tagLoving WivesA Little Religion Can Hurt

A Little Religion Can Hurt


Ellen and I met at a Sunday school church picnic. Her families had just moved to our town, and were in the process, of joining our church. My mother, being on the welcoming committee, asked that I show her around town and make her feel welcome.

Ellen was a real looker. At about 5'6", about 125 lbs, with long brown hair and a beautiful face, I felt my heart go thump, thump, and an erection grow in my pants. She always hid her body under layers of baggy clothing, but at our pool one Saturday afternoon, I finally saw what she really looked like underneath. Ellen had a great little body. She had a nice set of tits, a small waist and an apple bottom ass. However, the one bad thing I found out very early, was that there was going to be no funny business with her, she was going to be a virgin until her wedding night.

"I'm going to be pure as snow on my wedding night," she told me one night. "I will give myself to my husband that night, and not before."

Everyone, and I do mean everyone tried to take her down, without any luck. She would go out with them, but that was the extent of it. There was, maybe a little hand holding, or if you were really lucky, a peck good night.

Our friendship grew, and before long we were dating, and after six months, I finally got the guts to ask her to be my steady girlfriend. However, the only difference that made was that she would kiss me, full mouth, but still no tongue.

We both attended local colleges, hers a Catholic Girl's school while I went to State. I got my face slapped more than once, over the next four years, and we even broke up more than once. Looking back, I probably should have moved on, but we always seemed to get back together. Senior year we got engaged and set our wedding date for mid-July, just after we both were scheduled to graduate.

We had a very small wedding, with only immediate family and a few close friends. Her parents thanked me, for being the kind of man that respected their daughter, and were happy to welcome me into their family.

The only thing I had on my mind however, was getting into Ellen's wedding dress. The party ended about 11:00 and we headed out to our hotel. I was anxious and she was scared.

"Tim, you know I've never been with a man before, I hope you'll go slow with me tonight," she almost pleaded.

"Hon, don't worry, I'm no animal, and I know you'll enjoy making love with me tonight," I replied. She smiled, snuggled up to me, and told me how happy she was.

I carried her over the threshold, put her down in the center of the room and kissed her deeply. My heart was racing and I couldn't wait to see her naked for the first time.

I had just started removing her wedding dress when she stopped me. "Honey, you get ready, and I'll meet you in bed in a couple of minutes. Ok?" I don't think it took me over thirty seconds to rip my tux off, and climb under the covers.

Ellen came out of the bathroom in something like a long tee shirt. With her hair now falling over her shoulders, she looked more than hot. As she eased into the bed I reached out and pulled her to me. Believe it or not, I was already hard, just thinking about what was to come. Pulling her on top of me, we kissed for what seemed like only ten minutes before she reached down and touched me.

"Oh my God Tim, your so huge, your going to hurt me with that thing of yours," she screamed.

"Relax hon, I told you that I would never hurt you. Just lie back, and think about how long you've waited for this moment. I can guarantee, you're going to enjoy it," I told her as I threw back the covers. "You screw this up tonight, she's never going to forgive you," the little voice in my head screamed back at me.

I pulled Ellen's shirt over her head and was taken back by her beauty. She had a thin waist, c-cup breasts with small petite nipples.

"My bride, your beautiful," I told her. She blushed, as I laid her down on the bed and started to lightly kiss her. "We've got all night, and our whole lives ahead of us," I whispered to her as I licked and kissed her lips.

Ellen flinched as I cupped her breast, and toyed with one, then her other nipple. I kissed her lips, neck, and moved my mouth down to her right nipple. Licking it first, I put it gently between my lips, and pulled on it, as I cupped her other breast.

Ellen arched her back and let out a deep breath of air. Moving from one to the other, I watched, as her nipples grew larger, changed color, and became very erect. Moving one hand lower, I stroked her stomach area and then moved to her hips and finally down her thighs.

Ellen's chest was raising and lowering rapidly as she gulped in the air nonstop. I took my time, as I lightly move my hands over her stomach, thighs and finally to her pussy. Ellen had a full bush, which didn't surprise me, and when I even came close, I felt her body shutter. The first time I moved over her bush, and down between her legs, she stopped breathing for a second, before exhaling.

