tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 08

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 08


Andy Ash, having his first meal of the day on Sunday at 4:00 pm after attending a party the previous day that began at noon for lunch and wrapped up about 9:30 pm that night as far as he could remember, received a call from a babe called Mystique who now called herself Misty.

He had no idea who she was or what she wanted but assumed he was about to find out.

"A name like yours suggest a high-class model or... um..."

"A hooker?"

Andy realized he was in trouble. "Oh I could never say that."

"You didn't," she said icily. "You left it for me to finish your sentence."

He muttered sorry and was told not to worry, she'd had women even suggest that to her.

"I am not working as a model who takes bit parts on TV advertisements," she said. "I took time off for a break and have decided not to resume work for the time being."

"Oh that's nice. Why?"

"Why?" she said icily and added that was none of his business.

"My stepmother appears to have a wrong opinion of you. She told me you are charmingly urbane, good-looking and really know how to talk to women."

"Oh really? And who is step-mommy?"

"I call her Rebecca. You probably call her Mrs Marsh."

"Yes I work alongside a Rebecca Marsh. What is your father's name?"


Gary was shocked into silence.

The babe demanded, "Why has that switched you off."

"I-I confused about this. Why would Rebecca refer you to me? She is very suspicious that I, um, that I exploit women."

"So you think this is a test?"

Andy swallowed and lied he hadn't thought of that.

"Ah I know. Rebecca told me you had come to work for them after being pushed out of your previous job. She would have interviewed you initially because she always interviews applicants for executive positions. You are scared that you might make a pass at me and I'd run and tell mommy."

"Um this supposition is becoming rather deep and loose. May I ask why are you calling?"

"I'm calling because I'd like a young male to come and have dinner at this apartment with me. I'm missing young male company. My husband is half-way through an eight-week specialized training course in surgery in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'd also like Jennifer to see you."

"Is Jennifer your maid?"

"God this is hard going. No Jennifer is my 5-month old daughter. I don't wish her to cry in fear through not being used to the sight of young men when her father comes home. Gary my husband would be devastated."

"But that would last only a few hours. I've heard babies are very adaptable and I know males are used to being rejected to females."

"Oh I hadn't thought of that. Anyway can you come over for dinner?"


"As soon as you finish what you are doing."

Andy wondered if she thought he was masturbating. Perhaps not.

"What say in an hour's time?"

"That's fine, I'll try to keep Jennifer awake," Misty said, giving Andy the address.

Andy pushed the buzzer and heard Misty call, "Come in, I left the door unlocked because I need to sit and express milk."

Not really taking that in, Andy marched in and stopped, the flowers he was holding out were shaking.

"Er gee."

"Oh that's intelligent comment. Haven't you seen a woman expressing surplus milk before?"

"God no."

"Oh I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking but as least you get to see my boobs instead of wondering about them."

Well that was as good as an invitation. Andy took a good look at her tits and his mouth watered.

"Would you like to taste some milk?"

"Andy's mouth went dry and he gasped, "No thanks."

"I haven't set you up Andy to give me something to tell Rebecca about."

"That's fine."

"Stand over Jennifer by the window. I put her bassinette there so the light softens your face and you won't look so menacing to her.

The kid had its eyes shut and Andy went, "Goo, goo. Glug, glug and made a hissing sound.

"Oh you've had experience with infants?"


Andy looked back down and had a wondrous experience. The kid opened her eyes and Andy saw those were the most incredible blue eyes he'd ever seen."

"Her blue eyes are incredible, much better than yours."

"Oh thanks Andy. I thought when you were over here your eyes were glued to my boobs."

Standing with his back to Misty, Andy said, "You are not wearing lipstick, you have a dimple only on the left side our your mouth, you have had your teeth whitened professionally, your ear studs are blue, probably sapphires, your hair has a light colored streak through the middle and your tits are 34D, probably up from your natural 34B.

"Omigod," she said, sounding astounded. "Smile at Jennifer and leave her to go to sleep because she'd just been fed and winded. Sit beside me and try expressing milk. Rebecca said I may well be impressed by you and she wasn't wrong about that. Go wash your hands first."

