tagBDSMA Little Behavior Modification

A Little Behavior Modification


“Think of it as behavior modification Alexis”, you say, removing my coat and hanging it in the closet.

The Golden Gate Bridge is clearly visible from the hotel’s 29th floor window as I admire the luxurious queen size bed, the heavy wooden chairs. The pounding beat of VNV Nation fills the room.

“Have a seat, babe,” you suggest, crossing the plush white carpet to the mini bar. Kneeling, you open the door and begin reading off the contents.

“Red wine, Heineken, rum, scotch,” you recite, “what would you like my love?”

“Umm, perhaps some red wine,” I answer, nervously picking at the hem of my form fitting blue dress. Crossing and uncrossing my legs I look over at the A/C unit, wondering if the damn thing is on. Discretely I try to wipe away the sweat from the back of my neck. Yanking my hair up, I quickly twist it into a knot.

“Here you are,” you offer, handing me the glass. Picking up your scotch you lay across the huge bed. The gray flannel of your dress pants drapes seductively, outlining your cock. I lick my lips and take a small sip of the wine.

“You look nervous Alexis, is something wrong?” you ask.

“No, no, everything’s great,” I reply, taking another sip of the Cabernet.

“This was your idea, remember?” you remind me, pulling off your tie and unbuttoning your collar. Sitting up, you finish undoing the rest of the buttons and then toss the shirt on the floor. As you rise up from the bed my eyes focus on your crotch, my heart beginning to beat faster. You reach down to unbuckle your belt, pulling the black leather from around your slim waist. I watch anxiously as you unzip your pants.

“So far so good Alexis?” you question, standing before me naked, your 7” cock rubbing against your flat stomach.

“Keep going,” I whisper. You slowly walk over to a set of drawers on the opposite side of the room and pull out four white silk scarves. Crossing the room, you test the strength of the scarves, smiling at me. Gently you bind my arms and legs to the chair, pausing to rub your finger against my panties.

“Wet already?” you ask, “why, we’ve only just started.”

You return to the bed and lay down, spreading your legs apart. I gaze at your firm balls, wanting to suckle them. You begin rubbing gel along your shaft, your thumb pressing into your tip as you reach the top. I moan as I strain towards you. Gradually you start to stroke yourself, your large hand gripping your cock, fondling your balls with your other hand.

“Watch me Alexis,” you murmur, “just watch.”

I push my cunt into the chair, aroused, desperate to rub my clit against anything. You hold up your cock, teasing me as you squeeze the head.

“Want some of this baby?” you ask, your hand resuming it’s firm, even strokes.

“Please,” I beg, biting my lips as sweat forms under my heavy breasts.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” you answer, rubbing yourself even harder.

I feel my thong get wetter as you begin to move your hips in time to your strokes. A low groan escapes your lips as your hand moves even faster. Squirming in the chair I pull against the scarves, needing release.

You swing your legs over the bed. As you approach my chair you continue to rub your cock. I can see the veins in your dick pulsing as you hold yourself just out of reach. My nipples rub against the white lace of my bra as I try to lean forward to taste you. Your hand is a blur, the gel covering your fingers.

“Gonna come baby,” you moan, moving closer.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” you cry, as the first drops of hot cum splash across my face. My lips, my cheeks, my forehead, you cover my face with your jizz. Hungrily I suck the cum off my lips as I taste your thick saltiness.

You sigh then fall between my thighs, your fingers digging into my smooth black stockings. I slide back in the chair as my curly blonde hair falls lose from its knot. Idly you run your finger between my pussy and the soft lace of my thong. I gasp and push my hips forward.

“Alexis,” you ask innocently, “is there something I need to do?”

“Cum, I need to cum,” I plead, my hips pressing against your hand.

“Sweetheart, I thought we agreed I’d be in charge tonight,” you argue.

Inserting your finger between my moist, swollen lips you dig your nail into my clit, sending delicious shocks up my back. “Wasn’t that our agreement?” you ask as you begin to slide your fingers into my aching hole. Clenching my cheeks I slide down even further in the chair, wiping my scent across the seat.

I feel your fingers go in deeper, probing my heat until finally you reach my spot.

“God no,” I cry, arching my back, “please, not there.”

“But Alexis, I thought you liked this spot,” you smirk, rubbing your finger in a circle.

“Baby, I can’t, it’s too much,” I whimper, sweat soaking through the back of my dress.

My clit burns as you press the tender flesh, my legs shaking with the strain. Over and over you tease me, one minute rubbing, then pressing, rubbing then pressing. My juice flows down your hand and all I can smell is my cunt. You look up at me, knowing this alone won’t make me come, though it drives me insane.

“Touch my clit, please baby, just for a minute,” I ask, my jaw clenched as I spread my legs further apart.

“Actually Alexis, you’re boring me tonight,” you say, pulling your fingers from my sopping pussy. Dragging your cum soaked fingers across my face, you turn towards the bed. As you bend over you pull up your pants then grab your shirt from the floor.

“I think I’ll go down to the bar for a drink.”

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