tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Little Witch Named Ruby

A Little Witch Named Ruby

byLady Malachite©

(All characters in this story are over 18.)


Black cats had almost gone extinct, most of them having been drowned ten years ago when the village government decided to make them illegal. But still, Ruby recognized one when she found it on the street, and when it followed her home she knew what it meant. She was destined to be a witch.

"I should have known a girl like you would be chosen," her mother, Pearl, said, clicking her tongue. She stirred the pot on the fire a little more roughly than strictly necessary. "That's what happens to girls who grow up without a father."

Ruby shrugged her shoulders and the black cat began coiling itself around her legs as though it already owned her, which if you believed the legends, it actually did. This was kind of scary, but still, Ruby didn't really care. She was getting to the age when she really ought to get married, and she wasn't looking forward to it. All the men in the village were pathetic. Besides, she already knew she didn't have to get married to have fun!

Witches didn't have to get married. They got to live at the edge of town and weave spells and make potions, sometimes giving out magic cloaks or some such rubbish to a passing soldier or prince in disguise in exchange for a little kindness. It sounded like a wonderful adventure compared to sitting around the house cooking, cleaning and tending fires all day, which was what most women did.

"Now don't you let that beast ruin you," Pearl said crossly, waving a spatula with bits of stew still clinging to it at her daughter.

Ruby waked up the stairs to the bedchamber and closed the door behind her. What could her mother possibly mean by that? It sounded like what she would say in the morning when Ruby left the house to get tutored together with the village boys: "Now, don't let your guard down and don't get too close to anyone, or you might be ruined!" she'd yell as Ruby would run out the door with a little bit of food for the teacher. So, Ruby didn't let her guard down, but she didn't have any fun either, except when she'd go down to the river after class and strip off her clothes and feel the cold water run between her legs or when she'd sprawl on the warm stones and touch herself. Of course, no one ever saw any of that, so it didn't count. A man had to touch you in order to ruin you, and even then there were times when it didn't count.

Ruby's mother had been the May Queen at the fertility festival years ago, and every man in the village had taken his turn with her. That's how Ruby was conceived, and that's why there was always tax money to take care of her.

Suitors still came for Ruby's mother, while they never came for ruined women. It was entirely her fault that she turned them all away. It was her fault Ruby never had a father. There was no reason for her to be clicking her tongue and making such remarks.

"Cats don't ruin people," Ruby said, picking the cat up and kissing in on the forehead. The cat purred. It wasn't half bad, being a witch, Ruby thought, stroking the cat's soft black fur. The fluff felt good against her face and hands, it was like handling a velvet cloth. Ruby couldn't wait until she could move to the edge of town and start weaving spells and the like.

She curled up on her straw mattress and fell sound asleep. She barely stirred when the cat jumped up next to her and curled up against her back.

That night Ruby dreamt that her body was being carried down river, and the water seemed to flow into her, pushing between her legs and making her writhe as she was carried further and further away from her little village. She felt more incredibly free than she ever did in her entire life, and at the same time with so little control of her destiny it made her shiver with trepidation.

Ruby awoke to find another girl in her bed, who had somehow managed to wiggle her way between Ruby's legs.

The girl moaned loudly as she continued to feast between Ruby's legs. Ruby didn't quite know what to do. She had never done or felt anything like this before, and wasn't entirely sure whether or not she liked it. It was way too overpowering. She couldn't lie back on her bed and take it at all, and it felt like every muscle in her body was conspiring against her to make her twist and turn every-which-way. Plus, there just seemed to be something wrong about having a complete stranger down there, thrusting her tongue in and out of her like that! Where did the girl come from and how did she manage to get into Ruby's bedroom?

The girl between her legs didn't let up, as though she didn't realize that Ruby was awake and writhing under her touch. Ruby couldn't think straight. Her head was completely filled with the hot bubbling sensation that was running through her. She gasped and began to moan.

She didn't like that one bit. She remembered her mother's voice in her head, warning her against letting herself be ruined. Is this what she meant? It felt so odd and so good. She pushed at the woman's head, trying to extricate it from between her legs, wanting to be free of the pleasurable torment. But the girl would not be moved. Instead, her tongue began to flick quicker and quicker, causing Ruby to moan louder and louder.

