tagRomanceA Long-Distance Valentine Letter

A Long-Distance Valentine Letter


My Dearest Babe,

You knock at the door. You feel the anticipation build as you wait for me to answer it. As the door opens, the appreciation in your eyes grows as you take in the sight of me in the lacy piece of lingerie I have saved for this special night. You slowly pull me into your arms as I close the door. Not a word is spoken. You kiss me tenderly at first, then with such hunger as our tongues dance together in mutual need. You cup my face in your hands and look into my eyes as though you can see to the depths of my soul. You gently stoke my hair then softly kiss my forehead, my cheek, my lips. Then you lick my neck tenderly. As you pull me tight against you, you bite my neck with such passion. You can feel me melt in your arms as a moan escapes my lips. You hold on to me tightly to keep me from falling to the floor. You take my hands, intertwining our fingers and bring them to your chest, brushing my nipples teasingly as they ascend. You push our hands open, sliding your palms and fingers up and down mine all the while looking deep into the windows of my soul. You see all the passion, the hunger, the need, the love I have for you reflected there in the candlelight. You kiss me gently and lead me by the hand into the bedroom.

You kiss me passionately as your hands rub my breasts through the delicate fabric. You slowly pull the lacy garment over my head and admire the view of my body in nothing but a sheer thong. You cup my heavy globes then pinch my nipples as you kiss me hungrily again. Your lips and tongue and teeth trace a delicious trail of ecstasy to my breast, sucking one and then the other. You hear a moan escape my lips. You push me gently down on the bed and your mouth traces slowly down to the sheer thong covering my heat. You can smell my desire for you. You lick the fabric and feel me tremble as you hear me audibly suck in my breath in anticipation. You peel the tiny piece of damp material from my body. As you tower over me, you slowly undress, all the while keeping the intimate connection between us with your stare. You see the appreciation in my eyes for your beautifully made form. Your hands stroke my body from shoulders to ankles as you kneel between my legs. You spread my thighs ever so gently and lightly lick my clit. You feel a shiver run through me as my hips rise to meet your mouth more closely. You gently begin sucking and licking my wet, wanting pussy. Suddenly, you feel the gush of my orgasm soak your face and fill your mouth with the taste of my juices as an unbelievable scream erupts from my lungs and one climax after another seems to rack my body endlessly. You tenderly position my body on the bed and stretch out next to me. You kiss me gently and stroke my hair as I tremble in the aftermath.

You softly stroke my body as you look into my eyes. When your hand reaches the wet crevice between my legs, you position your body between them. You stroke your hard cock teasingly between my wet lips as you entwine your fingers with mine. You see how much I want you shining in my eyes. With one deep stroke, you bury yourself deep inside me, filling me completely. We are one. You look deep in my eyes and whisper, "I love you." You see a tear slip from the corner of my eye as the intensity of the emotion between us moves my heart. You kiss me gently and then lick the tear away.

Slowly, you begin to move inside me, feeling my muscles holding you tightly. You hear my breathing becoming more rapid as you bring me closer to orgasm. The rapid breathing turns to moans then to screams as the pace increases and wave after wave of ecstasy travels through my body. You feel my nails dig into your back as my hot liquid cum runs over your hard cock and drenches your balls, my muscles contract over and over again causing your own magnificent torture to begin. You feel the intense sensation of your orgasm building throughout your body. You can't hold back any longer. The exquisite pain and pleasure of your own release consumes you for what seems like an eternity as you look into my eyes. You collapse into my arms and feel me holding you, stroking your brow as you try to catch your breath. You hear me whisper in your ear, "I love you."

Never forget what it's like when we are one. I hold on to the memories of making love with you as treasured moments. They get me through these long, lonely nights and feed my fantasies. I can't wait til we can live them together again.

Happy Valentine's Day, My Love

Yours…only yours

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