Andy sat beside her and holding his hands clear said, "Kiss me."

She sighed and said well he was a fast worker. She kissed him sweetly.

He took the bottle and circled the nipple and squeezed.

"No that's not the right technique and don't be so hard. I'm not a cow."

She taught him the gentle coaxing technique and he marveled.

Misty then finished the job and said, 'Would you like to taste my milk?"

He nodded and reached for the bottle in her hand but she said, no from the nipple.

Andy sucked fearlessly, knowing it was only milk rather than something revolting and suddenly Misty was cooing, asking did he like it, and she was stroking the side of his face. Andy's cock leaped erect but he didn't mind. This was supposed how it was meant to be, er perhaps, woman using her wiles to get man used to having a baby enter their life.


"Now don't be greedy," Misty laughed. "Lift up and kiss me."

Two minutes later, Misty put on her bra and top and started dinner while Andy was told to put the bassinet against the wall by the bed in the main bedroom and to be gentle because he'd be carrying precious Jennifer.

Andy performed that task fearlessly and arrived back in the kitchen to find a wine had been poured for him.

"Where's yours?"

"I haven't drunk alcohol since I conceived Jennifer and won't start again until I no longer feed her.

"Then have a wine. You fed her last a half hour ago."

Misty sighed.

Andy had just arrived in his office next morning when Rebecca came in looking for a fight, slamming the door shut.

"I trusted you referring you to Misty."

"Yeah and I performed well; I didn't drop Jennifer."

"I'm not talking about that Andy. You slept with her last night."

Andy laughed and said no way.

"You did. Misty told me you stayed the night."

"Yeah that's true but did she tell you I slept on the lounge sofa, alone."


"And did she tell you we did or didn't have sex?"


"Well we didn't."

"Oh god. Oh Andy, I am so sorry. Here let me kiss you."

She had Andy in a big hug when someone knocked, the door opened and Brigit, the young blonde computer graphics designer, came in and saw the couple embracing.

"Omigod, I apologize," she said red-faced and she darted out and closed the door softly.

"Omigod," Rebecca groaned.

Andy grinned and said, "See how easy it is to get the wrong impression."

"Don't rub it in," Rebecca groaned even louder. "What do we do?"

"We do nothing and reply on Brigit being mature enough not to spread her dirty thoughts around the office."

Rebecca left and went out and with relief saw Brigit was still the only one to have arrived in the general office.

"Did you wish to see me Brigit?"

"Coming," she said and closing the door said, "Do I get a kiss too."

Andy sighed and kissed her and told her to sit and went around his desk.

"Brigit, I wish to tell your something."

"I don't think Mrs Marsh is your type Andy and would not be one to spread around what I saw."


"I don't think you two were about to have sex when I came into this office a few minutes ago."

Andy nodded and gave Brigit a condensed version of that had happened from the time he'd visited her stepdaughter the previous evening."

"That's a perfect logical explanation and I believe it."

"Thanks for being so level-headed and reasonable Brigit. Now what did you wish to discuss."

"Mom has given me two tickets to an ice show on Friday night. I wanted to know if you would come with me and then take me to dinner."

Andy thought of his recently imposed no fraternization policy and then thought of how Brigit had just let him and Rebecca off the hook.

Late on Saturday night, Andy was in Brigit's bed in an apartment she shared with two other females who were not home yet. He was filling her tight cunt with hot dick and though that activity was immensely more enjoyable than being in his own apartment and suffering because of his inflexible no fraternization policy.

"Wet your finger and work it up my butt Andy."

Oh yes, 100 times better than being alone and spanking the monkey.

* * *

Andy called Misty and said he thought he should not visit her again because he had no wish to spike her relationship with her husband if neighbors began to talk, etcetera, and Rebecca had become snarky about his visit.

Misty sighed and said she agreed, she had her marriage to think about and he had his career to protect.

"It's a bit sad really," she said. "Sexually you were the best fit I've ever experienced and it was just that one night and now poof."

"I'm sorry."

She said she understood and said goodbye and cut the call.