"No! No!" Ruby cried, though she was very near climax. "I can't stand it. It's too much! Oh please, do stop."

But it was no use. The woman would not stop.

"Oh, please! I do not know you. This doesn't feel right at all. Please, please, do leave me alone!" Ruby moaned, writhing on the bed. But still, the woman would not stop.

Ruby kicked out wildly with her legs and her foot collided with the woman's head.

"Ouch! What did you do that for?" the woman inquired, rubbing the place on her scalp where Ruby had kicked her. "I just thought you could use a good-morning orgasm, that's all." Ruby covered her mouth in shock. The woman had exactly same face as her, only darker. It was like looking into a dusty mirror.

"I told you to stop and you didn't listen," Ruby said, straightening up and feeling quite ruffled.

"Well, I beg your pardon, but I was far too busy wedging my tongue up your wet hole to hear you whine over a little pleasure."

"I didn't ask for this!" Ruby protested. "I don't even know who you are. I've never seen you before in my life."

"I followed you home yesterday from the river. Don't you remember? That's so impolite!" The woman exclaimed.

"If course I don't remember you!" Ruby exclaimed. "And I have no idea what you mean by following me home. I don't remember anyone following me home last night, and I wouldn't have let you into my bedroom even if you did! What kind of girl do you take me for?"

"A witch," the woman replied evenly. "And now I understand the source of the misunderstanding. You see, I'm the black cat."

"Wait! But cats don't just turn into people! It's unheard off!"

"Not any more unheard of that a girl being a witch," the girl replied. "It's all part of a magic spell what was cast a thousand years ago. A entire race of women was magically transfigured into cats to do the bidding of people with special magical abilities. When a familiar, which is what we're typically called, finds a mistress, she can revert back to her human form."

"But you look exactly like me!" Ruby cried. "That shouldn't be possible!"

"Yeah, well, that's part of the mystery of it. It's part of the magic link. You see, we're born with an image of our true form, and it's our job to hunt down someone who matches that image. That's how we know what to look for."

"Oh... I see," Ruby replied. "I suppose that makes sense. It still doesn't give you permission to lick me between the legs without asking!"

"Of course it does!" the girl protested. "I'm your familiar. I'm supposed to help you become more powerful, and right now I sense that what you need is a couple of hundred of good orgasms."

"I need no such thing!" Ruby replied, pouting. "Besides, even if I did, you could at least talk to me about it first. It's not like we even have that sort of relationship."

"But we do!" the girl replied. "We're supposed to go off to the edge of town together and do magic. I've been waiting my whole life to find you! And you're rejecting me. Well, it's not as if you have a choice or anything, you know! It's your destiny to be with me. You can't fight your destiny."

"I don't know about fighting my destiny. I don't really have any problem with cauldrons and magic. What I have a problem with is you appearing out of nowhere and acting like you own me without even talking to me. I don't even know your name, for crying out loud!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I you didn't know. I was talking to you long after you had fallen asleep. My name's Orcad and I was born in the abandoned wheat field just outside the village wall. I think that's the perfect place to make our cottage. The magic there is very strong."

Ruby was beginning to get excited. It was her dream to move out of her mother's house and have a place of her own where she could tend the fire just the way she wanted and cook the food she really wanted. She was so delighted she was trembling, and a little of her juice rolled down her inner thigh. Orcad licked her lips.

"But I don't know how to make a house. I don't know anything about carpentry or masonry. How can I build myself a cottage if I don't have the money to hire anyone to do it for me?"

"That's why we're going to use magic. It will be like a test. The first step to becoming a full-fledged witch."

"Can I really do such a thing?"

"Of course. You've got me to help!" Orcad replied, smiling broadly and tossing a lock of black hair out of her face. "So, when are we going to get to work?"

Ruby looked out the window. The sky was still dark and hazy. But her mother's mattress was empty.

"If we sneak out now, I might be able to get away without too many questions. But how can I explain you to her? You said you were in my bed all night? My mother didn't notice you?"

