tagGroup SexA Little Kandy with Pam on the Side

A Little Kandy with Pam on the Side


It was a pretty normal late Saturday afternoon. Tom had finished his plans for the day, nothing special, laundry, some shopping, washing his car. For good measure he washed Kandy's as well. He wouldn't have done that on a normal Saturday, but his wife was out of town, so doing a small thing for his neighbor Kandy was really just an afterthought. Kandy's husband was also out of town, on a year-long remote assignment for the Government. Both Tom and his wife spent a bit of time with Kandy and her two kids, but he did have to be careful doing things for her, because his wife was a bit of the jealous type! Like the time she caught his looking at Kandy sunbathing outside! She never said a word, but it was clear from her attitude she didn't like him even noticing her, let along taking a glance. He was a little caught off-guard, because while he knew she was just south of 30, she looked nearer to his own 22.

Halfway through the car washing Kandy busted him and thanked him with a hug -- something she would also have been careful of if his wife was around. Kandy was very perceptive and knew how to have married male friends without causing real problems. She pretty well ignored imaginary problems, because that was between Tom and his wife. Kandy also invited him up for something cool to drink later. Again, it was pretty typical for a hot Saturday in Louisiana

After he finished the cars he went next door and was sitting on her couch with a tall glass of lemonade, spiked with a little rum, the perfect chaser for a sweaty afternoon. Kandy's best friend, Pam, was also over and the three of them watched the news, argued a little politics and then the 5 of them, Kandy's two kids included, had dinner cooked on Tom's small balcony grill. By 9 PM he was relaxed, the kids were in bed, and he started thinking it was time to go back to his all too empty apartment. Then Pam and Kandy started a little whispering campaign.

The other reason he was fine with the day was that, simply put, Kandy was fun to be around, and Pam added a little touch of mischief. It reminded him of two very close friends he had during High School. You could go from playing grab-ass to deadly serious, back to joking around in minutes. While he loved his wife, she wasn't as open a person as Kandy and Pam were, and he enjoyed that. And the jealousy concept was annoying! It's not like he had ever done anything to deserve it! But if he was, all the bumps and touches gave him the indication Pam might be willing for a little play. There was an edge to her he couldn't recall seeing before!

The whispering campaign finally got to him, and he had to ask, "All right, what are you two plotting?"

They giggled together and Pam pulled a dollar out her shorts pocket and gave it to Kandy. "I guess you could go at least an hour before asking!"

Kandy accepted the winnings with a laugh. "But the big prize is still left."

"The big prize?" Tom asked, more than a little trepidation in his voice.

Pam stood up and then sat in his lap quickly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered, "Who gets you for the night!" Then she hopped off like she was never there. Then Kandy did the same, with a little butt grind and a light kiss to his neck. Then she faded before he could do a damn thing.

The two ladies disappeared into the kitchen while he sat there stunned. "Were they serious?" He shook his head and figured that it was one more bit a play to see how far they could surprise him. He realized that not only was he married, but so was Kandy, and Pam had a boyfriend! He also had never seen Kandy do anything approaching what she just hinted at, even if it was one of Pam's usual types of comment. He thought carefully for a second and aside from having two very sexy ladies sit in his lap briefly, that was all that was going to happen, he was sure!

He stood in the kitchen doorway for a second watching them mix up more hard lemonade. The two ladies were damn attractive, especially in bikini tops and very short cut-off shorts. Neither one topped 5'3 or 110 lbs, and neither one had much in the way of a chest or hips, but they were each very attractive in their own way. Kandy the blonde, Pam the brunette, Kandy with the ready and open smile, Pam with the quick wit and sexy little grin. Kandy with a very tight little ass and Pam with the . . . He stopped that line of thinking and once again thought about going next door, but he really didn't want to. He collected another lemonade, this time done daiquiri style with crushed ice and retreated back to the living room, not before he felt Pam press up against him from behind. It nearly pushed him into Kandy and that was something to be avoided for a few as he realize exactly what would be pressing against her and where it would be pressing.

He sat back down and took a sip. They came back in, Kandy sat on the couch with him, Pam on the loveseat next to them. The TV was on, showing the weather and another hot day for tomorrow.

