tagInterracial LoveA Long Stormy Night Ch. 02

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 02



The radiant glow of a lightening bolt striking near by, brightens the room long enough for Clem, Jake and Virgil to see a huge man standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

Jake points his flashlight at the door and shouts, "Who the hell are you?"

"The last son-of-a-bitch you wanna fuck with, so I suggest you and your swamp rats get out now while you still have the chance."

"He's a cop," Jake shouted.

"Like that makes any difference, listen boy, you're the one that needs to move on. I outta warn you, we have no problems blowing a bullet hole in your black ass," Clem growled.

"You gotta better shot at blown my dick than putting a bullet in me."

"Let's see about that darkie," Jake barks, withdrawing his Smith & Wesson and firing off a single shot at the intruder, simultaneously a flash of lightening followed by a loud blast of thunder leaves the tall man perplexed as to whether he hit his target. "Where'd he Go, do you think I hit 'em?"

"It don't matter none, there's three of us and one of him, spread out, we'll nail that black weasel."

"But what about, uh..." Virgil exclaims nodding his over to Jenny on the bed.

"We'll take care of her soon enough, she ain't going no where, now do as I say boy," Clem ordered.

Clem holds his rifle waist high as he exits the room, followed by Jake and finally Virgil.

Clem directs Virgil to stay upstairs, and check the other rooms, while he and Jake conduct their search downstairs.

Virgil stops just at the doorway of another bedroom. He hesitates wishing he could have fulfilled his destiny by inserting his love stick inside the woman back in the master bedroom. The vision of her beautifully dark tanned body, huge breasts, baby blue eyes, shinny blond hair made his cock spring to life, causing him to become distracted with the mission at hand.

Jenny lies in the bed, still trying to figure out if the man who interrupted her certain doom, had a bullet hit him, she silently prayed that this was not the case. The evening started out so nicely. Her husband finally accompanies her son on Boy Scout camping trip, she forgoes staying at her sister's house, preferring to relax at home and catch up on some reading. Unfortunately everything went to hell, when a powerful storm wrecks her garage, a group of country bumpkin crystal Meth runners, enter her house, claming that her husband owned them money, he's having an affair and now that the amount of money promised to them is not here, they plan to rape, kill her and burn down her home as well, not your average quiet evening to be sure. Yet there was reason to hope, to wish, and to pray.

Virgil crept inside the room and quietly discovered that it belonged to a young adolescent boy, judging from all the video games, toy trucks and cars. He noticed the window busted open and made his way over to examine it further. Just as he reached the window a strong blast of thunder rang out, a branch flies through the window, causing him to nearly jump out his skin. A strong gust of wind blows through the window and suddenly the closet door slams. Raising his hand gun he slowly walks over to the closet when he feels something cross over his feet. He looks down prepared to fire and sees, what appears to be a small hamster dashing across the room. Gathering himself, he swallows hard, grasps the closet doorknob, and yanks it open, aiming his weapon in case anyone might be inside. He shines his flashlight inside the closet and realizes no one is inside.

He sighs in relief just as a pillow case covers his head. He tries to raise his weapon, but feels a sharp elbow to his head, as he's thrust across the room and thrown out the window.

The stranger stares down at the boy, who doesn't seem seriously hurt, but is injured nevertheless.

"Hey Pop, did you hear that," Jake calls, rushing into the living room to find his father.

"Ya damn right I heard it, it sounds like somebody outside."

"Well what do you think we should do?"

"Go outside and check it out."

Jake moves a few steps toward the front door, when he noticed his father wasn't accompanying him. "Uh...hey Pop, ain't you coming?"

"Of course I am, but I'm going out through the garage, if he gets the drop on you, I'll get the drop on him."

"Good thinking Pop," Jake nods his head in agreement and then steps outside.

A strong gust of wind nearly blows the tall man over and he steadies himself on the side of the house. Covering his eyes from the stinging rain, Jake creeps along the perimeter of the house and discovers a figure crawling along the ground. "Alright you, don't you move or I'll blast a whole in your ass."

"Jake you dumb-ass redneck, it's me Virgil."

"Holly shit, Virg, what the hell are you doing out here?"

"Making mud pies dickhead, somebody threw me out the goddamn window."

Virgil is helped to his feet by his older brother, do you think it was that cop?"

