tagErotic HorrorA Lord of Many Nights Ch. 02

A Lord of Many Nights Ch. 02


The night outside was dark and the moon was yellow with pale envy of the Earth's dying days. He felt the energy in the air, a skin-prickling tingle crawling over his pearly skin. He felt her nearby in her mindless scrambling to escape his obvious madness she exerted all the power she had and it was but a prickle, as a bug crawling up him.

She was running through the dining room, if he was correct. He charged down the hall, smashing through the door and diving over the balcony, catching her in mid stride, he pounded her into the ground. She grunted the unearthly guttural grunt of a varsity football player, and cried out as she realized she was pinned down. She shoved him and he relented allowing her to throw him off, she staggered to her feet and ran. She was out the door and into the estate. The door slammed in his face and he didn't stop, he smashed into the door and it splintered, still on its hinges. The grass was slick with effervescent dew under his bare feet, and he ran, not like you or I could run. He stepped in every perfect, silent foothold, dodged every root or dry leaf, without hesitating.

She wasn't as graceful; she tripped over a risen root and collapsed against a tree, breathing heavily. He reached her and punched her in the gut, winding her. She fell to her knees, and he tore at her blouse, the material shredding to ribbons. She pushed at him and once again he continued with the game of chase, allowing her to flee, shirt in tatters, her glorious full bosom bouncing and jiggling as she ran. Her blonde tresses fell into tasseled ringlets, the dew and moisture in the air clinging to them. The tears had long since made her dark mascara and eyeliner run. She was utterly afraid, never since her childhood, as a mortal had she been so scared. Fear… locked away in a darkened corner of her mind… was not a familiar face among: her other emotions, being vampire made fear take a long vacation. Now it was back with a vengeance. Her senses flared, the scent of the wet grass overwhelmed her. The sound of her footsteps and his close behind her, as well as the momentous thumping of her heart, deafened her. At least she was away from him, and she was still running.

With the sick humor only the Gods can muster she tripped once again, and plummeted into the ground. He caught her. He stood over her, looking down directly at her eyes. She looked up his body, his abs were well cut, and his chest was very defined. Had he been a young vampire, she might have taken him to her bed to secure him in her grip. However she noticed his chest didn't heave, he was breathing, slow and steady, obviously much more prepared for and practiced at a midnight chase under the moon.

He descended on her, like a moth to the flame. His weight pressing down on her, his hard chest against her plump soft one, he drew his face close, his eyes burning with malice and anticipation. He reached down squeezing one fat tit, "Do you realize what I'll do to you now that I've caught you?"

"N-no, you c-can't do this, the council, they will…" she stammered.

"The council will do nothing they have no power here at my estate, and never will." He smiled triumphantly; knowing whatever he did to her would never be punished. He pressed his lips to her jugular. She knew as well as he, that a single bite, a single draining of her supply, and she'd be dead forever. She gasped, and he pulled away, standing.

"Tell me what you know, and this will not last long" He was confident in his aggression.

"No, I cannot risk it…" she whimpered, trying to cover her expansive chest.

He dropped his pants, stepped out of them and walked to her. He grabbed her face and forced a finger into each check, pushing her teeth apart and holding her cheeks beneath them. He thrust is semi-hard meat, straight into her throat.

She gagged, eyes bulging, and made a sputtering sound like a boat propeller churning water. He thrust in and out, quickly, making her throat sore and hurting her nose. He pulled his cock out, saliva trailing from it to her lips and running down her chin and throat. "Tell me what is here…"

She coughed and sputtered, swallowing. "Never, you bastard."

He grabbed her head and resumed skull-fucking it. Her throat felt good contracting around his cock, and her cheeks hallowed, the slut was actually sucking on his cock. Drool covered her chin and glistened on her neck, spittle and bubbles began to appear on the bottom of his cock shaft.

He pushed her head down until his meat filled her trachea, forcing her to begin heaving, her throat clenching around his member. She heaved and gagged, snot running out of her nose, and tears dripping from her eyes. Just as she seemed like she was going to pass out, he pulled out and blasted her face with wad after wad of slimy sperm.

He grabbed the back of her head and smeared it in the grass and dirt. "You don't deserve to wear my semen, you are not worthy of my fluids…" He chided. "Now tell me, what is on this property, or I will do far more damage than a little sexual abuse…" Cat-like, he slid up her body, his teeth on her jugular again. "Don't think I will not expunge your life, making myself more powerful…"

"Please… please… don't do this…." She whimpered, a truly pathetic sight, tears, snot, dirt, makeup, and sperm caked her face.

He reached back and landed a hard slap on one of her exposed tits. "Bitch, you will do as I say". He slapped her face, sending her into the dirt. "What is here?"

"There's…. there's a…a…" She stuttered.

"A WHAT?" He roared, inches from her face.