"So have you two worked out your dilemma?"

"No we are still negotiating the details."

Tom laughed, treating it like a joke. "Well once you do, let me know!"

"He thinks we are kidding." Pam said to Kandy, like Tom wasn't even here.

"He just hasn't thought it all the way through yet. I mean with his wife, my husband, and your boyfriend, it's not like any of us are going to tell anyone."

"Plus your two apartments are on the back side of the complex and very few could see him in here."

"I know and the few that would notice have also seen him come and go from my place many times, even late at night, so the gossip queens are already used to us being pals."

"The only question is who gets him."

Tom sat there, his head swiveling between the two like a tennis spectator during a particularly fast match. "Don't I get a say in this?"

They looked at him like they just realized he was sitting right there."No, not really. I mean you are a guy and once the blood flows to your southern head, you'll pretty much go along for the ride."

He thought very seriously about just walking out, but then Kandy sat back on his lap again with that sexy little grinding move.

"To help us decide, we each want a kiss." She put her arms around his neck and leaned in close.

This was closer than Kay had ever been for more than a quick hug. He could see the start of tiny laugh lines outside her eyes, her startlingly serious blue eyes. He breathed in the scent of her, the tanginess of a little sweat, the slightly sweet scent of make-up, a subtle perfume that seemed uniquely her. She put her lips very close to his.

"Now I am talking a real kiss, not some little peck on the cheek. So get those arms up and around me, Tommy."

His arms jumped up as if he didn't realize they weren't holding her' One hand went to her hip as she sat across his lap, the other around and on her back, just below her bikini top. Her bare skin felt so warm! Then her lips touched his so slightly. He was almost afraid to move! He felt them part and then her tongue touched his lips and traced along them, not being forceful, just letting him know she was there and willing, no, wanting this kiss.

Tom was both bewildered by this turn of events, but also turned on! Her weight in his lap was nothing, but the pressure it put on certain things caused an obvious reaction. Her hip did a small motion that said she felt it as well.

Then she turned her head slightly as he opened his mouth to take in her tongue. In the background Pam sat nearly hypnotized, wishing she had gone first! Her own hand was clamped tightly between her thighs as she watched this sexy scene unfold. She also figured she would be the one sleeping alone that night! There was no way she would get his attention tonight, but there is always tomorrow!

This kiss kept going; they explored each other's mouth and then he pulled her in closer against him. He could feel her heart beat pounding as his own seemed to catch the rhythm as well. Then she turned her body more toward him and the hand that was on her hip fell to the back of her thigh, right at the top of her extreme cut-offs. As he gathered her in tighter, his fingers went under the loose edge of the jean shorts and were partially on her ass. Pam's eyes grew very wide as she watched his hand move slowly up the leg opening of K's shorts!

They broke for a moment, each breathing very hard. Kandy knew this might have started as a game of one-upmanship with Pam, but the reality was even more exciting than the idea. She didn't look into his eyes, but responded when he initiated the second kiss. This one was harder, more forceful, and also about as sexy a kiss as she had ever had. Husband, wife, boyfriend issues faded miles in the background. She felt his fingers push under her cotton panties and continue around her leg and ass, touching her asshole before reaching her very wet pussy! He started rubbing her labia and clit as he kissed her. The tension in her body doubled and tripled as she felt a session she hadn't felt for months! Then his hand disappeared and she felt him unbutton her shorts. She gave a small thought toward Pam as he stripped her of her shorts and underwear in one motion. The he kissed her once again as he opened her legs and slid two fingers up inside her, he had hooked them up a bit and it hit her in the most perfect spot. She cried into their kiss, which encouraged him. Soon the two fingers were exploring her deep! She felt him hard beneath her and wanted so much to see him, but the pleasure he was giving her was too great for her to move! She tossed her head back and out of the corner of her eye she saw Pam hadn't left, but was sitting wide-eyed on the chair, with her hand inside her own shorts! She thought about saying something, but Tom did the unexpected, at least the unexpected in Kandy's experience. He pulled her up and for a moment she thought he was going to take out his cock for her. But he pulled one leg across him and he pressed her pussy to his face and started going down on her!

