tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Long Ride Home

A Long Ride Home


I really am a nice guy. It's just when opportunity presents itself, my imagination, led by my libido, compels me to take advantage of the situation. For a while, I kept thinking I should feel guilty, but if everyone is willing and leaves with a smile, what's wrong with a little fun and games. Given each situation, and through my reasoning and justification, I concluded that most women simply desire attention. Under the right conditions, many will not only accept, but welcome submitting themselves to be used, sometimes abused, and even humiliated. The key is very simple; women crave a mental connection through human bonding. My non-threatening attitude, I believe, puts women at ease and by taking slow easy steps I can bring them to places they would never consider going, except maybe in the privacy of their own fantasies.

Let me describe one of my first incidents back when I was nineteen. I worked at a popular restaurant as a chef. One night, after closing time, I gave a ride home to two other employees, Sam, a prep-cook and a waitress named Mindy. Sam was a friend of mine that I knew from back in high school whom I spent several occasions doing what young guys do, smoking pot and hanging together from time-to-time. Mindy recently graduated from a local Catholic high school and just turned eighteen. She was about 5' 2", long blonde hair, busty, a little on the plump side, and what I would consider plain looking.

I immediately headed for Mindy's home, as she lived closer. "Drop Sam off first", Mindy timidly said, sitting in the front passenger side of my wide Ford Galaxy 500 and shyly looking away from me.

"Yeah Swanson", Sam snickered, calling me by my last name as he always did. "Take me home first".

Ah oh, I thought. Nervousness immediately struck me thinking a thousand thoughts a second. Did she have a crush on me? Did she want to be alone with me? Why did she want Sam dropped off first? I didn't think of Mindy as girlfriend material. What to do? What to do? And then my pants started to stir. My youthful pecker began twitching and growing rapidly as exciting thoughts filled my mind, the same thoughts all guys get when the idea of seeing huge titties or even... My adrenalin made my face flush. My mind rushed with all sorts of possibilities. Many seconds passed by before I came to any conclusion or spoke a word. And finally...

"Alright, but only if you agree to do everything I say".

She was quiet in thought for a moment and then said, "ok".

Hmm, I thought. Ok, "take off your shoes".

She seemed perplexed then bent down a little to do what I had asked. She brought up both shoes and held them before me.

"Put them on the floor...along with your skirt". My heart was beating rapidly. Sam hunched up from the back seat. Listening to the unusual conversation of want was being said and done had caught his interest.

Mindy slowly put the shoes on the floor and then came to a decision. She lifted her right hip and proceeded to unzip her skirt. Still unsure of what she was doing, she gradually pulled her skirt down to the car floor and sat back. She glanced at Sam and then expectantly at me, awaiting further orders that were sure to come next.

We all seemed to take a united sigh in silence. Excitement and anticipation filled the interior of my car.

"Now your panty hose". My words were short. I was having difficulties of grasping the enormity of the situation even though everyone knew that I was not only in the driver's seat, but I was the one in charge.

As if committed, Mindy raised her behind off the seat, put her thumbs under the top of her panty hose and inched the elastic fabric down to her mid-thighs. Re-seating herself, she dragged the accumulating nylons down her legs until she slipped first one foot free and then the other.

I caught only a glimpse of her white panties, as her long-tailed white blouse covered her upper thighs. Still, the sight of her bare legs aroused me enough to adjust my crotch in a more comfortable position. Sam was leaning over the seat getting as much view as he could and being very antsy about it too.

Wow. This is starting to get carried away, I thought. But I never considered stopping. Why was she doing this? Why was she allowing me to tell her what to do? How far would she let me go? It was hard keeping my eyes on the road. I was getting anxious. I wanted this to last. I wanted more.

She nervously placed her hands on the tops of her legs. We passed a street light, giving me a better view. I drove extra slow and cautious. Fortunately, the roads were quiet with little traffic. Sam lived on the outskirts of town and we were mostly driving down darkened roads. We were about half way to his house.

I had to get rid of Sam. But it was fun letting him in on exposing Mindy. How much should I let him see? Would she even continue with Sam in the car? My toughest decision was which direction I should take this, go for the panties or the top half. I wasn't ready for Sam to get his hands on Mindy's breasts, especially since I was busy driving. So I came up with a plan.

"Mindy?" Let's keep my fingers crossed.


