tagLoving WivesA Long Time Ago Ch. 03

A Long Time Ago Ch. 03


My name is David Newton and I'm at a beach party where people are celebrating Halloween and I'm celebrating the anniversary of my divorce. My wife's love for her lover wiped out twenty years of happy memories and I left her.

I've got some modest retirement pay and some investment income and I can live like a beach bum in this beach community on the Florida panhandle. Any ambition I once had was long gone. I just wanted to live comfortably and fuck and never fall in love again.

Falling out of love was too damn painful. So I dropped out of the group of people that produce more than they consume and joined the people that consume more than they produce.

It took a long time for me to recover but I knew my recovery was complete when I could fuck again and this place is full of widows and divorced ladies who really like to fuck. I'm 53 and some of them are a few years older but the pussy is young in spirit and that's what counts.

Everybody was in costume tonight. We had dug a fire pit in the sand just above the high tide line and built a fire with big logs. There's music and laughter and some fooling around between the single folks and the married couples are watching and enjoying a little vicarious sex.

I'm drinkin a little more than usual but I can walk home as long as I'm able to walk. And I really feel good tonight. Maybe I'll get laid. I'm drunk but not too drunk to fuck. And I've spotted several gals here that I've done before. Shit! Margie Harris is one of my favorites and she is already taken.

I know most of the single gals even in their wild costumes but a few look like new meat. Shit! I shouldn't even THINK that word! I might say it out loud. "Meat" is very offensive to some of these ladies. It really pisses them off for a guy to say that word.

And, oh my God! Speaking of meat, just look at that minx over there dressed in a red devil's costume. She's blonde and I'll bet her cuffs don't match her collar but look at that figure. Maybe 115 pounds with a narrow waist and big tits and no rings on her left hand and I'll bet she fucks.

I eased over her direction and saw she was headed for the tub with cans of beer on ice. We were careful to never allow glass on this beach for obvious reasons − plastic and cans only. I stepped ahead of that she-devil and got a can of beer and flipped it open and handed it to her. She made a formal thank you bow and I returned it. I got a beer for myself and we held the cans up in a toast.

The next thing I knew she was off with another guy − a buddy of mine Barry Hunter. And he was a real hunter. He hunted pussy! And he seemed interested in this new blonde bitch that had caught my eye. I'd better quit my drinking if I wanna get laid. I went back and replaced my beer with a coke. Then I walked around and enjoyed the party for an hour checking out a couple of other potential gals but now there didn't seem to be any that weren't already spoken for tonight.

I looked across the fire at Barry with what I now thought of as "my" blonde and the bastard was feeling of her ass! And she was letting him do it. I couldn't see her face because of the mask but her body language registered a smile. I better get out of here I thought. I've had enough to drink and all the likely pussy is taken.

I started up the beach toward the sidewalk and as I got out of the firelight my foot hit something and I stumbled and would have fallen down if a hand hadn't grabbed my elbow and held me up. I turned to say thank you and found myself facing that blonde devil.

She held my arm and led me to the sidewalk and then helped me walk to my condo about a block away. I mumbled some words of gratitude but she just helped me in silence. The last thing I remember she's helping me get out of my costume and getting me in bed. I went out like a light.

I woke up fucking! The room was pitch black. Looking at the lighted clock across the room I had been asleep for about four hours, long enough for me to sober up a little. I was in the saddle banging what I assumed was that blond bitch. She was naked and her arms and legs were wrapped around my body holding me close. I was about to pump my load and in a few seconds I unloaded into a gal whose name I didn't even know.

I rolled off of her onto my back and in moments my soft dick was in her mouth and she was getting me up again. I looked down at her in the darkness and it looked like she still had on that devil's mask with the lower part lifted up so she could suck my cock.

I got another hard on and she mounted up and started doing me cowboy. Jesus! This was good pussy! I hadn't had pussy this good since ... shit! ... don't go there, I thought as an ugly Polaroid picture entered my brain.

It was great pussy! By the time I pumped my load I was exhausted. The bitch reached over to the bedside table and handed me a glass half full of single malt scotch. She must have found the bottle in the kitchen. I tasted it and discovered that just the right amount of water had been added to make it taste the way I liked. I downed it rapidly and turned over and went back to sleep.

