tagErotic CouplingsA Little Bit of Mermaid Adventure

A Little Bit of Mermaid Adventure


Please note that this story occurs in a mythical world that is free of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy - if you live on planet Earth please always use protection.


A young mermaid is nineteen and ready to explore sex.


Adriel woke up to the watery world around her, her big, blue eyes taking in the sights of her room at her father's palace. As the fog of sleep cleared, she remembered that today was her 19th birthday...a thought that brought both a feeling of happiness and remorse. The happiness came when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, noticing how her once-B cup-sized breasts had ballooned into a full D-cup. Other than that, she hadn't changed much in the last year or so; she was still fortunate enough to have a very small waist, flowing red hair, and a big, youthful smile that could melt hearts (and tighten pants) on command.

The remorse came when she realized that even though today was a special day, it was still a day like all the rest: a day of repetition, of water, and ultimately of not fitting in. Adriel had had a very brief crush on a human a couple of years previously, an incident that had caused a great deal of turmoil between her and her protective father. Ironically, the turmoil had been for naught, since even though the human was a kind and attractive male, he was only interested in other males. However, after having a taste of spying on the human world, Adriel found that she could not stop. Every chance she got she would rise to the surface and watch the people that resided there: townsfolk, sailors, fishermen...anyone who would come within sight of the shoreline.

Then one day, when she had just turned 18, Adriel happened upon a secluded beach area that she had never explored before. As she approached it, she saw two humans lying closely together, doing something that completely mystified her. Both of them had removed their clothes, and for the first time in her life Adriel saw genitals. The humans took turns licking and sucking each other's parts, and then the male placed his part inside of the girls and rocked back and forth until both groaned out loud and then looked exhausted (but blissful). Although she did not understand what was going on, the sight before her stirred something deep within Adriel. She had an overwhelming urge to somehow be part of the mysterious act in front of her, but her fear of humans ultimately dissuaded her. Adriel noticed that the girl's breasts looked very similar to hers under her seashells (although Adriel's were larger and incredibly perky thanks to the relative absence of effects of gravity under water), and wondered if other similarities might exist between them as well.

After a long, private conversation with one of her sister's, Adriel finally learned about the underwater version of the birds and the bees: apparently merfolk ultimately reproduced by an advanced version of binary fission (i.e. self cloning, of sorts), with no sexual component to it at all. Couples would kiss and stimulate one another's nipples, but that was pretty much the extent of things. Needless to say, that was not the answer Adriel was looking for. So for the next year leading up to this day, her birthday, Adriel would swim back to that secluded spot with the hope of catching those humans again (or any humans really); oftentimes climbing onto the shore, closing her eyes, and daydreaming about being part of their bond.

"And now I'm going to have to go to another unbearable party," Adriel said to herself.

While she loved her family very much, she hated going to social functions with them. Within the first ten minutes someone would bring up that she needed to find a husband and then the rest of the group would jump on the bandwagon. Of course she had no shortage of suitors, but a merman really wasn't what Adriel was looking for. A lifetime of kissing and nipple stimulation just wouldn't be enough for her.

"Well, it is my birthday, so I might as well make the best of it," Adriel thought. And with that she took off for her special place, wishing with all her heart that she might find that delectable sight again.


Dustin was, by his nature, a bit of a loner. In addition to being an apprentice wizard (which lent itself to long hours in the library and general suspicion from laypeople), he simply liked spending his extra time wandering about in nature. While he frequented forests, mountains, and valleys to find components for his magical spells, his favourite place to visit was the waterside. As all sorcerers were made to do, he had picked a focus to his magical specialty which happened to be water magic. Therefore he felt a particular affinity to aquatic areas in general.

That day he had decided to explore a new beach area that was quite out of the way - partially because he was hoping to find some rare or exotic flora or fauna, and partially because he just didn't want to bump into anyone to be disturbed. As he made is way through a dense patch of brush near the water's edge, an unbelievable sight met his eyes: sprawled on the ground not 10 feet away from him was a drop-dead gorgeous mermaid lying on the sand, eyes close, moving back and forth, massaging her massive, luscious tits.