"Take off your panties".

Now was the test of her limits. For the first time, she hesitated, not moving for several seconds. Then, "I can't. Not with Sam staring at me."

I felt the need to keep control. "Shall I turn back and drop you off first?" I wasn't bluffing and she probably sensed that, though I certainly didn't want to turn back, not now.

The air in the car was still, as if everyone was holding their breath. "Ehn", she made a low sound of frustration and dramatically tugged her panties over her legs and off her feet. She immediately adjusted her blouse to cover the maximum amount of exposed skin of her lap.

Victory, I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. I was even more thankful that she obeyed my command than the fact that she just took off her panties and her naked pussy was covered by only a couple of inches from her blouse. Then it hit me and my loins started to twitch again and begin to ache in anticipation. Sam was breathing heavier, staring at her bare legs and trying to visualize what was lying beneath the skimpy material.

Ok. Next step...point of contact. I felt more confident now and felt generous enough to give her my approval. "Very good Mindy. You made the right choice. Now slide closer to me and spread your legs apart."

"Wha...!" She gasped a fearful sigh of the reality of what she had gotten herself into. After a short moment, she glanced back at Sam, seemingly giving off a glare of disapproval, scooted up next to my right arm and then cautiously opened her legs while holding her right hand atop her crotch. She leaned closer resting her head against my shoulder, further blocking Sam's view of the lower portions of the front seat.

That didn't stop Sam from sliding over to the right to get a better view.

My right hand immediately went to her left inner thigh. She let out a soft "oh". I gently squeezed and rubbed up and down her thigh.. So far, all had gone my way. I felt drawn to keep going further.

My hand drifted up, pushing her shirt up and feeling more of her upper thigh to the point of resistance from her planted hand protecting her innermost vulnerable parts. "Move your hand away," I demanded in a stern voice.

She immediately did as she was told and shuffled her right hand around, not knowing what to do with it, until it finally landed on her right upper leg.

My hand was free to explore her open thighs, feeling her thinly haired pussy area with my full hand. "OH!" She jerked at first touch to her sensitive region.

She was wet. My middle finger easily found its way between the folds of her pussy and was instantly drenched with her inner fluids. Eureka, I shouted to myself. Having hit the opening, I explored her pleasure box with my finger and hand, moving up and down, in and out. I felt a sense of glee and accomplishment. She heaved her breast in and out with increased breathing, oohing and aahing in gasps of uncontrollable urges.

This was fun. She was at the mercy of my hand, on the verge of total surrender. I kept at her, making her pussy juicier and wilder by the second. Sam was frantically moving about constantly trying to get a better view, even though just listening to her moans was driving him crazy.

We were nearing Sam's house and I pulled a wide turn in the cul-de-sac, parking in front under a tree, with as much privacy from any prying eyes from the windows of Sam's parent's house. My finger found her most sensitive hot spot and she was wriggling something fierce. I stopped the car and awkwardly put the transmission in park with my left hand. Mindy was near an explosive point in her cravings. I stopped.

"Wha Why are...did you stop?" Mindy's breath was a exhausted and frustrated in a mix of panting.

"Unbutton your shirt," I stated.

"Wha...why...but.." She was confused, wanting more, wanting me to finish her off, and not even thinking of what I was asking her to do.

"Unbutton your shirt," I stated again in an even tone.

"Huh? But...Sam?"

"Do it."

Her glazed eyes finally started to comprehend what I was saying. She breathed a deep sigh, then slowly fumbled undoing the first button at the top. Her need was great and she tried to hurry, but her body was still on an emotional high and her fingers were not cooperating quickly. Second, third button released now showing her bra and full cleavage. Fourth, her stomach came in to view. Fifth, her belly-button now visible. And finally the last button was released, freeing her shirt and exposing my hand lying on her mound.

"Take it off."

She looked up with her big blue eyes and then reached back releasing her blouse from her arms one at a time. She stared up at me again with a knowing look, awaiting the inevitable.

"Now the bra." I looked down into her innocent face, knowing I was an evil person, but not caring. I only wanted to see those tits. I felt lecherous, taking, demanding what I wanted, knowing she wouldn't refuse, couldn't refuse.