The only thing I kept saying to myself was, "be patience, go slow or you'll screw it up and be sorry."

Moving one hand, between her legs, I moved up to kiss her as I cupped her bush and pussy. Ellen kissed me back hard, and when I separated her outer lips, and touched her clit she almost crushed me.

After Ellen released me, from her death grip, I moved lower, kissing and licking her nipples, and dragged my tongue down to her navel. I knelt down between her legs, spread them wide, and after putting one hand under each butt cheek I moved my tongue to her pussy. Licking, and pulling on her pubic hairs, I separated her outer lips, with the tip of his tongue, as I searched for the Holy Grail; her hidden clit.

With two flicks from my tongue, Ellen arched her back and drove her pussy onto my mouth. For the next ten minutes, I licked and sucked her pussy, paying particular attention to her clit. She went wild, and I had all I could do, to hold on to her ass. When I licked her from her clit, down to her starfish, and then reamed her, she pushed back so hard, I thought she'd driven my tongue halfway up her ass.

Finally, I shoved my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, and massaged her clit with my thumb. Ellen erupted, and held my face tightly against her pussy, as she screamed. She went on for almost five minutes before she let loose of my head.

Playing with her clit, I inserted one finger, moved it all around, and then in and out. The second finger brought another scream, telling me how good it felt. God Ellen was tight. I could barely get two fingers in her now well lubricated pussy, and when I went for three, she told me to stop because it hurt and to go slower. This was going to be one long fucking night.

I shifted my position around, so Ellen could get at my dick. I handed her a tube of KY and told her to stroke it and to get me hard. I had to tell her twice to ease up, before she ripped my dick off. Hell, we'd work on her techniques later; my only thought now, was how to get my dick up this tight pussy.

It took almost forty-five minutes, to get three fingers into her pussy, where they would move in and out easily. She was now ready. Putting a pillow under her ass, I put an extra glob of lube on my dick and put the head at the entrance to her pussy.

I eased in, just the head, as she gasped and held my arms tightly. As I pushed in the first three inches, she cried out it hurt and to take it out. Pulling out slowly I moved up and kissed her.

"Relax hon, your going to feel stretched for a moment or two, but once it's all in, you'll get use to it," I told her. I went back down, put in the first three inches and slowly moved my dick in and out.

It took another ten minutes to get in three more inches, and I figured that was all that was going in that night, as I started to pick up my pace. Ellen was lying there, holding onto a pillow, with this painful look on her face. As I started to pound away, Ellen finally called out to me, to please finish, because I was hurting her too much. I stroked for five more minutes before letting go of my load. Ellen barely waited for me to finish, before running to the bathroom and filling the tub with warm water.

"Tim that really hurt," she told me. "I liked your tongue, and even your fingers but when you used your penis, I think you tore something inside of me."

I could see little specks of blood in the water as she soaked. "The first time is always the hardest," I said trying to console her. "But you'll get use to it honey," but she didn't believe a word I was saying. That was the start of our downfall.

I wasn't hung like a Greek God. I was a full seven inches and only average in diameter, but after our wedding night, it would be another five more days before Ellen would let me even near her with my dick.

Tongues and fingers were ok, but not my dick. She became skilled at whacking me off, but also refused to even talk about her giving me oral sex. Our second and third attempts, at making love, went about as well as the first one had.

During the next seven months that followed, we attempted sex maybe a dozen times. She would always freeze up and scream that it hurt too much. It got to the point, that she'd make up excuses so she wouldn't even have to try any longer. Finally after a doctor's visit, and a clean bill of health, I said that we needed to go to a councilor, because I was at my wits end.

Ellen suggested our church pastor. "No way, he's probably never had sex, so how's he going to help us?" I argued. However, Ellen dug her heals in and she made the appointment.

Just as I figured, he was worthless. He suggested praying and reading the bible for spiritual guidance. After two sessions I refused to go any longer. "This isn't helping us," I told her. "We need to go to a sexual councilor," I tried to explain to her.

"Well it's helping me," she said and "I'm going to continue going," she told me.