Being a man, and being a man who had fantasized on numerous occasions about sex with a mermaid (although he never quite addressed where his penis would actually go), Dustin quickly sported a massive erection. The creature in front of him seemed to be completely lost in her own world, yet he was afraid to move back into the brush in case he alerted her and she ran. Being incredibly intelligent (given his profession), he figured that she would probably run as soon as she saw him anyways. He also figured he would probably never have this opportunity again...so he pulled out his 6-inch cock and starting tugging on it at a moderate pace. Watching her beautiful face, perky tits, and tight body (combined with the pleasure from his hand), Dusting accidentally let out a small moan.

Adriel was snapped from her reverie in an instant. In a split second she had grabbed her seashells and was half-way into the water when something inside of her said "stop". Turning her head slowly, she processed the sight before her: human, attractive, tool between his legs. After a moment's consideration and telling her survival instinct to shut the hell up, she turned fully around, put her seashells back on and said, "Hello."

Stammering, Dustin replied, "H-h-hello."

"Could you tell me what that thing in your hand is called?" Adriel asked.

Blushing a thousand shades of red, Dusting replaced his cock in an instant and said, "Pardon?"

"That thing you just put back in your pants...what's it called?" she repeated.

"I'm sorry, what?" Dustin asked again. "Ummm, I mean, ummm, are you a real mermaid?"

"Of course," Adriel giggled sweetly, causing Dustin's cock to jump. "There, that thing that just twitched in your pants!"

Blushing again, Dustin said, "Ummm, it's my penis."

"Oh, a penis," Adriel replied, making a mental note. "Good to know."

"What's your name?" Dustin asked. "I'm Dustin."

"Oh, that's a nice name. I'm Adriel. Hey, there, it twitched again!"

"Oh sorry," Dustin said. "It's just that Adriel is ummm, a really nice name. Really suits you."

"Well thanks," Adriel replied. "Dustin, are you planning to hurt me?"

"No, of course not!" Dustin exclaimed. "Why would I do that?"

"Well, my people have always feared humans because we're afraid you'll try to hurt us."

"Well, I mean some people might try," Dustin began, "but only the sort who would likely hurt other humans, too. Lots of us humans are fascinated by the idea merfolk...although many of us think you're fictional creatures. Ummm, one question: as glad as I am that you're here, why ARE you here if you're so scared of us?"

"Ummm," Adriel faltered, embarrassed at the true answer. "Well, I guess I'm a mermaid who's fascinated by humans. I watch you guys whenever I have the chance. Living under the water all the time just gets so...boring. I mean, we don't even have sex!"

Dustin's mouth dropped open and Adriel's face turned the colour of her hair. She had gotten so wrapped up in getting to talk to a human that her guard was let down completely.

"Oh, jeez, I should really just go," Adriel began, turning to head back into the sea.

"No don't!" Dustin exclaimed, surprising both of them. "It's just that, it's really nice talking with you, and I'm afraid that if you go I'll never get to meet another mermaid...especially not one like you."

"What would the difference be if it was me or someone else?"

"Well," Dustin started, "you're just so casual and easy to talk to. I usually don't like talking to anybody, but I don't want to stop talking to you. And...well, and you're just the most beautiful person I've ever seen, human or otherwise."

Adriel blushed again, and gave Dustin a doe-eyed look combined with a smile. She had been complimented many times before on her beauty, but with this human it just seemed so much more innocent and genuine. Turning fully around to face him, Adriel moved back onto the beach and the pair engaged in conversation again.

After chatting for a good couple of hours, the conversation finally returned to where it began: sex.

"So what were you doing with your penis when I first saw you?" Adriel asked innocently.

"Ummm, well, ummm..." Dustin stammered, truly not knowing what to say.

"Look," Adriel said, "we've been talking about everything there is to talk about in each of our worlds. I've told you how merfolk don't have sex, and I told you about the humans I saw about a year ago in this spot. The one thing I haven't told you is how much I think about those two humans doing what they were doing."

"Oh?" Dustin encouraged.

"Well, I think about it every day, all throughout the day. I want to experience what they were experiencing, but I don't know how. I don't have a vagina (Dustin had given her a crash course on reproductive anatomy) like the girl does, and I certainly don't have a penis like you. I mean, it's like I have all the desire for sex but none of the parts required."

