tagInterracial LoveA Little Sunshine At Work

A Little Sunshine At Work


I am an Administrative Assistant to one of the Managers in a very large company downtown and boy is she a bitch. What a dull job I have. Can you say boring. Well the most exciting thing happened when boss lady quit, I got a new one and man is he sexy. I like to call him Sunshine. Sunshine is about 32 or 33 years old. He is about 6 ft. tall with light brown hair, slightly curly and cut short. He has a gorgeous smile and pretty nice body since he works out everyday at lunch. I don't' think he is knock out gorgeous but to me he is quite sexy. Maybe it's because of that black/white taboo thing going on.

You see Sunshine is white and I am black. My name is Sasha, I'm 28, 5'2'' and I am basically what African American men call THICK, built like a brickhouse, with my full yet firm 38DD breasts, narrow waist and powerful sprinter's thighs all covered in cocoa brown skin.

I've always had a thing for white guys, and it's probably because society says we can't mix. I only dated one, slept with a couple but they were all young and disappointing. I am not intimidated by his managerial status, actually, hardly am I cowed by anyone. Sunshine was different. He never tried to be intimidating like some bosses do. He is actually a warm person, never exuding a domineering employer personality to me. He and I are pretty cool and have a good working relationship. Normally, we speak our minds freely to one another like we're long friends from way back.

I always dress professionally for work, but I have been told that I ooze sexuality in whatever short, sexy suite I am wearing. Especially, since most of my shoes are 2 or more inches high to accentuate my athletic legs. Mostly, I keep my suite jacket on because my nipples are always so hard and visible through my blouses. It's not that our office is normally cold, it's just that I am normally hot and sexual by nature. But being so comfortable around him I would go into Sunshine's office without it. Eventually, I began to see the effects I was causing on Sunshine.

More times than not, I would catch him looking at my breasts swaying as I walked into his office. Because I knew where he was looking, my nipples would just get harder and strain against whatever shirt I was wearing. Once, while standing over him with my breasts close to his face as he explained something to me in an Excel spreadsheet, I was treated to a peek of that huge bulge trying find room in his pants. Later I went back to my desk with moist panties because I was so turned on by him being turned on by me. I was on fire and he hadn't even touched me yet. We agreed to meet later in the afternoon to continue going over the spreadsheet.

I was so hot for him that at lunch while he went to the gym, I went to the drug store up the street and bought a pair of thigh highs. I took off the soaked through panties and hose tossed them in the trash and replacing them both with the thigh highs. Next, I took off my shirt and bra so that under my navy blue, three-button blazer, the short navy and white printed wrap skirt, thigh highs and my three-inch, navy, fuck me sandals there was only ready-to-melt hot chocolate flesh.

Most of the office was gone by the time I moseyed back to Sunshine's office. I could tell by the expression on his face that he noticed how my breasts moved much more freely under my silk blazer. I couldn't see past the top of his desk but I notice he moved his hands between his legs briefly. As he stood up turning away from me he told me to pull a chair up to his monitor and he would be right back. He was out the door before I could see what kind of effect I was having.

When he returned 10 minutes later he found me sitting on his U-shaped desk across from the monitor with my legs crossed facing away from him. He says, "where am I going to sit if you've got ass on my desk?" I lean back on my elbows so that I could peer at him upside down. Laughing, I briefly allowed him time to check out how my nipples strain against it's confines and my skirt parts in the middle to just below my pussy lips, leaving my entire legs open for his viewing. I watched him visibly try to gain control of his lustful thoughts. I don't think he knew I was doing it on purpose. He actually looked scared. I was actually a little scared myself. Scared of rejection first and foremost, yet, I was also afraid because technically this is sexual harassment if he rejects me. Then I thought, hell, I've gone this far I might as well finish what I started. No one will ever call me a chicken.

Slowly I came back to a sitting position. Uncrossing and spreading my legs I pulled his chair back between them and patted the back. Now, at this point my bare shaved pussy was definitely wide open, but the high back of the chair obstructed his view. I said, "Sit here, so that I can see better". His dick definitely jumped that time. He sat down very quickly grabbing two files off the desk to put on his lap. I lean forward thrusting my tits toward the back of his head and put my hands on his shoulders rubbing circles on the nape of his neck with the pads of my thumbs. Moving my lips close to his ear I say, "Relax Sunshine. You are so tense, would you rather show me tomorrow?" He turns his head and leans back and says, "You are making me nervous, someone could walk in and wonder why you are sitting on my desk rubbing your hands all over me while I'm sitting between your spread legs". With him leaning into me so close, his lips half an inch from mine, starting at his nape I run my left hand into his hair and grab hold and kiss his neck erotically while whispering "is that all it is". I guess I left him speechless because he didn't answer.

With Sunshine still leaning into me, I kiss him quickly on the cheek close to his lips and slowly lift my left leg over his head giving him peeks and whiffs of my steaming pussy as I hopped off the desk on the other side. I walked to the door and closed it. As I walked back around the desk I noticed he was stroking and pulling on that monster dick under the files. I removed the files and sat in his lap with my legs resting on his thighs grinding down on him feeling his cock press between my ass cheeks as I went. He moaned, "Sasha, what are you doing to me?" I lift my ass from his lap and reach under to unbuckle and unzip his belt and slacks while pulling my skirt up and away with the other hand. As I return my ass to his lap the three buttons from my blazer went flying as he rips it open, fully exposing my firm cocoa titties with the large, deep chocolate areoles and long nipples. He caresses the cocoa skin of my breasts from the sides with the back of his hands, slowly moving up and inward until the tips of his manicured, white fingers were tantalizing my chocolate, twin peaks. I threw my head back moaning, "yeah sunshine, just like that" as he continued to play and pull on my nipples, while licking, kissing and biting my neck. All at once I realized he had reclined the chair so that it rested against the other side of the desk and he was grinding his freed cock up and between my legs against my exposed pussy lips. I was on fire.

Quickly, I reached down with one hand and spread my already juicy lips. With the other hand, I took hold of his erection and rubbed the pink, throbbing head against my hot pink, chocolate, covered clitoris. I screamed out his name when I came. Sunshine put his left hand over my mouth and the other over my hand that covered his cock, maneuvering it quickly up and down over and over all the while kissing and biting the right side of my neck and shoulder. When I began sucking two of his fingers in and out my mouth he let go of my hand that was still rubbing up and down and squeezing his cock and started rubbing my clitoris. Oh my god, he was going to make me come, again! And boy did I. I came all over his hand and the side of his dick.

I was still cumming when I realized we were no longer reclined or sitting. He stood up, quickly sliding me off his thighs turned me, pushed me on my knees into the chair. He then knelt down on the floor, spread my cheeks and lips and started licking and sucking my pussy feverishly sending me over the edge of any control I thought I had. He had me shaking and moaning and calling his name like a bitch in heat. Before he made me come again for the fourth time, he climbed up on the chair behind me grabbed me by my hair, wrapped one arm around my waist and rammed that big ass cock in my pussy like there was no tomorrow. After only a few fast strokes we both came, moaning dirty words and obscenities at each other the whole time. Although I could barely catch my breath, I continued to squeeze him with my inner walls until I milked his cock for all the cum he had lefts in those sacks.

Unable to move a muscle he and I just collapsed over the back of the chair onto the desk, trying our best to calm the rapid beatings of our hearts. In our incoherent state we never realized that someone had opened the door and now there was an audience until we heard the clapping and cheers from the two other men still in the office.

I will tell you what happened after that another time.

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