He'd only dated Brigit the once and she didn't appear upset that he didn't follow up and ask for further dates, so that was fine.

Perhaps more concerning was there were now long gaps between Linda's visits. She appeared to be losing interest in him. Was he becoming less appealing to women? Now that could be a real worry. Perhaps that's why guys married, so they had a fallback position?

That same week he received two contacts from the past: A letter from Angelina to say they were moving to Texas and she would like him to remain in contact and a phone call from his college buddy Rick asking Andy to be best man at his wedding.

Of course Andy accepted because he considered Rick a real neat guy. Also Rick had said some of the guys and girls from college had been invited and so it could be a bit of a reunion.

And that's how it turned out. It was a great wedding, the bride appeared just right for Rick in Andy's opinion and Rick's mom tried to woo him to have sex with her but he escaped her clutches.

Andy claimed he was now reformed and half believed that statement.

He went early to be with Rick, spending two full days with him before the wedding day and they both agreed, drunk of course, they were the best pals ever.

Apart from Rick, the wedding was a cultural shock to Andy and left him feeling almost disoriented. Only one other former college pal wasn't married. Four guys he and Rick used to run with were married and three females he and Rick used to sleep with quite regularly where there with husbands and they all had at least one kid being looked after back home.

Rick returned to Chicago feeling his life was stagnating. Married guys appeared to have this idea that unmarried guys were having a ball and perhaps they did some of the time. But those married guys didn't realize as bachelors got older the girls they used to date thinned out dramatically because they married and were no longer accessible. Rick also had the sneaking feeling that despite the complaints of married guys about being tied down and told what they could eat and what they could do, they really did appear to be happy.

The former editor of the college newspaper Sally Jennings was at the wedding and Andy had been shocked to find that Rick had plowed her at least once every ten days for his last two years at college. Rick who'd plowed Sally a few times hadn't been aware his best mate had even known Sally.

Then Sally had asked Andy was he married?

He replied no.

Was he engaged?


Was he going with just the one woman regularly?


Were the women he was dating single or married?

At that point he asked nosey Sally could they talk about something else.

"God you have the morals of an alley cat," she said, walking away from him.

Andy more or less slunk back to Chicago. Linda welcomed him back after calling in for sex two nights after his return and he didn't see her again for four weeks.

Rebecca said she wasn't talking to him because he'd dumped Misty.

He confronted Rebecca, "For fuck sake, Misty is a married mother."

"So? Where is your chivalry? My stepdaughter was relying on your support in the absence of her husband. She is starved of communication with younger people."

Andy walked away knowing Rebecca was in one of those females moods that no matter how the guy represented his position, she would counter it viciously.

He soldiered on, not really enjoying life and losing his interest in sex and women and assholes who had nothing better to do than to try to put him down.

Six weeks after the wedding, Sally Jennings-Adams called saying she and her husband were about to visit Chicago for a few days and she would like to see him.

"But not for sex," she laughed easily. "My interest in being sexually rampant has gone. I would just like to continue contact, that's all. Perhaps we could go to a show and late dinner?"

He agreed and a day later called Sally back at the smallish Midwest city where her husband was junior partner in a firm of accountant and he recommended they go to a touring Chinese show based on dance incorporating amazing acrobatics. She agreed and Rick also said he'd meet them at the airport and take them to their hotel.

As it turned out he saw Sally and her husband six times during the 10-days they visited and they obviously had a really great time. Most of that time he was partnered by a young divorcee and she and Sally shopped several times together.

"Let's stay in touch," Sally said at the airport when she hugged and kissed him. "I always had a soft spot for you. That was mainly because for a college guy you were not only interested in sex but were reliable and committed to what you had to do. Plus I like your smile."

"Yeah I'll have to watch you two," Paul her husband laughed. "I'm glad you two have now leveled out to be ex-college friends."

Andy laughed thinking Sally must have told Paul that Andy was one of the guys who banged her regularly at college. Well it was obvious Paul wasn't offended and when the women went shopping, Andy and Paul had a couple of great sessions together bowling, chatting and laughing away very much like he and Rick used to carry on. That reminded Andy he rarely bonded with guys; he appeared driven toward females. Perhaps his father beating Andy when he was a kid/teenager had established that pattern?

