A Long Day


The morning dawned as Rex rolled out of bed. He looked at the two women, his wife Jennifer and his bosses secretary laying with their arms around each other and beginning to stir awake. It was Tuesday morning and he knew Beverly had to be to work by 9 or 9:30 he wasn't sure, but he headed for the shower. When he got out of the shower, they had wakened enough to have each other's face covered by pussy. He smiled and bent down to kiss Jennifer goodbye. She pulled her face free of Beverly's cunt and reached up and kissed Rex deeply. He loved the flavor he tasted and smiled as he told her, "Beverly's got to get to work, don't let her be late." He watched as she shook with orgasm from the tonguing Beverly was giving her. He turned and walked downstairs and out of the house.

On the way to work, he called Lynne in Savannah. When she picked up the phone and realized it was him she became very cheerful. He told her that he was looking forward to coming to Savannah in about 18 days, she in turn told him that she couldn't wait to suck his cock when he got there. He thought to himself what a whore she was, but she did have a quality about her that he loved. She was so petite and couldn't get enough sex. She asked about Jennifer and Rex told her about last night. She mentioned that she would love to see Jennifer again because she loved the taste of her pussy. He laughed and told her he would see her soon and they hung up.

He went north of New Orleans today, he must have had 30 different doctors he had to call on. It was going to be a long day, and he was worn out from last night. As he drove, a picture of Lynne sitting with her knees pulled up, her legs spread and her cunt wide open appeared in his mind. Her little tits, nipples hard and smiling, he couldn't wait to see her again.

After Rex left home, Jennifer returned to working on Beverly's cunt and brought her to orgasm and she licked deeply into her pussy trying to retrieve all of the juices she had produced. Beverly jumped up, kissed her and pulled her clothes on. She had to get to her apartment and get cleaned up for work. After she had left, Jennifer lay in bed thinking how wonderful she had found Beverly's visit. When she breathed, she still smelled Beverly's pussy and she got excited to the point she had to masturbate until she had her second orgasm of the morning. She wondered how Lynne was doing.

Jennifer got up, went in the bathroom, sat down and peed then started the shower and stepped in. As she washed her body, she massaged her breasts as she thought about Beverly. She was glad she had come over last night, and she was very glad they had made love. She wondered when she would stop by again. Her thoughts wandered and she saw Lynne kneeling between her thighs as she used her tongue on her pussy and she began to masturbate. The water splashed over her body as she used her fingers on herself and she came. She finished rinsing off, and stepped out to dry off. She thought she would call Lynne.

When the phone rang, Lynne picked it up and said hello. She was surprised to hear Jennifer on the other end. They had talked a couple of times since the night they had sex, but she had just gotten off the phone with Rex, and wondered if anything was wrong. Jennifer told her she was just lonely and wanted to talk with her. She asked what Lynne was doing, and she told Jennifer that she was laying in bed with Johnny's cock in her hand, preparing to give him his morning blow job. Jennifer asked if she wanted her to call back later and Lynne said "No, I'll suck him while I'm talking with you. He usually takes a while anyhow, since he's gotten older." With that she laughed and she heard Johnny in the background telling her that he wasn't that old. She loved talking with Lynne, and she heard the unmistaking sound of her slurping of his cock.

Lynne asked "So when you coming to Savannah again, lover?"

"I don't know, but I'm dying to see you again."

"So is your husband, he called me a bit earlier. I think Johnny is getting jealous."

She heard the slurping sounds again as she continued. "Rex and I talk about you all the time. You really did make quite an impression on us."

It took a minute before Lynne said "And you both moved me. Sorry, my mouth was full." She giggled.

Jennifer asked if she could come to New Orleans, and Lynne told her that maybe she could try. She asked Johnny if he would like to meet her friends, Johnny said, "I would love to after you told me so much about them."

"Well, it looks like we may be headed for New Orleans then. We should be there in a couple of days, I'll call you, baby. I can't wait for you to meet Johnny." Jennifer beamed with happiness and she said "That would be great Lynne. I'll let you get back to making Johnny happy and we'll see you on Thursday or Friday. I love you."

"I love you, too. Jen, can't wait to see you. Bye for now."

"Bye, bye"

When Jennifer she hung up she couldn't wait to call Rex and tell him. Just as she hung up, the phone rang, and it was Robbin, he asked if she was busy and she told him no, what did he need? He asked if she would come down to his office, that he couldn't leave today because he had meetings but he could see her if she came down there. She agreed and told him she would be there in an hour or so. She thought she would call Rex later. She got up and dressed, putting on a flowered sun dress that she had, that reached about 4 inches above her knee. She put on white panties and a white bra. She still was nervous about going in public without a bra, but she did decide to take her panties off and go without them. When she finished she called a cab, and waited for it to arrive.

When the cab pulled up she went out and got in the back seat. She looked at the cabdriver and wondered how his day had gone so far. He asked her "Where to?" and she told him the address. She watched as he kept looking in the rear view mirror and noticed that it was pointed at her more than the road, and on a wild instinct she decided she would flash him. The next time he looked back at her she took the hem of her dress and pulled it up and spread her legs, giving him a full view of her pussy. She asked "Like what you see?" He told her "Oh, yeah" She laughed and they continued to drive to the office.

When she got out at the downtown office building she leaned in and gave him his money. He looked into her green eyes and told her she had a very hairy pussy and he drove away. She smiled as she walked into the building and entered the elevator.

