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A Little Bait and Switch


A long-lost co-worker (call her Cara) once told me this story. It's a little long, because to tell you the truth I love the details. I completely believe her, although she in no way put any moves on me, and I have no idea where she is these days or what she's been doing since.


Cara went to college at UC Santa Cruz, a major lesbian hangout if there ever was one, but like a lot of straight girls she went way out of her way to stay away from that whole scene. She was scared to death of being perceived as a "lesbian", and she may have overcompensated by hanging out pretty liberally with the "surfer dude" party crowd. She was fairly sexually active with a series of men but was basically into serial monogamy, even if the serials were sometimes fast and furious.

Cara was the "wild child" type, smart, outgoing, boisterous, free. A brunette in a state full of blondes, she always managed to stand out. She had a curvaceous, petite body, and was well endowed although usually downplayed her breasts in her choice of outfits. She kept in good shape and had a dark complexion some thought exotic. She definitely turned heads, if not everyone's. She usually went for tall, athletic surfer guys with evident intelligence -- no "duh dude" men for her.

At one point Cara had just broken up with whatever latest guy and was out at a party after classes on a Friday. She ran into a guy, John, she knew from some class, who she thought was pretty hot. Having just broken up with someone she was very into hooking up. Cara started drinking with him and this girl he seemed to know pretty well, Sandy, also a student at their college. Sandy was a little taller than Cara, slender, not as well endowed as she but still fairly shapely, and as her name suggested blonde with more of a Nordic complexion. They all laughed and drank, laughed and drank, having a grand old time.

Cara thought she might go for John, since it had been all of a couple of days since she had slept with anyone, but decided to let events take their course. She wasn't sure at first if she would have to compete for John with Sandy, if she decided she wanted him, but after a while she gets a vibe that it would not be an issue.

The party wound down as evening came on and John and Sandy said they knew of another party to go to, would Cara like to come? "Sure, sounds great," she said. Sandy told her they would have to stop by her place on the way, but the party was in the next complex over so they could walk over from there, and Cara said it would be fine.

No one wanted to drink and drive so they got a cab. Cara was seated between Sandy and John. John started making the moves on her, and they started kissing a little. Sandy started making humorous comments about breaking it up, and John said, "Don't be jealous, come get some yourself." So Sandy leaned over Claire and started kissing John too, managing from time to time to "slip," her breasts rubbing up against Cara's and her lips brushing against hers as well. Cara was drunk enough she scarcely noticed, but she did notice the girl's hand finding its way into her lap and staying there, rubbing her thighs softly around and under her jean shorts, but not too high up to alarm her.

Soon they arrived at their destination and got out of the cab, all laughing and having fun. They went into the Sandy's fairly typical college apartment and instantly broke out more booze while Sandy went into the bedroom to take care of whatever she had to do. The party was nearby and it was still pretty early, so they figured they could head out whenever.

A while they settled into the living room and started getting friendlier, asking each other all kinds of provocative questions. John drink heavily while all of this was going on, so eventually it ended up being mostly Claire and Sandy talking, the man receding into the background.

The talk of course turned to sex. Sandy started sharing stories about things she had done, and Claire traded stories back. John chimed in from time to time but even in his increasingly drunken state seemed to understand he should let the girls do the talking. They talked about this guy, that guy, this place, that position, fantasies they have fulfilled, fantasies they thought they might but didn't thanks to lame guys, fantasies they still have, you name it. It was very open and forthright despite the fact that they had never met before that night.

Sandy told a few stories that were not as specific about who the other person was, which stuck a note with Cara. Her hostess also stopped drinking right after they started all this, but continued refilling John's and Cara's drinks whenever she they got close to empty. She always ended up seated back on the counch, next to Cara.

All the sex talk was predictably getting Cara very hot and led her to think pretty strongly about getting together with John. Sandy, however, did everything she could to keep her attention. After about half and hour Cara broke out of it long enough to realize John had gotten so drunk he literally passed out in the chair.

