tagInterracial LoveA Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming


~Hey guys, this is Fr3akiCh1ck. Please go easy on me with this story. It's my first submission and I'm contemplating making this a series. Please leave comments if you enjoy this story or if you have some helpful advice as to how to make my stories better in the future, thanks! :)

This was it. This was the day that Scott and Charlotte would finally see eachother in person for the first time. They had met through Charlotte's cousin who went to college with Scott and the two hit it off ever since. They spoke to eachother on the phone almost every night for hours on end. At first, the conversations started out simple and playful, only hinting towards their attraction towards eachother. But within a month, every time they spoke to eachother, it would lead to a trip on some of their wildest fantasies, leaving them satisfied, and slightly embarrassed by the end of their conversation. They constantly spoke of seeing eachother, and what it would be like and now the day was here. Charlotte couldn't believe that she was only moments away from seeing the man who she had waited for for nearly a year.

Charlotte jumped and let out a short yelp when she was shocked out of her thoughts by the ferocious vibrating in her pocket. "Hello?" She asked, not bothering to look at the caller ID in her hurry to fish her rinestone blackberry out of her tight jeans.

"Hey babe, is that you I see walking out of the airport? It looks like I gave you a bit of a scare huh?" Scott's deep, rumbly voice greeted her ear from her cellphone. Charlotte had to bite her lower lip for a moment, thinking about how she'd finally be able to hear that same voice whispering the most private things against her ear in person. Caught in her little day dream, it took Charlotte a little while to register that Scott was asking her a question. "Huh? Oh. Wait... where are you?" she asked him, her neatly trimmed eyebrows pulling together a bit as she looked around the outside of the airport in confusion.

There were plenty of people on their cellphone, no doubt trying to get a hold of the loved one or collegue they were there to pick up from their flight.

"Nevermind," Charlotte smiled, finally spotting a familiar face across the parking lot. There he stood, leaning against his jet black porche, looking more handsome than she had ever imagined. He was dressed in an expensive pair of blue jeans and a crisp, dark green button up shirt that made his blue eyes tint green it it's reflection.

Charlotte hung up her phone and walked toward him, trying to keep herself from tripping like a moron, or even worse, running towards him like those couples on Wife Swap. She was relieved when he began to walk towards her as well, giving her less time to make a fool of herself before she even made it into his arms. "Scott! I told you I would finally come see you!" She smiled, letting go of her suitcase so she could embrace him. She nearly melted when she felt his strong arms wrap tightly around her small waist.

"I know, I'm sorry I doubted you." Scott chuckled against her ear as he laid a gentle kiss there, grinning as he heard her gasp quietly. "You know, you promised me a kiss right away, remember?" He chided, pulling away from her just slightly, to look down at her blushing face. He wasn't going to let her get off the hook so easily.

"Oh... yeah." Charlotte giggled nervously, mentally kicking herself in the butt for running her mouth on the phone like she was some type of kissing expert.

Scott smirked at her, waiting for her to make the move that he already knew she wasn't going to make. "Huh... well I guess you aren't as ballsy as you make yourself sound on the phone... I can wait though... You know, you're a lot shor-" he began to tease her about her height before he suddenly felt the softest lips he had ever felt against his own. He couldn't help the soft groan that grumbled in his throat when he squeezed her closer and seized her lips, his tongue running along her lower lip, tasting her cherry lip gloss on his tongue before he felt her own lips part and her tongue brush against his.

Charlotte felt her insides melt as she tasted Scott on her tongue. He tasted like cigarette smoke and mouth wash but she felt like she was tasting a drug for the first time, instantly becoming addicted. She loved how their tongues took their time exploring eachother's mouths, quickly learning every texture and taste of the other. Charlotte could feel her heart beat quickening and her body turning into mush, in no time she would easily be just a puddle on the ground beneath his feet.

