tagInterracial LoveA Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming


Jamie was never the type to forget a friend, or acquaintance, or anything for that matter. She was just one of those people that remembered everything, and people rarely ever forgot Jamie. At the age of 34 she was just clearing what she thought was the end of her youth. Her twenties had long been gone and now the dreaded age of 40 was looming. Her skin had gained a softness and character that women of her age had. Yet, the rest of her body refused to let anyone otherwise. She was sweet, caring, and gentle. Not a person would take advantage of her nor try to.

Jamie was so nice it was also the reason she and her husband, John had decided to take in Marcus. You see, back in their newlywed years, John and Jamie had lived in a nice suburb of a major metropolitan town next to a black couple named the Goldens. Trisha and Michael were two very nice people as well who had a younger son, Marcus. They all got along very nicely and for several years, the families did a lot of things together. When John’s nieces and nephews would come over the families would always find some activity to do together.

That’s why it was impossible for them to say no when they were offered a chance to take Marcus in. Jamie and John had moved to an affluent suburb out of state some years ago and it wasn’t far from a very prestigious D-1 school. Marcus had excelled in both the classroom and the field and had earned himself a partial scholarship, which helped, but still made money tight for the Goldens.

Well after the first year things were going fine for Marcus until his dormitory had burned down in a fire over the summer. Marcus was informed through the mail and by his coach over the phone. He couldn’t stay with the coach as NCAA rules prohibited that, and frat houses didn’t excite him the least bit. He had remembered the chance meeting he had with John in a supermarket halfway through his freshman year. He had mentioned it to his mother who remembered that John had given Marcus their phone number and soon a call was made.

It was supposed to be for a year and neither side seemed to have a problem. John and Jamie had been very successful and had a large home that had two extra rooms for use. They all could remember the moving day.

Jamie hadn’t seen Marcus for what seemed to be 5 years. Her husband’s description of the one-time boy was almost on the money. He had grown tall and thick, his athletics shaping his body impressively.

“Marcus, your just like John said you were, so tall and strong! Just he left out how handsome you got!” Jamie squealed as she threw her arms around her and he did the same.

“Ms. Jamie you haven’t changed one bit, I haven’t seen you in the longest.” He said hugging her back. A friendly hug that lasted seconds as he extended his hand to John, “Thank you sir, I don’t know how to thank you.”

“It’s not even a problem Marcus, don’t think twice about it.” John said.

The move-in went quickly with Jamie mulling around as she watched her husband and Marcus’ strong arms moving box after box into a room, which sat two doors from their bedroom.

The few weeks before September were spent in a variety of ways. Jamie, who was a schoolteacher, would ready some lesson plans and such and spend some of her time lounging around the pool while Marcus would mow the lawn whenever he was home, at least when he wasn’t at practice.

At least once a week the two would be home at the same time. The first time it happened, something sparked. It was memories for Marcus at least.

Jamie had come out in a two-piece bathing suit that wasn’t exactly daring but still showed off what had made up many of Marcus’ dreams as a young boy. Jamie was a tall brunette, has a slender beautiful face with a straight edged nose and full lips that matched up with her body beautifully. Skinny shoulders that flowed with well-toned arms and full breasts that seemed to hang low and bottom heavy. Her stomach was still lean as it cascaded down her torso to long legs that stretched forever with shapely muscles and calves that accentuated her so. Her body hadn’t changed much except that her always-strong legs seemed to get a bit thicker as did her bottom. Evidenced by the swimsuit bottom that hugged so tightly.

The first time out in her suit in front of someone other than John made Jamie a bit uneasy. She felt as though her workouts had become lax lately and didn’t feel like the sexy woman she though she once was. Through her sunglasses she eyed up what was once a young boy but seemed to be a man in front of her.

“How was practice Marcus?” she asked laying her books and creams on the table.

“No practice today Ms. Jamie, we got today off.” Marcus replied.

“How many times must I tell you there’s no more Ms. Jamie. Your grown up now, you can call me by my name. So what do you have planned today?” she asked as she started applying lotion to her arms and neck.

Pausing, he was preoccupied with the sight of her long fingers running along her smooth skin until he mustered, “I was just going to do some yard work and then relax on the hammock and read a book. I’ll need the practice to get back in the flow of reading for school.”