She looked down, to the ground, betraying herself, and finally submitting to his dominance. "A Lupinar"

"A what?"

"A lupinar… and ancient portal of energy between points in time."

"Like the concordant crossroads of Galgotha, where Christ was crucified and the terrible power that place holds because of His death?"

"Right, somewhere that something so fowl and evil or so good and righteous was done, the power has overflow through all points in time at that same place."

His face relaxed, he closed his eyes, he wondered how powerful this Lupinar was… what courageous or despicable act could have created it. He looked down at her, and his scorn showed openly. "You are filthy you stupid cunt, but you if work with me, you will live. You will find me this Lupinar, and when you are not busy searching for it, you will teach my Childer. Teach them powers I do not possess, and if you obey well, I will take you for my bed."

"You expect me to be your servant? Fuck you, you pompous shit, I am an elder, not some peasant slave from the middle ages."

"You are now… and you have two choices, do these things for me, and prosper, or I will have your soul locked away in a pretty little vase, and your body ruined."

He bared his teach in what could never be called a smile. "I will enjoy desecrating your temple"

She cringed in fear, knowing he would do as he promised. "I will... do as you say..." her brow furrowed, could she make conditions? "... if I may attain my elder status".

He chortled, "you won't attain your existence if you don't do as I say." He lifted her by her hair. "Go into the manner and have Morgane dress and brand you".

"Brand me? what do you mean brand me?" Tears still streamed down her face and she looked lost and alone.

"She will heat a metal prong with my symbol on it, and when it is hot enough burn the emblem into your buttocks." He grinned again, malevolent yet happy in his power. She renewed her crying as he dragged her inside.


Alurea stood sulking in her room. She would have sat sulking, except for the ravaging her Father had given her virgin rosebud the day before. She had deserved it, but that didn't make it hurt any less. I've moped in this room long enough, and she went out to go make it up to her Father.

She walked into the massive central room of the manors where Warrick entertained guests. The high vaulted brass and silver ceiling held several chandeliers, intricate engravings of mythical creatures from Norse and Greek mythology. The chandeliers held candles that never burned out and the three large fireplaces held blazes that never waned. It was a hall fit for a king.

Warrick stood near a large wooden table that was obviously not part of the room's normal decor, Morgane, in only a g-string, as always, stood next to him stoking the fire with a brand. Warrick seemed almost somber, hoping Thailyne would really crack, "soon you'll wear my symbol and carry my seed".

Thailyne's face was that of a wild woman her eyes reflected the inferno of flames and mirrored the fear of her mind. It was not the pain of the brand melting her skin and searing her flesh, it was the fear of bondage. This creature would own her, this beast.

Alurea walked further into the room, she stood next to Warrick and studied his face. It was obvious he was hiding his excitement and joy, but the desperate Thailyne wouldn't be able to notice. She nuzzled her face into his neck and he absently craned his neck into her, kissing her forehead. She looked back to Thailyne. The woman really was beautiful, even in panic. Her blond tresses had been cleaned since her hunt, and her ice blue eyes and pale skin gave her the look of a Norse goddess. Very full light pink lips, and breasts that would have been flagrantly fake on a mortal. Probably an E cup she thought to herself. Long smooth legs and a plump ass that Alurea just wanted to sink her fangs into.

Morgane pulled the sunset red brand out of the fire and held it up for Warrick to see, he smiled, and Morgane walked to Thailyne. Thailyne began to shriek and struggle against the bonds holding her. The sound of stream sizzling off of Thailyne's luscious cream buttock was silenced by the shriek of pain that exuded from her. The brand, a clenched fist, showed black against the alabaster skin.

"F...father...?" Alurea began.

"Yes, my dear?"

"Would it be acceptable for me to leave another mark on your slave cunt's ass? Or two..." She smiled indicating her fangs.

"Depends on whether or not you quit acting as selfish as you did yester eve." He frowned, wanting to slap her for her insolence.

"As you command..." She whimpered, having hoped he would not have mentioned her behavior.

"Here is what you can do, take Thailyne into the largest guest bedroom, and chain her to the headboard of the bed. Then, if you are interested, start her on the program, if not, find someone who will." He smiled, knowing the perfect plan to humiliate and further torture the wench.


Adonis stood in the courtyard under the pale moon. Sword in hand, he ran through the exercises again, hoping Alurea would wander out and he could show off again. She had watched him after the Master and she returned last night. Adonis was the only male vampire allowed on the estate besides the Master himself. He was a childer of the Master, kept because he showed remarkable resemblance to Warrick's human brother. He was accepted and taught by Warrick, but never loved like Alurea or Morgane. He had found his niche as the ambassador to the council; he spent many nights at the council building luring the young vampire vixens to naughty places, yet no matter soon he would have Alurea, and that's what mattered. He flowed back into the ancient forms, bringing his mind back to his practice.

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