"Your mom fell asleep the moment she lay down on the mattress."

"Yes. Mom's always very tired when she goes to bed," Ruby said. "Sometimes I wonder if she's sick."

Orcad shrugged. "Your mother seems to have pretty strong magical powers. But I suppose her familiar must have been drowned by the townspeople before she could meet her.

"That's sad," Ruby replied. "I was little when the cat drowning started, but I had terrible nightmares and cried for days. It was awful."

"Anyway, we ought to get going," Orcad said, abruptly changing the subject, a single tear running down her cheek. "The spell we'll need is very complicated and might take all day. We'd better be on our way."

"Oh, yes. Let's go at once!" Ruby replied, jumping up and down. "But I really think we'd better go out the window so that Mom won't see and get mad. She doesn't want me to be a witch at all. She thinks it's wrong."

Orcad laughed. "Mothers can be like that," she replied. "At least that's what I've heard. My mom and all my female relatives are cats."

Ruby nodded. Now that she was getting to know Orcad, she thought that everything she said was interesting and wanted to hear more, but right now she was interested in running away and building her cottage.

"So what sort of spell are we going to use to magic ourselves out the window?" Ruby asked, her heart racing in excitement. "Or do you except me to make a rope out of blankets?"

Orcad rubbed her hand between her legs, a thoughtful expression on her face. The gesture reminded Ruby of the way she used to hold herself when she needed to go to the bathroom, and she burst into a fit of giggles.

Orcad pulled her hand from between her legs and smiled, looking embarrassed. "Hmm. I think a simple levitation spell is all the two of us will need," she replied, looking out the window into the village beyond. "In order to levitate, you need to put your heart at ease and think about what makes you happiest. Then you chant the magic word 'Ecanit,' and then you can float. It's a whole other thing to control the flight. But I can help you until you get the hang of it. Oh, and I like to give my clit a little pinch before I take off. I think it makes the spell work better."

"Oh, I'm not going to do that!" Ruby said, blushing. She was embarrassed to even think of the little knob of flesh she had stroked a few of times while lying on the bench and staring at the sky.

Orcad shrugged. "It's your choice," she said, before pinching her clit and yelling 'Ecanit'. She rose up into the sky and Ruby had to suppress a giggle of merriment as she flew around the room. "Come on!" Orcad said, her voice just as merry.

But what could Ruby think of? She had no idea. Figuring out what makes one happiest is the hardest thing in the world! She thought about the time her teacher complimented her for solving a difficult problem, but that wasn't nearly good enough, and playing with herself on the beach she was definitely out. It was too embarrassing. Then she suddenly realized that trying to cast the spell so she could fly out her window already made her as happy as she had ever been her whole life, and so she said 'Ecanit,' a little more softly then Orcad had, and she too rose into the air.

She had a much harder time controlling herself than Orcad and ricocheted off the walls of her bedroom a couple of times, squashing her little turned-up nose rather badly before her familiar was able to catch a hold of her and help direct her to the window.

Ruby was too excited to be worried about the pain. She was flying! She was actually flying! It was incredible, even if Orcad had to lead her by the hand to keep her from crashing. It was like when her mother had taught her to ride a horse by guiding her around the yard with a rope. Ruby felt so tall and powerful. She could see over the walls of the village all the way to the mountains.

Oh, but it must have been later than she thought, because the sun was just rising over the horizon and people were beginning to come out of their houses.

Ruby suddenly blushed. She realized that she must look very odd flying through the air in her old cotton work dress and put her skirt between her legs to hide her panties from the people below.

Orcad, who of course wasn't wearing any clothing at all, looked back at her and laughed as they flew onward to the abandoned field.

Most of the village people didn't even look up, but went on with their daily routine as though they didn't see the witch and her familiar flying overhead, but one boy, named Charcoal, who had just left school and was a year older than Ruby, glanced up at her.

Ruby wanted to spit on him. She hated the boy for years, ever since he started pulling her pigtails when she was a little girl, and she kicked dirt in his face every day after school to keep him from following her to her favorite hiding place and continuing to torment her!

The bully continued to eat his morning breakfast of dried bread while he stared up at the two, his jaw going slightly slack and crumbs spilling out of the corner of his mouth.

