tagNonHumanA Little Respect

A Little Respect


"And what am I supposed to do with you?"

He looked down at me with a genuine glare of annoyance. I had been expecting a sneer at least, or a wild maniacal laugh as he gloated over my pathetic situation, but right at that moment it seemed as though I was more of an inconvenience than anything else. I was a little taken aback, forgetting my fear for a second as I watched him pace the cold flagstone floor of his private quarters, raising a hand momentarily to pinch the bridge of his nose in a gesture of pitiful acceptance.

"This was not my idea I can assure you," he continued, his long cloak swirling behind him- the second he stopped the folds of material rippling round his feet like a pool of turbulent water. "Now I can hardly let you go, but I am loth to kill you either. Why did you have to stray beyond The Border? You were lucky not to be killed on sight. Well speak girl..."

He hadn't really given me the chance as of yet, but I still obliged him.

"I was running away, sir."

He stopped his pacing and stood staring straight at me, arms folded.


"Because of the way they treated me, sir. I'd just had enough," I replied.

It wasn't worth lying now. His Lordship was probably already devising some hideous form of torture for me in his mind and if I didn't speak truly it would probably be worse. There were so many stories about how he came to the villages around The Border's towns and murdered innocent people in their beds while they slept. Men, women, children- it didn't matter.

I had heard some horrific stories in my time, (I was over twenty now) and the instant I had been captured I had been sure my life was over. But suddenly, face to face with the horrific monster created from village gossip and travellers tales, I began to wonder if it all hadn't been somewhat exaggerated. Sure, he was intimidating, but he wasn't a drooling, repulsive creature which looked like it had just crawled out of the darkest Hell-pit either. Something had most defiantly been lost in translation somewhere along the line. If anything- and I was trying not to admit it- he was actually rather attractive.

"I was a serving wench at a tavern," I continued, trying to block these thoughts from my mind. "The landlord, my master, didn't care much about me and neither did the customers. I was expected to do more than just serve drinks, and seeing as I had no home apart from the kitchen floor, I couldn't exactly say no either...to anyone."

"Your own people hurt you? Treated you like this?"

He seemed a little shocked at my statement.

"Yes..." I murmured, trying not to look into his darkly expressive eyes, or remember the pain I had suffered among some of my master's guests.

"And running away, with no food, money or weapons was better than a life with at least a roof over your head?"

"Yes. A lot."

He raised an eyebrow and looked back at me with a disbelieving air. With a shake of his head he leant down and pulled the cord which had kept my hands tied behind my back- the bonds which had been restraining me falling to the floor.

When they had caught me they had tied me up, although why I wasn't quite sure. I was pretty tired from all the walking and I hadn't eaten much in days- which made me feel weaker than normal. I had no intention of running away or kicking out at anyone, least of all the man looming before me now- who, if the stories were even slightly true, could beat me down with little more than the flick of his wrist. No, all my hope had gradually been eaten away and I had been easy prey to His Lordship's guards who prowled his estate. But it had been worth the risk to get away from my life at the tavern. Trouble was, now I was here paying for it.

"There," he smiled, kicking away the thick twine. "I don't want to be thought of as being worse than your previous 'employers'."

He helped me stand, my hand dwarfed by the almost claw like fingers which wrapped around my wrist and gently tugged me upwards. I straightened my skirts and tried to look as determined as possible. I didn't want him to think I was scared of him.

"Well what do you want to do?"

I had never been offered a choice before and I just gaped back in shock.

"Do you want me to let you go, or do you want to stay here?"

"Why would I want to stay here?" I asked.

"Well...because I might like you to."

His hand, still on my arm, traced upwards, all the way to my shoulder, his fingers making my skin tingle. He leant in towards me and briefly touched my lips with his own, their cool softness a strange feeling. He cupped my cheek with his hand and we kissed in a way I had never been kissed before. Normally I suffered at the hands of the drunken regulars, their behaviour rough and painful, but this time I felt tenderness, a desire to please me emanating from the core of his being. I think he felt sorry for me.

He pulled away from the kiss and brushed my hair back from my eyes with tender fingers, his dark eyes smiling at me.