Seeing this, Cara went off. She told Sandy she was "really pissed off that the guy is out cold because all the sex talk has made me horny as hell, I just broke up with someone, and I really crave sex!" Sandy empathized and said it had the same effect on her. "It really sucks doesn't it, damn men," Sandy said, "you can't even get them to have sex when you need it!"

Then Sandy took things a completely different direction, saying, "I feel really hot and bothered so now I will just have to do something about it. You don't mind, do you?" Cara wasn't sure what she meant, thinking a little slowly through the alcohol, so she didn't say anything. Before she could order her thoughts Sandy stood up, took her top off over her head and unhooked and threw off her bra. With Cara staring up at her dumbly she unzipped her skirt, pushed it off, and quickly took down her panties and stepped out of them, flinging her clothes behind the couch. She settled back down on the couch, naked, facing Cara.

Cara had no clue what to do, so she kept still. Sandy spread her legs and started playing with herself, telling her she was so hot and could not wait for satisfaction any longer. While running her fingers through the folds of her vagina, spreading her wetness, she started repeating many of the things they had been talking about, saying how turned on she was by Cara's stories, how she could imagine herself in Cara's place, how she would have liked to have been there with her, how the way she told the stories brought it so vividly to life for her. Sandy told Cara how sexy she was, how open, how free with herself, until she built up, her breathing quickening, the speed of her touching becoming faster, until she said, "Oh, Cara, oh God Cara this is so hot!" -- and came, right there, in front of her.

After her orgasm Sandy thanked Cara, gushingly, while sunken into the couch. Her breath regained, she moved over a little closer and began slowly rubbing Cara's thighs, up and back, up and back. Sandy said, "Why don't you join me and have some fun with yourself too? I won't do anything to you, I just want you to be as satisfied as I am, now, thanks to you."

Cara managed only a whispered, "Uh, sure," but did not move and had no idea what to do, still drunk and feeling excited but not sure what was happening. She wanted sex tonight, true, but the idea was always clear that it would be with a guy, and here she was, sitting in a woman's apartment, the woman naked, touching her, asking her to "join her."

Having received tacit acceptance from Cara, Sandy got up and sat behind her, taking off her top from the back and unhooking and removing her bra. She left them both on the floor right next to Cara, so she can see them. Then she moved back in front of her and unbuttoned her jean shorts, doing all the work to help her wriggle out of them, careful to leave her panties in place. Then she sat back down across from her and asked Cara if she wanted her panties off or leave them on. "I want to leave them on for now," Cara said.

Sandy smiled and said, "It's OK, feel free to do anything you want. I won't do anything to get in your way. Let's do something, if that's all right. Why don't you pretend you're tied up to a bed, naked, and blindfolded. Someone walks into the room, silently, and proceeds to give you oral sex, great oral sex, until you come and come. Tell me what that would be like?"

Cara accepted the scenario, started picturing the scene and talking about it, describing it, and as she did so Sandy said, "Why don't you touch yourself as you talk, sweetie? If you don't mind I'm going to, since it really turns me on to hear you talk like this."

Sandy put her hand back between her legs and after a minute or so reached out with her other hand to Cara's, which she used to moved Cara's hand onto her panties, moving it around with hers. She used Cara's hand to pull the waistband down and out to let her get at her pussy, which she encouraged Cara to touch herself, and she did.

At that point Sandy told Cara, "Close your eyes and keep touching yourself. Good. Now I want you to imagine that you're being eaten out and it's the best you've ever experienced. You're so wild with lust, and your orgasm comes, and you know there will be more and more. I want to to imagine it and make it happen with yourself, here, now, with me, and I will do the same."

She stopped talking, and they both got more into it, more antimated, with Cara becoming increasingly more excited until she could feel an orgasm coming on. She closed her eyes tighter to make it happen, moaning loudly as it came on, and when it did it washed over her like a tidal wave and she felt herself coming, her panties still on. Cara was loud and expressive in her orgams, and once the pleasure subsided and her breath evened out she opened her eyes.