When I woke up the sun was shining in through the window although the blinds were down and I was on my back getting fucked cowboy by a naked blonde wearing a devil's mask. The bitch seemed to know what I liked. I looked at those big tits bouncing every time she pumped her ass. Jesus she had a narrow waist. I hadn't seen tits like that and a waist that narrow since ... shit! ... why is this happening to me?

She dropped her head down on my shoulder and kept on fucking. As I approached my orgasm my mind went blank as usual and I lay there helpless under her naked body. I hadn't been fucked this good since ... there I go again!

"Thank you baby," I said, my flaccid cock still inside her. "Thank you very much. I never saw you at Watercolor. Who the hell are you."

"A whore," she said in a husky voice in my ear. "Just a cheating whore!"

Then she rose up and took off that devil mask and I saw her face clearly. It was my former wife Mary − thirty pounds lighter with blonde hair.

She pushed herself off of me and got out of bed. Quickly putting on a pair of shorts and a top she gathered up the devil's costume and walked out of the bedroom as I lay there in shock. I heard the front door close and I jumped out of bed and ran to the front window. She was gone.

I stood under the shower till I ran out of hot water trying to get my head together. Why was she here? Why had she lost all that weight? She was the same size as when I married her. Why had she changed her hair to blonde? What was she trying to do? Why did she fuck me and then leave?

I got dressed and went over to Barry Hunters place. He was awake with a hangover. He offered me a hair of the dog and I took him up on it. Then I asked about Mary.

"Who was that blonde bitch you were with last night?"

"I was with her for a while," Barry said, "and then she disappeared. I've seen her around here recently. I think she's got a place west of here on 30A. But I don't know her name or anything about her."

I finished my drink and then talked to a few other people I knew but learned nothing. Things went on as usual for the next week and then at Happy Hour at our local pub I saw Mary across the room looking at me.

I walked over to where she was standing and she smiled at me.

"Wanna fuck some more?" She asked. "Take me to your place."

"Mary what has happened to you? Why are you ... "

She put a finger on my lips to shut me up.

"No talking," she said. "Just fucking. I'm a whore. I fuck. I don't talk. Take me to your place if you want me or if you don't I'll drive back to my place."

I took her elbow and escorted her out of the bar. We walked the two blocks back to my place without talking. As we entered my living room she began to undress. Her shorts and top came off fast. Then she posed momentarily in panties and bra and then threw both on the floor and stood naked before me. I just stared at her.

She saw my eyes rove over her body. This was the best fifty-three year-old body I had ever seen − it would have been great for a thirty-five year old. Her tits were big but sagged only a little. Her belly was flat and her waist was small and that beautiful beaver was as thick and lush as ever.

"I'm glad you like me," she said. "I'd look better in spikes."

"My God Mary you look good," I said. "You haven't had a figure like that since ... "

She interrupted me, "DON'T GO THERE! I'm a whore now. Don't think about it just use me like a whore. Now get naked and let's fuck."

That's exactly what we did and I was sober and it was even better than before. I let my mind think it. It was like when we were first married. She spent the night and we fucked the next morning and then when I was fixing some eggs I heard the front door close and when I looked out the window she was gone.

I didn't see her for a week. It was Saturday night and I was sitting in the bar having my first drink of the evening when Mary climbed on to the bar stool next to me and ordered a drink.

"Where do you disappear to?" I asked.

"I got a place west of here on 30A," she said.

"Did you finish your counseling?"

She nodded and smiled and said, "I started losing weight right after I saw you in her office. Then I persuaded the good Doctor that I no longer loved you and I got my shit together, sold the house, and headed down here."

"Why here?" I asked. "You and I have no future together."

"I'm a whore. You fucked me two nights already. Maybe you'll want to fuck me some more ... if I'm good enough."

"That's all you want?" I asked.

"That's all I deserve! You want me tonight? I'm yours. You don't, I'll give you my phone number and I'll fuck when you want me. You're a good lookin guy and I'm sure you get lots of pussy down here. Good pussy! I'm gonna try to be better. That's all."

"Can I ask you some questions?"

"No. No talk. Just fuckin. I'm a whore. Fuck me and then kick my ass out and tell me when you want me again."