It was not much later that Ruby and Orcad landed in the old abandoned field. Ruby liked how the place looked, absolutely perfect for a witch. The grain had all gone to seed and there were wildflowers everywhere. She could almost feel the magic coursing through her as she looked around, waiting for more instructions from Orcad.

Orcad was taking her time and looking melancholy, as though the field held some bad memory for her.

Ruby sat down cross-legged on the grass and waited until her new friend was able to compose herself. Everyone always told Ruby she was a wild child, but her mother had taught her some manners!

"Are you ready now?" Ruby asked, perhaps a little sheepishly, when her familiar had wiped the tears from her eyes. "You said that we had a lot of work to do."

Orcad picked up a stick that was lying on the ground and began tracing a circle clockwise in a piece of mud. Ruby watched, her eyes widening as the symbol grow more and more elaborate.

When she was done with her task, Orcad looked up at her mistress and began to describe the different pieces of the rune: the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, and the six planets. And then she showed her the very center, where there was a symbol that she said stood for Ruby's magic name.

"You mean I have to change my name?" Ruby gasped. She had never thought about that. It seemed like quite a lot, leaving home and taking a new name all on the same day!

Orcad looked at Ruby, her eyes narrowing slightly. "No. You were born with a magic name, just like everyone else in this village. Didn't your mother tell it to you when you were a little girl?"

Ruby shook her head. Orcad looked at her quizzically, and then looked away quickly, realizing that it was now her friend's turn to be upset.

"It's ok, Ruby, really it is. Come on, we need to place more of these symbols in the cardinal directions: North, South, East, West. And then we need to start conjuring up the boundaries."

"I want my cottage to be large." Ruby said dreamily. "It's always been my dream to have the largest house in town."

Orcad laughed. "Think how long it would take to clean without servants," she said sensibly.

"That's shouldn't matter at all! I'm a witch. I can just conjure myself up a couple of servants!" Ruby replied haughtily, completely forgetting that she hadn't even learned to fly yet.

"Giving things life is hard," Orcad replied. "It often goes terribly wrong, even when a very experienced witch attempts it. We couldn't possibly try something that difficult for years."

"Well, then I'll just have to use magic to keep the house spotless," Ruby said, her hands on her hips.

Orcad laughed. "All right then. Let's get started. A big house will take longer to build than a small one."

Under Orcad's instruction, Ruby drew more symbols and lined up sticks to make the walls. Orcad laid herself down in the center of the runes and began to rub her clit. Ruby thought that it was a little improper for her friend to be doing something like that where she could see it, but Orcad explained that her juices provided powerful magical energy.

"You could help out too," she added pointedly, and Ruby hurried off to place more boundary markers.

Ruby said the magic work 'Toma,' and the sticks became strong wood walls. She placed pebbles on the ground and they turned into fine masonry work.

Ruby climbed on top of her house with a handful of dried grass and it become straw thatching.

"Very good work," Orcad said, vigorously pumping three of her fingers in and out of her pussy.

"It's smaller than I thought it would be," Ruby said breathlessly. "It's not even quite as big as the cottage where I grew up, but I think it will do. I'm only just starting out, after all."

Orcad smiled. She was spreading her fingers far apart to stretch her pussy as she came, and Ruby looked away nervously.

"Shall we conjure up a door so we can go inside?" Orcad asked, pulling her fingers from between her legs.

"Oh yes! I would like that more than anything," Ruby breathed.

"Then put your thumb against the wall were you'd like the entrance to be and say 'Agrea,'" Orcad said and began hungrily licking the pussy juices off her fingers.

Ruby did what she was told, pressing her thumb against the wall nearest the town and whispering a magic word to herself.

The wood swung open around her, making a fine entrance to her new house, but when she looked in she found it was pitch black inside.

Orcad stood up quickly, her breasts jiggling, and walked over so she was standing next to Ruby, who looked just about ready to cry.

"We have to make the inside, too," Orcad said simply, wrapping her arm around Ruby to give her. She conjured a sizeable fireball by snapping the fingers of her free hand and threw it into the house.

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