tagLoving WivesA Limo Ride for Troy

A Limo Ride for Troy


My wife Daryl is one of the luckiest people I know. She is always winning stuff. Her Birthday is 7/11 and those are good numbers. I was home on a Saturday afternoon and Daryl called me from her Job. She worked Saturday mornings up to lunch time.

"Hey babe it's me. I had to call you because I just won a free dinner and a tickets to see a new band. They also threw in a limo to chauffeur us around for the evening. What do you think about that? We can celebrate your Birthday next Friday night." Daryl tells me.

"Wow that is great. I can't believe it. You are so lucky. How did you win all that?" I asked her.

"I had to be the 5th caller and I had their phone number on speed dial." Daryl Explained. "I waited for them to broadcast the call in time and pushed speed dial," Daryl explained.

"I am going shopping after work and pick out something sexy for the occasion. Okay baby?" Daryl asked.

"Yes babe pick out something a little sleazy." I told her.

My wife was a conservative dresser but she was sexy. She has large breasts and she likes to wear simple button blouses that look great on her. She also mostly wears skirts and heels. She has that sexy secretary look that I love. I know I'm not the only one. This was going to be a good night so I was hoping she would wear something a little more revealing.

We had been reading erotica all week which was a real turn on for us. We had much fun discussing other people and interesting sexual scenarios. She liked to tease me all the time in a good way. We like many others talked about threesomes and things like that but we mostly played on the phone and used our great imaginations and it was great.

We made it to Thursday and decided not to fool around anymore so we could last the night on Friday. We lay in bed on Thursday evening and we were talking about our big evening tomorrow night.

"Hey Troy if I could do something extra special for you on friday night what would you like me to do." Daryl asked me.

"What do you mean babe. You already got me dinner and a show not to mention a limo ride which I can't wait for." I responded.

"Well I thought If there was something special you wanted from me you know I would do it for you." Daryl continued.

"Well you know I have dreamed about having sex in a limo all my life. I don't know why we haven't done it yet but I am looking forward to it." I told my wife.

"Oh we are going to have a lot of sex in that limo babe I will guarantee that" Daryl answered.

I started to get a little hard by now and we had just agreed not to have sex until Friday night.

"Ok maybe we better sleep now and continue this conversation tomorrow." I said to Daryl. We kissed and went to sleep.

When I got home from work Daryl was in the shower. The limo was going to pick us up a six. Dinner was at 7 o'clock. Daryl came out of the shower wearing a towel and gave me a wicked smile. I jumped into the shower now. I could feel my cock start to get hard just thinking about our evening. I was showered and ready to go in fifteen minutes. Daryl was still putting makeup on. I poured a glass of Chianti and turned on the news. It was getting close to the time to go and Daryl was still not ready. I think all men go through this.

"Come on babe the limo is going to pull up any minute." I shouted at her.

"Okay almost ready." she replied.

Daryl walked out of the bedroom and I was shocked. She had on a form fitting black slinky dress with a slit on the left side. A v neckline that showed a lot of cleavage. My wife never dressed like this. I was aroused. She looked so good. I wanted to jump her right there.

"Hey Babe I have to say you look great. I mean you look so fucking sexy right now." I told my delicious wife.

"Thanks babe. I was hoping to wear something a little more sexy for you tonight." Daryl told me.

"Well you nailed it babe. I am so turned on I don't think I can wait till tonight." I told her.

"Come on Troy let's stick to the plan okay." she reminded me.

"Ok but I am not promising anything."

The limo pulled up right on time and the driver got out walked around to the back doors and stood at attention waiting for us to walk over.

"Oh he's cute babe." Daryl tells me as we get near the limo.

"Hi I am Michael and I will be your driver this evening."

"The limo bar is full and paid for and I am at your service. If you want anything let me know." Michael told us.

"We climbed into the limo and Michael closed the doors behind us." Wow babe this so cool. This is just so cool." I said to Daryl.

"You like." Daryl answered. Daryl was sitting across from me and she looked great.

There was a partition between the driver area and the back. Daryl pushed the button and the partition closed.

"So you think Michael is cute huh babe?" I asked her.

"Oh yea. he is very cute. I could do him." Daryl said to me. She did this to me all the time. She could get me hard in a flash.

"I told you babe tonight is your night. Michael is cute enough to eat. If you want me to I could give him a blowjob, you could watch?" My wife tells me. We talked about threesomes before. It was her sex tool. She could get me hard every time. We had never really went any further than that though.

Then she gently pulls the slit on her dress over to the other side exposing a lot of leg. Then she slowly opens up her knees and she isn't wearing any panties. So Hot. She reaches down and fingers her wet pussy. I started to jump over to the other side but she stopped me.

"No, not yet babe. The night is young" she told me.

I was in the limo five minutes and I was hard already. Daryl stopped her teasing because she knew I would never make it to dinner. The rest of the trip was uneventful and soon we pulled up The Longhorn Steak House. Daryl and I ate a great meal and shared a big bottle of Chianti.

We had a great time with great food and of course the price was right, free. We did leave a real nice tip. Michael was at attention once again and the limo door was opened and awaiting us. Daryl had two glasses of Chianti and was a bit tipsy already.