"I can see why the young men like you, but a woman should be treated with respect and allowed to make her own choices in matters regarding her honour."

He bowed extravagantly, sweeping my other hand up in his own and tenderly kissing the palm. As he looked up I was caught in his memorising gaze, his slick, dark features making me feel somewhat attracted to this sinister gentleman, as despite his manners I knew there was something lurking just beneath the surface which he was trying to keep in check. Strangely enough, I felt the same.


"I...I...I would like to stay...maybe for a while," I suggested, but my mind was elsewhere, lost in his smiling, persuasive eyes. "I can't go back...my old master would probably kill me for running away."

"You cannot come to my home and live here for free though...girl," he replied, his fingers tightening around my wrist. "You would have to work to earn your keep. And seeing as I am Lord and master here...you would have to do exactly what I asked of you."

I let out a little breath of surprise when I felt myself firmly drawn to him, my body pressed up against his own as he leant over me and softly bit at the skin of my neck, not hard, more like a soft pinch before kissing down to my collarbone where he stopped and glanced upwards.

"Tell me...are you frightened of me?" he asked and his breath was cool against my skin, his soft hair brushing against my own.

Of course I was. Everyone knew what lay beyond The Border; over the bridge I had crossed two days ago. The Winterthorn Estate was legendary. No one, not even one of our hunters had come back from the place, at least not all in one piece. They had all gone to slay the creature that lived there, the very one I was with now. I was supposed to be scared of him. It was the way things were, the way I had been brought up. After all, he was a vampire Lord and I was dinner - at least that's what I had always been told. Yes, he was a creature of darkness, one of the undead, a heartless, bloodthirsty vampire.

"Yes,"I whimpered, all bravado leaving me as I expected the next moment to be my last. I closed my eyes.

"I'm very frightened."

"So you know who I am? What...I am?"

I nodded.

"Speak, girl."

"Yes, my Lord."

I felt a tingle of excitement rush through me as I said that, which shocked me through to the core. I was supposed to be a quivering wreck. But with him I felt a willingness to be his servant, (mainly because he hadn't hit me yet), but there was something else, something that made me like him. I think he knew that the simple tavern wench had always dreamed of being seduced by a handsome young man who would claim her for his own and take her away from all her misery- rather than suffer at the hands of reality where she would be manhandled by a sweaty, drunken brute who would leave her with bruised ribs, an aching body and no hope of escape.

"Are you sure you want to be mine?" he asked, and I felt no spell on my mind, no fogginess. He wanted me to be sure I was making the decision for myself. I almost melted. No one had ever been that kind to me before.

"I can easily arrange a carriage for you. You will be dropped, unharmed, on the edge of my land, free to go on your way. I know I should not, and I would probably regret it - my reputation would suffer a huge knock...but for you..."

He smiled sanguinely, not needing to finish his sentence.

I paused and wondered if I really should be scared of him, if this was all part of some clever trick, and that in moments I would be lying bloodied and lifeless on the floor to his chambers. But as if sensing my ill-ease he pressed his mouth against the side of my neck, close to my ear and held me a little more tightly, as if reassuring me by his presence.

"I would never harm you," he whispered. "I promise you- whatever choice you make. There's no need to be scared."

I smiled.

"Then I'd like to stay," I replied. "I have nothing to go back to."

He straightened and nodded curtly, as if the moment of tenderness had never occurred, looking down at me almost coldly, but now I knew it was all just part of his act- and I was beginning to like it.

"I'm glad that you have chosen to stay," he said demurely, running a hand beneath his chin for a moment, as if sizing me up, "It would have been a shame if I could not have got to know you a little better...a little more intimately."

In a second he had grabbed me and I felt his strong body move against mine, holding me, as if trying to posses me on the very spot.

"And I want to show you that not everyone is going to hurt you."

I leant up and held his head in my hand. He smiled back for a moment and I saw a kindness I had never seen before in a man's expression. It was all the reassurance I needed and without any further thought pressed my lips hard against his own, kissing him passionately and deeply, my tongue curling over hips lips and pushing them apart.