And that's what happened. Mary was better pussy than any other gal I had been fucking. I called her two or three times a week at first. Then four or five times a week. Then finally one night in the living room I asked her to move in with me.

"I will," she said, "but there are conditions. First, I'm ready to move back to a rental apartment if you try to talk about the past. Second, you can throw my ass out anytime if you're not happy with the pussy. And third, use this on my ass if you need to."

She pulled a thick leather belt out of her purse and hung it on the wall on a picture hook.

"I'm a whore and I'll do my job in bed and I'll cook and clean and talk to you about Watercolor but if you try to talk about the past I'll walk right out. If I piss you off use that strap on me. Do you understand that?"

I nodded my head and she moved in. This was the best pussy I had had since the first years of our marriage before her three-year affair. And she was the same size as when we were married. I really wanted to ask her about herself but I was afraid to.

She hadn't been with me for even a week till Barry Hunter drops by one afternoon to say hello. It was obvious he had noticed her and was curious. I invited him in and fixed him a drink of his favorite bourbon. Mary mixed two glasses of single malt for us with no ice and just the right amount of water.

"So," he said, as we stood in the kitchen taking our first sips. "Tell me about your new house guest."

"I'm a whore he used to know," Mary said before I could answer him. "I used to be a fat whore but I lost weight so he's letting me stay here for a while. I pay my rent in bed."

Remembering his hand on her ass at the beach party I knew he was interested in her. He reached his hand over slowly to repeat what he had done that night. This bastard really had balls!

"Uh uh," Mary said. "That belongs to David. Get his permission first."

Barry looked at me. "May I pat this beautiful ass?" He said.

"I don't think a few pats would do any damage," I said. "You tried it out the other night."

He reached over and patted and then caressed her shapely ass and Mary stood there submissively and did absolutely nothing about it.

"Let's go out to the patio and look at the ocean," I said.

We walked out to the patio and sat in beach chairs and enjoyed our drinks. Barry tried to pry information out of Mary with no success. She was not rude, just evasive. Our conversation turned to a party planned for the weekend and when we finished out drinks Barry got up and said his good bye and left. I noticed that Mary did not give him another chance to feel her ass.

As we watched him walk down the street I asked Mary, "Did you enjoy him playing with your ass?"

"No," she answered.

"Would you like him to do it again?"

"It's okay if you want to watch him do it," she said. "I'd even fuck him if you want to watch. I know some guys are like that."

"No I'm not like that. But I'm surprised you'd do that," I said.

"You're letting me stay here with you. You're not asking me to justify the unjustifiable. I destroyed twenty years of your memories. I can't ever justify that. Of course I'd fuck him if you told me to. I belong to you and I'll do anything you tell me to do if you let me stay. Anything, except try to justify the unjustifiable. There's no forgiveness for some things."

"How many men have you fucked?" I asked.

"Two in my entire lifetime and I loved 'em both."

For some reason that statement annoyed me. It sounded almost virtuous or sanctimonious. If I made her fuck Barry she wouldn't be able to say that ever again. The idea intrigued me. How would I react to that and how would she react to me fucking one of my girlfriends, I wondered.

"Barry is a good friend of mine and he likes your body," I said. "Would you like to fuck him?"

"No but I'll do it if you tell me to," she said.

"Fix us a snack," I said. "I'm gonna take a walk and make a couple of phone calls."

I walked down to the beach and dialed a dependable girlfriend who always enjoyed my company. Margie was delighted by my invitation to dinner. She assumed I'd spend the night. Then I called Barry and asked him if he'd like to fuck Mary tonight. He was equally delighted.

When I got back to the condo Mary had fixed a couple of sandwiches and lemonade and I spoke casually as we ate.

"I just called Margie Harris. I'm gonna take her to dinner and spend the night at her place," I said.

Mary didn't react at all. She sat as though frozen in place.

"You've met Margie," I said. "She's the brunet with the oversized tits."

"I've met her," she said dully.

"I didn't want you to be lonely," I said. "So I invited Barry Hunter over to keep you company."

"You didn't need to do that," she said. "I'll be okay."

"I told him he could fuck you."

Mary just sat there like a statue, silently staring out at the ocean.