Jamie laughed, “If only I had students like you, my life would be a lot easier.”

A lot more distracting too, they both thought to themselves.

The rest of the afternoon went without incident, until Jamie decided to get up and get in the pool. Marcus had sat down in just an undershirt and shorts, sweaty from the noonday sun.

“You look hot, you should jump in and cool off.” Jamie suggested.

Marcus didn’t want to stand because one of the reasons he was sitting was to hide the growth that had occurred between his legs watching Jamie on the lounge chair. He didn’t want her to be suspicious so he agreed and standing over a bit hunched he took his shirt off and climbed onto the deck and jumped into the pool. Standing up in the water Jamie marveled as the water cascaded down his black frame and the sun glistening off the water and his skin only made her more aware of his masculinity.

Leaning back and putting his arms along the side he enjoyed the water cooling him as he looked back at Jamie wading in the water. She hadn’t changed that much. She was still the beautiful goddess that tortured him during his first run at puberty.

The phone rang inside the house and Jamie got up and out of the pool to answer it. A vision and half was the treat Marcus got, watching first the smooth clear skin of her shoulders and back exit the water as he watched the train of flesh treat him with a caboose that came out of the water. Her ass was round and full and her legs flexed sexily as they propelled her about the deck. She grabbed the phone from inside and came back outside.

“Marcus it’s your mom.” Jamie yelled as she was now treated to a site as Marcus got out of the pool. The vision of Jamie’s body still had lasting effects on Marcus as Jamie eyed an enormous pouch in his shorts as he came out of the water. She handed him the phone and decided to go inside and wash up so she could start dinner.

The fall semester went accordingly and without any real problems. John and Jamie attended Marcus’ football game as a welcome diversion to their usual fall Saturday’s. Things were going great for all parties involved. One night the couple did run into an awkward situation as it seemed late at night Marcus had brought a young co-ed home. The screams that emanated from Marcus’ room had both John and Jamie giggling. Eventually the sounds of passion that were so loud they could be heard two rooms over made Jamie jump on her husband for a spot of fun they hadn’t enjoyed in awhile. Jamie was surprised as hell when she saw the girl leaving that morning was petite little blonde about half Marcus’ size.

One day Jamie had come home from a half day of work to find her husband’s car in the driveway. She entered the house and heard the shower running when a naughty thought crept in her head. She unbuttoned her blouse a bit to expose some cleavage and she was ready to do some teasing.

She walked towards the bathroom when the shower had stopped and the door was cracked just a bit. She decided to be sneaky but when she peeked in she was treated to the site of a buff black backside. She gasped and saw Marcus do a half-turn where she caught a glimpse of a large black cock dangling from her man-boy.

“Oh shit!” he yelled wrapping a towel around him as Jamie turned away.

“I’m sorry I didn’t close the door, I didn’t know anyone was home!” he apologetically said as he walked out after her.

“I thought you were John, Marcus I’m sorry.” Jamie said, breathing hard her nipples inexplicably poking through her bra and half-buttoned shirt.

“Oh he let me borrow his car I have to drive out somewhere today.” Marcus said standing in front of her as she took a seat on the couch giving him an amazing view of the top of her breasts.

“Oh I’m so embarrassed.” She said her hand covering her mouth as she looked up at his half-naked body. Her mind picturing the enormous cock that was causing quite a bulge underneath his towel.

“Well this is an awkward situation. I, uh, better get ready and get going.” Marcus said turning away before his cock got even harder staring at her.

She turned her head to watch him walk away shaking her head at what had just happened. The cold air hit the top of her breasts and she once again shook her head as she buttoned her shirt back up. At least now she understood the screaming coming from the blonde.

That weekend couldn’t have had worse timing as John had to send some time downstate and wouldn’t be back until Tuesday morning at best. Marcus’ team had qualified for a bowl game and now had the weekend free save for a practice on Saturday, which forced him to stay in on Friday night. That was Jamie’s usual movie night and she spent it with a favorite from the rental store. She was quiet so as not to wake Marcus. She didn’t quite know how the situation was to be handled. She just hoped Marcus hadn’t notice her eyes pop out of her head at the site of his dick.