Pam's hand redoubled its movement as her wide-open eyes got wider as well. She and Kandy had talked about this once and neither of them ever had a guy do that, at least not without a lot of encouragement, and certainly not with such gusto! They has seen it in porn movies, but the reality here in the deep south were that guys didn't like to do that, and while enough alcohol or some serious teasing might get you're a lick and a tickle, it was nothing like this! Well no one better tell Tommy that because he was doing it and Kandy loved it! Kandy's knees pressed against the back of the couch, Tom had a firm hold on her ass, and she was rocking and rolling against his face! Her hands were on the wall and her head kept going back and forth as she cried through at least one orgasm.

Pam was right behind her, her fingers rubbing her clit hard. Her own shorts had actually ripped, well there wasn't much material left between the legs after the last time she trimmed all the strings off! She was rubbing insanely, once again wishing she had climbed into that lap first, but not really begrudging her best friend what was happening to her. She was jealous, but not so jealous not to notice that with Kandy on her feet, Tom's crotch was wide open!

She hit the floor halfway to the couch and would have loved to do a nice sexy crawl every guy in her life had loved, but she was in a rush. She unbuckled his shorts and pulled them down. His boxers tented nicely and she managed to get them down with a little help from him! She held his cock and looked up, realizing that she could actually see Tommy eating Kandy, but a cock in the hand was more important than seeing a tongue in a bush! She licked the tip and felt him jump slightly. As she tried to swallow that nice cock whole she thought for a second how unfair life had always been. "I have certainly tasted my share of cock, and I know Kandy has as well, but no guy ever returned the favor like this!" She sucked his cock down and got it so slick with spit! She couldn't get it all down, but a trick she saw in a porno, holding the base and twisting as she sucked paid off! She might not have deep-throated him, but it would have felt like she had! All the while her other hand was busy on her own pussy, rubbing hard though the panties she was regretting wearing, but she was too frenzied to take the off!

Kandy was in heaven and hell at the same time. The orgasm she felt was excellent, and the next one she had while standing up and getting eaten her was incredible! But her knees were getting weak and she knew she had to get down soon, but she just didn't want it. His tongue and lips, while not a hard cock, had done things and made her feel things she never knew existed! It wasn't just an orgasm, it was the being the total and complete focus of Tommy's attention, that she found even sexier than just sex! She knew Pam was still there, she knew all the other possible thoughts that he might be thinking, she even feared a little he might not want to see her after tonight, but even with everything that might be going through his mind, he was more focused on her than anyone had ever been before!

She felt her knees quivering, and so did Tommy. He lightened up the grip on her ass and she slowly slid down his body. She felt something on her ass for a second, a wispy feeling, but then she came down and impaled herself in exquisite slowness on his cock! She hadn't even realized it was out! She wanted to see it, but as it sank in, she started falling backwards. Tommy caught her and guided her down onto the couch, all the while buried into her.

Pam didn't realize what was happening until she felt Kandy's ass touch her hair. She got out of the way, but she was the one who aimed Tommy's cock for K's open and dripping pussy. She got a vicarious thrill watching it slip up inside Kandy until she once again realized Kandy beat her out again! "Another freaking 'shoulda'! I shoulda sat in his lap first and I certainly should have gotten him inside me while he was eating her!" But her thoughts were stopped at the sheer sexiness and tenderness of Tommy as he gently laid Kandy back on the couch and then slowly pulled out and back in, all the way in! She loved how Kandy's back arched with each slow, full stroke. The addition of the scent of pure animal sex added so much! The sight of her best friend getting well fucked was also an extreme turn on!

She watched her friend build to the orgasm to end all orgasms! Tom stayed on his knees and was still slowly fucking Kandy, but Kandy's body was reaching its limit. Her hands pushed on the sofa arm, pushing her toward him to meet every thrust. Her breathing was hard and rapid! The sexy noises had become harsher with the effort it was taking! The orgasms took her hard and fast, her legs tightened so much that Tommy was forced out as her body arched to an impossible degree and she started shaking, nearly convulsing. He sat down on the couch, his cock hard and coated with Kandy's juices as his own breathing calmed down while he watched her! She tensed, her hand was between her legs, caught in the vise of her thighs as she screamed through it.

