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A Little Ride


Have you had a lot of fun in cars? Tell me about it! I certainly have. What is that is so wild about messing around in a car?

One time, while the man that I married was pursuing me, we went parking in his car. We started making out, touching and grabbing each other. We actually dived over the front seat into the back. It was very late, and we were in kind of a secluded place, out in the desert, and you could see anyone approaching for a long way. Before just a few minutes passed, he had be stripped – no clothes! This was a nice big, old car (this was awhile back), with leather seats. The moon was very bright, kind of like low daylight, and I thought I looked great in it. Well, I was only 18, and, you know, at that age, your body is just fantastic. It wants to do things you don't even know about.

Well, back seats improved over some time. Tinted windows increased privacy, and if you had enough room, a lot of fun could be had.

One night, we went to a club to dance. This was a Raggae place, lots of rhythm, drinks with the little umbrellas in them. The music never really stopped. We went with a friend of mine, a woman that I worked with. Looking back, I think she may have had the hots for my husband. She really helped me keep him busy dancing with us. The situation also allowed me some opportunities to meet other men at the club, always a fun thing.

Later in the evening, after the liquor had flowed some, I was dancing a lot with real nice guy named Charles, a good dancer. He was very attentive toward me, holding me close and looking at me like there was no other woman in the room. He had kind of a neat island accent, like from Jamaica. I responded to him, almost without knowing. While under six feet, he had nice shoulders, and strong looking hands, and he had the cutest little butt, and wore tight slacks that showed it off, and also showed off the suggestion of what else was in his pants.

This place was real casual; you could go up on the stage and dance, as there was plenty of room all over. I found myself up there with Charles with a lot of other people. I looked down to the main floor and my husband looked up and smiled at me. Charles was behind me, and I had my back to him. Well, I smiled back at my husband and backed up, dancing with my bottom right up against the front of his pants. He reached out and put his hands on the top of my hips while I moved them against him. My, what a nice reaction I got.

At the end of the evening, my girl friend went home in her car, and I asked my husband if we could go for some breakfast and take Charles with us. He looked at me kind with kind of a knowing look and said it would be fine with him.

We walked to the car with me between Charles and my husband. When we got there, I asked my husband if I could get in the back with Charles while he drove. I grabbed my husband and gave him a big kiss, then jumped in the back seat.

Charles really got the message when I asked him, "Charles, would you help me with these clothes?" He had my blouse unbuttoned and popped off my stretchy little skirt in a moment. I made him watch while I pulled off my little panties, and, there I was, nude in the back seat again, this time, in traffic. That was ok, the window tint was working well, although I was kind of worried about my husband keeping his eye on the road.

After I made out with him some, sat in his lap, and got him really worked up, I helped Charles with his pants. What I came up with was very nice. Nice and thick, and, when I touched it, it grew a little longer, showing off the interesting slight curve it made back toward him. Oh, my, I was turned on. My nipples were both hard and extra sensitive as he took my breasts into his mouth while he held my bottom in his hands. I could feel an almost electrical sensation moving between my breasts and pussy as he kissed and bit, and rolled my nipples with his tongue. I was on my knees with my legs spread while he was doing this, and I was almost bouncing. He put his hand between my legs and started massaging my little erect clit with a finger. Soon, all of this wonderful stuff was not enough. I needed that beautiful dick.

He was really magnificent. I made him kind of lie back while I started taking it into my mouth. I finally had to have him lie down so I could get the curve of it into my mouth from the right direction. I really slowed my motions while I held it there, and consciously relaxed myself while I let it slip into my throat.

Guys, this is a feeling that is both gross, in such a nice way, and, nasty in such a neat way, that I can hardly explain it. You have to relax, or you will gag. If you can get the guy not to pump, and to concentrate on you a little, more fun can be had. In this case, we were doing the "ole 69" position, very well, I might say. I was easing his dick in and out of my throat, and he was licking my cunt and ass very enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, my husband... Well, he expected something like this, maybe not this much of what was happening, but he knew. Anyway, he had pulled over into a quiet older neighborhood with lots of cars on the street, parked, and killed the lights.

Charles and I carried on a few minutes more doing our "69" and I broke it off because I knew he was about to explode. I got him to sit in the middle of the back seat with his feet on the floor and then I sat in his lap, facing forward, with my legs spread. I was able to touch my husband in the front seat, and I just let Charles do his thing.

He kind of jacked himself off a little, then he moved me closer so that he could put his cock in me. As it went in, I felt the curve of it rub against the top of my vagina in an unfamiliar way. The straighter I sat up, the better it felt and I knew this was special.

I ground my ass into him while he effortlessly helped me move up and down on that nice thick, curved penis. I have had G-spot orgasms before, but never while being fucked from behind. I think that I squirted more on him than he ever could in me. My God, it was all over him, and me, and the car. When it was over, I was just a rag, and full of his cum.

We never made it out to breakfast. My husband drove us back to the club so Charles could get his car. I slid over the seat into the front, still buck naked, and dozed all the way home. Yes, I did get fucked again that night, but it was hard to get that energetic again. I think my old man understood, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

Hope you enjoyed this...

Love, Micki

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