tagFirst TimeA Long Awaited Visit

A Long Awaited Visit


Tyler shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The first half of the flight had gone fine. A screaming baby five rows back, and an obscenely hirsute gentleman in the window seat had done their part to quell the raging hormones surging through his body. But over an hour had passed on the small commuter jet, and his mind had begun to wander. He shifted again, aware of the rapidly increasing tightness in his jeans.

The light above the lavatory door clicked off and the large, bearded man occupying the seat beside him lumbered down the aisle toward their row. Tyler dreaded being forced to stand and let him pass, and for a moment feared he might put someone's eye out if not careful. He knew it was now or never. In a swift move he slipped into the aisle and past his fellow passenger, ducking quickly toward the lavatory door.

"We're going to be preparing for our final approach soon, sir," said the flight attendant as he ducked into the restroom. Her lips were plump and glossy and her hair the same black cherry red as his Gracie, only sprayed in place where hers fell in loose ringlets. But the likeness was close enough to facilitate a full on erection. He quickly latched the door behind.

"I'm pretty sure flying solo doesn't qualify you for the Mile High club," he thought to himself as he unzipped his fly. He closed his eyes, stroking his shaft slowly. He imagined the flight attendant's pouty lips wrapped around his cock, her pink, little tongue eagerly tracing the length of the vein throbbing on the underside. He wanted to make her choke on him; to grab her by her over-styled hair and throat fuck her until she was begging for air. He leaned back against the sink, stroking with increased intensity. A scratched and faded sticker warned of the penalty for disabling aircraft smoke detectors. The words blurred as his entire body became consumed by pleasure.

With one hand he tugged gently on his balls, while gripping his shaft firmly with the other. The roar of jet engines drowned out the soft 'fap fap fa'p as he stroked faster, riding the approaching climax. It wasn't some nameless flight attendant he wanted. It was her, Gracie, with alabaster skin and grey-green eyes and a voice like honey over spun gold. For months he had fantasized about pumping his thick cock into her, making her moan with pain and pleasure. He reached for a fistful of paper while imagining kissing her deeply and tasting his cum on her tongue.

A sharp knock on the door snapped Tyler from his reverie. The gruff voice announced, "I'm sorry, sir. We'll be landing soon and need you to return to your seat as quickly as possible." Tyler went numb with the shock of the sudden interruption. Dick in hand he froze. He had been close to finishing, but the moment was quickly slipping away. Reluctantly he zipped up and splashed cold water on his face before returning to the cabin.


Gracie was leaning against the door frame when the taxi rolled to a stop at the curb. They had met the summer before through a mutual acquaintance and despite the 600 miles and near decade between them, had become fast friends. While innocent enough at first, in the past few months his boyish flirting had become more intense, and her playful rebukes less sincere. Despite his protests that he was "state legal" she made it clear that nothing would happen between them until he turned 18. She teased him about raging teenage hormones, but when she crawled beneath the sheets at night and her fingers entwined with the tangle between her legs, it was his face she saw, his voice urging her toward ecstasy, and his name she whispered to the empty room.

"Happy birthday," she said, closing the door behind them.

He threw his carry-on bag in the corner and pulled her close. "Did you get me a present?"

She smiled and pressed her body against his. "Maybe. What do you want?" He toyed with the top button of her dress.

"As of today I'm an 18-year-old guy. You've made me wait for nearly a year. What do you think I want?"

With a motion he had undone one button, followed by another, and another still. "And what if I say you're still too young?" He smiled.

"I think I'm going to fuck you anyway." He ripped off buttons until the dress fell to the floor.

She was naked, aside from a red ribbon tied around her hips, the tail hanging down past her moist, pink cunt. He lifted her up until her breasts were level with his mouth. She wrapped her legs around him as he appreciatively licked one perfectly round nipple. It grew rock hard when he sucked it between his teeth, and his cock responded in like kind. She gasped when he bit down. She took his free hand and kissed each fingertip, then slowly drew the middle one into her own mouth. She sucked down to the bottom knuckle and pulled it back out with equal ease. In again, this time with greater urgency. She wrapped her tongue around his long finger when he involuntarily wiggled it against the back of her throat. This time she let her teeth scrape against his skin as she drew his hand away, snapping at his fingertip.

