tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Long Train Ride [Full]

A Long Train Ride [Full]


Vala's gaze scanned the unoccupied carriage, a soft sigh passing glossy lips as her attention went back to the phone in her hands to look through the videos she had downloaded previously.

She had over an hour to waste before she would arrive at her stop before she would be able to get to her girlfriend's apartment and finally get to spend the night with her after a long week of work. She missed her, and couldn't wait to finally get her in her arms. She had been daydreaming about it for hours, for every night she had been without her.

Even now, when she thought about being with her, she couldn't help warmth that spread through her body. The thought of her hands caressing her body, of her tongue forcing its way through her lips and down her throat.

Without knowing it, her hand had reached between her legs, her fingers toying with her clit through the fabric of her pantie, her mind having wandered off to their last encounter.

She paused, only to search the carriage once more to make sure that there were no wandering eyes. There were few people, seeing as it was rather late in the day, but those that were in the carriage were much more occupied by their own mobile devices than what she was doing.

[Text:Babe] Can't wait to see you~

[Text:Babe] I'm wet just thinking about you. I think I'll cum right in front of everyone on this train. Wish you were here xx

She grinned at the messages she had sent, knowing that they would provoke her lover into impatience. She had packed her bag, ensuring she brought everything she would need for their weekend together.

It wouldn't hurt if she started early, would it? It would make for a lot more fun if she were to show up dripping wet and ready to get fucked.

She couldn't wait, not when her favourite toy was just inches away from her.

She unzipped her bag, pulling it close to make sure no one saw the thick, black vibrator she was pulling out and tucking under her skirt. She scanned the area once more from her seat at the back of the carriage, settling one leg up on the seat next to her, hips sinking down slightly so she could position herself properly, pull her panties aside, and slip the toy inside of her already dripping wet pussy.

She gasped as the toy stretched her cunt, hand falling to her mouth self consciously, quietening herself to deter attention from her.

She didn't mind if people looked, not when she was being so obvious about it. She had her body pointed outward, pussy on full show to whoever might have passed in front of her. It aroused her to the point where she wanted someone to catch her, for someone to stare at the thick black cock she was fucking into her tiny body, for them to watch as her fingers toyed over her hardened nipples. She was a slut, and she knew it. So much so that she went as far as to record herself masturbating with this toy, soft, kitten-like moans filling the otherwise quiet train carriage.

She set the phone down when the train began to slow for its next stop, her body straightening as a crowd of people began to fill her carriage, a blush colouring her cheeks when a man sat next to her. She took her bag from her seat, placing it on her lap to cover her legs.

She should have stopped, knew it would have been simple enough to just sit there with that toy rammed up her cunt. But she just couldn't, not when she was practically salivating with the need to climax.

She reached into her bag, taking the remote she had sworn to leave for her girlfriend to play with when they finally got together. But with the extension of the vibrator pressed against her clit, she couldn't resist but turn the little rabbit ears on, the soft vibration bringing a silent moan from Vala, her free hand gripping at the hem of her too short skirt to the point where her knuckles had turned white.

"Are you okay, Miss?"

A deep voice broke the silence, concern colouring his words as he looked over at her. He was handsome, a soft kind of face that made you feel safe when those icy blue eyes looked at you.

She nodded, deep purple eyes glancing up at him, only now noticing just how good looking he was.

"I'm fine, thanks."

She breathed out, a soft smile pulling on smooth lips. She took a moment to look him over, managing to keep her mind off the vibrator abusing her clit as they spoke. Using their time together for idle chit-chat, learning rather useless facts about one another and why they were on a train so late at night when they really should be at home, relaxing after a long days work.

She learned he was a doctor that had just gotten off a late shift and was headed home to his bachelor pad.

Well, if he was single, maybe she could make his night. She had noticed him checking her out, staring at her erect nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt.

So, she gave it a shot, letting the hand that had been holding her skirt in place sink between her thighs, sitting up just enough so she could circle her hips, her body turning as she lifted her skirt, letting him have a full view of her now dripping pussy and the thick toy she had been riding for their entire conversation.

A wicked grin spread across her lips when his eyes widened his stammering only provoking her further, She let her skirt drop, hips shamelessly bouncing on the toy as she undid her shirt, exposing her breasts to him, allowing him to watch her tits bounce as if she were right there on his cock.

"Make me cum, Cutie~"

She purred, handing the toy over to him to give him total control over her pleasure.

In fairness to the guy, he was more than happy to up the speed on her vibrator, the result being Vala's body falling forward into his shoulder to muffle her moans, a leg half thrown over his lap to free up some space, allowing her to reach between her legs once more and outright fuck the toy into her cunt, her free hand searching down his body until it fell upon his now growing bulge, her lips meeting the shell of his ear with a soft kiss.

"You're so hard already... I bet a guy like you needs a little bit of stress relief, huh? I could take care of that for you."

She heard him gulp, felt his hands glide up from her thighs and beneath her skirt to grope at her ass, tugging off her panties to throw them to one side, a smack to her ass being more than a good enough answer as to what he wanted.

She smacked his hands away when his fingers began to toy with her ass, instead settling herself on his lap, her pussy pressed right against his crotch while she continued to ride her toy, leaning back just enough to leave herself fully exposed to him, his eyes all but glued to her tits as they bounced from the force of her movements.

"Come on, Cutie, make me come and I'll ride that gorgeous cock of yours. I want to feel your cock slammed up against my needy little cunt, fuck me until I'm full of your cum~."

She whined, her arousal having gotten the better of her.

She had expected him to give in and use the remote she had given him to tease her body until she came, but she couldn't have been more wrong.

