tagLoving WivesA Little Carried Away

A Little Carried Away


My wife, Tina, and I were going on a little vacation. It was first time off I could get from my new job. Watching her walk out to the car reminded me what a sexy brunette I had married. We were going to get away to the city for 4 days, since we lived in the country. I also could not go too far from home, in case there was an emergency at work. On the third night, we got a little carried away. This story is about what happened on that night.

The first two nights were fairly normal for one of our vacations. We went out to dinner and relaxed the first night. We broke in the bed at the motel by making love before we went to sleep. We had been using condoms for birth control because Tina went off her pill since we were planning on having a baby, but we decided it was not quite the right time.

The second day we toured the town, went shopping, and went to a play in the evening. When we returned to the motel that night, we noticed an adult video store like two buildings down from the motel. We made love that night. Tina told me that she wanted to go to the adult store the next evening to pick up a new vibrator, as hers was getting worn out.

I had no idea what was going to come of it when I agreed. I also mentioned we should pick up more condoms, as we were running low. She grinned evilly and told me she wanted flavored ones. We had sex again and talked about the sex toys we might get. We went to sleep eager to see what the next day was going to bring.

The next morning, we woke up and spent the day relaxing. Tina told me that she wanted to get an adult video, but she was not sure what type. We had sex a few times and used up the remaining condoms. We went out to dinner during the evening and then went back to the motel. Tina rushed to the bathroom. She came back out a few minutes later with a little handbag that she had bought a few weeks ago.

She was wearing a sexy tight red blouse and a loose, black, ankle-length skirt. We walked down to the adult bookstore and went in. There were several men in there looking at various things. Tina told me she wanted to pick her vibrator on her own, so she sent me to the video section to pick a video. I looked at all the boxes and could not make a choice. There were so many.

After about 15 minutes of searching, Tina returned with a bag, most likely containing her new toy. I asked her if she picked up the condoms and she said they were in the bag. I shook my head and said, "I wish I could preview these. It would make the choice easier."

Then my wife jabbed me in the ribs and laughed. She told me I need to learn to read the signs. I looked up and saw that all the videos could be previewed in the booths at the back of the store. Tina walked back up to the clerk and asked for video tokens. I noticed a couple of the guys turned their heads to look at my wife as she made her request. I thought they were interested in the fact that a woman wanted to go into the video booths. I dismissed the thought and walked back to the booths with my wife.

Tina walked into the booth that was third from the right. There was quite a bit of room for just the two of us and there were two chairs. It was dark in the booth until Tina fed the tokens into the machine. She flipped through the videos until she stopped on a movie with three guys taking turns fucking a petite little brunette. The girl was talking dirty to the camera asking the man behind it if he liked filming his wife getting fucked by men with big cocks.

My wife was sitting in the chair next to me. She had pulled her skirt up and was playing with her clit. I noticed she had not been wearing any underwear. She must have taken them off in the bathroom of the motel. I pulled my pants down and started jerking off. Tina leaned over and kissed me. She looked at my cock and said that I seemed to like this movie just fine.

She got up and told me she wanted me to stay seated while she got her new toys out. She pulled out ankle and wrist cuffs. She bound my hands to the chair behind me and then bound my feet to the chair as well. She pushed my chair back a little, until it was up against the wall. She got in front of me and started to dance and strip. She put my pants and her clothes on her chair and turned back to me. She pulled a box of flavored condoms from the bag and took one out and put it on my hard cock. She took it in her mouth and began sucking me off. I was really hard because I love when she ties me up. I closed my eyes as I felt cum begin to stir in my balls.

She stopped sucking and I heard a buzzing sound. She was playing with herself with her vibrator. She told me that she was picturing another man's cock being thrust into her while she was sucking me off. She started to tell me about it and suck me off during pauses in her little story. Then the booth went dark. Tina fumbled around and fed some more tokens in the machine. It picked up right where the video had left off. She was standing right in front of me playing with herself. When she was close to cumming, she looked down and gasped. I followed her gaze and saw a very large, black dick poking through a hole in the wall.

I had read about glory holes, but I had not thought this store might have them. I watched as Tina got another condom out and cover big, black dick. Her hand looked miniature compared to the cock it grasped. It had to be between nine or ten inches, but it still looked monstrous compared to my seven inch cock. Tina began to lick the tip and then let it enter her mouth. She could not take it all in, but she gave it her best shot.

After a few minutes of sucking on the dick and commenting between sucks about how big it was. I had started to watch the video again after I got bored hearing about this guy's big dick, when Tina did something that shocked me into watching only her for the rest of our time there.

She quickly stood up and lined the dick up with her pussy and thrust back against the wall. My wife was actually fucking another guy right in front of me. My mouth dropped wide open as I sat there with a throbbing, rock-hard cock. She moaned loudly as she began to climax. I could tell from the sounds that the guy in the other booth was about to cum as well. After reaching her climax, it seemed like he must have slipped out because she stopped and reached down between her legs to adjust his dick. That is what I assumed she did, as I could not see down there very well. The guy began to moan as he shot his load.

My wife started to pull away as she saw another cock coming through the wall on the other side. Others must have heard the commotion. As my wife stood up I saw a stretched out condom in her hand. Confused, I looked down to see cum dripping out of my wife's pussy onto her thighs. She had removed the condom before he came.

I was too surprised to speak, so I sat there trying to grasp what had just occurred. Tina quickly sucked the new cock into her mouth. It got harder, growing to about 7 inches. After a minute, she stood up and put the hard cock in her already used pussy. She was moaning loudly as another climax hit her. Her pussy milked the guys cock and he started to cum inside her. She pushed her ass up against the wall so every spurt of cum filled her pussy.

She quickly stood up and went back to the original hole. I did not see another cock but she just backed herself against the wall and started moaning and she thrust back and forth. I suspected that she was fucking her third stranger for the evening and I was still as hard as I had ever been before. I should have been jealous, but I could only sit there and watch. The third guy let out a real loud grunt as he came into my wife's pussy, proving what I had thought.

My wife was quick to pull his dick out and she squeezed her legs together as she grabbed her little handbag. She pulled out a pair of underwear and put them on. She quickly untied me and we dressed. I still had not found my voice, as I was shocked over what I had witnessed. She told me to hurry and we ran back to the motel. When we got back to the room, she tore my clothes off. She laid down and pulled her underwear off.

"Hurry up and fuck me!" she practically screamed. I was happy to oblige. I thrust my cock into her used pussy. As I was pounding her for all I was worth, she leaned up and whispered, "You had better cum hard if you are going to be the one to impregnate me. Those three guys' sperms have at least a ten minute head start. It's a good thing they each came so fast."

I was a little surprised as it seemed like she had fucked those guys forever. Then a thought popped into my head. Each thrust of my cock was pushing the cum of three other men deeper into my wife's fertile womb. I came harder than I ever had before as I thought of the possibility that my thrusting might impregnate my wife with another man's sperm.

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