Thankfully, Scott was the first to pull away, giving her a peck on the lips before he finally caught his breath. He was sorry he doubted her, indeed. For a girl who had only kissed two men in all of her 21 years, Charlotte Daniels sure did know how to make his pants tight. "Mm, as much as I'd love to kiss those lips of yours forever, we definitely can't stand in a parking lot for that long, not to mention give all of these people a free show." He said, nodding in the direction of a few people staring at them. He nearly burst into laughter when he saw Charlotte's carmel skin turn red from her neck to her scalp.

"Uh, yeah.. maybe we should get going." she grumbled, ducking her head down a bit, trying to make herself disappear. She was already embarrassed and his cocky laugh that she loved to hate wasn't making her face any less red. "Shut up, it's not funny!" She huffed, trying to pick up her suitcase to put into his backseat before it was swooped out of her hands by Scott.

"Every time you say that to me, something is always funny. Huh... weird." Scott chuckled as he grabbed her luggage and placed in in the back before shutting the door only to open the passenger door for Charlotte. "You're cute when you look like a tomato." He grinned, sticking her tongue out at her as she got into the car, shutting the door when she began to yell at him.


"Welcome, to my palace of love." Scott said in his best foreign accent as he opened the door to his 16th floor apartment. It was decorated like any other typical bachelor's home. Black leather furnature, a large flat screen, and sports memorobilia here and there. This would be where Charlotte would be staying for the next two weeks of her summer.

"Ooh, it's clean, that's surprising." Charlotte said playfully, wandering around his spacious apartment, resisting the urge to touch everything she saw. 'Look with your eyes and not with your hands'. Her mother's voice rang through her mind like an unwanted house guest. "So am I staying in the guest room?" Charlotte asked as she peaked her head into a small bedroom that doubled as a storage room from the looks of it.

Charlotte felt strong arms wrap around her waist and instantly hugged them closer to her flat belly, her body naturally leaning against Scott's frame as he spoke to her. "Of course not. The only place you'll be staying is in my bed." He grumbled into her neck, sprinkling soft kisses along her sensitive flesh. He had been waiting so long to feel her body in his arms, pressed against him, and crying out to him while he bottomed out into her warmth. Fuck... He cursed himself, feeling his hardened member strain against his jeans. To his surprise, he felt Sydney pressing her ass back against his groin, grinding into him subtly. "Mm, Charlotte, you really are as naughty as you act on the phone... you just keep getting better and better.." He murmured, his strong hands moving from her waist to her hips, pulling her ass harder against him as he ground into her.

"Ah... Why don't we move this into your bedroom?" Charlotte bit her lower lip and placed her hand on the doorframe, keeping her balanced as she created a delicious friction between her ass and his member. She could practically feel her panties sticking to her skin, she was so wet.

Within moments they were in Scott's bedroom, stripped naked from head to toe. "Charlotte..." Scott nearly growled as he let his eyes feast on her impeccable figure. She had a body unlike any of the women he had ever been with. Her skin was the sexiest shade of brown, her whole body looking as if she had been dipped into a bowl of cinnamon that he wished to taste, sweet and the slightest bit spicy of his tongue. Her breasts were a firm D cup with perfect little chocolate kiss nipples that he longed to kiss and suck on, the large globes curving perfectly down to her tiny waist only to flare once more to welcome her wide hips that he couldn't wait to grip as he pumped himself into her tight cavern.

"Hm? what's wrong?" She asked, writhing a bit as she stood before him, watching his eyes stare at her in a way she had never seen before. She could have sworn his eyes grew two shades darker.

Before Charlotte had a chance to retreat and cover herself, Scott had her in his arms, her legs straddled around his hips and her arms around his neck. "God, you're beautiful..." Scott rasped, kissing her passionately as he laid her back on the bed. "Stay still.." he instructed, crawling back down the bed to gently kiss his way up each of her long, smooth legs, his experienced tongue slowly licking her inner thighs.

"Scott... please, stop teasing me.." Charlotte pleaded with him as she tried to lift her hips to guide his mouth to where she truly wanted it. She let out a frustrated grunt as his strong hands pushed her hips back down to the bed. She nearly gushed when he looked up at her and smiled before laying a gently kiss on her pussy lips. "Ah, Scott!" She whined when he pulled away and kissed her flat belly and the space between her breasts.

