A Long Walk Home Ch. 14


"Tell the vampire to back away." Dayton's words were hard, his expression murderous.

"Come near and I will kill you instantly," Gard growled, his fangs elongating as his eyes began to glow softly.

Rhianna stepped in front of him blocking his view of the others. "You need to release her, brother," she said softly. "I know you want to protect her but right now she needs the arms of someone she trusts. She needs time to come to terms with this."

"Don't ask that of me," he ground out, naked fury in his voice. His hold on Rayne tightened, his hand threading through her hair as he rocked her gently.

"Gard, you must." Rhianna's tone was firmer, allowing no room for argument. She reached out and ran a hand over his hair. "She needs her pack's love. She needs to feel safe. When she is ready she will come to you."

With an anguished groan Gard dropped his head against the side of Rayne's neck, his lips whispering against her skin in a tender kiss. "Forgive me," he whispered. "I will wait for you in our special place." He released her and rose, striding out of the house without a backward glance.

Dayton immediately scooped Rayne up and carried her out of the room and upstairs to his. He heard the door closed quietly behind him.

"Pull the covers down," he said softly, waiting for Freya to do as he asked. He gently lowered the distraught woman into the bed and pulled off her boots. Then he covered her and sat down beside her.

She had stopped crying but now she stared off into the distance, unaware of anything around her. Her distress was heartbreaking to watch.

Freya sat down beside him, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head against his back. She had no idea what had happened downstairs. All she knew was he was hurting because his cat was hurting and she wanted to give him comfort. She didn't even know if he wanted the comfort from her.

When he didn't push her away she held him more tightly, letting him know she was there if he needed her. They sat like that for so long she must have drifted off because she woke to the feeling of being moved. For a moment she thought Dayton was taking her to her room then she realised he had dragged a large comfortable chaise from somewhere and had moved it close to the bed. He was stretched out full length on it and was settling her against his chest, a warm blanket covering them.

"I thought you would sleep in your bed," she said quietly, still struggling with her insecurity about the other woman.

"One kiss," he whispered, closing his eyes and stroking her hair gently as his lips brushed the top of her head.

Warmth spread through her and she relaxed in his arms letting sleep claim her once more.

To be continued...

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