"Having fun yet baby." Daryl asked.

"Oh yes baby. I am having a great time. I can't wait for later though." I answered.

Michael helped Daryl into the limo. I was more than happy to let him get a feel. He was a gentleman though and just held my wife at the waist and hand.

It was only a ten minute drive to the Club. I would have preferred a longer ride but here we were already. The band was really good. A great mix of hip hop and dance music. We both love that heavy bass when we are out dancing. Daryl was a good dancer and in that skimpy form fitting dress she looked great out on the dance floor.

I love to dance myself and we had a blast dancing at that Club. We were probably the oldest people in the club. All these youngsters keep trying to cut in on my sexy woman. I didn't blame them. She was the hottest one in that club by far. All the attention was making Daryl very horny. She whispered in my ear while we slow danced.

"I want to suck this cock of yours. I can't wait to get into that Limo with you babe." She told me while biting on my ear.

The drinks were included in our prize and we did drink a bit too much. Didn't want to waste it you know. The time flew by and it was almost time to head out. We started out of the club to the limo.

"Our Chariot awaits." Daryl yells out. She was very tipsy by now. I held her tight for the walk to the limo and Michael was at his post at attention in true professional manner and attire.

"Hi you cute thing." Daryl says to Michael as she falls into his arms. Michael the true gentleman assisted my wife into the limo and didn't even touch a tit or her ass.

I followed Daryl in and she grabbed my cock before I even sat down. She pulled her dress down around her ankles and then pulled the dress off. She grabbed at my belt but was having some trouble so I helped her and shed my clothes.

"Lay down baby." she ordered. I lay down on my back. Daryl climbed on top of me in a 69 position.

I loved 69 a lot but I knew I couldn't last long like this. She was ravenous. I licked her pussy juices. It was so good. She sucked and stroked me and I was ready. Then Daryl came first. She stopped sucking for a moment and her back arched with a loud moan.

"Oh god that is so good baby." She said.

A short pause and she turned her attention back to my engorged cock. I could not hold back and started to cum. At first she held her mouth over my pulsing cock. Warm streams of liquid pumped into her mouth. Then she opened up and took the rest on her tongue and face. I came with a gigantic load. I felt so good.

Daryl quickly spun around to show me her face and mouth full of warm liquid. She laid on top of me face to face. She put her cum soaked lips to mine and kissed me. I could feel the warm liquid in my mouth. It was really exciting. I had gotten to really like sharing my cum with her. We kissed and sloshed around that cum for quite a while.

"Ok baby now you swallow it." Daryl told me.

I was happy to. I can still remember her way back when telling me:

"Well if you want me to suck and swallow then you better be willing to do the same."

I was hooked. We both lay on our backs for a few minutes. Daryl looking up at the ceiling asked me;

"What's this for" as she reached up and pushed a button that was up there mounted on the ceiling. It was an opening Sun roof.

"Wow that is so cool babe." I said.

"Why don't you stand up through the roof for me?" I asked her. I didn't think she would do it. Daryl kicked off her heels then hoisted herself up and was out of the roof up to her waist.

"Babe take off your bra." I begged. It must have been all the alcohol because Daryl reached back and undid her black lace bra. It was so sexy to see her like this. She cupped and squeezed her nice exposed tits and looked down at me in the most sensuous way. I was turned on.

I started to get hard again. She was standing on the seat and her pussy was right there in my face. There weren't many cars out that late but what an incredible turn on anyway. I grabbed her around her ass and pulled her pussy to my lips. I licked and bit and sucked like I was possessed. I felt her legs start to wobble and she had to come back and lay down.

I knew she was getting close. I knew her body motions by heart. "Fuck me now babe. Please fuck me good." Daryl begged.

I crawled up between her opened legs and pushed my cock all the way in. She gasped and moaned.

"So good babe, So fucking good." Daryl moaned. This was pure animal lust. I couldn't stop. I rammed her as hard as I could.

My cock seemed to enlarge with every stroke. I felt that rush of cum flooding into my balls. I felt the blood rush to my already ridged cock. Daryl moaned and arched her back. Her fingernails digging into my ass. Daryl came first and I was happy to give her a huge load only moments later. I squeezed out every last drop into her wanting pussy. We both collapsed onto the seat.

"Oh my fucking God." was all Daryl could say.

"That was so good babe. I don't think we could top that one." I answered.

"I think we can have one more round babe. What do you think?" Daryl asked.

I was really spent for now and suggested we wait till we got home. That way I could get more sperm up.

"No way baby. I want you to remember this night forever. I will make you hard again." My wife boasted.

Me, I was content either way. Daryl who was now totally naked slid down and faced my soft cock. She rubbed her cum soaked pussy for lube and stroked my cock. She sucked and stroked for ten or fifteen minutes and I was still only half hard.

I started to notice that we were getting close to home.

"Hey babe we don't have much more time." I told her.

Daryl got up and grabbed for her purse. I had no idea what she was doing. She opened her wallet and I saw her pull out two hundred dollar bills. I figured we were almost home and she was going to tip Michael.

