tagGroup SexA Little Help From a Friend

A Little Help From a Friend


Susan loved her husband, but something was missing. Dominic was a wonderful man, and they had a beautiful life together. They were the suburban couple of the year from the outside, but on the inside, things were stale.

"You should have an open marriage," her friend Luisa suggested for the thousandth time at their annual Christmas party. "James and I love having threesomes."

"You know he's not going to go for that. He's such a stick in the mud."

"You've got to spice things up somehow."

"Believe me, I've tried. Lingerie, toys, porn. It doesn't work."

"Do you think he'd like a white girl? I've got a good friend..." Luisa smiled like she wanted to tell another one of her raunchy stories.

"He doesn't seem too interested in the white girls in the pornos. And of course in the black ones the guy always has a huge dick. I'm don't get those because I'm afraid he'll be insecure."

"Really Susan?" Luisa sighed. "That's why he needs a white girl. My friend can't tell the difference!" They laughed, and Susan looked around for her husband. Maybe they did need another person. Lord knows she had been thinking of having an affair just to add some excitement. At the top of her list was Luisa's husband James. He was the alpha male defined--sexy, powerful, and confident. He would be perfect in one of those big dick pornos. Not that she had seen him naked, but Luisa had told her stories. He was Dominic's best friend too. He would be perfect to get them out of their rut.

Where was Dominic anyway? Probably hiding in the kitchen again. Susan shook her head. He was a fantastic cook, but a terrible host. She remembered all the time she spent cracking open his shell when they were dating. Fifty plus people at a party was not his scene. She headed inside to find him. Coming outside at the same time was James. She took a moment to admire his wide, muscular frame and his dark brown skin. Big dick porno indeed.

"How are you doing, Susan?" He asked, stopping her at the door. "Where's Dominic? I haven't seen him all night."

"I was just going to find him. You know he hates these things."

"Is everything going all right between you two?" He put a hand on her shoulder.

"Why do you ask?"

"Luisa mentioned it on our way here. Saying you had been fighting more."

Susan sighed. "We just...kind of...lost the groove, you know?"

"You need to get it back! You two are my best friends. I can't have you separating. And imagine the scandal it would cause in the neighborhood."

"I know. We just have to think of something."

"Well, if you need any help, let me know." He winked at her. She blushed, remembering what she had just been thinking. Of course he didn't mean that. James was very open about his sexuality, but he had never forced it on her or Dominic. Besides, Dom would never let it happen. Sighing again, Susan went into the house.


"Did you have a good time, baby?" Luisa asked James as they drove home.

"I had fun. Hardly talked to Dom at all. He was AWOL." James loved his best friend, but he was more fun one on one than in big crowds.

"Sounds like they're still not doing well."

"Sue mentioned it." He hated that they were unhappy, but they both needed to loosen up a bit. Susan was a bombshell with her chocolate brown skin and carefully styled hair. He had often thought about having sex with her. He would be gentle at first, then rough, dominating her like Dominic would never do. Dom, despite his nickname, was definitely submissive, and James had had some fantasies about him too. Some humiliation, face-fucking, and ending it all with his cock up his ass. James knew where he wanted to take those two, but they would never go for it. What a pity. "I'll call Dom tomorrow and see what's up."

When they got home, James went to bed. Luisa had a play date, so he didn't expect to see her until the morning. He was sleeping soundly when he felt his phone vibrating beside the bed. Thinking it might be his wife, he immediately picked up. "Yeah?"

"James..." He made out his name between sobs. It was Susan. He sat up in bed.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Dominic....he's gone..."

"Gone where?"

"I don't know. We had a big fight, and he said he wanted a divorce, and he walked out, and he's not answering his phone!" The poor girl was nearly hysterical.

"Calm down, Sue. We'll find him. I'm coming over right now." Dom was such a pussy. Walking out on his wife instead of working on their issues. A call to his phone went straight to voicemail, so James dressed and drove over to comfort Susan.

She answered the door in her nightgown, and he couldn't help but notice her perky nipples underneath the thin material. He gave her a hug, feeling a guilty pleasure as he pressed up against her. There was more than one way to comfort her--but first, he had to let her talk. They sat on the couch, and she told him all the details about having to clean up by herself, fighting, and Dom walking out.