"Suit yourself."

Things got worse if that was possible. She no longer even tried to have sex with me. Every Wed night, she would see Pastor John and would come back about an hour later with all these wonderful things about what he said, or they discussed, and so on. I would end up staying home, watching TV, and having a few beers.

One hour stretched to two, and finally after 8 weeks of sessions, I tried again to bed my bride. Ellen had started taking showers before bed some nights, and tonight I waited for her to undress, and moved in for the kill.

"We need to try again," I told her.

"I'll meet you in bed after I take a shower, so I can be clean for you," she replied.

"Clean for me, what the hell was that supposed to mean? How dirty can she get in an office all day, and then spending three hours with a priest talking about religion?"

I jumped into bed and waited. After about 25 minutes Ellen came out of the bathroom, with just a towel wrapped around her. She slipped into bed, and started kissing me. "Maybe it'll work tonight," I hoped.

The pattern was the same. Kissing for ten to fifteen minutes, playing with her nipples and tits for ten more, and finally fingering her until she was good and wet. As I moved in for the kill, and started to insert my dick, she went rigid, and started to complain, even before I was all the way in.

"Fuck," I said out loud, as I pulled out. She went to get the tube of KY when I yelled, "don't bother," as I turned over in a huff. What she said next surprised the shit out of me.

"How about if we try oral instead tonight?" she inquired.

"My tongue's tired," I yelled back at her.

"No, how about me trying oral on you?"

That more than peaked my interest. "Are you sure?" I asked her. She nodded her head yes.

I lay back on the bed, as Ellen started to lick and suck my now erect dick. She licked the head, and sucked it between her lips with a loud slurping noise. She could only take four inches to start, but keep trying to go deeper. I was in 7th heaven, and was now pushing my dick further down her throat. It wasn't great, but pretty damm good, I thought to myself. After about ten minutes I could see that she was getting tired, so he told her to lick the under side all the way to the top and to start stroking it as she moved her mouth up and down on it.

It wasn't long before I shot my wad into her warm mouth. When I had finished, Ellen bolted for the bathroom. I heard her spit into the sink and use her mouthwash. She did come back with a big smile on her face, and asked if that was ok.

"I loved it, but where'd you learn how to do that?" I asked.

"The internet," she replied. "You can learn anything and everything on the Internet," she told me. "Please don't be mad, and give me a just little more time, and I know we can resolve our sex problems," she begged me. We kissed, hugged, and went to sleep in each other's arms.

All day Thursday I thought about the previous night. She'd never mentioned it before, and how do you get that good, just looking at a blowjob film? I didn't want to think that she was cheating on me, but something just didn't sit well with me. We were together all the time, except when we were at work and her Wed nights sessions with the pastor. "I better keep my eyes open, from now on," I thought to myself.

That night I checked out the Internet history account on the home computer. There were no sex sites, or anything dating back for the last two months. I checked the house for books, magazines and such and came up empty again. I checked all her closets, when she wasn't around, but found nothing. Twice over the next 5 days I stopped at her work to see if something was going on, but drew a blank again. There was just the Wed night sessions, and no way a priest was giving her sex lessons; unless she was going somewhere else.

Wed after dinner, as she was about to leave, I kissed her, told her how much I loved her and how happy I was to have married her. "If nothing else, maybe I could guilt her," I thought. But as soon as she left, I jumped into my car, and followed her. I followed her for ten minutes, until she pulled into the church parking lot.

"Well, that answers that question," I said to myself. We use to meet in a side room, in the basement of the church, so I thought as long as I was here, I'd listen in.

I waited until Ellen went through the door before I followed her in. As I crept down the stairs, I could see a light coming from the room at the end of the hallway.

"This is stupid," I said to myself, and was about to leave when the voices became louder. I creped down and opened the door a crack.

There kneeling in front of the priest was Ellen. "My child you've come a long way in the eyes of God these past weeks. I think we'll soon solve all your marital problems," he told her.

"Ya right," I said to myself. What happened next, surprised me so much, that I almost had a damn heart attack. The priest took out his cock and instructed Ellen to start sucking him off.

