A Little Knowledge


"Oh! Oh Blake! It feels so good!" Heather said between whimpers, her arms and legs clutching at her brother as he heaved and thrust between her legs.

It was fortunate for their experimentation that Blake had already released his fluid all over his sister's pretty face and body once, or this experiment would have ended and lot sooner and with Heather quite frustrated. Instead, her sweet body started to quiver and she cried out, her insides tightening down on Blake's penis inside of her as ecstasy and pleasure rolled through her. The unexpected grip of his sister's body on him was the most incredibly thing that Blake had ever felt.

His body shoved forward, burying himself inside of his sister and he swelled up, the fantastic feeling of release shuddering through him. This was the most incredible it had ever felt, the fluid jetting into his sister's body. He loved her so much.

Blake slumped, lying on top of his sister as both of them panted, both of them overwhelmed by the wonderful sensations that their re-bonding had kindled. Eventually Heather wriggled underneath Blake, complaining that he was too heavy and he obligingly rolled off. His sister looked so pretty, even with fluid leaking down from between her legs. The pretty nipples on her chest were softening and Blake reached out, rubbing his finger over one of them until it got hard again. Heather watched her brother play with her body, the shuddering pleasure that went through her as he touched her made her sore insides feel all hot and bothered again.

"I'm thirsty," she said.

"Me too, let's have a snack."

After all, it was several hours before dinner time. To make his sister feel more comfortable Blake stripped off his clothes and they went naked into the kitchen. They experimented several more times that afternoon, once almost immediately following the first when Heather bent over in front of the fridge and Blake suddenly wondered if he could push into that fantastic hole from that angle.

They went to bed early that night, feeling very virtuous that they weren't staying up past the bed time that their mother had set. In fact, they were going to bed even earlier than usual! Heather felt completely wrung out, her young body sore from all the exercise that her brother had given her. Muscles that had never been used before needed a break and she was relieved.

The next morning she woke up to find her brother crawling into bed with her.

"Ohhh Blake, please," she begged as he pushed her legs open. "I'm so sore! I don't think I can right now."

Blake paused. He didn't want to hurt his sister. "Will you lick it instead?"

Heather agreed immediately, relieved that she didn't have to let her brother down. As she was licking him like a lollipop, her brother suggested something new.

"Can you put it in your mouth?"

This didn't seem entirely disagreeable, so Heather started sucking on him like he was a popsicle, reminded of the popsicles that she would eat when they were kids that turned her mouth and lips purple or red, depending on the flavor. Her brother didn't taste like that, but he didn't taste bad either, and he was much more fun to suck on that a popsicle. She watched avidly as he thrust, groaning, the happy look on his face was enough reward for her service. And it interested her.

When his hips moved hard and he swelled up and exploded inside of her mouth, she swallowed automatically. It was a little bitter and salty, but she didn't mind. The moans coming out of her adored older brother's mouth told her how much he appreciated it.

"Thanks sis, you're the best," Blake said, hopping off of her bed. Heather blushed with pleasure.

The rest of the morning they spent naked, just for the novelty of it, watching tv and cuddling together on the couch. Blake kept playing with her breasts which was making Heather all hot and needy between her legs again. She was getting very wet as he tugged on her nipples.

"Oh Blake, please," she moaned, wiggling her cute little butt against him. His man thing was hard again, it had been hard a lot today, although he hadn't asked her to help him out since that morning. But she was more than happy to now.

"Okay," he said.

Heather turned over onto her stomach and crawled up her brothers body, pretty little breasts hanging down where he could see them. "Can we try with me on top?"

Blake nodded. Heather spread her thighs on either side of him as he lay back on the couch, playing with her breasts still. Grasping his hard shaft in her hand, she guided him to her hot little hole. It hurt a little, because he was so big and she was sore, but she wanted it too badly to stop. Both of them moaned as she sank down on top of him. Her brother tugged on her nipples, sending jolts of pleasure straight through her and she tightened down as she rode him.

Their bodies rocked, Heather's thighs rising and falling on top of Blake, their cries of passion drowning out any other sounds in the house. Being on top, finding the movements that felt best - rubbing herself against her brother's body and feeling him jerk around inside of her, after all the playing he'd done with her nipples, Heather was soon screaming with ecstasy as she writhed on top of him. Blake's body jerked beneath her, shooting jets of fluid up into her sweet little body.

Both of them sagged, happily, and would have cuddled if it weren't for the scream of their horrified mother.

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by Anonymous

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by HardBen08/11/17


The beauty about this story is that re-kindles our earliest sexual experimentations - whatever age and whomever with! Great writing! With a twist in the tail....ha ha

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by Anonymous07/16/17


this bro and sis act are too old to be playing like that. makes me think the ages have been changed to protect the guilty. am i right, or what?

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by luvjuice4307/02/17

Wonderful story!

I love "first time" stories; brother and sister made it even more special.

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by Luvs2bwet06/04/17


Mommy will probably want to get into the act, doncha think?😉

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