She reached back, looking at me as if she were locked in my gaze. A couple seconds past before her bra loosened, signifying her success in releasing her bra clasp. Now there was not much else hiding her voluptuousness now. Her tremendous breasts were almost in sight. Sam was leaning over watching every detail, mouth hanging open.

Finally, she relaxed her shoulders and let her bra fall forward. She looked down as she removed her bra, dropping in too on the car floor.

Magnificent, was all I could think of at first. They were bigger than I even imagined they would be. Plump, round, large nipples pointing straight up and out, magnificent. She looked up at me as I stared in awe. I'm sure Sam was staring as well, although I really didn't notice him at that point. I had to feel them.

My right hand once again began its motion inside her pussy. She instantly noticed and closed her eyes regaining her erotic sensations in her lower region. I grabbed her left breast with my left hand. Oooh it felt good, soft, firm, full. I felt the knob of her nipple. Rubbery, pliable, erect, wonderful, and she responded in kind with intense excitement to my light pinching. Nice.

Sam couldn't resist any longer. He grabbed hold of her right tit with abandon, squeezing it with both hands. She glanced up at him, but decided to accept his presence, as she again closed her eyes and reacted only to the various pleasures happening to her body. She was truly in the zone.

Mindy moaned freely at the movements of my finger on her clit, flailing with even the smallest movements. I fondled her generous tit until I couldn't resist putting her nipple in my mouth. I leaned over and put my tongue around her areola, then swallowed her nipple with my lips and teased her with my tongue on the tip of her nipple. I ventured to lightly bite her, which caused another moan that sounded like she enjoyed it. So, I nibbled some more.

She suddenly changed to short breaths and then clamped her hand over mine that was feeling up her pussy. Her knees locked together, clenching my hand so I could only move my middle finger. "Ah! Ah!! Oh!" Shorter breaths. "Aaaaah!" Her screams were exciting all of us, as Sam and I both looked upon her facial expressions of open mouth contortions and loud moans of intense gasps. Just as suddenly when she started...a few short moments passed...she stopped. Her body went limp. She released her hand grip on mine and her legs relaxed and opened wide.

I withdrew from her breast, but maintained my hand on her pussy, holding my middle finger still upon her clit. Sam slowed his fondling of right breast, but kept his hands in contact.

"Well, that was fun," I commented. "I think it's time to call it a night Sam. I'll see you tomorrow."

Reluctantly, Sam released Mindy's breast and sat back. "Alright. I guess I'll see you tomorrow at work," expecting to hear about my ride home later.

Mindy's breathing normalized and her eyes opened slightly in a somewhat dazed condition.

Sam slid over to the right door and opened it. I had a sinister thought.

I slid my middle finger into Mindy's pussy as far as it would go, hooking my finger in her deep nether region. "Oooh," she gasped. I savagely jerked my hand up and down in and over her pussy until her breathing exploded into another rapid display of reaching for another orgasm. "Ah..ahh, ahhh."

Sam froze, with one foot out the door and looking back.

"One thing Sam."

"Ah, ahh, ahhh!"

" None of this goes anywhere except between us."

Sam stared at me, then at Mindy, and back at me.

"I mean it."

Ah, ahh, ahhh."

"If word gets out, you may miss out on any future adventures," I stared back at Sam meaningfully. I continued to frantically torture poor Mindy who was wriggling at the touch of my hand.

"Ah, ahh, oh God!" She released another massive orgasm with a scream that could have woken up the neighborhood. Again, she collapsed as all the muscles of her body went limp. Her rapid breathing slowed to a pant.

I withdrew my hand, held up my middle finger and licked the tip. "Mmm," I exaggerated as if I had just tasted a delightful dessert.

"Do you get my meaning"? I looked at Sam.


"Ok. Goodnight."

"Yeah. Goodnight." Sam looked lustful at Mindy, wishing he could hang out and play some more. He eventually got out and closed the door, no doubt heading to go whack himself off. I, on the other hand, had other ideas.

I put the gear in drive and slowly exited the neighborhood.

"Wow," Mindy said snuggling up to my side and wrapping her hands around my upper arm. "That was...amazing".

"You were amazing. Did you have fun?"

"Fun? Yeah, I guess. That was the most...intensive orgasm I've ever had...both of them," she let out a short giggle.

"Are you ready to repay the favor?"

"Huh? What do you want me to do?" She asked apprehensively, but with an anxious tone of not wanting to end the night.