He wondered if Sally had a mothering instinct to see him settled and she felt he should be doing a lot more with his life. At the wedding she shamelessly had revealed she'd been fucking his best friend Rick while also fucking him. When she'd called about her plans to visit Chicago he'd almost said spitefully, "Sally who?"

Instead he'd said listlessly, "Hi Sally"

"Are you okay?"

"Yes but I'm pining because I'm not married."

"Oh Rick is married and you are not; so it's wedding envy is it?"

"I suppose so."

Yes well she had gone on to discuss his feeling as if she were his mother.

* * *

Andy buried himself in his work. He led a team on a two-year project to progressively rebrand the company's product labeling so when on the shelves of supermarkets and other stores, the products took on the 'family appearance' to consumers. It was a fundamental but the company had allowed its product range to grow like Topsy with no effort to coordinate labeling to attract consumer recognition.

Well the results, handled commercially with advertising support as 'product re-launchings' proved more successful in added sales than expected and he received a $10,000 and was told to arrange a 10-day vacation. He went to Mexico and returned refreshed and feeling his life was back on track. The resort where he stayed most of the time was packed with American businesswoman seeking renewal as well and, like Andy, many of them appeared to accept sex was a wonderful way to relax and he found himself in big demand.

"How was it?" Rebecca had asked when he returned to work.

"Oh great. The resort was over-run by females looking for sex. I banged myself stupid."

"Yes and it serves you right fouling up a great opportunity to enjoy rest and renewal."

She walked off muttering, leaving Andy wondering why she couldn't see how fit and rested he was, and oozing good health? It would appear Rebecca was one of those females who didn't find sex enjoyable/relaxing. Oh poor girl. Well sexually she'd never been attractive to him. In manner, he could picture her as the charge nurse in a theater where all the vasectomies were performed.

* * *

As the end to Andy's three-year contract approached he began thinking of not negotiating contract renewal. It had been more than a year since he'd last seen Linda; they had just drifted apart. Perhaps she'd finally remembered she was married or perhaps she'd found a sex machine closer to her own age?

A couple of weeks later Sally called.

"Are you engaged yet to a motherly woman?"

"What are they?"

"Oh god," she giggled. "I'm phoning because my sister who works for a newspaper in a big city in California and is visiting us, mentioned last night the company is looking for a director of business partnerships. The newspaper sponsors community projects and wishes to grow that activity. Our uncle is the CEO. I thought you have had a bit of newspaper experience and lots of promotional and marketing experience."

"Thanks for the thought but I have a well-paid job here."

"The newspaper will pay up to 200k for the right person."


"Oh I have your interest do I? The newspaper has a weekly circulation in excess of 230,000."

Andy boarded a flight to California late afternoon on Friday and was interviewed next morning.

He'd recently gained his mater's and it appeared he satisfied expectations academically and he had the impression he created keen interest when he explained in detail the work he'd been doing since leaving college and that he'd had worked as a reporter while at college.

One of the interviewers spoke to Andy in Spanish and he believed he'd replied reasonably fluently.

He was asked why he was seeking the position. He said a former girlfriend had told him about the position, saying she thought he would be a good fit. Her uncle was their CEO.

That raised interest and led to notes being made.

Andy was taken to lunch by the convener of the panel and the director of new business. William Jennings, the CEO, joined then fifteen minutes later.

"So you knew my niece quite well at state university?"

"Yes Sally was editor of the campus newspaper and recruited me. She left at the end of that year, I became chief reporter during my sophomore year and editor the year after that."

"Do you have press cuttings?"

"We published electronically but yes I have downloads of a range of my articles with me."

"May I take a look?"

Andy handed over the scrapbook and chatted with the other two guys while William studied the portfolio.

After lunch the director of new business took Andy on a tour of the plant. Andy liked what he saw and caught an early evening flight home that day. He believed he'd created a good impression but none of the executives appeared overly enthusiastic about him. Well they had other candidates to interview and would spend time checking up on him.

Four days later the convener of the panel, HR director Judy Donald called.

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