tagLoving WivesA Lonely Couple Wakes Up Pt. 01

A Lonely Couple Wakes Up Pt. 01


My lovely wife, Judy and I were lying in bed together. It had been ages since we had gone to bed at the same time. Our schedules were so different that we just hadn't been able to. Tonight, a Friday, we had both showered and climbed into bed at the same time. We surprised each other. I lay on my back looking over at her. She lay on her side facing me, head propped up on her hand. After a few seconds she moved over to cuddle up to me. I kissed her forehead softly. She sighed.

"Why...why can't we do this more often?" she asked.

"Because we work hard, play hard and have no time for each other it would seem," I answered her.

"You're right and I find that just wrong. I like what I do. I like my work. But I love you. I want to be with you. More than we have in the last...what?...six months?"

"Longer than that, I'm afraid. I too like my job and what I do. I just don't know why I work so many hours. It's not like I have any further in the company to climb. I am the senior partner, President and CEO. I should be sitting back and letting all the junior partners and employees handle things for me. I just can't let go of the reins and I should. For you," I said, kissing her forehead again.

"Me too. Let's make a pact."


"Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we knock off early and don't bring any work home with us and just spend that time together. And from now on we'll be honest with each other about our feelings and other stuff."

"I have never worked on a Sunday," I said, chuckling. "What other stuff?"

"Oh. Still those five nights will be ours. Stuff. Questions we might ask each other about things."

"Five? Other things?"

"Yes, five," she said almost scolding me. "Other things...oh, let's just be honest with each other."

"That's okay with me. What will we be doing?"

"Dinner, either in or out. Then maybe dancing, we both like to dance. Then back here or maybe even a hotel to be intimate with each other. I miss that."

I lie there looking into her eyes. I could see a spark. Was it anger or arousal. I couldn't tell. That's how long we hadn't been this close.

"I too miss that. What happened to us? We weren't like this before we graduated from college?"

"I don't have an answer to that, really, but I suspect we fell into the corporate trap," she said softly.


"Work hard, get ahead, make more money, work hard, get ahead, make more money. It would seem we have both gotten to the point where we can go no higher in our jobs. We are both CEO's at our respective firms, have all the money we could ever want and I'm tired of the rat race."

"Yes, I see your point. I too am tired. Well, what would you like to do now? I have decided not to go in tomorrow...at all," I told her.

"Then I'm not going in either. As for what to do...would you like to fuck me?" she asked.

"I would. I always want to fuck you, but tonight I want to explore with you."


"Explore. We have been married for 10 years and I hardly know what your likes and dislikes are when it comes to sex. We have had sex in many different positions, but we have never explored other options."

"Like, what options?" she asked with a leery look on her face.

"Well I know you like me to lick and suck your pussy, but you have never sucked my cock. Is that something you would do for me?"


A shiver ran down her body as she answered me. I was a little surprised, but not taken aback by her answer.

"Then would you let me cum in your mouth?" I asked.

She stared at me, her eyes closed down to slits. She thought for quite awhile.

"Yes," she said in a hoarse whisper.

"Would you like to suck my cock now?" I asked, my heart starting to thunder in my ears.

"Yes," she said so softly that I didn't hear her, but I read her lips even though they barely moved.

I was still on my back. I reached down and pushed my pajamas bottoms down my legs. My cock was starting to get hard in anticipation of her lips closing around the head. I was still looking into her eyes. I saw excitement and fear.

"You have nothing to be afraid of dear," I told her.

"I'm not afraid to suck you, I'm afraid of how you'll think of me after I do."

I almost laughed, but stifled it so quick you could never tell.

"Honey, I love you. You sucking me, won't change that. Did you think less of me after the first time I licked and sucked on you pussy?"

I saw her shudder as I said pussy.

"No, but I did wonder how you got so good at...never mind."

"What? Did you think I had some woman on the side who I practiced on?"

"The thought had occurred to me, but then I remember you telling me about your three girlfriends before you met me. I kind of knew you practiced on them," she said.

"Yes, I did. they actually taught me a lot about the female genitals. They were a bit older than I."

"How much older than you, dear?" she asked.

"Do you really want to know?" I asked back.

"Yes. I don't need to know all the juicy details, now."


"Just tell me how much older they were," she growled, giving me a frustrated look.