Saturday afternoon was spent by the pool as Marcus came back from practice. Jamie wasn’t used to do doing nothing on Saturday’s as she was used to going to Marcus’ football games or watching them on TV with John. She had spent the warm day by the pool with several wine coolers. Her sexy little boy had come through the back gate and was ready to relax.

She smiled to herself as she imagined him showering again and laughing. She could just imagine his surprise to see this old white lady with her shirt half un-done as she gawked at his penis. Jamie had run out of wine coolers and decided to go to the kitchen where Marcus was making a sandwich in just his boxers.

”Oh, sorry. Thought you were going to be outside for awhile.” He said.

Jamie smiled, “Oh it’s alright, not like I haven’t seen everything before.”

They both chuckled as she bent over and searched the fridge for another wine cooler. She noticed Marcus’ eyes roaming her ass and legs. She smiled to herself and stood up. She had found her cooler and popped it open as she walked back outside smiling to herself.

She stopped halfway to the patio when she decided to be a little tease. The alcohol had definitely made her quite the little imp. She stepped inside the bathroom and left the door open as she took herself a nice, long, hot shower. She decided to end it soon as the alcohol and steam was making her feel quite light-headed. She stepped out nice and clean and wondered if Marcus had gotten her joke. She looked around and didn’t find him anywhere.

She put on her robe and heard the TV on in the living room. She walked out towards the couch and Marcus said, “You shouldn’t leave the door open when you shower. Never know who might be around.”

“Oh you’re funny Marcus. If you were smart you would’ve known that was your chance to get even with me.” Jamie said smiling.

“Well little did you know, your seeing me was only a small way for you to get even with me.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jamie asked in a half mocking tone.

“Well when I was 12, just before you guys moved out I had seen you a couple times from my bedroom window. You don’t know how many times I faked sick from school to see if I could catch you.” Marcus said.

“You little pervert! Why would you want to spy on this old lady?” Jamie asked smacking his shoulder.

“Well, when you’re 12 things are exploding all over the place, plus you used to always wear this blue bikini with white sparkles. When we go to the pool, you drive me crazy.” Marcus said, still watching the TV.

“Drove you crazy you mean.”

“No still do.” Marcus said not looking over to the now blushing Jamie.

“Oh I’m not as hot a piece as I once was. Your just being sweet to this old lady.” She said trying to hide her smile.

“Ms. Jamie I’d have to say you look just as good if not better and that’s for sure. All the times I still see you in a swimsuit, you take me back to my youth.” Marcus said grinning at her.

“And what exactly does a 12 year old do, while he’s cutting school to watch an older woman?” Jamie asked.

“What any 12 year old would do, and what every 12 year old was doing in the neighborhood with you running through their head.” Marcus joked.

“I have no idea what your talking about, do you mean you’d play with yourself?”

Marcus’ cock started to harden at the sound of this woman from his youth. This mature woman using words like that. He turned to her to see her robe open a bit, the shapes of her breasts slightly visible as her wet hair clung sexily to her head.

“Maybe, sometimes you can’t help it when the neighbor is so incredibly sexy.” Staring into her green eyes as he said this Jamie was speechless.

“So at twelve years old were you always so well-endowed?” Jamie asked making reference to the sight she had seen in the shower. “It must have taken you forever to stroke that thing.” She said smiling.

“With you in my head, it never took that long.” Marcus said looking again into her eyes, searching for where this was going.

She hadn’t felt like this in the longest. She had been stared at but always thought John was the only one that was aroused by her and even that didn’t happen often these days.

“Still doesn’t.” He added looking at her. Now she imagined this hulk of a man stroking himself, his hardness to the image of her in his head.

“Still?” Jamie asked.

He only nodded, looking at the TV as he clicked it off.

Leaning back, her back arching a bit to show off her breasts she asked him, “Why?”

“You have the most gorgeous body, then and now, that I have ever seen.” Marcus said turning towards her on the couch. “At night I sometime hear you and John, I still have imagination.”

“Well I’ve heard you as well, or at least your partners.” Jamie added.

“Of course I’d figure they’d scream when you use that thing of yours. It is pretty big.”