When she reached the floor where Robbin was, she stepped out and her eyes widened when she saw Beverly. She was dressed in a figure flattering black dress that was slit up the side to about midway on her thigh. She had black panty hose and she looked fantastic. She greeted her, and told her how great she looked. Beverly told her Mr. Greenlee had been expecting her and winked at her. Jennifer blew her a kiss and went in to see Robbin. When she opened the door, Robbin got up from his desk and walked over to her. She shut the door and Robbin took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her dress rode higher up her thighs as she stretched. Robbin reached down lifted her skirt up and put his hand between her legs. She reacted by parting her thighs and he probed her pussy with his fingers. She moaned and told him she had missed him this morning and was glad he had called. He told her he was pleased she hadn't worn any panties, it was so much easier to access her beautiful pussy. He brought his hand back and offered her his finger and she took them in her mouth and began to suck them. He told her he didn't have much time and asked if she minded just sucking his cock, that he would make it up to her later.

She told him "Robbin I'll do anything you want me to do. I love your cock and I love feeling you cum in my mouth."

He looked into her green eyes and told her "Jennifer you are so good, I really appreciate this." He moved behind his desk, dropped his pants and sat in his chair. Jennifer walked over to him and kneeled down next to him as she took his cock into her hand. He wasn't hard yet and she took him in her mouth and began to lick and caress the head with her tongue. She loved taking a man into her mouth soft and working him until he came, then let it soften again when he was finished. He looked down at her and watched as she began fellating his slowly. His head went back and she took about 9 inches into her mouth. He knew she wouldn't be able to handle it all when it was at full size, but she did fine when it was somewhat flaccid as he was now.

Her hand reached up and she began to caress his balls, and his cock began to grow. She knew that his cock would eventually grow to it's full 15 inches and the wide girth would tire her mouth, but she loved to please him and it didn't really bother her. Her head moved up and down slowly as she continued massaging his balls, they felt so big in her hand when she caressed them and she knew they were always full of cum. She remembered how much he had covered her face with yesterday, and how much she had swallowed the first time she sucked him off.

Beverly wondered what Jennifer was doing. She knew that Robbin had called her and told her he didn't want to be disturbed, and she wondered if he was fucking her. She wondered what Rex was doing, she knew he had to go north of New Orleans today, but she did wish he would call her. She thought and decided that she might call him instead, she would love to tell him that his wife was being fed Robbin's cock one way or the other, but she decided not to. She had so enjoyed Jennifer's lovemaking that she didn't want to upset what they had, plus she loved making it with Rex, and she had decided that she would let him cum in her mouth the next time they were together, although she wasn't sure about swallowing. She had felt so good when Jennifer had cleaned his cum from her after he came in her ass last night. Time would tell.

Robbin looked back down and saw the black hair on the back of Jennifer's head as she sucked his cock, it had grown to it's full size and she was only taking about half of it into her mouth as she sucked him. He looked at the clock and knew he didn't have much time left so he relaxed and enjoyed the sensations she was creating with her mouth.

His body tightened and his ass cheeks clenched together as he poured his cum into her eager mouth she swallowed as her mouth filled and she thought about it as she swallowed 7 times until he slowed and she sucked him into her throat and swallowed and her throat muscles drove him crazy. Finally she let his cock slip from her mouth, and looked at it, that big black cock was shiny from her mouth and she looked at Robbin. She stood and leaned down and kissed his cock then she kissed him and her tongue probed his mouth and he ran his hand over her bare ass under her dress. She moaned and told him she need to get fucked. He told her he was sorry, maybe he could have one of his friends help her but he was tied up the rest of the day. She said no, she would do something about it. She thanked him for lunch and left the office.

On her way to the elevator she said goodbye to Beverly and headed down to the lobby. When she left the building she hailed a cab, and when it stopped she remembered the same cabbie that had taken her to Robbin's office. She thought a minute and asked him, "Would you like to use that hairy pussy you saw earlier?"

He looked at her as if she were crazy and said "If you want to be fucked, I'd be happy to help you. But if you're teasing me you're going to piss me the fuck off lady."

Jennifer looked at him, he was an older Mexican man and his license said his name was Juan Juarez, 5"8" tall 230 lbs born 11-17-47. But she was horny as hell and he was convenient so she gave him the address and they headed toward her house. He parked in the drive and went in the house with her. He was ugly and fat, but if he had a cock he could help her. He smelled as if he had been working all day but she didn't care, she just wanted to get fucked and didn't want to wait until Rex came home. They entered the house and Jennifer immediately threw the sundress over her head, undid her bra and kicked her shoes aside. She lay back on the couch and begged "Fuck me damn it I need to be fucked."

Juan couldn't believe his luck, this beautiful, green eyed woman was going to give herself to him, no questions asked. He dropped his pants and crawled between her legs. She saw that he had a 7 cock that was fairly big around and she felt good as he entered her. He began to fuck her like and she felt his belly slap against her stomach as he pounded. He fucked for about 5 minutes and he began to cum, she too began to cum and met his thrusts. He stood up and pulled his pants up, and told her "Thank you for the piece of ass. I've got to get going, and the fare is $11.80."

Jennifer picked up here pocketbook pulled out $20.00 and handed it to him. She said "Keep the change, Juan, you saved my life." She opened the door and let him out. Then she went upstairs and took a shower. She had never done anything like that before, she wondered if she was turning into a slut. She couldn't wait to talk to Rex, Lynne was coming in a couple of days.

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