"Everyone has fights," he told her. "He probably just needs to blow off some steam."

"What if he doesn't come back?"

"You know he will." He massaged her shoulder. "He loves you to death, and you treat him good. Too good," he added.

She sighed. "He said I treated him like a baby."

"You take care of him. He's a lucky guy. I wouldn't trade Luisa for the world, but you'd be next on the list."

She smiled, then looked away. "Is Luisa out tonight?" He nodded. "Do you two have fun...doing what you do?"

"It's amazing. I know she's told you about it."

"I just don't think Dominic would care to."

"Fuck Dominic. He's not here, is he? He'd rather walk out than try to fix what's wrong." His hand traced the curve of her neck. "You have to do what makes you happy, Susan." He was creeping across the line, and the thought made him hard. He'd seen the looks she gave him sometimes. All she needed was some gentle encouragement.

"What if he finds out?" She whispered, not looking at him.

"Maybe it'll be the kick in the butt he needs to start treating you better. Maybe it'll make him break out of his shell. I don't know, but I'd tell him the same thing if he were here."

She leaned into him, subconsciously or not. He placed his other hand on her thigh, right above the hem of her nightgown. "I don't want to hurt him," she said.

"He's showing a lot of concern for you right now." He wanted to smack his friend and kiss him at the same time. He wouldn't go into detail next time he saw him, but he would let the fact that he had fucked his wife ride his conscience, challenging him to either man up or give up. "Let me take care of you, Sue. Just once." Or more. Susan looked up at him for a few agonizing seconds, then cautiously kissed him. He returned it just as carefully.

He slid his hand under her nightgown and toward the heat radiating from between her thighs. He dove in and felt the wetness on her panties. Luisa was so good to him. No doubt she had shared some juicy stories, true or not. Susan opened her legs to let him play, and before long she was softly moaning. She came easily, and he pulled away to unbutton the thin nightgown. He leaned over to massage and kiss each of her ample breasts. She sighed, and he continued down her body to pull off the wet panties.

James murmured in appreciation at her cleanly shaven mound. He knelt down between her and licked her folds, driving her to another orgasm. By then his cock was aching for attention. He took off his clothes and let her confirm the rumors. She was already flush and weak, so he didn't wait long to lay her on the couch and penetrate her dark pussy. He slowly slid his thick cock in and out of her, letting her experience every inch of him. He increased his speed until he was all out fucking her. She moaned and writhed underneath him. Being with his best friend's wife felt exhilarating, like finally opening presents on Christmas day. It didn't take him long to reach the point of no return. With a loud groan, he stood up and covered her body in his cum. He exhaled and admired his work. In the satisfied blur, he heard a familiar voice.

"What the hell are you doing?"


Dominic knew something was missing from his marriage. Susan was his angel, but he'd always had an itch she couldn't scratch. Ever since he was young, he had wanted to experience another man's cock. Lately it had become an obsession for him, and his wife knew something was different. She tried every trick she knew to pull him closer, but it only pushed him further away.

He couldn't tell his best friend James about it either. The first thing he would have done is offer to take care of him, and Dominic didn't think he could go that far with a friend. What if he didn't like it? How would he tell Susan what he had done? It was just too much risk. Dominic had to hold it in and suffer on his own.

The Christmas party was terrible. Dominic hated crowds, so he hid in the attic jerking off to porn while his wife played the perfect hostess. Big cock porn was his favorite. White, black, man, woman, he loved seeing a huge member driving into a slick hole. He knew James had a nice one. He'd seen it at the gym and had often imagined himself on the receiving end. His own cock was on the small side, but Susan assured him it was enough. She was sexy and great in bed, but the knowledge that he'd never get to play with another cock left him restless.

When he had finally came down to help clean up, Susan was livid. They fought, and he said words he didn't mean. He ran away so he wouldn't have to see her cry. He drove around town aimlessly, trying to get his bearings. After an hour, he got up the courage to go home, determined to make up with Susan and get back to normal. His pot had boiled over tonight, but he had to bring it in for the sake of appearances.

He was surprised to hear sounds coming from the living room when he opened the door. Susan never watched TV downstairs, especially this late at night. She certainly never watched such explicit porn by herself. Curious, he walked in.