"Okay," Dustin began, "you're being really honest with me, so I'll be totally honest with you. When you woke up and saw me I was doing something called masturbation. It basically involves moving my hand up and down along my penis, sort of simulating sex. Once I do that long enough or fast enough, really, really intense pleasure builds up in my cock, which is another word for penis, and eventually I cum, which means shooting semen, in a final burst of pleasure."

"Wow, that sounds wonderful," Adriel commented, fascinated. "But why did you start doing it when you saw me? Seems like sort of a weird time to get sexual pleasure."

"You're hilarious," Dustin said, laughing. "Well that's just it - I saw you, with your beautiful face and gorgeous body, massaging your tits, and it made my penis really hard. Once a penis gets hard, the person attached to it starts to think about sex A LOT - basically making the person either want to find someone to have sex with or just masturbate."

"Oh, okay," Adriel said, understanding. "Ummm, so you started to masturbate..."


"But you didn't cum."


"Could you show me how you do it?" Adriel asked, sweetly.

"Right now?" Dustin asked.

"That would be great!" Adriel replied.

"Well, okay," Dustin said, standing up to take off his trousers.

Standing before a beautiful woman like Adriel, being expected to masturbate to orgasm while she watched was too much stress for Dustin's psyche: he just couldn't pop wood for her. He touched himself while staring at her tits, he tried it with his eyes closed...it just wasn't working.

"When does it get bigger?" Adriel asked, not realizing that she wasn't helping matters by asking.

"Well, it should be bigger by now," Dusting began. "But I'm sort of not used to doing this with someone staring at me."

"Oh, sorry," Adriel said, turning her eyes away.

"No, no, it's okay," Dustin replied. "It's nothing that you're doing, it's just that I'm a little bit nervous I guess. Usually I'm by myself or with a girl who's doing sexual things, too."

"Oh, I see," Adriel said, sadness in her voice. "It's too bad that I don't have sexual parts, too, so that I could help."

"Ummm, well actually you do," Dustin replied. "I mean, you don't have a vagina, but you have many other sexual parts!"

"Really?" Adriel asked excitedly. "Well show me what they are or tell me what to do - I want to help you cum!"

"Okay," Dustin said, marveling at his amazing luck. "Well, why don't we try kissing for a bit?"

"Alright...", Adriel said shyly, batting her big eyes innocently.

Dustin knelt on the ground beside Adriel, and took her beautiful face in his hands, kissing her softly. In short order, the pair picked up their tempo and were soon fully making out.

'"Now it's starting to look bigger," Adriel commented as the pair broke apart.

"Yeah, but it still has a fair way to go," Dustin said. "The next thing that would help would be if you took your shells off. If I could stare at your perfect tits that would definitely help me get harder."

Adriel practically had her top off before Dusting was done speaking. Although unsure of herself, she tried grasping her tits in her hands, rubbing them together, and teasing her nipples softly. Within seconds, Dustin's cock was at full mast and he was stroking it slowly.

"Wow, it's so much bigger now!" Adriel exclaimed, increasing Dustin's confidence tenfold.

"Yes, thanks to you," Dustin remarked. "Now it should just take me a minute to cum..."

"Oh," Adriel began. "Is there anything else I can do? I mean, I'd really like to help if I could."

"Adriel, you're amazing," Dustin said before he could stop himself. "Ummm, I mean, well sure if you really want to help I could use parts of your body to make myself cum instead of my hand."

"But what?" Adriel asked. "I mean, I don't have a vagina, or any other hole like that for that matter."

"Trust me," Dustin said. "You have excellent parts that I can use. Now lie on your back for me, please, and get comfortable."

Adriel lay back on the sand, her epic tits pointing up to the sky in all their glory. Her flowing red hair fanned out beneath her head, and her lips parted in an unintentionally seductive way.

"So you trust me, right?" Dustin asked.

"Yes," Adriel began. "Yes, I think I do."

"Good. Then I need you to spit between your breasts for me - spit as much as you can."

Adriel looked perplexed, but did what was asked of her. As she did so, Dustin began licking and sucking on her breasts, allowing his own saliva to flow down her breasts. After filling her cleavage with a fair amount of spit, Adriel stopped and just enjoyed the pleasure this human was giving her. After another moment, Dustin stopped his ministrations and mounted her stomach, his cock resting between Adriel's tits.