"Jenny was two years older. Sue was four and Amber was..."


"Amber was ten years older than me. She is the one that taught me the most. She was also the last of the three."

"Any other older women in your life?" she asked.

"Well there was one other, but I don't think you want to hear about her."

"Why not?"

"It was my mother and we never had sex together." I laughed at the look on her face.

"Wiseass," she said.

"Now are you going to suck my cock," I growled. She gasped at my use of the word cock, but I also saw a shiver run down her body.

"Yes," she whispered.

Looking at me she started to move until her mouth was hovering over my pulsing cock. She looked at me as she lowered her mouth down to engulf me. I moaned at the feeling of her hot, wet mouth sucking gently on my member. Her tongue started to swirl around the crown as she pulled up letting it slide through her lips. She didn't hesitate, nor did she balk at sucking and bobbing her head. She had one hand on the shaft and the other was gently massaging my balls. She knew what she was doing.

"You've done this before?" I asked.

She ignored me and sucked harder on my cock.

"You have done this before, haven't you?" I scolded.

She nodded, moaning as she did.

"Keep sucking, you are doing a wonderful job." I groaned as she moaned around my cock again.

I was getting close. I was really close. I wondered if she wanted to know or to be surprised.

"Do you want to know when I am going to cum or would you like to be surprised?"

She popped my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "Surprise me, please," she said softly.

Her mouth was quickly back on my cock, sucking and licking my sensitive skin. She was fantastic. Her skill was only surpassed by Amber. I was trying to not give away that I was about to cum, when the first stream shot out of my dick into her mouth. She shook with orgasm as it hit her tongue. I must have pulsed six or seven times filling her mouth with my semen. She groaned and shook as she swallowed. Then she squeezed my balls and my cock pulsed one more time. She moaned as she swallowed again.

"Holy shit, you're good at that! Why? Why have you never...my god!"

She pulled her mouth off my cock, moved up beside me and kissed me hard. I kissed her back just as hard. If only I had known. I pulled back from her, looking into her eyes. I saw fear in them. I smiled, hoping it would reassure her.

"You have nothing to fear from me my dear. But I want to know how?"

"How what?" she asked.

"How you got so good at sucking cock?" I whispered.

She shivered at that word again. She closed her eyes in thought and what appeared to be a small orgasm. She popped her eyes open. She had beautiful eyes. Dark blue, crystal clear eyes. No fog, no clouds, no veils, just clear intelligence behind them.

"I had a lot of boyfriends before I met you. Up until the last one before you, I wouldn't let them fuck me because I knew we were two young to really be in love. So I sucked them all off whenever we went out on a date. I got good through repetition. Then the last guy before you, taught me how to really suck cock. He force me to suck cock correctly." She shivered each time she said that word. "He knew what he wanted. He was six years older than me and his wife wouldn't suck his cock. I liked sucking cock..."

"Wait! You went out with a married man?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes. Does that make you hate me?" she asked softly.

"No, no dear. Not at all. Was he the guy that took you cherry?"

"Yes. I got so excited one night that I just let him have me. At first it really hurt, but after a while it started to feel good. There was hardly any blood and he made me cum so hard, I let him cum in me. Mom had me on the pill, just in case..."

"That is so..."

"So what?" she asked the fear was back in her eyes.

"So sexy. Did you only fuck him that one time or did you fuck him after that?" She shivered at the word fuck, the fear went away.

"We fucked several time after that."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"I did. Very much. I couldn't get enough..."

"Couldn't get enough what, dear?"

"I couldn't get enough of his cock," she growled, shivering again.

"And mine?"

"I can't...I can't...I threw myself into my work."


"Because that's what I thought you wanted. A successful, proper wife. And we hardly saw each other. Both of us took trips out of town a lot. We also worked long, long hours. I wanted to be with you so bad...I shouldn't put this on you. A lot of it was my fault too." She put her head on my should and started to weep.

I pulled her into my arms, hugging her gently. She sighed.

"I love you," she told me.

"And I love you so much it hurts."

"So, five nights, are ours," she said.

"Yes they are."

I kicked off my pajama bottoms. Sat up and pulled hers down her legs. She sighed as I ran my fingers through her neatly trimmed pubic hair. I placed a finger at her entrance, she was soaking wet.

