same way he kissed her.

Stevie hissed and moaned, unprepared for his wet oral assault on her breasts. Even less prepared was she for how he clamped his teeth around that one little nipple ring and tugged, then sucked.

'Ah,' she breathed sharply, and began to laugh uncontrollably, annotating the filthy thoughts now running amok in her mind. In his shorts Lee's cock had hardened to its stiffest, a straight rampant dong that now prodded eagerly against the inside of her thighs.

'I can't believe we're doing this,' Stevie giggled, not daring to let loose the true feelings welling up southward within her. 'Holy shit,' she panted, 'oh holy shit'; and her breaths were now ragged for how mercilessly he teased her.

Stevie would go further tonight than she had previously anticipated, driven mad by their mutual lust, and the chemistry they made in his bed. The very theme of sucking on things that caused such pleasurable reactions caused her to become more and more aware of how hard his cock felt, pressed hotly against the inside of her hip.


'Suck my tits,' Stevie whispered hoarsely, her hands in her son's hair as he latched on and flicked at her sensitive nipples. 'Oh god,' she cried out blissfully, 'suck my fucking tits, baby, just like that!'

Replaced gradually by his eagerly pawing hands, he squeezed those big round tits, suggestively gyrating against her, as their lips met once more to indulge in their new lover's language. All the while one hand roamed downward – Stevie's ever curious hand – until it laid upon the hard length of hot flesh and muscle that once again knocked near her hidden door.

Lee gasped his utter surprise. 'You're getting very worked up,' Stevie voiced her own, searching his bewildered eyes. Slowly she dared to wrap her fingers around him, made difficult by the last garment of clothing that got in her way.

'Are you surprised?' he begged, his eyes pleading and frozen under her gaze. He didn't know what else to say, his mother's hand now massaging his erection through his shorts for the first time.

'Trust me, you're not the only one,' Stevie offered, her gaze intensifying. 'Let's get these off,' she then urged, digging her fingers under the waistband and tugging down. Lee quickly pulled away and raised his hips, hitching his thumbs underneath to pull off his shorts.

And Stevie yanked away the duvet at the same time, to witness his complete nakedness, his throbbing hardness, closer than ever – right before her bulging eyes!

She gasped, nuzzled her face up against her son's, eyes trained downward, breaths shallow and short. Her heart pounded in her chest at the sight. And she could smell him, potent, virile and youthful. There was a sweetness in the air that only the younger sexes could emit that roused her.

Rolling over so that she was beside him but facing over him, Stevie regarded Lee with a protective love, and kissed him 1-2-3.

'Oh... my god,' she exclaimed in awe, her hands now trembling. 'Can I feel it?' she asked. 'Would that be okay?'

Lee nodded, now so out of his mind with lust and uncertainty that he felt 200lbs heavier, equally in awe of her naked beauty as she gazed upon him.

Tracing a single finger from base to tip, she noted how the foreskin glistened already with that most masculine preview of things to come. And then her hand gripped him for the very first time, while she grinned like the cat that got the cream.

And the cool featherweight touch of her fingers, her hand dwarfed in comparison to the stiff appendage it now sought more intimate familiarity with, felt so dangerously good that he could have lost control of himself right there.

Stevie couldn't even get her fingers around it. It was like a flagpole made of muscle, straight and standing proud. Lee gasped and bucked his hips thinking of the day she had stood there watching, and to think he might never have known...

'What do you think?' he asked her approval.

Stevie gushed, but no words came; just deep heavy breaths. Stroking down to the base, the foreskin responded and eased back, revealing that swollen pink head, now leaking and twitching. Again she stroked up and repeated the motion, thrilled to death and all the more when her fingers became wet and sticky.

'It's amazing,' she marvelled, masturbating him up and down gentle and slow, and her smile started to hurt but she couldn't stop. In response, one rogue hand again pawed at a breast and then fell into her lap suggestively.


Apprehension returned, but not reluctance or hesitation. In her gut Stevie felt tense. What would she do? How far would she allow this to go? It was a miracle that she was in control, while her son allowed her to marvel over his nakedness, his tumescence. Whether she'd be in control come the end of the night she couldn't know, or guarantee!

But that apprehension she felt was not because of that alone, or because Lee's hand now massaged the very top of her thigh, teasing her through her shorts. He would want to see her, and maybe to touch her – and maybe she would let him – but her apprehension she felt was for what she truly wanted.

The next natural step, as she continued to masturbate her son, to get to grips with his size, and to inhale his sweet scent – Stevie looked to him and searched his eyes deeper, her own suddenly uncertain enough to make him ask.

His other hand reaching out to guide hers the way he wanted her, she crumbled under the intensity of the things she was feeling. 'That feels so good,' Lee groaned, and then asked, 'are you okay?'

Stevie swallowed hard, this time her mouth hot and full with her own saliva. 'I want to taste you,' she exclaimed breathlessly, looking back to it, and how big and hard and slippery it now looked. 'Would that be okay?'

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