A pair of hands moved to her hips, forced her to bend over, leaving her ass in the air and face pressed against the window of the carriage while he explored her body. The toy had been switched off and set aside, instead being replaced by his fingers that went to work at stretching open her pussy, the warmth of his spit invading her cunt making her body melt, a string of her own saliva dripping from her lips and onto the window as he began to pound his fingers into her bunt, her thighs trembling with the effort it took to keep herself upright while rocking back on those amazingly thick digits.

She could feel herself losing control, had already stopped trying to keep quiet and just keened with pleasure, alerting the entire carriage as to their goings on with absolutely no shame. She was a slut, and there was no denying it, so why keep her pleasure to herself?

She could feel her climax building in the pit of her stomach, her body completely losing control while he abused her spot, and before she could even warn him about what he was doing, she jerked off his fingers, her climax gushing from her body in what had to be the best squirt she had had since her last meeting with her girlfriend.

She was good on her word, and within seconds, she had turned around and unzipped his jeans, swallowing his cock with the vigour of a well-practised slut.

Her head began to bob, jaw loosening to slowly swallow more and more of his length, tongue pressed to the base to slip him down as deep as she possibly could go, only stopping when her lips hit the base of his cock, holding herself in place as a strong hand tangled into her dark brown hair.

She gaged, throat closing around his cock. It had been ages since she last sucked on a cock that wasn't fake, and she loved it. She let him fall from her mouth, lapping at the bead of precome that had gathered on the tip of his cock before moving to straddle his hips, letting his cock slip between the lips of her pussy, his warmth radiating along the length of her cunt, allowing her to grind down on him, soaking his dick with her juices before elevating her hips and letting his cock slip inside her body.

She moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders as her hips began to move, the heat of a real cock, the throb of his flesh inside of her sending a shudder down her spine. She was in heaven and was more than happy to show him just how much she was enjoying his cock.

She took his hands, leading them back to her rear to cup her ass. He took it upon himself to lay a hard smack on her ass, which was more than enough incentive for her to begin riding him, her body hitting off his with a wet slap, hands moving from his chest to undo her shirt, allowing the fabric to slip off her shoulders so he could watch her tits as they bounced along with the rhythm of her hips, only stopping when the train began to slow and a fresh load of people boarded the train.

She didn't care about anyone seeing her, in fact, she was more than turned on by the eyes of strangers leering at her tits, a wicked grin playing on her lips as she teased her nipples, moans falling from deep within her throat as the man beneath her began to move and fuck himself up into her body, the strong hands on her hips turning her body to mush.

She sat back, her shoulders resting on the seat in front of them, feet placed on either side of his hips so she could lift herself up off his cock, leaving her on show for only him to see. Her hand went to her skirt, tugging the fabric up to expose herself while she fucked herself down on his cock, using her new position to abuse her sweet spot with the head of his cock, the sensation forcing her to release her bladder, her cheeks flushing when she felt her piss dampen his jeans.

What came as a surprise was just how much he seemed to enjoy being pissed on. She couldn't help but laugh a little when her hips began to slow and she could feel his cock throbbing inside of her body, only to have him fill her with cum moments later, his hands digging deep into her hips to keep her still while his face fell into her chest.

He mouthed over her exposed nipples, hands moving from her hips to cup her breasts instead, the sensation and the hot cum filling her insides turning her on to the point where she couldn't keep from fucking herself down on him all over again, half-lidded eyes glancing over to the male that had sat across from them who was less than subtle when it came to staring at them. She smiled a sweet, flirtatious kind of smile, beckoning him over as she rode the male beneath her, her hands exploring her new friend's body; specifically, the bulge that was staring her right in the face.

She unzipped him, fingers curling around his half-hard cock, wanking him off while the blond beneath her moaned into her chest, hips trying to match each thrust of her own with the intent to make her come a second time.

She felt her head fall back, eyes rolling into the back of her head as she felt that familiar sensation build in her abdomen, her fingers toying with the cock of the man standing on her left, his hips fucking themselves into her hand, leering over her body as she was brought closer and closer to her orgasm.

She felt that familiar wetness of her upcoming squirt, her hips jerking erratically against the man beneath her, lifting away from him as her orgasm took hold. Her body trembled as she released on top of him, the warmth of his cum staining her ass while her hips jerked, a second load falling on her chest, the man standing next to her taking his arousal into his own hands and outright wanking himself to orgasm while she came, his cum dripping from her chest and over her cleavage in a lewd display.

She panted, exhausted, yet not quite satisfied with what she had already been given. Her stop was coming up soon, so she took that time to do up her shirt, leaving the second man's semen on her chest to soak through the white fabric of her shirt, packing everything she had taken out to make sure that when her stop came, she could run off when need be.

She brought herself up off the blond's cock, letting his flaccid cock fall from her pussy only to leave one leg propped up on the chair she had been seated on while the other was placed on the floor, stomach clenching to push his semen out of her pussy and back onto his cock, letting what little piss that was left in her bladder drip down her thighs and onto his still twitching cock.

She didn't bother with putting back on her panties, instead deciding she would much prefer to greet her girlfriend without them.

She cupped his cheeks in her hands, lifting his head to pull him into a kiss, her body sinking back onto his own, pressed as close as humanly possible while they swapped saliva between one another, her tongue in total control of the situation at hand.

She slapped his hand away when he began to grope at her ass once more, a laugh echoing through the still silent carriage as the train began to slow, the announcement of her stop breaking it moments later.

She rose from her place on his lap, flashing him a wicked smile as she grabbed her bag, throwing it over her shoulder before she turned to leave, knowing now that this man would have a pleasant story to tell about the strange woman who pissed on him and sucked his cock during a journey home.

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