"Fuck me, please. Just fuck me with you wonderful cock," she cried, tears rolling down her face.

I didn't say a word. I just rolled between her spread legs. Her hand snaked down between us and lined my cock up with her entrance. I pushed slowly into her wet pussy. Her lips parted clinging to the head of my cock. Then I was just inside her body. She moaned and started to buck her hips a little.

"Push it in please? I need you inside me," she croaked, her voice filled with passion.

I pushed it in. All the way in. She cried out as I hit bottom, stretching her vagina out just a little. She was coming, hard.

"Oh my god. Shit. Fuck." Words I rarely heard her utter, let alone shout like she was now.

I just kept pressing into her. I still wasn't all the way inside her. I backed out slowly. She gasped, throwing her legs around my hips trying to keep me inside her. I pushed back into her slowly, gently pressing against her cervix, stretching her vagina until I was completely inside her, she screamed with her climax.

"I'm coming. Oh my god, I'm coming," she shouted.

Her hips bucked against my pelvis mashing her clit between us, causing her more pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" she yelled. "Now. Now fuck me, like you never fucked me before," she screamed.

I pulled out of her slowly. She kept trying to make me pull out faster. When I was almost out of her body, I slammed into her pussy as hard as I could. She screamed something unintelligible in my ear. I grunted as my balls hit her ass. I kept fucking her hard and fast. She screamed each time I hit bottom. Her eyes were open looking up at me, a frantic look in them, but also I could see love and lust. Her hips bucked up against me as I slammed into her. I was getting close again. It looked like she was too.

"I'm coming," she yelled.

Her body shook with her orgasm. Her pussy gripped me, tightly. That did it for me.

"I'm coming," I croaked.

I slammed into her pussy one last time and sprayed my seed inside her. She screamed as my hot cum hit the sides of her pussy.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming again," she growled, looking up at me with fire in her eyes.

I collapsed on top of her. She grunted but held me tight.

"I love you," she said softly.

"I love you," I whispered in her ear. She shivered.

When I could move, I rolled to her side. She looked at me, her eyes got wide and she was up and out of bed hurrying to the bathroom. I watched her cute ass disappear around the corner. I lay back, content. I thought to myself, 'It's been a long time since I felt this way.'

Then I felt a warm wash cloth on my cock. Looking down, Judy was cleaning me. I smiled at her as she watched my face.

"Thank you," I told her.

"You're welcome," she said throwing the cloth over her shoulder not caring where it landed.

She crawled up to lay beside me. I wrapped her in my arms and hugged her to me. She hugged me back.

"Now what?" she asked. "Do you want to go to sleep? To tell the truth, I'm not very sleepy."

"Tell me about the fantasy you think about when you masturbate?" I asked. She gasped at my question.

"I...how do you know that I do masturbate?"

"Honesty," I said. She closed her eyes.

"I'm on a deserted beach with you. We are naked. We kiss. Your hands are feeling me up, squeezing my hard nipples. You then lay me down on a large beach towel. You slip you hard cock into me and slowly fuck me to a huge climax over and over."

"Hot," I said.

"When you masturbate, what fantasy do you think about?" she asked. I knew it was coming.

"We are on a crowded beach. We are naked, just like everyone else."

She gasped.

"We lie down on a large beach towel and I fuck you in front of all those people."

"Oh my god," she growled. She shook. I think she had a small orgasm.

"Did you just come?" I asked.

She nodded, then shook again.

"We hear moans from several different directions. Women's moans. I roll between your legs. You spread them apart as far as possible. I slip inside your body. You cry out, your cries joining the others floating through the air."

"Oh god," she said, shuddering with another orgasm.

"Oh, you liked that one?" I asked.

"Yes," she croaked. "I'll use that one next time I'm masturbating." Her voice was much clearer now.

"Can I watch?" I ask.

"Yes," she squeaks.

"Good. Now tell me your deepest, darkest fantasy. One you promised yourself you would never tell anyone, let alone you husband."

She gulped. Her eyes closed, then opened again quickly. She smile at me.

"You first this time, dear," she said quietly. I had been expecting that would be her response.

"All right. Please just remember, I love you dearly."

"Oh my god," she said, looking at me with that fear in her eyes again.

"Again, you have nothing to fear. This is only a fantasy."

