tagMatureA Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming


Maybelle stood before me naked. Those lusciously sagging breasts and wrinkled belly, grey pubes framing pouting plum lips; her general frailness was intoxicating. I got hard instantly.

"It's been twenty years since I've had a lover, you do realize that?" said Maybelle as she lay on the bed and beckoned to me.

I just smiled as I took her in my twenty seven year old arms. "That's alright, I've never had one."

I was twenty five when I found out that the technical term for it, Gerontophilia. The first time I realized it was the day my mother died. I was crying and the school nurse, who must have been approaching seventy, hugged me and I got a boner. After that I didn't like girls my own age, not even middle aged women. No, give me wrinkles, grey hair and if I'm lucky, a stoop and I am good to go. Now I'm not unattractive; I look a bit like Ben Affleck I've been told. It's not that I can't get young women. My dick just doesn't like them. I once went out with our local homecoming queen. The sight of her perky breasts made me go limp. I told her I was secretly gay. I wonder what she would have said if she really knew what was going on.

We kissed gently at first but Maybelle's need got the better of her and she kissed me harder. God, she smelled so good, like lavender talcum powder. I stroked her side, fondled the folds of loose skin and slowly worked my way south, kissing her neck and tonguing her nipples. She gasped and pulled me to her. My free hand sought her out her pussy, teasing the lips with my fingers, seeking her clit, stroking to the tune of her moaning. She reached down and grabbed my hard on. I was so excited I came, trembling, all over her legs.

As a teenager I had no idea how I was going to meet the woman of my dreams. It's difficult when she looks like your grandmother. As I grew older, I tried jobs that would bring me into contact with elderly women. I worked in a craft store for about a week before the boss figured out I had no idea about knitting needles. After that I got a job at an aged care facility. I was fired after being caught with an erection; I'd been bathing this particularly hot old dear. I had to leave town after that particular incident, not the only time my problem has got me in trouble. Finally I got work at the local garden centre. It's perfect; I meet lots of elderly ladies. I flirt, they give me huge tips. Since I started six years ago, I have watched for signs that any of them were romantically interested in me. I saw none till Maybelle. Within a month, she'd hired me to work in her yard. It started out as twice a week gig, but pretty soon she was finding excuses for me to come every day. Needless to say I was hopeful.

There was no way I was done after waiting for this so long. My hard on bounced right back. I tenderly rolled Maybelle over, parted her legs and penetrated her with two fingers. She was dry and disappointed when I noticed, but I'd come prepared with lube. I slapped it on my hungry cock, mounted her. God, she was so tight and my cock throbbed but I had to restrain myself.

Stunned didn't cover it when Maybelle started flirting with me. I wanted her so much but had no idea how to broach the subject, so I started writing her love letters anonymously. After what seemed like ages, she took me into her confidence and told me about them, excitedly too. When I confessed I was the one writing them, I swore she was gunna have a heart attack. She couldn't look at me after I owned up but she did listen. I explained my condition to her and how much I wanted her, that I thought I might love her. She thought it was a trick till I kissed her. You can't fake a kiss I reckon. We didn't consummate the relationship for a few weeks. I think she wanted to know I was sincere. I brought her flowers. We went out together a few times, but Maybelle was embarrassed. I had to say I was her grandson. I was okay with it, anything to be close to this goddess. By the time our night came, I was definitely in love.

I managed to hold off coming till I was sure she had too but it wasn't easy. This was better than my hottest wet dream. I rolled off and kissed Maybelle lingeringly and again on the forehead. She touched my face and then she lay with her head on my bicep. I fell asleep, dreaming of doing it again and again.

When I woke the next morning, Maybelle was already cold. I sat on the edge of the bed and wept.

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