"Who else, come on, let's get back inside, and get that bastard.

Jenny hears someone entering the room and immediately lifts her head to see the cop coming toward her. Her eyes widen as she realizes he's black and extremely well-built.

"Are you okay ma'am?"

"Jenny nods her head in affirmation.

"Don't worry, I'm getting you out of here," he states before snatching the tape from her mouth.

"Thank god for you sir, did you get those maniacs?"

"I threw one out the window, the others are checking him out, lie still," he replies, releasing her legs from the weights, "we don't have much time before they return."

No sooner does the words leave his mouth than the sound of the three men running up the stairs enter his ears. Ripping off the rest of the tape, he pulls her from the bed. "Listen I need you to hide in the closet over there." He points to the other side of the room.

"But that's' the first place they'll look."

"That's exactly what I'm hopping for, now go and be quiet."

Jake enters the room first followed by Virgil. "Damn she's gone, he let her go."

"Don't worry little bro, we'll get them back, just keep your eyes and ears open."

"Jake taps his brother on the shoulder and directs him toward the closet.

"Nah man, the last time I looked in a closet...ouch," Virgil cries out, after feeling his brother slap the back of his head. "Shut the hell up, Virg, I got your back."

Virgil limps over to the closet, fearing he's about to get ambushed, while Jake makes his way over to the bathroom.

The officer, stands beside Jenny who's panting and shaking so badly he covers her mouth with his large hand. She can feel his strong manly presence and odor all around her, not to mention, a huge object rubbing innocuously against the back of her thighs.

He watches the shadow growing larger and larger, stopping right at the doorway. Seeing a hand reaching toward the door, the officer steps back. Kicking the door with all his might, it crashes right in to the unsuspecting boy's face, knocking him to the floor.

"Stay here," the officer shouts, dashing out the closet and firing a shot a Jake who darts out the bathroom prepared to fire his weapon, but retraces his steps after two bullets wiz by his head.

Knowing his opponent will wait until he stops firing before returning volley, the hunky African American dashes across the room, as he continues to fire until reaching the bathroom door and the moment the taller man darts out to return fire, catches him with a vicious straight right to the nose, knocking him several feet back. The stunned man, flips over the rim of the bathtub and falls in.

The officer kicks his weapon from his hand.

Jake's head makes impact with the porcelain tub floor, knocking him unconscious.

Wasting no time, he charges back into the room, lifts the groggy Virgil off his feet, and hurdles him back out another window.

With the immediate threat eliminated. He rushes over takes Jenny's hand leads her from the bedroom.

"Come on, let's go!"

"What about the father?"

"Good looking out, get me that pillow on the bed."

Jenny rushes over, picks up the pillow and brings it back to the officer, who comes within a foot of the bedroom door and tosses it out.

They both turn away as the pillow explodes before their eyes from the shotgun blast.

"That's right black boy, I'm still out here, and if you've hurt my boys, I'm gonna shove this shotgun up your ass and pull the trigger, Ni**er." Clem warned gleefully.

Jenny wraps her hand around the officer's arm, marveling at how big and powerful his biceps and triceps felt. Turning to her he asks; "Is there another way out of here?"

"There's a rollup ladder on the window ceil, in case of a fire, but what about the guy outside?"

"We'll stand a better chance with him, than with that bastard holding that shotgun. Go roll down the ladder, and make your way down, while I watch this guy," nodding his head toward the bedroom door, "I'll be right behind you."

She felt his compassion for her and for a second they share a moment of intimacy.

Jenny complies with the order, rolls down the ladder, "Okay," he calls as she climbs outside.

The lawman, slowly backs away from the door and reaches the window," okay go down, and keep your eye out for that fool down there. He's down but he's definitely not out."

Jenny descends the ladder, continuously glancing down at the body of Virgil, who lies still on the muddy ground. With only a dozen feet to go, she glances down once more, as a bolt of lightening strikes a nearby tree. Stunned she loses her grip, slips off the ladder, and falls in to the ground. Struggling to climb to her feet, she realizes that she's hurt her ankle.

The pouring rain make visibility nearly impossible, a fiery glow radiates in the surrounding woods from a tree struck by lightening. Jenny tries to block the rain falling in her eyes to see if the officer is following her and doesn't notice the shadowy figure closing in on her.