"But one you would like to come true?"

Now it was my time to have the squeaky voice. "Yes."

"Spill it, dear," she ordered.

"Here we go. After a long night at the club..."

"What club?" she shot at me.

"Does it matter?"

"No, I guess not. Continue."

"After a long night at the club you leave with the man you have been dancing with all night. You get into his car and tell him to drive to your place. He nods and drives away from the club. He pulls up in the driveway of your place. He gets out, comes around to open your door and helps you out of the car. He follows you to the door. You unlock it and open it stepping inside.

"He follows you in closing and locking the door behind him. You turn and are in his arms kissing him on the lips. His tongue pushes its way into your mouth and battles with yours. You are both panting, almost out of breath as you back from each other. You stare into his dark green eyes..."

"Oh my god!" she almost shouts. She groans nodding for me to continue.

"...and see the fire of passion. You can feel yourself starting to be consumed by the same fire. You take his hand and pull him with you as you climb the stairs to your bedroom. Once inside you pull him to you and kiss passionately. You both turn when I walk out of the bathroom..."

"Oh fuck," she cries. Her hand moves down to her pussy and gently rubs herself.

"...you introduce me to your friend and tell me he's staying the night..."

"Oh fuck," she cries a little louder.

"...I turn and go sit in the chair in the corner. You turn to each other and continue kissing. His hands start to undress you. Soon you are naked, except for your heels and stockings.

"Fuck!" she cries a little louder. She is still only stroking herself gently.

"You drop to your knees, unbuckle his pants, push the zipper down and let them fall to his knees. You reach inside his jockey shorts and pull his sizable cock out, sliding your hand up and down the long shaft. He groans as he unbuttons his shirt, letting it fall to the floor. Your stroke his cock as you kiss the head..."

"Oh god!" she growls.

"...then you open your mouth and take as much of him as you can down your throat..."


"...His hands grab your head as you do. Then you pull back popping his cock from your mouth. Then you tell him to get on the bed, you have been feeling his cock pressed against your pussy all night and now you want to feel it inside you."

"Yes," she hissed.

"You climb into bed and straddle his hips. His cock is bouncing on his stomach with his heartbeat. You grab it and place it at your entrance. You groan as the hot organ touches you labia."

"Oh god," she whispers.

"You slowly sink onto his hard cock. Moaning as each inch invades your vagina. When you have his entire cock engulfed in your pussy, you moan loudly and look at me in the corner. I'm smiling as I stroke my cock while I watch you."

"Yes," she hissed.

"Then you start fucking yourself on his cock. Up and down you bounce. As you slide down his cock, you growl. As you lift off you moan. You fuck him for an hour. You are coming every five strokes as you watch me stroke my cock slowly. Then he is shouting, he's coming. You smash you pussy down on his bare naked cock and come harder than you ever have."

"Oh Christ!" she yells coming on her hand.

I watched her shake as she stared up at me. The look on her face was hard to read. She had just had an orgasm. Then she was crawling up to me, her lips seeking out mine. I kissed her back hard as our lips meet. She wasn't asking any questions, those would come in a little bit. She just wanted to kiss me for now. After a few minutes, she pulled away. Her eyes still held the fire of passion in them.

"So did you like that one?" I asked.

"You want to watch me fuck other men?" she asked.

"Answer my questions," I told her.

"No. You answer mine first. Then I'll answer yours."

"Okay sweetheart. Yes. I want to watch you fuck other men. Young, health, men with big cocks."

"And how often do you want me to do this for you?"

"As often as you wish," I answered.

"With or without a condom? Because it sure sounded like..."

"With a condom of course. At least until we make sure he is disease free. Then I want you to fuck them bareback at least once."

"Oh my god," she croaked as she pushed her hands into her lap. She had cum again.

"Your turn," I told her.

"What was the question again," she whispered.

"You liked my fantasy, didn't you?"

She looked at me. Her eyes were still full of the fire of passion. She now had a hand on her pussy, pressing two finger into herself.

"Yes," she said so softly I barely heard her over the squishy sounds coming from her crotch.

"Okay, now yours," I told her.

"I...do I really have to, you'll hate me," she whispered.

"I won't hate you, I promise."

"I'm lying in bed, right here, in fact. My legs are spread as wide as I can get them..."

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