He was a little surprised that I could be so dominant in such a situation, but didn't seem to mind at first, returning the kiss just as passionately, before wrenching me back and glaring down at me, his eyes narrowed.

"That's a little bit forward for a servant...don't you think?" he asked.

He knew. He knew this was what I secretly wanted and I began to feel my body tremble with desire.

Still, he threw off his cloak, the long garment falling at his feet, and tossed off the sword which hung in its scabbard around his waist, the belt coming off too. The cloak had hidden most of his form, but now I could clearly see the well defined outline of his body. He was toned and muscled, but not overly so, his hair long, thick and dark. I wondered what it would look like against his bare shoulders and chest.

"Turn around," he ordered and I obeyed instantly, looking out of the window at the beautiful night outside, seeing the far side of the estate with its blazing wall-torches shining like beacons out into the darkness. His own private quarters were luxurious enough, although until then I had hardly been paying much attention to my surroundings. A roaring log fire graced the furthest corner, by which was a large pile of furs. There seemed to be no bed, but then he probably didn't need sleep anyway. The stone walls and floor didn't seem as cold as they should have been, decorated with tapestries and rugs, and in one corner was a long table with chairs by it, an impressive candelabra gracing the centre, small twinkling candle lights casting pretty patterns across the room.

I was engrossed, never having seen such luxury before. I felt a tingle of excitement shoot up my spine- but no sooner had I felt it, another strange sensation took hold of me. It was a hand...a cold hand...and it was tightening a round my neck.

"My Lord... I murmured, almost turning round.

"Trust me," he whispered, his fingers- instead of strangling me- beginning to slowly massage the nape of my neck, tenderly working across my shoulders.

"Relax," he encouraged, reaching up and pulling the pin from my hair so that it fell in tumbling auburn waves across my back.

"Hmmm..." I murmured softly, feeling almost drowsy under his skilful massage, my eyelids flickering. He was very good. Very...good...

Finally I began to relax.

"Good girl...that's much better..."

He ran his claw like fingers over my back and down to the lace of my tightly strung corset, beginning the normally unenviable task of unlacing the restitching garment. But instead of it being the arduous routine it usually was, it suddenly became a sensuous act as each loop was slowly unfastened and loosened, his quick fingers working teasingly to relieve me of my clothing. It wasn't fully unlaced when he suddenly ripped it off, the movement unexpected as he pulled me close to him, one hand on my now naked back, the other cupping my head. He leant in close and pressed his lips against my own, my breasts squashed against his chest, feeling the warmth of his clothes.

His slick tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I felt a fire ache inside of me as he kissed me more passionately than I had ever been before. His hand had strayed to my breasts and I felt his fingertips caress me, his touch softer than I had imagined, but firm enough to prove he meant business and that I was not going anywhere. Not that I wanted to.

He drew away from the kiss to looked down at me, a slick leer creasing his face. This was the dark vampire Lord I wanted and he knew that only too well.

"Well you are a willing little slave aren't you?" he murmured, making me all the more lustful, finding he had now worked his way down to my skirt and was unbuttoning that as well.

"Answer me," he drawled, a slick smile gracing his lips.

"Yes, my Lord," I replied, feeling the sharp tug of his hand at the base of my spine, the long length of fabric that had been my skirt falling at my feel in a pool of rough hewn material. I allowed him to touch me- he seemed to like roaming his hands across my now naked body, across the rise of my hips, my pinched waist, my buttocks and finally between my breasts, teasing at my nipples and cupping my ample bosom in his palms.

"So warm..." he murmured.

Hah. Now it was his turn to be in awe.

Although his cloak and jacket already lay useless on the floor, I continued to feel that it was a little rude for him to be able to see me completely undressed, yet be denied that pleasure for myself when it came to him.

I smiled, taking this opportunity to reach forwards and unbutton the first of the many clasps on his shirt. He said nothing and watched as I eased each one open, revealing his smooth chest, my hands inching inside the shirt and running themselves over his cool toned stomach.

"I believe you are taking advantage of me now, girl," he said, looking down at me, his dark eyes glistening, gripping my wrists and removing my hands from his person. He held me just that little bit too tightly so that it was erotically painful and I could feel the blood pumping heavily through my veins. I think he could feel that too and seemed to be as turned on as I was.