"I got you now bitch. Thought you were getting away huh, I'll show you and that uppity coon helping you," he shouts, wrapping his hands around her throat.

Jenny's ankle gives way, and they both slip, falling in the mud. She attempts to crawl away, with Virgil right at her heels.

Virgil climbs back on his feet reaching out to grab her once more, when a large figure lands on top of him, smashing him into the mud once more.

Jenny screams in horror until realizing it's the officer.

"Oh thank god it's you."

"Yeah your friend makes a great landing pad. Come on," he shouts taking her hand.

They race into the woods, with the sound of thunder and shotgun blasts filling the air.

They seek refuge, kneeling behind a thick row of bushes. The officer suppresses an oncoming sneeze. "My car's parked around front, but mister shotgun, will probably be waiting on us. I think I can take him, but it's too dangerous for you, so I want you to wait here."

"Please don't leave me alone, I think I've sprained my ankle."

The officer realizes the woman's fragile state of mind, as she digs her fingernails into his arm. "I know you're scared but we don't have many choices here. I got a shotgun in the car and it's our only way to make a speedy getaway, we're gonna have to try this, but I need you to trust me."

Jenny begins mumbling incoherently, before the officer shakes her back to reality. "Come on ma'am, stay with me. I need you to stay right here, I'll get the car and come round for you, do you understand."

"Yes but I'm...I'm so scared."

"Do it for me...what's your name ma'am?"

"Jennifer McPherson, and you"

"Lance Blackman," he answers wiping the sweat, rain mixture from his face, gently removing her arm as he came to his feet. "Wait here, I'll be right back, I promise."

Jenny nodded in affirmation knowing there was no way he could guarantee his last statement. She watched the tall powerfully built man slip into the darkness and repeated his name "Lance Blackman."

Lance made his way to the front of the house, strafing along the trees and bushes, until seeing his car parked out front. His hopes quickly fades, upon seeing Jake and his father standing only a few feet away, staring around, probably looking for him. Sighing deeply his mind raced to find an alternative plan. Whatever plan he conceived also vanishes as he hears a woman screaming in the distance. "Jen," he thought and immediately made his way back to where he'd left her.

His covert route became a liability, taking a much longer path, which allowed Clem and Jake to reach Virgil, who once again, had Jenny by her throat.

Lance crouches behind the bushes, realizing the other men had joined Virgil. "Damn that boy must be made of rubber," he grumbled.

Just as the two men approached, Jenny takes advantage of their slippery footing, twisting quickly causing Virgil to slip and fall. In a panic she runs away screaming.

"There she goes, she's getting away," Virgil shouts.

"Goddamnit boy, were you standing in the line that said shit for brains. You can't even hold on to a bitch. Jake go after her, me and shit for brains, will get the truck and follow behind you."

"But what about that cop," Jake asked.

"Don't you worry about him, he ain't leaving his white meat behind, he'll be following and we'll be waiting, now git."

Lance watches Jake dash off in to the woods and follows closely behind.

The blond housewife ran blindly through the woods. Several times she nearly ran into a tree. With the exception of an occasionally flash of lightening, the area was almost pitch black. The air filled with dense black smoke from the burning trees, add to all this, her ankle had swollen and made it extremely hard to walk, much less run, she prayed for this nightmare to end.

In the distance she saw the home of her nearest neighbor Lester Douglas and decided to make her way there. She glances back just as the tall figure of Jake becomes visible.

"Yeah I got you now bitch."

Summoning all her strength, courage, her fortitude, and uses her fear as fuel, she ignores the pain of her throbbing ankle and runs almost at full speed, but as fate would have it, she steps in a small hole in the ground. Her ankles gives way once more and she collapses to the ground. By the time she rolls on her back, the sight of Jake hovering above her, pointing his pistol comes into view.

"Damn girl, here you are all sexy, covered up in mud and I still wanna fuck you. You are one hot little number."

"Please...please don't hurt me,' Jenny pleads.

"You and your buddy's caused us a lot of problems," he notices just for a moment, as the lightening illuminates the woods, the woman's eyes seemed to acknowledge something moving behind him. "Now we have you, and I got him too," Jake shouts, turns and fires in one swift motion. His aim is true and catches the approaching officer in the front deltoid.