"Yes, beautiful?" He smiled pleasantly up at her, keeping his dark blue eyes plastered on hers while he took her right nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking it sweetly before he gave it his full attention, nearly cumming when Charlotte's plump lips parted and her back arched in pleasure and she wasn't even at her peak. He could practically see the pleasure work it's way through her veins by the way she responded to his ministrations.

Charlotte ran her fingers through his dirty blond hair, holding him tenderly to her breast as his tongue flickered against her puckering nipple. She didn't know whether she wanted to yell at him to stop torturing her or beg him for more. She could feel the warm presence of his 8 inch cock grinding against her throbbing pussy and nearly unraveled. "Scott, please.." She whined to him, reaching down and gently grasping his thick rod in her hand, using his precum to stroke him slowly, biting her lower lip and looking into his stormy blue eyes as she felt his muscles tense.

Scott clenched his jaw when Charlotte's small, dollish hand stroked his cock. He marveled at how soft and delicate it felt against his sensitive flesh in comparison to his large, rough hands that he used to bring himself to an orgasm. "Please what, baby? Tell me what you want." He smiled down at her once he regained his composure, catching her offguard as he ground his cock hard against her clit, making her squeal and flinch.

Charlotte squirmed between Scott's bed and his hard chest as he looked intently into her eyes. "You know.." She mumbled quietly, biting her lip and avoiding his gaze as her hips tried to rise up to meet his, only for him to move backwards and avoid her touch with a soft clicking of his tongue.

"No, baby, I don't think I know what you want. You have to tell me yourself." He grinned devilishly, running his thumb along her lower lip, pulling it downward out of the clutches of her white teeth as he kissed her nose, forcing her to look back up to him.

"Please fuck me, Scott." Charlotte pinched out, wrapping her long brown legs around his hips, moaning Scott's name as he obliged and plunged deep into her dripping cavern. "Oh! God Scott!" She cried out as he began to thrust in and out of her slowly, giving her time to feel every inch of his cock inside of her, bumping against her insides in the most pleasurable way.

"MmmFuck, Char, you're tight..." Scott bit out as her walls clenched him like a vice, already trying to milk him of the cum beginning to boil in his balls as he began to hammer into her, sweat beginning to bead his skin, a drop falling inbetween Charlotte's breasts. For some reason the way it rolled down her flat brown stomach made his cock twitch inside of her, making her gasp in surprise. She had no idea how sexy she looked with her back arched against his cream sheets, her lips swollen from kisses and her hair splayed around her head like a gorgeous halo. This image of her spurred him on as he began to rocket into her, hooking his strong arms under her knees and pushing them against her chest, the position allowing him to bottom out completely into her.

Charlotte and Scott both groaned in unison as he bent her flexible body into a different position. Charlotte felt like her body was bursting into flames as he claimed her. She felt a familiar stirring in her belly and felt it begin to radiate through out her body. "Oh! Scott! I'm gonna cum!" She shouted, gripping his muscled back as she sprinkled hot kisses along his neck and shoulders, her pussy beginning to spasm and tighten around his cock.

Scott clenched his jaw hard as he felt Charlotte's whole body tense around him, feeling her closeness before he heard her announce it. "Me too baby!" He said through clenched teeth as he thrust into her quickly before he felt his balls tighten and explode inside of her, coating her insides with his hot cum.

Charlotte cried out as she came around Scott's cock, holding him close to her as her orgasm ripped through her body, leaving her panting and trembling as she slowly released him and sprawled out on his bed, wincing as he pulled out of her sensitive pussy. She was at a loss for words as she moved closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder, her fingers running along the muscles on his chest as they both waited for their orgasm to completely subside, leaving them glowing with sexual release.

Finally finding words, Charlotte spoke up, "That was better than I expected our first time to be..." She smiled, kissing Scott's chest and throat as he closed his eyes to slowly begin to drift to sleep.

Scott smiled, his eyes still closed as he ran his hand down Charlotte's slender spine. "Same here... But lets go to sleep, you wore me out baby." he smiled and kissed the top of her head before the both of them fell into a sex-induced sleep.

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