"Have you ever sucked a guy off?"

"Um, no," she meekly squeaked out.

"Well to start, unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants and pull out my cock." There was no way I was taking her home without some relief first. I headed down a side road on the outskirts of town where I could drive at a slow pace.

Mindy looked down, deep in thought for a moment, and reached over to my belt buckle. Ahhh! My semi-hard cock started to grow harder. This is gonna be good.

She fumbled about, but got my belt, button and zipper free. I held the steering wheel steady with my left leg while I scooted up and pulled my jeans and boxers down enough to free my hardening cock. Mindy just stared at it, seemingly getting ready to pounce on it.

"Ok". She held still. "If you want to please a man, you must learn to be a great cock-sucker. First, NO TEETH! Kiss the head, lick the head, swirl your tongue up and down the under-side of my shaft, and hold the lower base with your hand stroking in an up and down motion." This would be my first blow-job, and even though I was no expert, I knew want I liked and I knew what I wanted her to do.

Keeping her eyes on my erect cock the whole time, she proceeded to do just as I told her to do. Her naked body was perched on her lower legs with her head lower that her ass that showed fine curvy cheeks sticking up in the dim light of my car. I couldn't help but reach over the curvature of her ass, rubbing and squeezing her butt cheeks.

Ooh, she reached my cock with her tongue and it felt sooo good. I wanted more...I wanted it to last...I wanted it faster.

"Now put your mouth around my cock. Stroke up and down and see how much you can put in your mouth. Good cock-suckers can swallow a cock all the way down to the base. Let's see if you are a good cock-sucker." Dam I was crude. I don't usually act or talk like that, but I had a naïve and willing naked girl going down on my cock and I was enjoying the hell out of it.

As could be expected, she went down about four inches before she had a gag reflex and pulled back a couple of inches. "Ooh, looks like you're not a good cock-sucker yet. Keep your up and down motion and try to go further down each time." I could only grin and enjoy the moment. I looked over and lightly slapped an ass cheek.

"Umnf," she responded and continued to stretch her limits before she gagged again. But to give her credit, I think she was reaching five inches. She only had one more inch to go.

I looked at the road and concentrated as a car passed going in the other direction. I smiled wondering if that driver was as lucky as I, probably not.

Mindy was getting more and more into her task and I was beginning to think that I may be exploding in her mouth before too long. So I turned and headed in a more direct route to her house.

"You are doing good. Now when the time comes, a great cock-sucker will keep her mouth around the cock she's sucking and swallow when a man orgasms and cums in her mouth. When I orgasm, I'll shoot my cum around 4 or 5 times, so in order to swallow you will probably need to back off a couple of inches until you have enough room to accept my sperm in your mouth and swallow every drop. It is very important that once I start to orgasm, you continue to suck until I'm done. In the meantime, use more tongue action and remember to suck while you are doing it. One more thing, after I've stopped, be sure to lick every drop off my cock until it's good and clean. You should feel when I'm getting close. If not, you may be surprised when I start shooting off in your mouth. Are you woman enough to swallow my cum?" Wow. You'd think I knew what I was talking about.

"Mm hmm," she indicated as a yes. We'll soon see.

Her dedication increased again with more intensity, and my cock was loving it. I came up to a public park and decided to pull over, with the driver's side next to the curb of a small parking area. I could feel I was getting closer and wanted full attention to this incredible blow-job I was getting. I picked a location in a quiet spot of the park, with no known human presence in view and only a few nearby street lights.

Her focus became frantic, as if she really wanted to show me she could do this as a woman, as a good cock-sucker.

My cock was engorged and getting even harder, if that was possible. I could feel my balls tense up. "Oh yes!" Building, building. "Oh, oh, yes!" Oh yes this is it. My mind was losing focus and all thoughts turned to my balls and cock until..."Yes!" My first spurt erupted from the bottom of my balls, up through the inside shaft of my cock and shot a huge load deep in the back of Mindy's throat.

She gagged, but kept on sucking and she tried to swallow when the next load followed. She panicked, as some of my cum oozed out the sides of her mouth. "Aahhhh yes!" She swallowed again. Spurt! "Yesss!" Another swallow. Another spurt! "Yesss!" Swallow. Spurt! "Ahhh!" Swallow. Spurt. "Ah..."

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