tagHumor & SatireA Look Through Her Eyes

A Look Through Her Eyes


I love having sex. Nothing pleases me more than a good fucking. Fucking beyond all belief. I have great big tits, double Ds. Plus I've got a small frame so they look even more impressive. I work out regularly, just to keep in shape for my partners.

Of course I don't build up too much muscle; after all I don't want to intimidate any of them. I just keep my skin well toned and my body tight. Although I still get guys just because of my face. It is absolutely beautiful, if I do say so myself.

I like guys of all sizes. Even short guys can still feel bigger than me. I'm only about five feet tall so most of my female lovers tower over me as well. When they feel like they are imposing, they fuck you better than when they are intimidated.

I like doing lots of men and women at the same time. I once took thirteen guys and nine women all in one night. I love sucking a guy's dick, and I just love the reward God gives me for it. Man cream down my throat, I love it. I love eating pussy too, especially with heaps of people watching.

I love pleasing others, but I'm also quite happy to be the centre of attention. There's nothing quite like just lying back and letting a whole room full of people do with you as they please. It's great, I get licked, kissed, bitten, whipped, slapped, tied up, pissed on, come on, fisted, and fucked. Everything and anything they want.

When I'm alone with a guy, I quite frequently get asked for head. I'm all too eager to agree. But I do love it when a guy wants more. But guys can be very demanding, and also very uptight. Usually, the most far out guys that get with me only ask me to eat their assholes.

One guy actually had read how to find the g-spot and made me squirt! That is something I recommend to all. I like the guys with long dicks so I can deep throat them. But guys with smaller dicks are much better at pleasing me. But whether fist or cock, nothing beats a good cunt filling.

But something for which you need a big dick, or at least a big dildo, is anal fucking. When something fills your ass, and nothing is in your pussy, it is a most wondrous sensation. It's like being full and empty at the same time. Of course, getting two guys to double fuck you is terrific. Nothing can fill you more, unless you suck on yet another cock.

But men can get tired. Sure it means that I have given them the greatest feeling possible, but women can go on for hours. Nothing can beat a double fisting that lasts for hours. It's especially great because women can also move their fingers about. I remember this one time with three other girls, and I was the ass-fisting babe. When I wiggled my fingers she squealed and squirmed with ecstasy.

Of course, women can do the thrust thing as well, just with dildos and strap-ons. That's great too, because you get the same sensation of being fucked by men, but it lasts so much longer. I remember being double fucked with strap-ons for nearly two hours!

When you're with a single woman it can be great fun. It's more intimate; you can kiss and fondle each other for extended periods without getting into the serious stuff. I was with a woman once and we just lay together, hugging and kissing, until we fell asleep.

I'm into pleasing others though. I enjoy watching others get their fill from me. I once let this rich guy set his pet dog on me, so he could watch. The dog fucked me, licked me, pissed on me, and finally he chewed on my clit. The rich guy taped it too, so I have a copy, but it's almost worn out!

I also played the domineering bitch with a woman who wanted severe punishment and humiliation. She was actually the only woman who was smaller than I was. I tied her up, whipped her with chains, and tickled her with a feather duster, all the usual stuff. I peed in a glass and told her it was apple juice. I also rammed overly large dildos in her pussy and ass - without lubrication - further in than was healthy.

That was for punishment. To humiliate her I taped the entire proceeding and gave a copy to all her workmates - male and female - including her boss. Apparently she had been frigid towards them all. She called later on to thank me and to tell me she was getting regularly beaten and raped at work. She loved every minute of it. I, for one, don't like rape because it's all over too quickly.

But I'm not judgmental. I love sex just as much as anyone else, and if that tends to the kinky, fine. To each his (or her) own. I just want them to enjoy themselves.

As for me, just show me a cock swelling or a pussy dripping in lust for me and I'm happy. It's all I need.

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