"Is that okay?" I asked.

"It's okay," she mumbled softly.

"Are you gonna fuck him?" I asked forcefully.

She turned and looked at me and I could see pain in her eyes. For some reason I got a sudden thrill out of seeing her suffer.

She nodded her head yes.

"I wanna hear you SAY it Mary," I said.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly then looked down at the patio floor.

Then she looked up and made eye contact and said, "I'll fuck him! And I'll be a damn good fuck!"

"He'll be here at seven," I said. "I'm gonna go over to Margie's condo and get an early start on a big evening."

I got up and left. Margie was glad to see me and I got a quick piece of ass before we went out to dinner. We had dinner and a few drinks and then went back to her condo and fucked. It was the first pussy I'd had since I started fuckin Mary and it was good but not spectacular. Mary was always spectacular. I fucked her again the next morning and then headed back home walking. That's the great thing about Watercolor. You can walk everywhere.

Along the way I saw Barry Hunter returning to his place. I waved and joined him.

"How was the pussy?" I asked.

"She was great," he said. "Even better than I expected."

"Did Mary enjoy it?"

"I gave the bitch three orgasms," he said chuckling. "The third one about a half hour ago. And when she was about to cum she really pumped her ass."

"Good," I said. "See you at the party tonight."

When I got home Mary was in the bathtub. She almost never did that but now I realized she wanted her pussy clean. I poured a cup of coffee and asked her to join me on the patio. She came out wearing the standard Watercolor uniform: shorts and T-shirt.

She looked at me apprehensively as she sat down. She seemed uncertain about what she should say.

I waited for her to speak first. I was very interested in her response to this experience. She sat silently but finally she asked a question and looked at me as though she were afraid of the answer she might get.

"Did Margie do anything that I need to learn?"

"No," I replied. "As I walked back here I said to myself that Margie was good pussy but not spectacular. You, on the other hand, are always spectacular."

She brightened a bit at that.

"Did you enjoy fucking Barry?" I asked.

"No," she said simply.

"I saw him on my way back here. He said he gave you three orgasms − the third less than an hour ago. Is that true or did you fake them?"

She closed her eyes and dropped her head as if ashamed.

Very softly she said, "I didn't fake them, but I didn't like fucking him. I was just laying there and letting him pound me."

"Oh? Barry said you pumped your ass like a whore. Did you?"

She hesitated and finally said, "Well, I tried to just lay there but when he got me close I felt myself start to pump my ass. I couldn't help doing that. It just happened and I didn't like it."

"So with a man you didn't love you were pumping your ass like a whore?" I asked.

"Only when he got me real close," she said, still staring at the floor.

"I'd like to see that. Maybe I'll ask Barry to come over and I'll sit in that chair by the bed and watch him fuck you."

She looked at me in desperation and sobbed, "Please don't. I don't want you to see me that way."

"Why not," I asked with a chuckle, "You keep telling me you're a whore. It might be fun to sit there and watch you pump your ass as you turn into one."

She sat staring at the floor, as though ashamed of herself for having orgasms with a man she had no feeling for. Finally she spoke again, very softly.

"David, he's not like you. I love ... I mean fucking you is a very loving experience for me. No other man can give me what you give me."

That wasn't true I thought. There WAS another man who had felt her pump her ass. But he was dead now.

"I think I'll watch him fuck you next time. I'd like to watch you pump your ass. I've felt it but never seen it. That might be fun to watch."

I stood up and took her hand and led her into the bedroom. We undressed wordlessly and made love. She was trembling with love for me and I realized that she had been very jealous of Margie.

Afterwards as we lay there resting, I thought about my reaction and discovered that I had absolutely no jealously whatsoever about her fucking Barry. Well that meant that I was NOT falling in love with her again. Yeah, I can be sure of that. I just wanted to fuck her. What the hell was happening to me? I needed help.

"I've got some business to take care of back home," I said after we got dressed and sat on the patio. "I'll be gone several days."

She nodded. "Say hello to our son and find out how he is. But, please, don't tell anyone you saw me."

I called the good Doctor and made an appointment for a counseling session and then set up my travel home. I really did have some business to take care of and I wanted to see my son, but mainly I needed to talk with someone who could help me.

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