A Line of Work Ch. 01


After several minutes of the Half-Elf girl sucking on Hegard's thick member, he could feel himself about to blow, "'Bout to cum, ye little girl. Jes keep doin' what yer doin' an' I'll cum in yer mouth."

The girl didn't like the sound of that, the man's balls were larger than a normal humans, who knows how much semen he had in them. Whatever, after this much, I'm out of here and I'll get to this warm room this guy promised me. Me, a daughter of the Tessiol family, reduced to this. I shouldn't have agreed to it in the first place... The girl thought, perturbed. She could feel his cock pulsing, the head twitching in her mouth. In an effort to get him to climax quickly, the girl sucked with vigor, licking the head and sucking down to the base as much as possible.

The stimulation proved too much to Hegard, he grunted and released his orgasm in the girl's mouth. The girl at first was surprised, she didn't plan on having him cum in her mouth. Sticky, white seed plastered the insides of her mouth and throat, it wasn't a pleasant taste. It had a msusky aroma and thick taste, the girl would have spit it out, but Hegard kept her mouth down on his cock, saying, "Now now... Jes swallow what's there. A High-Elf whore like ye should jes swallow evry man's seed when she sucks 'em."

The girl would have shot another venomous glare towards the man, but just decided to get it over with. She swallowed the sticky ropes of cum, getting rid of what was in her mouth. When Hegard saw that she swallowed, he released her and allowed the girl to get off of his still hard cock. The Half-Elf girl looked like a delicious whore, she would fetch a nice price.

"Now good sir, may I have a warm room for tonight?" The girl asked naively, she trusted people to fall to her whims, seductions, and demands too much.

"Now why would I do such a thing like that? A cute little girl like ye would fetch a nice price with tuh right peoples. An Elf slut like ye would do jes fine whoring herself fer them." Hegard then laughed in the girl's furious face, she honestly expected him to let such good cock sucking whore like her go?

The girl put on an angry look, "A human like you is trash before my family, how dare you take advantage of me."

"Oh? Ye part of one of them noble families? Maybe my friend's kin ransom ye out?" The man then put on his pants, he turned to the doorway and yelled, "Ey! Randal! Get 'em over here, I got a nice one dis time!"

It seemed that this entire inn was a trap devised by a slaving group of some sort to capture lone women, or men, and sell them in the markets. The girl did not expect something like this ever, she knew there were slave markets and slavers out there, but her naivety made her believe that an important person like herself would be safe. Even going by that logic, the girl realized that she had yet to make her identity known. After several seconds, three men entered the room, they must have been the slavers. Each was wearing some sort of armor, two leather and one mail. They each had weapons as well. What seemed to be the leader stepped forward and said, "An Elf! We rarely get people like these in these parts. And a pretty one like you will sell quite nicely! The only Elves I know of that live around here are a part of that noble Tessiol family. Hmmm, those clothes look expensive... They wouldn't happen to belong to a young, missing daughter of that family, would you?"

Hegard had a look that said, 'I knew it!'. The girl on the other hand, knew there was no point in keeping her identity secret. Perhaps she would be kept safe if they knew she was apart of the important Tessiol family? Alas, naivety galore. "Fine then, if you promise to not treat me like a slave... I am Raisel Kaidas Tessiol." With regal grace, Raisel made herself known.

"Ohoh! A full three name introduction, you truly are a part of them Tessiols... Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but we'll sell you as 'The Tessiol Elf Whore, Raisel Tessiol'! We'll get at least around several million meros... Maybe more?

The four bound Raisel and brought her out of the inn where a several horses dragging a cage were at. In the cage, there were two more women, both human, one with large breasts and a dancer's body, the other tall, slim, and pretty. Raisel resisted as much as possible, but the leader of the slavers only laughed and let the Half-Elf tire herself out. She did, she was quite drained from the blowjob she gave earlier. To think she trusted a grubby human like that... Never again, she decided never to trust humans like that again, maybe not a human ever... The two human girls in the cage looked at Raisel feebly, they were in the same boat as her.

"Hey hey! Don't worry, we got a nice pleasant home for ya'll to sleep in! Though I doubt it'll be a comfortable sleep... If you even get any sleep. Well, that all depends on what your new owners'll want when they buy you." The leader was in quite a good mood, he hadn't caught an Elf, or Half-Elf in this case, in two years. It was like when the farmers had the perfect amount of rain and sun pouring down.

Raisel was forced in the cage, her binds were attached to the bars of the cage. It was when the man closed the cage, that hope struck. The slaver closing the cage was clad in leather pieces, he had a rough sword belted to his waist. Yet that armor meant nothing when an icicle pierced his neck, instantly killing him. More like a spear tip, the icicle was stained red with blood. Cold ice? It was a cold night, but it wasn't cold enough to warrant frozen water. The two slavers and Hegard looked over in surprise. Any confidence they were feeling before was now immediately stifled. The dead slaver fell over onto his back, the icicle pushed out, revealing the deadly wound. More blood gushed out.

The two women next to Raisel screamed, even though their jailers were being destroyed. Raisel, on the other hand, felt the adrenaline rush of excitement. She couldn't do anything at the moment, she could only watch as a man stepped out from behind a tree twenty somewhat meters from the carriage.