Pam saw it peripherally as she saw Tommy sit back, his cock still standing hard. No more freaking shoulda-woulda-coulda- for her. She stood and stripped off her shorts and panties! The panties were actually hard to get off because of how wet they were, but she made it. Tommy saw her, but didn't really SEE her until she got closer and her legs touched his. She then turned around and sat on his lap, taking his cock and pushing it inside her in one motion! She leaned back against him, and put her feet on the edge of the couch and started fucking him! It didn't take him long to get his breath back, because he pushed her over onto the couch, she ended up doggie style, with her arms on each side of Kandy and her face just below Kandy's breasts. Tommy was on his knees and there was no tenderness in his eyes now. He started fucking her, long, deep, and fast! She loved it! She felt herself orgasm practically from him entering her, but when he slammed that cock into her while harshly holding her hips, she yelled for more! She felt Kandy's arms around her, helping to hold her against the pounding she was getting, but it didn't matter. She was getting the fucking of her own lifetime and one she had been priming her pussy for all night! She knew suggesting the whispering game would result in either teasing the hell out of both Tommy and Kandy, which would have made a fun masturbation session later, but she secretly hoped she might get more! This was beyond her dreams!

Tommy felt the pussy wrap around his cock again and pushed it to the side until he was in a position to just fuck it! He no longer cared about any civilized intercourse; he was beyond that thin veneer called civilization! He was more turned on and less inhibited than ever before and he took it out on Pam's body! The two were a perfect match! She loved sex and hard fucking, and he was in a mental place that meant she was going to get fucked harder than ever before! He felt her cumming, but it meant little, because he felt his own orgasm rushing to meet him. He raced toward it, tearing into Pam as deep and as frantic as he could. He felt it arrive, his cock a bar of steel as he felt it fire deep within her. He kept going, the cum adding to her own wetness! If anyone had been watching they would have seen its milky opalescence being squeezed out with each stroke. He couldn't stop until he felt himself start to soften, when he felt himself slip out of her, the wet slickness to much even though he was still quite firm, he fell across her back, unable to do more than breath like a chain-smoking marathoner.

When he opened his eyes, he realized that he had Pam under him, pinned down on top of Kandy. Kandy was smiling up at him! He got up, slightly not sure of himself. He remembered everything, and while he wasn't ashamed of what he had done, he was worried about Pam. He outweighed her by a good 80 pounds and was in excellent shape. He was very worried that he had hurt her! But when she rolled off Kandy, and onto the floor, there was no mistaking her smile, it was huge and no secret little grin like he usually saw. She tenderly touched her pussy and smiled even more!

Kandy got up and sat again in his lap, she held onto him, not saying a word. The physical contact spoke volumes. Then Pam got up, a bit unsteady on her feet. She pushed Kandy over so she could sit in his lap as well and she curled up in his arm, while Kandy did the same, their backs against each other. The three of them sat that way for a bit until they each recovered some measure of equilibrium back. Kandy was the first to stir.

Kandy hardly ever cursed, even when angry, but this was special. "Fuck!"

The word startled Pam a bit. "You said it sister!"

Tom grinned, "That goes for me too!"

Kandy reached down and held him.

"Easy there, the little guy is a bit on the sensitive side right now!"

"Might be little now, but it sure as hell wasn't! I think you bruised Pammy!"

"Oh and he did it so well!"

The three of the laughed, a laugh not unlike the comedy and camaraderie they had shared all afternoon.

"Come on, our bed is calling us! I'll lock the door so the kids won't surprise us in the morning."

Tom wasn't certain. "Maybe I should . . ."

"No way, buster, you still have yet to kiss Pam!"

Pam had the last word as the trio disappeared toward the master bedroom.

"Kiss hell, I want to get my pussy eaten!" She said in tones that showed how serious she was. "OK, maybe tomorrow after the bruising fades!" "Ouch!" she stepped tenderly, like she had been on a horse all day!

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