And thats what it looked like. Daryl crawled up to the partition. She pushed the button and to my surprise the partition started to come down. I was laying there totally naked and Daryl was totally naked. The alcohol really got to her. I watched this happening and it was exciting. The partition all the way down now and my wife leaning through the opening whispering in Michael's ear. I could see him peeking up into the rear view mirror to see her exposed body. I felt the Limo pull over. Daryl had her nice tits on Michaels shoulder. It was so sexy watching her totally naked talking to the limo driver. She softly whispered into his ear for a long time. It was very hot.

Daryl handed him the two crisp bills and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. She pushed the button and up went the partition. My wife said she would get me hard again and she was right. She crawled back over to me and told me to sit up. She went into her purse again and took out a camera.

"I am going to give the best blowjob of your life baby and I want you to remember it. Try to keep steady and film this for me. Oh! I mean film this for you." Okay baby. She got out a bottle of Tequila from the bar and told me to take a swallow.

I was already feeling good but the Tequila hit the spot. I took a couple of swallows. To my surprise Daryl took the bottle and took a deep guzzle. Then she went back down on my cock.

"That was so hot babe you leaning all over Michael with no clothes on." I told her.

"Yes I thought that would make your dick hard again for me. I see that it is working." Daryl answered.

My wife started to suck my cock slowly and sensually.

"Did you like me teasing Michael baby" She asked me.

"Yes you can see it made me hard again" I confessed.

My wife was great at blowjobs. She understood that the physical part was great but the added psychological torment made it fantastic. Simple questions. (Do you like it babe?) (Did you like it babe?) (Would you like me to do it babe?)

I was really getting into it. Thinking about Daryl out of the roof and then putting her tits on Michael's shoulders. I suddenly realized that the limo wasn't moving any more.

"Hey baby you know we are not moving." I said to my wife.

"It's okay baby I told Michael to stay put until I call him. I didn't want to get home just yet." Daryl answered.

"I am not finished with your birthday present." Daryl answered. She continued to suck my cock and I continued to video. Then I heard the door open. Michael was standing there.

I figured he was going to tell us it's time to go. My cock was hard but not really hard yet. "Ok Babe I guess it's time to go." I told her.

She was kneeling down between my legs sucking my cock and Michael was standing right there. It was weird but exciting. To bad it had to end. My naked wife blowing me in front of the limo driver was doing it's job.

"Babe you just keep the video rolling please." My naked wife tells me. I was starting to get that hard feeling again.

Then something amazing happened. Daryl motions to Michael to come and sit down next to me. She looks at Michael and her fingers curling inward telling him to come inside. Then she points to the place where she wants him to sit down.

I saw it all through the camera. I guess I was slow at first with what was unfolding. Michael sits down and Daryl starts to take his belt off. She unzips his pants and starts pulling them down. She unbuttoned his shirt and then pulls off his shorts. All I could do is keep the video going. I was enthralled.

My cock jumped right back up.

"Babe what... what?" I started to ask her.

"Hey babe I'm going to suck Michael's dick. Is that Okay?"

I paused and Daryl looked right at me." Yes baby yes." I answered

Daryl just smiled.

"Hey baby you sit back and video. I am going to suck Michael's cock for you. This is your real birthday present. I want you to have a video of this night and I want you to remember it forever. Would you like that babe?" she asks me while holding my cock. It was so hot my cock got that raging feeling again.

Then she starts sucking this strangers cock. Michael was well endowed. Bigger than me and a little fatter. She looked so good sucking that cock. She looked up into the camera.

"Do I look good baby. Do you love me? Do you want me to suck Michael's cock? She teased. I was so turned on I grabbed my own cock but Daryl put her hands over mine and shook her head no. She slurped and sucked and played for the camera.

"I am going to make Michael cum babe. Would you like?" Daryl asked.

"Yes Baby suck that cock for me. Spit on Michael's cock. Take it down your throat. You look so good baby." I told my wife.

I moved the camera up to Michael's face. I saw him close his eyes and put his hands on Daryls head. He was about to cum. My wife slowly jerked his cock with her hands and Michael exploded in her mouth. What a turn on. My cock was ready. Daryl filled her mouth with his cum. Michael's googy white liquid running down from the corner of my wife's mouth and fingers. Fresh cum on her wedding ring. She showed me the cum on her tongue.

It was like a movie scene but this was my beautiful wife starring in the movie. Daryl slid over to me and started to kiss me. I wasn't sure I was ready for it but she was. She put her lips to mine and shoved her cum soaked tongue into my mouth. I was sharing cum with my wife from another man. I was blown away. We swapped that cum with our tongues.

"Okay baby now swallow that cum" Daryl insisted.

I was so worked up I swallowed Michael's cum. Daryl slid her hand down and followed by her lips. She sucked me to a huge erection. She jerked and tongued and sucked and I came. I pumped her mouth full of my warm cum. She looked into the camera with all that cum in her mouth. She played with my cum for a while.

"Happy birthday Baby" She then swallowed the whole load. This part is over but the night did not end here.

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