The man was clad in moulded leather armor, it seemed like a custom made set. His armor covered every part of his body except for his joints, head, and neck. It seemed to provide a decent amount of protection most leathers didn't offer, while also allowing the supreme agility leather armor had over other sets. In his hands, was a rifle, and not the crude kinds she saw occasionally in the hands of the estate guards of her family estate. She didn't know anything about the man, but she placed all her hopes of escaping the slavers on him. Even if he was a human, she would thank him dearly if he saved her... If.

The leader of the slavers took cover behind a barrel, Hegard dashed inside the inn, scared, and the final slaver positioned himself in an ambush in case the attacker came near. The leader then called out, "Who the hell are you?! What give you the right to kill my friend?"

The attacker didn't say anything but ready his rifle towards the barrel. Raisel was about to call out to the attacker, as he neared the ambushing slaver. It didn't really matter to the attacker. The slaver raised his axe in both hands and was ready to chop it down on whomever entered his sight. Once the intruding man entered the slaver's sight, the ambusher tightened his grip on his axe and chopped it down. It was a rudimentary ambush, one that didn't fool the man with the rifle. In a bizarre move that Raisel couldn't even see with her Elf eyes, the attacker cooly dodged backwards and pulled a knife from his belt and stabbed it into the slaver's gut. In quick movement, the attacker finished off the slaver with the knife, ending the slaver's life.

"Eh... I reserve the right to end anyones life whom threatens a certain someone. What gives you the right to take control of people's lives?" The attacker shot back a philosophical retort. Who was this person the man said he was going to protect? Raisel could only speculate, but she had a sinking feeling in her mind.

"Hey! Fuck you! You just killed two of friends now! This is honest business here! Doesn't mean you can honestly kill my comrades..." The slaver's commander then peered over the barrel, with his sword at the ready. He was no amateur when it came to swordplay, but he had no ranged weapons to combat the attacker's rifle.

"Yes well, I can kill you if I want. You threatened my client's daughter. I'm afraid I can't let you live."

"Client's daughter? That Tessiol bitch? As fucking if I'm to let that money go, Elf slaves are worth a kings ransom!"

"Eh, what kind of bullshit is that? You can't sell her if I kill you... Can you?"

The slaver turned his head around slowly, a pistol was positioned point blank at his temple. "Fuck y-" The slaver was cut off as his head was destroyed. There was no bullet that killed the slaver, at least none that Raisel saw. Instead, a gust of wind erupted from the epicenter of the gun, blowing leaves and dust into the air. A magic gun, perhaps? What was that supposed rescuer doing? She heard the part where the attacker was apparently sent here by her family... Did mother send him to bring her back? "Hey! Get me out of here! The key should be on him somewhere." Raisel ordered.

The attacker holstered his weapons. Raisel could see a rifle fastened to his back, a pistol by his waist, several different knives on his belt, and an odd sword in a scabbard on the other side of his waist. "I assume you are Raisel Tessiol? Your mother sends her regards." The man walked over to the cage and unlocked it, after which, he unlocked the chains of each of the women. The two human women thanked him after looking him over and found a comfortable place to sit.

"Yes I am. If mother sent you here to bring me back to the estate, I am going to refuse. I'm finally of age and I should be allowed to follow my wishes and feelings." The answer of a dreamer.

The man unlocked Raisel's chain and helped her out of the cage. She took a defiant pose, refusing to give any leeway towards the human. "Eh, not this time. Your mother hired me for a different purpose. By the way, the name is Arvad... Arvad Eversoul."

Raisel stared quizzically, "What do you mean? My mother has only ever desired to keep me home. I'm was as much caged their as I was a few moments ago."

"Well, she... Very reluctantly is allowing you to follow your own path. She called it the intoxication of wanderlust. Though she hired me for the sole purpose of protecting your life. In easy to understand terms, I'm your bodyguard." The man named Arvad said it like it was the simplest thing in the world.

Bodyguard? Mother wishes to keep tabs on me... Though I admit, it is far more dangerous than I originally perceived the world out of the estate, Raisel thought. "And what does being my bodyguard require of you? You are actually going to protect me constantly?" That's not a bad idea actually. Raisel contemplated that various pros and cons about having a bodyguard. For one, she wouldn't have to worry about slavers, as his skills seemed more than competent. Though she didn't relish the fact that her mother was still forcing herself into her life.

As if he could read her mind, Arvad spoke, "Well, I don't know how generic my advice is here... You say you want your mother to understand your feelings, which she should. Well, what about your mother's feelings?"

There was no questioning it. If she wanted to travel and explore the vast world, she would undoubtedly run into trouble sooner or later. It would be better to have someone competent to protect her, and besides, Arvad wasn't half bad to look at. "How long are you supposed to be my bodyguard?"

"Considering how well your mother paid me, probably until she no longer requires my service." Arvad then smiled as he held up two jewels, they were the Eyes of Derhal the Tessiol family had acquired awhile back. Mother would have never parted with such valuable items, they were worth far too much. The Tessiol family even had two sets of Eyes. No matter, she would acquiesce with her mother's wish.

"Let us get started then."

"Eh? You already have an idea of where you want to go?"

"I want to visit my father's kinsmen, the High Elves."

"Really? I've been there before, you know, their mountains are quite snowy this time of year. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like the cold."

"I'm fine with that, besides, those Eyes will get us more than enough money to travel there and back many times. Can we go now? I'm sick with this place?"

"After I finish destroying it. I don't like slavers after all."

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