"We can't have that now, can we?"

He smiled widely and I gasped as I saw for the first time, the slight rise of his fangs appearing in his mouth, his smooth white teeth having lengthened into points which made me a little apprehensive. He went to kiss me but I pulled back slightly, making his grip around my wrists loosen, knowing I didn't like what was happening.

"Come back here..." he commanded softly, noticing I had taken a step away.

I shook my head.

He sighed and shook his head too, mimicking me. "Very well," he uttered, swiftly removing the rest of his clothing so that he stood before me totally undressed. Now we were equal I saw that he was very similar to any other man I had been with. Maybe a little more physically attractive, and certainly paler, yet when he reached out and took my hand, I knew he had patience and also forgiveness- and wondered if having pointy teeth was really so bad after all. "Happy now?" he asked, and I said I was.

He led me towards the pile of furs, the warmth of the fire already inviting. I tried not to look at his body, but I could hardly help myself. It was so creamy and perfect, and his hair did look gorgeous curled over his firm shoulders and across his chest. It made me wonder why he was interested in me, tired and weather beaten, my figure fuller and more curved than the other serving girls who I envied, but for once I sensed that he liked my shape. I glanced down as he walked. Well, he certainly liked something about me, that was for sure.

We stopped the second our toes brushed the warm fur beneath our feet.

"You're beautiful," he said, almost as if he had been reading my mind and wanted to cure me of my apprehensions. No one had ever told me that before, but then beauty wasn't always what my other 'suitors' had been interested in. "An angel in disguise..." he uttered and held his arms open to me.

I willingly went to him, I didn't care any more, and my fears seemed foolish as our bodies entwined perfectly together. My legs began to feel weak and soon I found myself sinking into the warmth of the rugs, my skin warmed by the fire, caressed by the heat of the flames and the skilled sensuous hands of the vampire Lord who held me and whispered comforting words though my mind without even opening his lips. Against his body I felt strangely safe, even when his hard tongue began tracing the contour of my neck and up to my lips. We kissed softly and he allowed me to run my tongue across his fangs, my fingers brushing his cheek.

"You can touch them if you want," he murmured, after my initial reluctance to kiss him the first time.

I gazed silently back at him. His voice had been gentle, coxing, but understanding too. For the moment he was taking his time with me.

"I won't bite you," he replied, rolling his eyes, which made me laugh nervously.

I lifted my fingers to his mouth and ran the tips over his teeth, the rise of his fangs strangely mesmerising. He smiled as he bit my finger, not hard, certainly not enough to draw blood, and instead sucked it, curling his tongue around one very lucky digit.

I liked the feel of him doing that, it was incredibly suggestive, his mouth surprisingly warm.

"Lay back," he murmured, pushing my hands away from him so that I sank back into the furs, arms bent just a little over my head. He started at my lips, a few kisses over my face, then worked down my throat, across my collarbone then down between my breasts. I squirmed in pleasure as he took one plump nipple into his mouth and softly nipped at the tender flesh, the pain gone in a moment, but highly arousing.

I dared not move. I didn't want to either, as he continued to suckle on me, paying my breasts more attention than they ever had been before. Then I suddenly felt his kiss fall a little lower, making me squirm as he licked his way down over my belly and towards my groin, his sharp teeth raking over my skin , driving me wild. My fists clenched spasmodically.

Then he did it.

It was the briefest of touches but I felt his long rough tongue lap across my most intimate of parts. I almost fainted. He was now kissing my legs, the tops of my thighs, caressing every inch of my skin- that teasing little flick of his tongue leaving me begging for more.

I saw his eyes flick up, their dark depths having gained an almost unearthly quality, reflecting so many colours, as for a moment they sparkled back at me. He knew what he was doing.

His hands were now massaging the balls of my feet, something I found most delightful as he continued to mouth wet kisses across my hips and the inside of my leg. I could feel his hair brush up against me, and again I shuddered, the lightest of touches across my now engorged and yearning skin.

"Please..." I murmured without even realising it. "Stop teasing me."

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