”You should see it hard.” Marcus added, challenging the direction of this episode.

“You mean when you’re thinking of me?” Jamie said defiantly at his challenge.

“Mmm.” He slowly said as he leaned back, his cock hard as a rock underneath his shorts.

Seeing his bulge she leaned back and put her hand underneath her robe upon her breast

Not wanting to admit her attraction to him and fearful of the situation she asked, “What are you going to do with that.”

He eyed the smooth thighs that were exposed to him as his hand slowly stroked his length through his shorts.

“What do you think of when you do that?” She asked as she lifted her robe, her long white legs exposed but crossed only exposing a bit of her neat brown bush.

“Mmm, you Jamie.”

“What do you think of doing with that cock of yours?” She asked her fingers playing with her nipples.

“Mmm, that white pussy of yours, on my cock, all over it, around it.” He said.

“Let me see it.” She said opening her robe.

His eyes fixated upon her naked form as he pulled the leg of his shorts up to reveal a foot-long spear that stood straight into the air.

“Oh fuck Marcus, is that all for me?” Jamie said as her hands gently played with her inner thighs as she opened her legs exposing her thick pussy lips to him.

He could only stare and stroke his cock, nodding his head yes.

“Is this what you used to peak at a long time ago?” she said gently rubbing her body, her eyes fixated the pool of pre-cum on his dick.

“All the time, Couldn’t dream of you being so close to me.”

“Did you dream of this white pussy on your big black dick?” Jamie said, her dirty talk was her way of controlling the situation when in reality the foot-long dick in front of her scared her to no end.

“Your pussy, your mouth, anything…..” Marcus said trailing off.

Jamie stood up, letting her robe fall into a pool of silk on the floor. She sat down closer to him and put her hand around his cock. He took his hand from it and gasped as she put a second hand around it.

“Marcus, I need two hands for this big black dick of yours.” She said, growing in confidence.
“I can’t resist putting my mouth on it.” Jamie then bent her head down and licked his cock head before taking the head into her mouth.

He leaned his head back as Jamie began to stroke and suck on his cock like only an experience woman could.

“Do the girls at school suck your dick like this?” she asked him and he could only shake his head no.

Sucking his head back, her hands played with his balls as his hips began to buck. She then kissed his flat stomach and nipples as he lifted his shirt off himself and her hands continued stroking the massive pole.

“Marcus baby, I’m going to suck your cock dry. This girl of your dreams will make you forget any girl before this.” And with that, she began to suck him harder and flick HER TONGUE AROUND HIM. As her mouth left a massive amount of saliva around his head, she would twist her fist around his cock when she would come up for air. He began to moan and soon his cock exploded into her mouth and his hand kept her head in place as he shot himself into her. Surprised she had no choice but to swallow his seed.

Coughing and his cum dripping down her chin she looked at his grinning face. Laughing herself she shook her finger at him. “Bad boy!” as she looked to see his cock still standing in attention.

“Oh Jamie your best cock sucker I ever had.” Marcus said.

“Those other white girls can’t suck this big black meat like that, can they?” she asked waving his cock in the air.

“No they can’t and now I’m going to fuck you like no man has ever fucked you before.” Marcus said.

Jamie stood up, “No not here.” And her fat ass and thick thighs began to walk from the living room to her bedroom.

Marcus stood up, his naked body following closely. When they entered her bedroom she turned around and kissed him on the lips. He was an incredible kisser and was getting her so excited as she squeezed his cock between her thick thighs. She rubbed her thighs together rolling his cock back and forth. The warmth of her legs around his shaft, yet cold air hitting his cock head.

She went to a drawer filled with lotions and took out some oil that she and John used called motion lotion. She poured some in her hand and then handed it to him as her hands roamed his body. His black skin becoming darker and shiny from the oil as she then oiled up his cock. He massaged her breasts and then bent forward to rub her lips and legs with the oil. The shine only caused their best features to look even bigger.

“Mmm, my dream come true.” Marcus smiled.

Jamie backed up to the bed and let him lower himself on top of her as they kissed passionately, their bodies sliding along each other.

“You going to fuck me?” Jamie asked.

“What do you think?” Marcus asked slapping his cock along her pussy lips.

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