Wordlessly, he grabbed a perfect orb in each hand, pressed them around his cock, and began pumping back and forth into Adriel's cleavage. A low moan erupted from his lungs at the feelings of pleasure, combined with the visual delights before him.

"Does that feel good?" Adriel asked inquisitively.

"Oh yeah," Dustin replied. "It feels really fucking good. So good that you're going to see me cum very soon."

With that, Dustin picked up his pace until he was titty fucking Adriel with vigour. A few minutes later he yelled out, let go of her breasts, and jacked his load off all over her perky assets. Panting, he dismounted her and lay down on the ground next to her, their sides touching.

"Wow, that was amazing," Adriel exclaimed, staring at the mess all over her chest. "I feel so tingly...and excited...and like I just want more of what we just did."

"You stole the words right out of my mouth," Dustin breathed, once again astounded by his luck. "Anytime you want to do that, just let me know."

"Well, I'd love to do it again right now," Adriel began. "But I actually need to get to my birthday party. I don't want to go, but my family is going to be there...apparently 19 is a special year or something."

"Well, there is definitely all kinds of special about you," Dustin remarked, still giddy from his orgasm. "And happy birthday! When can we meet again?"

"I'll be back tomorrow at this time," she said as she dove towards the water. "Thanks for the present!"


Adriel's party went pretty much as expected - overall quite boring and uneventful, yet she was in a much better mood than usual. Every so often when she was chatting with this friend or that family member, her thoughts would drift to her experience with Dustin and she would feel happy and tingly all over. All in all, tomorrow just couldn't get there fast enough.

When tomorrow did arrive, Adriel found Dustin already waiting for her at their meeting spot.

"Is someone anxious?" Adriel asked playfully, a thrill coming over her.

"That would be an understatement," Dustin replied, smiling. As Adriel approached, their eyes locked and Dustin went in for a kiss. Adriel responded in kind and the two were soon making out and groping one another without inhibition. Dustin's cock was soon out of his pants and Adriel's seashells were on the ground, her tits being fondled and pinched by eager hands.

"This is really good," Adriel said after a moment, breathing heavily. "I want to do more of what we did yesterday. I want to see you cum again."

"That's a fantastic idea," Dustin agreed. "I actually have a new idea to try if you're up for it?"

"Well, I see that you are already," Adriel giggled.

"You just made your first sex joke!" Dustin laughed. "Nice one!"

Adriel blushed and pulled herself closer to Dustin. "Now what did you want to try?" she asked, looking up at him innocently.

"Well, basically it's another way to make me cum," Dustin began. "You see, the main ways to make a guy cum is to let him into a pussy, an asshole, between a pair of gorgeous tits like yours [got a giggle and a smile], with a hand...or with a mouth. And you, my sexy girl, have a perfect-looking mouth."

"Let's try it!" Adriel announced. "Just let me know what to do."

"Well, basically you put your mouth on my cock, watch your teeth, suck in a bit, and move it in and out of your mouth. You can use your hand on the part that doesn't fit in your mouth...but the more you can fit in your mouth the better."

Dustin stood up before Adriel, and she knelt up on her fin, taking his erect cock into her mouth. She gave it her best effort and loved every minute of it, but after about 10 minutes or so Dustin still wasn't even close to cumming.

"What am I doing wrong?" Adriel asked, upset.

"You're not doings anything wrong!" Dusting replied. "It just takes practice. It's like when a man or a woman eats out a pussy - that takes practice, too. I'm just so glad that you're willing to try it - eventually you'll get a lot better at it, I'm sure.

Adriel was not appeased. "But I want to be good at it now!" she stated, moodily. "I just wish there was some way that you could help me to do it so that it felt better for you."

"Well thanks, Adriel," Dustin began. "I really appreciate you wanting me to feel good and for you wanting me to cum, but it's okay. I mean, the only way I could help you wouldn't be very pleasant for you probably, so we won't..."

"What do you mean?" Adriel interrupted. "What way?"

"Hmmm, oh never mind," Dustin said. "Once you're more comfortable with sucking my cock I can start to be a bit more vigourous and sort of have sex with your mouth and throat - it's called "deep throating" or "throat fucking"...but it can be uncomfortable if you're really not used to it."

"I want to try it," Adriel said. "I don't care if it's uncomfortable or not. I want to make you cum with my mouth and that's what will make me happy."

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