tagRomanceA Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming


She paced back in forth from the mirror to the bedroom window, checking her reflection upon her return. She ran her hands down the lace bodice of her new negligee she had hung in her closet seven months ago. Seven months she had been longing to feel him against her again, fantasizing about the feel of his fingers inside her, his cock sliding against her clit. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw his truck. The excitement that had been growing inside her was suddenly about to burst out of her as she ran for the door. She beamed from ear to ear as she watched from the door as he stepped down from his truck. He hurried toward the door smiling up at her with his amazing blue eyes as they undressed her. He stopped as he stepped through the door and now stood face to face with her. They looked into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. He saw a twinkle in her eyes as she smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Finally!" she whispered before kissing him. Her lips lingering for a moment as her tongue slipped between his lips. Seven months of yearning, lust and passion took over before they could stop it. She suddenly found herself pressed against the back of the now closed door, his hands exploring every inch of her body, their mouths feverishly kissing.

She could feel her clit throbbing, her panties now hot and wet. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband and slid them down her thighs as his mouth moved down her neck and over her breasts. She stepped out of the panties and slid her ass onto the hall table next to them. Reaching for his belt she nibbled at his lip "I need you to fuck me Charlie." she said as she pulled the belt from around his waist and slid his pants over his ass and wrapped her legs tightly around him.

He brought his mouth down on hers hard as he pulled the thin straps to her negligee down her shoulders until her full breasts fell freely from the top. Taking a hand full of her hair he pulled her head back arching her back allowing her erect nipples to point high in the air. His tongue circled her left nipple then her right before he covered as much of her breast as he could with his mouth. Biting at her nipple as he thrust his hips against her he let his cock rub against her wet pussy, teasing her. He traced his finger over her full lips, let his hand brush across her neck and slowly ran his fingers down her body as the tip of his cock began to stretch the opening of her pussy. She tried to pull him in deeper with her legs but he resisted, wanting to take all of her in with his eyes before he got lost in her sweet warmth.

Biting her lip she smiled up at him, watching as his eyes moved over her body, feeling his hands on her skin. He smiled back at her as their eyes met and she began to get lost in the amazing blue eyes staring back at her. Taking her by surprise he slid deep inside of her as a deep moan escaped her throat. She arched her back more, pressing her clit against him. Their bodies moved together in perfect rhythm slowly at first and then hard and fast. Clenching her pussy tightly around him, she could not get enough of him. She was lost in the intense sensation the tip of his cock was giving her against her gspot with every thrust. Hooking his arms around her shoulders he pulled her up until their lips were within and inch of one another and he could stare deep into her eyes. He thrust deep in side of her over and over again as he held her gaze. Digging her nails into his shoulders, she clutched him tightly, her body beginning to tremble. Her eyes closed and her head fell back as an orgasm erupted inside her. She felt his lips press against her neck as she screamed out. She lifted her head and pressed her lips to his, their kiss smothering their moans.

He stayed deep inside her, her legs still wrapped tightly around him as they kissed. They were far from being done with their afternoon together. She led him to the bedroom and cuddled up to him as they began to catch up on the last 7months; stopping for long periods to kiss and caress, taking their time with each other.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/11/17

Not Enough

This "story" was so short I really can't even consider it as a story. More like an anecdote. Sorry, but the best I can do for this one is 2 stars. A little more meat to the
"story" (NOT a pun) would gomore...

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