Sandy had been waiting for her to do just that and then pushed herself over the edge, saying, "I wanted you to cum first then watch me cum right after. Look at me while I cum. Please, look at me. But I want you to know something. In the fantasy you were just describing, I wanted it to be me who was performing oral sex on you. Then I would take the blindfold off and see what you would do. Now, please look at me while I cum, imagining what I would do to you."

Cara sat stock still and looked Sandy straight in the eye the whole time Sandy was bringing herself off, not able to break away -- and not wanting to, either. Sandy had a very powerful orgasm, calling out Cara's name the whole time.

After she came Sandy got up and went to the bathroom. With all the drinking Cara realized she had to do the same right after. Sitting in the bathroom Cara tried to collect her thoughts and get a handle on what was happening, but it somehow eluded her since she had no context for this. She pulled her now soaking wet panties back up and went back out into the living room, feeling self conscious. Sandy wasn't there -- although John was, completely passed out still.

Cara called out to Sandy and heard her call back from the bedroom, asking her to join her. When she walked in she found her brushing her hair in front of the mirror, smiling, still naked. "Did you enjoy that? I sure did, Lord that was great," Sandy said, not waiting for Cara's answer. "I think it's time for you to take off those panties since they must be very wet now. Why don't you sit down on the bed and I'll help."

Sandy turned back from the mirror, put down the brush and guided Cara by the hand over to the bed, seating her. She sat next to her and said, "What we are doing tonight is completely new to me. I want you to know I have been with women before, but not that many and none as attractive as you. I can tell you are reticent and that's OK. I just want you to enjoy whatever happens since I am getting really turned on by you and really want to see how far we can take this, at least for tonight. No strings, no nonsense, but this is so completely new for me to be so uninhibited in front of someone, and I want to explore it. I'll do anything you want, and you can do anything you want. All right?"

Cara said, weakly, "All right. But I have to tell you I'm not a lesbian. I'm not sure how much I can do for you."

Sandy responded, "Honey, I'm not a lesbian either, I just like great sex. If you can find it with a girl as much as a guy, especially if the only one around is passed out, so much the better!"

At that Sandy smiled and shifted off the bed, kneeling on the ground in front of her. She reached up and pulled slowly at her panties, working them off, down her legs, rubbing her skin with them, then setting them carefully on the floor. Next she sat down next to her again and trailed her fingers over Cara's legs, up her stomach, onto her breasts, up to her neck, saying, "It's so nice to be naked with someone like this, don't you think?" Cara nodded, so Sandy moved her hand up to Cara's lips, parting them with her fingers and softly offering her two fingers to lick. Men had done this to her before so Cara could taste her own juices, and it was a taste she liked, although it felt different with a woman doing it, more ... intimate somehow.

Sandy took Cara's hand and trailed it up her body the same way, taking her fingers into her mouth and kissing them, then sucking. Then she put her hand in Cara's lap and started playing with her wispy pubic hair, then parting her lips, moving them around, putting a finger a little way in, then spreading her legs and reaching in for her clit. She massaged her for a while, rubbing her breasts softly on hers, nibbling at her neck lightly, keeping up a constant stream of talk.

Sandy told her her how sexy she was, how she loved watching her come, how she wanted to make her feel that way again. Cara could trust her, give herself over to the feeling, "oh it feels so good touching you, you're so beautiful, I can't believe how hot you are" ... and she brought Cara to a quick orgasm with her fingers. Cara bucked hard, screaming, giving herself over in the end to a very powerful climax, as good or better than any she had yet had.