He was stunned to see James standing up and pumping cum all over his naked, gasping wife. His initial shock was replaced by lust as he watched James rubbing his thick cock. He felt jealous to see his wife covered in the sticky stuff and angry that she had the nerve to ask for it before he had.

"What the hell are you doing?" He yelled. James turned to him and smiled wickedly. That asshole knew exactly what he was doing.

"Just finishing up, Dom."

"What are you doing here?"

James just gestured to his wife, who had sat up with eyes wide in shock. "Sue said you walked out."

"I did, but--" he couldn't pretend to be mad when he had such a hard-on. He turned to Susan. "Did you want this?" She nodded.

"Looks like you weren't enough, Dom. How does that make you feel?" James walked over to him. His eyes flickered to his erection. "Pretty good, looks like."

"Dominic?" Susan gasped at him, and he flushed. What did she think of him?

"It's ok," James cooed to his wife. "I think we found a way to spice up your marriage." He beckoned Dominic in with his finger. Dominic walked as if pulled by an invisible rope. James pointed at Susan. "Why don't you clean her up for me?"

Their eyes met as he kneeled in front of her. She had the sleepy look in her eyes that meant she had already had a few orgasms. The thought of James getting her off only made him burn more. He kissed her passionately. She smelled like sex, and he loved it. He laid her back and licked every single spot that was dirty with cum. It tasted good to him, sweeter than any candy. Susan sighed contentedly, lifting up each part of her as he moved down her body.

"You're a good licker," James said, and Dominic saw that he was hard again. "I've got something else for you to lick." He beckoned him over. Dominic's heart pounded as he crawled to him. He had never been so close to a cock before, and now he had the chance to taste his best friend. With shaking hands, he reached out and grabbed the base. He lightly rubbed the kinky pubic hair, then slid his hand up the shaft. James guided his head toward the tip, and he took a small part of it in his mouth. He tasted the salty spunk and his wife's juices, a delicious cocktail. He took more of it into his mouth, but he could barely fit his jaw around it, much less take in the whole length. James started to slide himself in and out. Dominic was blissful, rubbing himself in the same rhythm.

Too soon, James pulled away and lifted his chin up. "Tired?" He shook his head. "Good. Now I saw how Susan shaved her beautiful pussy for you. Have you eaten her out yet?" He shook his head. "I want you to turn around and eat her pussy while I fuck your ass." He turned around to Susan, who must have mirrored his astonished look. He would never fit that thing inside him!

James went into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of vegetable oil. Dominic groaned. He would never be able to cook with the rest of that. "Are you sure about this, James?" He asked, his voice hoarse.

"As sure as your cock is hard." He leaned over and whispered in his ear. "I know you've always wanted it. Now take off your clothes." Dominic quickly undressed with Susan's help. From the quick kisses she gave him, he knew she was enjoying herself. She lay back on the couch, and he began to lick her. He tried not to think about the sound of James climbing up behind him, opening the bottle, and slathering oil on his cock. He jumped slightly when the cold liquid hit his bottom. Two fingers swirled gently around his rim, then inside his hole. Even feeling the smaller members in his private spot made him shiver. He quickened his pace on Susan's clit and felt her shudder with an orgasm.

At his other end, the fingers disappeared and James' cock pressed against him. Dominic tried not to cry out at the invasion. Eventually the head poked through, and James stopped for a rest. Dominic took deep breaths and turned his attention back to his wife. Aided by the lube, James' cock began to slide into him, stretching him an inch at a time. The pain was tinged with pleasure, and his wife's soft moans encouraged him to relax. This was, after all, his biggest fantasy, with a little Jamesian twist.

He had his wife coming again by the time James reached as far as he could go. James pulled back a little, then began slamming into him mercilessly. Dominic cried out and felt his own orgasm building. His wonderful wife was also straining against him again. He licked her until she came, and then, in a daze of pleasure, he stroked himself until a massive amount of cum soaked the couch in front of him. Inside him, he felt deep vibrations and the warm fluid of James' cum.

James pulled away, and Dominic collapsed in his wife's lap. James stepped down and gave them both a kiss. Dominic heard him dressing and leaving, but he was too spent to call out a thanks. Eventually he was able to lift his head and share a grin with Susan. They had found what was missing.

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