They half stumbled toward the bedroom. His shirt was off by the time they reached the mattress. He threw her onto the down comforter and spread her knees apart. She breathed in deep, months of longing culminating in this moment. She looked down at him, her green eyes meeting his chocolate brown. He had cut off his mop of brown curls and the summer spent working with his dad hanging drywall hadn't hurt his physique. He smiled then, and slowly pulled the ribbon's tail with his teeth. It fell away to reveal dewy droplets of anticipation on the fur of her mound. He buried his nose in it and inhaled deeply. It was spicy and musky and new. His head swam.

Gracie moaned softly as he slipped two fingers into her slit. She was hot and slick and offered no resistance when he slid them into her. Her lust washed over him and in an instant, his fingers were soaked. He slid them up to her clit leaving a glistening trail behind and when he brushed his thumb across her tender, little button, every nerve in her body fired. "Oh, god, I want you," she cried, snatching at his shoulders. "Fuck me. I can't wait any longer." But Tyler had other ideas.

He pushed her back down, pinning her naked body under his own. She squirmed beneath him as he slowly fingered her dripping pussy. His tongue traced shallow circles around her navel. She shivered and lightly scratched the back of his neck while he kissed her belly, her torso and nipped at her collar bone. He slid his hand up to her breast and tested the firmness of one nipple. He pinched down hard, eliciting a sharp gasp from Gracie. "Did you like that," he whispered, nuzzling her neck. He pinched again, this time tugging at the firm flesh. She moaned and arched her back, following his unspoken direction.

He took her hand in his and guided her to his throbbing cock. As she began to stroke the shaft, the full impact of their waiting game hit him full force. Feeling her soft fingers gripping him was enough to send him over the edge then and there. He took a deep breath to steady himself. It was time.

Gracie screamed as Tyler entered her, a feral shriek of pain and pleasure. They moved in unison, an impromptu choreography fueled by equal parts desire and need. Her hips rose to meet him, driving him deeper into her with every thrust. White hot waves of euphoria washed over them both. She dug her nails into his back, and he felt her walls beginning to tremble around his throbbing member. She was the first to reach orgasm, beads of sweat dripping from her supple breasts. A contented sigh escaped her and she smiled. He brushed a strand of hair from her moist forehead, slowly massaging the base of his still hard cock. "Oh, you're not done yet," he said with a wicked smile.

Gripping her by the hair, he rolled her on top of him and she eagerly licked his ballsack. He had been saving his load for her, and as she softly wrapped her lips around him, the pressure of that wait became nearly uncontrollable. Her lips glistened with the evidence of her own orgasm as her tongue explored every inch of her long overdue lover. He closed his eyes and relaxed, letting Gracie take the lead, no longer concerned with controlling himself. The world fell away around him. There was no sound, no sensation aside from her hot lips massaging his member. He felt the tightness in the back of her throat as she bobbed her head up and down, taking in as much of him as she could before choking. A deep groan escaped him as the pressure built up inside. Encouraged, Gracie took one last, long plunge, sucking hard the entire length of his shaft and flicking her tongue over the tip. He shuddered hard, the force of his climax convulsing his entire body. Gracie slid back, letting him explode onto her bare chest.

Tyler laid on the bed catching his breath. When she slipped gracefully from his side, he opened one eye long enough to follow her motions. Naked and glowing she leaned down to turn on the shower. Between her legs he glimpsed her cunt, still moist and red from their energetic lovemaking. She stepped beneath the steaming spray, pulling the curtain closed behind her. "No," Tyler called. "Leave it open. I want to watch". He sat up, absentmindedly stroking himself.

Gracie poked her head out of the shower, eyebrow raised. She grabbed the shampoo bottle ... and smiled.

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