In her post-orgasmic bliss Cara leaned back on the bed, and that's when Sandy crawled over her, putting her body on hers, and kissing her for the first time. Cara let her and kissed back a little, but not so much, enjoying more the feeling of their hot, naked flesh rubbing against each other. After a while Sandy moved into the center of the bed and started kissing Cara down her body, her neck, her breasts, her stomach, her hips, her legs, moving up over her wet pussy and back up again to her breasts, which she started fondling and kissing with passion. "Your breasts are amazing," she told Cara, working on them for a long time, making Cara incensed for more.

Sandy broke off after a while to kiss her Cara the lips again, smiling, then dove down quickly between her legs, starting right in on her pussy, greedily licking, sucking, fingering. Cara completely surrendered, closing her eyes, imagining herself tied to the bed and blindfolded. By the time Sandy was done Cara had THE best orgasm she'd ever had, shaking violently and screaming loud enough to wake the dead, all from being licked soft and hard, long and short, by this amazingly sexual girl.

After a few minutes of cuddling following, Sandy said, "That was really great. I know you may still be feeling a little shy about this, but could you possibly do something for me?" At that moment Cara could not and would not say no to anything Sandy asked. Rather than suggest Cara reciprocate by performing oral sex on her, Sandy guided Cara's hand between her legs, saying, "I've come so hard tonight from touching myself while watching you. Please touch me and give me an orgasm. Please?"

Cara blindly followed her lead and (with much help from Sandy, who evidently wanted to be involved with her the whole time) fingered her and played with her clit for a good long while, squeezing it, flicking it, rubbing it, until when she was good and ready Sandy gave in and got off in a loud, long orgasm, screaming out Cara's name time and again in quick succession. Then she fell back on top of Cara, exhausted, and wrapped her arms around her to sleep.

Cara waited a little while, to make sure Sandy was out, then got up, grabbed her panties off the floor, and went to the other room. She collected her other clothes and put them on in a hurry, picked up her shoes to carry them out rather than make any noise, walked past John still unconscious in the chair, opened the door as quietly as she could, and left quickly.

She was out of sorts from the whole completely unexpected and unsolicited experience of sex with a girl, wondering in her mind how this ever happened. She could hardly deny it had happened, or that she had absolutely loved everything the other woman did to her, giving her the best sex she had ever had, even if it was ... different. She was still a little drunk too, and it was very late.

She realized after a few minutes she was two blocks from where the guy she just broke up with lived, so she turned around and walked straight over to his place. Cara knocked on the door hard enough and long enough to wake him up from a sound sleep.

Once the door was closed she dragged him to his bed and wasted no time absolutely fucking his brains out. She rode him as hard as she could for the next hour and a half. Cara never needed to be fucked by a guy as much as at that moment, hard, and she loved every bit of it, almost killing him in the process. After collapsing for a few hours she woke early in the morning, fucked him again and left, never telling him what had happened before she got there -- and remaining broken up.

Afterward she was careful to stay away from Sandy, fearing what might happen or what she might say. Her fears were unfounded since Nancy never called, spread any stories or did anything to track her down. They ran in different circles anyway. Once when she was home alone she thought of trying to call Nancy herself, but she was afraid of what she would do. If she had sex with her again ... she didn't want to contemplate what that would mean, worried as she was about a "lesbian" label. She did get off that night remembering Sandy, sitting on the couch, removing all her clothes except her panties, and touching herself as she and Sandy had touched her. After a couple of weeks things more or less were back to normal. She never did get together with John, the idiot who passed out.

The whole experience left Cara with one major regret, but only in retrospect after she left college: she found herself wishing she had gone down on the girl. Despite all of the emotional baggage she was feeling at the time, not wanting to be a lesbian at a school full of them, she wished she had been brave enough to give the other girl as much pleasure as she had freely given her. She knew she had satisfied her with her fingers, but there was something far more compelling about letting go her inhibitions, something she easily and often did with men, and breaking the taboo of bisexuality or lesbianism by using her tongue on another woman. It became her greatest fantasy, something she would think of late at night, alone in bed, touching herself as she had been bidden to do that night with Sandy, wondering whether she would ever cross that line.

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