tagBDSMA Long Day Ch. 01

A Long Day Ch. 01


She awoke to the twin sensations of a hand on her throat and a hand on her pussy. As she opened her eyes, he spoke their private word, the word that required her to submit. Not yet fully awake, she started to question. Before she had spoken more than a confused "Whuh?", before she had even fully formed the words in her mind, she felt the hand at her throat tighten in warning. She snapped awake.

This was new. They had never started a day "in-scene" before. As the full realization finally hit, her mind filled with conflicting thoughts and emotions. It was a shock. She was curious, and a bit frustrated at having no time to prepare herself. She was a little scared too. This was utterly new territory, and she had no idea what to expect. Most of all, she was instantly wet with anticipation.

He held her this way for a minute or so, letting her adjust to the situation while working his fingers gently in and out of her, and occasionally teasing her clit. When he was sure she was fully awake, he commanded her to get out of bed and kneel. She immediately did as she was told, kneeling with her hands behind her back, facing him. Anxious to please, she tilted her head back and presented him her open mouth. "No," he told her, "I have different plans for you today."

Again confused and unsure, she sneaked a glance at the clock. It was only ten minutes earlier than her normal wake-up time, and today was a work-day. There wasn't any time! Without thinking, she started to tell him that there was no time for this, that she had to get ready, but mid-sentence, he slapped her across her left cheek. It wasn't a hard slap, but the shock of it stopped her dead, and reminded her of the rules. She spoke the lesser of her two safe-words.

He took a half-step back. "You're worried, my love?"

"Yes! I have to be at work, and I can't be late. You know what they're like!"

He put up his hand. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do, but there's no time!"

"Then TRUST me!"

She paused for a moment, realizing he was right, then immediately put her hands back behind her, and tilted her head slightly downward in submission.

He produced a toy. It was a vibrator with two large, elongated eggs, both connected to the same remote control. "Hold these in your mouth," he told her. Her eyes widened slightly as she took them from him. They seemed too large for this. She put one in her mouth, and was able to close her lips around it comfortably. Then she started on the second. As it slid in, she had to open her jaw uncomfortably to accommodate it, as the thickest parts of the two eggs aligned across her mouth. They filled her mouth almost completely, but she was just able to close her lips around them. "Good girl, now get on your hands and knees."

She obeyed, holding her face down near the floor and presenting him with her ass, knees spread enough that she was completely exposed to him. She felt the sharp crack of his hand on her ass, and gasped. He started slowly, making sure to punish both cheeks equally. With each slap, the force grew, and the heat of it spread quickly to her pussy, now dripping with her excitement.

After a minute or so, he stopped and reached for something. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw it was a flogger, and moaned. He told her, "You keep those eggs in your mouth, now, or you'll be in for some REAL punishment!" The first thud of the flogger against her ass was almost more than she could take. She squealed around the eggs, but just managed to hold them in. Then her torment began.

The first few strokes were against her already pink and tender ass cheeks, but then he spread out, including her lower back and her sensitive upper thighs. With each impact, she wanted to cry out, but her full mouth would only let her squeal and whimper. She'd been beaten like this before, but even gagged she'd never had to try to keep her mouth closed while it was happening! After several minutes, he stopped, and dragged his fingernails lightly down her lower back, over her ass, and down her thighs. The sensation was so intense that she let out a full-throated moan. As she moaned, one of the eggs slipped out of her mouth.

She immediately realized what had happened, and gasped. He saw the egg on the floor, and said, "Well! It looks as though you need some remedial training!" He held her by the jaw, and pushed the egg back into her mouth. "Count down from ten." He realigned himself next to her, and whirled the flogger through the air a couple of times, close enough that she could feel the breeze of its passage against the raw skin of her buttocks and thighs. She quivered, not knowing what was coming, but knowing that she wanted it more than anything. She didn't care about being late, or about what her punishment was going to be, she only cared about pleasing him, and showing him that she would learn whatever lessons he cared to teach her.

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