Just like a deer in the headlights, I couldn't move or believe what I was seeing.

"You're becoming a dandy little cocksucker," he told her as he moved it in and out of her mouth. His dick was at best four and half inches hard, and she was having no trouble deep throating him.

I should have burst in, beat the shit out of him, and dragged Ellen home by her hair, but I decided to see how far they were going to take this.

After about five minutes minutes, he stopped and Ellen got to her feet. He helped her get undressed, and bent her over a desk in the room. Without even a condom, he eased in to her pussy, and started banging away at her ass. Ellen started to scream, yelling for him to fuck her harder, and deeper as she reached around to pull him closer.

I took out my cell phone, and started to snap away, as they moved from position to position.

My shock, and surprise waned, and now all I felt was rage and disgust. So this was her way of working on our marriage. And how about the church pastor, he was nothing more than a damn predator. The bastard started grunting as he let loose into Ellen's cunt.

"I didn't climax yet," Ellen pleaded with him.

"Maybe next week," he told her.

"The fucker didn't even wait for her to get off," I said to myself.

I wanted to rush in, take out my now hard cock, and shove it up Ellen's pussy and fuck the shit out of her, but I had a much better idea. I took few more shots, and headed for the door. I needed to get home before Ellen.

The first thing I did was to turn off the water to the house. "There would be no showering away the evidence tonight," I said to myself. I then went to the computer and down loaded the pictures, from my phone, and cropped the best two into a 5x7 print size; one showing her sucking his cock, and the other of him tagging her from behind. I then e-mailed them to an in town photo lab, and requested 200 copies by Friday afternoon.

Ellen showed up about an hour later, rushed up the stairs and went into the bathroom. "What's with the water?" she cried out.

"Their working on the pipes in the street, and it will be off until later tonight," I yelled back at her.

All I heard Ellen say was, "shit."

"Come on down stairs, have a glass of wine and sit with me," I called out to her.

When Ellen walked down the stairs, I had a glass of wine waiting for her. I asked her how her session went tonight, and what they'd talked about.

"Oh just the usual stuff, and what we should be working on," she told me.

I put the glass down, went over and kissed her lightly then deeply. Ellen kissed me back, and started rubbing my back and shoulders. Within a few minutes, Ellen was breathing hard as I played with, and sucked on her nipples. In a quick move, I shoved my hand down her shorts and started playing with her clit

Ellen froze up as I said, "boy you sure are wet, and you must be really hot for me tonight?"

"Why don't I give you a blowjob, like the other night?" she asked.

"Not tonight, for some reason you feel a bit larger, and should have no problem handling me tonight," I said dropping my pants.

Over her excuses, I stripped her, and bent her over the kitchen table. "We haven't tried this position yet," I told Ellen as I moved behind her. I could see sperm oozing from her cunt as I stroked my dick to get it good and hard. Lubing up the head, with her fluids, I pushed in my full seven inches, in one stroke.

Ellen gasped, but said nothing. "Boy that went in easy," I said as I started stroking. I would pull out almost all the way, before shoving it all the way back in. Ellen was still good and tight, but with the remaining sperm, from earlier tonight, and her pussy juices flowing, she had more than enough lubrication.

In my mind I could still see Ellen and the priest going at it, which drove me to pound her even harder. "If she wants cock, I'm going to give her plenty of it," I said to myself. I was now banging her pussy so hard, that I was starting to hurt even myself.

I was going to get off, but I didn't give a shit if she climaxed or not. She felt so good, and tight, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear I was fucking her ass. Ellen was moaning, and now pushing back at me. "The damn bitch really likes being used like a whore," I told myself.

Hell, I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer. Grabbing hold of her hips, I went as deep as I could before exploding into her pussy. Just as I finished dropping my last load, into her pussy, Ellen's muscles clamped down onto my dick.

Holy shit, my dick felt like it was in a fucking vise. I stopped moving for a moment, or two, as my dick began to shrink a little. Ellen was still pushing back at me, when I pulled out of her.

Turning her around, I instructed her to clean me off. She balked at first, until I forced my dick into her mouth. Not giving her a choice, she relented and started licking the fluids off my dick.

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