The frightened housewife uses the opportunity to flee as Jake scans the area to find the cop.

Darkness quickly recovers, returning the wooded area to black, forcing their eyes to once again adjust to the dark conditions.

Jake hesitates in pursuit as he hears the familiar sound of the family's pick up truck approaching. "Where's she at,' Clem shouts from the truck."

"She's heading for that house, down at the bottom of the hill."

"Yeah I see it, hop in, we'll get 'er.'

Jake snatches open the door on the passenger side, as Virgil squeezes over to make room.

"Did you see that cop," Virgil asked.

"I think I shot him this time."

"Good, he's wounded, like I said, we'll get them both," Clem proclaimed.

After Jennifer banged on the door a number of times it suddenly swings open, apparently unlocked. With not a moment to spare, she dashes, inside, closes, locks and leans against the door. Finally she allows herself to take a deep breath. Exhaling she closes her eyes, only to open them quickly, hearing the sound of something or someone growling nearby. Feeling faint and dizzy she opens her eyes to see a snarling rottweiler watching her from the foot of the staircase.

"Damn, can a girl get a break around here," she cries.

Glancing about she saw the door leading to the cellar, across the room, however the dog would reach there long before she could. All that blocked a direct attack was a long curved sectional sofa.

Thinking quickly she takes note that if she pretended to run toward the kitchen, the dog would have to run along the long sectional sofa that separated them in order to reach her. Almost instinctively she pretends to do so, and the dog dashes in that direction, once again, she summons all her strength, ignoring the pain, pivots, climbs over the sofa and now runs to the cellar door, which she reaches, opens it, but not before the violent dog leaps and bites, it's teeth scraping her back leg and backside. The door keeps the dog from reaching her completely; and strikes the animal, knocking it backward. Feeling the teeth of the menacing mongrel scraping her buttocks, she manages to close and locked the door.

The pick up truck hauling the three intruders comes to a stop in the driveway of the house. "Okay Virgil you come with me, that coon's taken enough pieces out your ass, Jake you stand guard out here."

"Will do Pop, we're gonna bagged that coon this time."

"That's the spirit, now come on Virgil."

Jake watches his brother and father walkup to the doorway, when he hears something moving behind him. He turns quickly with his weapon raised and ready to fire. A flash of lightening brightens the area allowing him to see something moving behind a bush. Creeping over slowly he reaches the bush and shouts; "Alright boy, come on out here and I promise I'll only peel the black off your ass."

"I said come on out here, don't make me have to shoot ya."

When no response came, he fires several shots into the bush. The bush begins to shake wildly and suddenly a figure dashes out nearly jumping on the frightened tall man. "Holly shit, dayam." He shakes his head discovering that it was a raccoon.

Jake strolls along the outskirts of the house, tipping his hat to keep the wind driven rain out of his face, when he hears a car engine approaching. Quickly he ducks behind the bush where the raccoon hid and waits as the fast moving car continues to approach. It dawns on him that the car's not moving toward the house but directly at the bush concealing him. He stands up to get a better view.

Lance sees the man squatting by the push, and mashes the accelerator down. He makes contact with the bush, at the very moment the man peeks his head out. The collision knocks the man to the ground. He rolls several feet before coming to a stop.

Lance jumps out the car, raises his shotgun and fires a blast at Jake, who leaps up and runs into the woods. He considers going after him but hears the sound of gunfire inside the house.

Virgil and his father stand above the body of the dead dog. "Hated to do that but he was attacking. Never mind that dog, we got bigger fish to fry," Clem nods his head toward the cellar door.

"You reckon she's hiding down there," Virgil asked.

"The dog was standing by the door when we came in, it probably ran her down there." Clem steps back, fires his shotgun and blows the door off the hinges.

Jenny nearly urinates on herself, hearing the blast hit the door. She listens carefully to the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. With the door open and the consistent flashes of lightening, she scrambles beneath the staircase and waits for both men to make their way inside the cellar before creeping back up the stairs. She almost succeeds until Virgil spots her at the top step.

"There she is!'

Clem takes quick aim and fires a shot however, his youngest son, knocks his hand down causing him to miss his target.

"Goddamnit boy, what'd you do that for?'

"I thought we had other plans for her."

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