tagGroup SexA Long Weekend

A Long Weekend


My three best friends got together and decided to surprise me for my birthday by inviting me to a cabin for the weekend. I'd never been to a rustic cabin before, so this was new to me. They picked me up after work on Friday, which was my birthday. This cabin was so far out in the sticks, no one would hear us for miles, which is what I think they intended. The land around the cabin was beautiful, and there was even a little pool area in the back. The cabin sported four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a large kitchen with a sturdy wooden kitchen table and benches, and a large dining room table big enough for eight.

The living room sported a fireplace and bay windows, which looked out over the mountainous terrain. They had planned a great dinner for me in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. When we got to "dessert", they decided to play a card game. It was originally supposed to be strip poker, but since I don't know how to play poker, we played strip 21. The rules were as follows: whoever loses a hand had to take off one article of clothing. After a few hands, all of us were in various states of undress, Malina had on a T-shirt and panties, Nina had on her thong, Jordana had on just her bra and panties, but no one was completely naked. After the next two hands, I was down to my bra and panties. I noticed this look pass between Jordana and Nina, and I started to ask what was going on. Malina said not to worry, all would be explained soon.

Let me describe my friends: Jordana is from Egypt, she's 5'6", she has long, flowing black hair, hazel eyes, 36D breasts, 130 lbs., has curvy hips and long legs. Nina is from Texas, 5'4", Black, with long braids, brown eyes, 40D breasts, 135 lbs. and has curvy hips. Malina is the shortest of us, she stands just 5'3", she's from New Jersey, she has long blonde hair, blue eyes, 34C breasts, 120 lbs., and she is really cute. I am 5'5", Black, I'm from New York, I have black hair, brown eyes, 140 lbs., 40D breasts, and I have curvy hips and long legs.

After the next two hands, I lost, and had to remove my bra and panties, which I did. Now that I was out of the game, I just sat there and wondered what would happen next. Malina said that the birthday present from them to me would be a cunnilingus session I'd never forget, and I had to do what they asked me. They knew I hadn't had any in quite a while, because I wasn't dating anyone, so they were going to help me out. I was like, ok. Nina lost the next hand, so she got to go first.

Nina took me into one of the bedrooms, and Jordana and Malina stayed in the living room. She really wanted me bad, but said she would take her time with me. She told me to get up onto the bed, lean back and relax. "I've been wanting to do this for a really long time," she crooned. She laid down next to me, and kissed me full on the lips, slipping her tongue in my mouth while stroking my breasts and nipples. Just kissing her made me wet. She left off kissing me, and began to suck on my nipples. When she got to my pussy, I was so wet, I couldn't believe it. She slid her fingers in my pussy, and her tongue began lapping away. I could hear Malina and Jordana in the living room going at it, because Malina was screaming "Yes, yes, yes!!" I didn't want to make too much noise, but hearing them made me even hornier. I never heard them enter the room, but I opened my eyes in time to see Malina lay down on the bed next to me, and Jordana sliding her fingers into Malina's dripping pussy. She wrapped her lips around Malina's clit and began humming away at it, which made Nina do the same to me, which made me forget that Malina and Jordana were even in the room! I threw my head back and just let out a wail when I began to come. After a few minutes, Jordana and Malina joined Nina, and they were touching and caressing me all over, doing whatever they felt like doing, playing with my breasts and sucking on my nipples. I just raised my arms up in surrender, spread my legs wider, and did nothing to stop it. Not that I wanted to; it felt so good.

After a while, we all switched places. Nina and I got into a hot 69. Jordana placed her pussy on Malina's face, and she went to town on it. When Jordana began to cum, I had to stop playing with Nina to watch. They rolled over, and Malina sat on Jordana's chest. Her breasts are so big that Malina was able to ride on one of them, and she tickled herself into an orgasm. While she was riding Jordana, Jordana was sucking on her other nipple. I was so in awe of them. Nina wanted to ride my face, so I let her. While I was sucking her pussy, Malina came and started in on mine. Jordana stood up on the bed in front of Nina, and Nina ate her out. Then, Jordana joined in with Malina, so now I had two tongues working my pussy. Ohhhh, it felt so good, I couldn't concentrate on Nina anymore. Nina got up, shooing Malina and Jordana away. "I want this!" she said.

After we stopped, I said, "I didn't know you guys were lesbians." They said they weren't, they were straight, except for Nina, but they wanted to try it with me and each other. The next day, it would be someone else's turn, but today was for me. I was already lying on Jordana's breast. It smelled so sweet, I couldn't resist a lick at her nipple. As I began sucking on it, she moaned. I slid my fingers between her legs, and found her clit, making her come in record time. When she came down, she said if I'd be good now, she'd let me lick her in the morning. So we fell asleep.

In the morning, I was the first to wake up. After I went to the bathroom, I came back and snuggled next to Jordana. I began kissing and nibbling on her neck. She came awake slowly when I started sucking on her nipple. I asked her to come into one of the other bedrooms with me, and she said ok. Once she was out of the bathroom, she got on the bed, and I kissed her the way Nina had kissed me. I kissed my way down her sides and stomach, finally coming to rest at her pussy. She asked if I had done this before, and I shook my head slowly, since I was sucking and humming on her clit. She almost came off the bed, so I must have been doing a good job. She came in my mouth. She tasted so sweet, and I swallowed her cum. I came up and kissed her full on the mouth. She kissed me back and drank her cum from me. Malina and Nina heard us on their way back from the bathroom. They joined us on the bed, and we made a daisy chain, each of us sucking on someone's pussy, so no one was left out. I don't think we ate any food or drank anything that whole day, except each other. We ate each other inside the cabin, outside the cabin, on the grass, on the front porch swing, in the shower, in the pool in the backyard, anywhere we could think of. Sometimes it was all of us; sometimes it was two of us while the other two watched.

On the third day, we finally took a break. We cooked and ate some of the food that was there, but we never did get dressed, in case someone wanted a little taste. We stayed naked, or nearly naked, the entire weekend. Finally, I had to ask, "What made you come up with this idea?" Malina said she'd always been a little curious, and wanted to know what the big deal was. Jordana admitted she had been with a woman before, and wanted to see if our best friends club could reach the same heights she'd reached. That made me the only "virgin". We decided to make another daisy chain before we left to go home, and everybody screamed until we couldn't scream anymore.

When we left, we promised to do it again when it was someone else's birthday, because they were right, I'd never forget this weekend.

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