tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 14

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 14


Although 'dumped on' as she called it, Addison did what Andy expected of her and said she'd go, to allow her lover to accept a post in Australia to gain experience as an international operator.

The wedding was held in the garden of Addison's parents in Lincoln Park and followed by a sit-down meal in their huge 1930s-built house where the sliding doors between the dining-room and living room were opened and a temporary table brought in to easily seat the forty-eight guests.

Andy was proud of his mother Irene who looked so beautiful in her first new dress in years; one of Emily's friends had attended to Irene's hair and make-up. His father Carl dressed in the dark suit he wore to funerals and left Andy with the impression he looked like the funeral director but later on, with a couple of beers in his belly at the reception, Carl had people listening fascinated to hear him talk about breaking in wild stallions that had escaped from Indian reservations. It was bullshit of course but it was pleasing to Andy to see his father cut loose.

Emily had buried the hatchet with Andy and actually complimented him for demanding a small wedding because she was able to mix and mingle at the wedding and at the cocktails before they sat for dinner and she knew almost everyone and they all knew her as the bride's mother.

"I can't believe how all my friends think you are so handsome and such a charmer that they are ever so jealous I have you for my son-in-law," she said to Andy, kissing him, before they sat to feast.

Andy met Linda's husband Allen at last and had the impression he was meeting an embalmer, an ultra-serious guy, thin and balding badly and wearing rimless glasses towards the tip of his nose. Linda looked gorgeous and Andy wished Addison had tits as large as Linda's but perhaps she would by the time she was 50-plus.

The marriage ceremony had gone well and Addison, in an exquisite white gown and cute white lacey hat, had looked radiant throughout, the best he'd ever seen her. The row she'd had much earlier with her mother that Addison had no right to wear white had ended in tears on both sides when Addison screamed at her then she'd marry in black and invite all the neighbors.

It was a wedding he'd always remember and hoped he'd have no reason to marry again.

Addison and Andy slept that night in a hotel downtown and they left next day for their honeymoon in Hawaii. They would then return for tidy up their affairs, vacate their apartment and send their personal affects to storage and for Andy to sell his car and many of his personal effects. He had a strong feeling he'd be made director of South Pacific operations with a seat on the parent board in Chicago. He'd already had the idea of establishing his own board of the subsidiary company in Australia that would have branches in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti.

The newly-weds had arrived at the hotel too drunk to have sex and they giggled and agreed they'd make it a special night by not having sex.

Addison went off to the bathroom to vomit.

She returned and asked Andy to get her painkillers for her headache.

"Where will I get painkillers at this time of night?"

"In my handbag."


"I sometimes get headaches."

"Oh I never knew that."

She hiccupped and said he'd never asked.

Andy lurched to the bathroom and missed the bowl and decided it was easier to aim into the bath and completed one of the longest pees he'd ever had.

He returned to the bedroom to find Addison was in bed dressed in her lingerie.

"You are wearing your underwear," he accused.

"Well why bother taking it off when we're not having sex?"

Andy experienced the inability to answer that.

He got into bed and hit something hard with a foot.

"You are still wearing your shoes."

"Oh am I?" she said vaguely. "I suppose that occurred because I have something on my mind and need to unload."

"Good god, you're pregnant."

Addison said hotly, "You are attempting to divert me."

"What then?"

"I've decided I don't want to go to Australia."

Andy coiled, ready to strike by he managed to say quite calmly, "Why not?"

"Because I'm American," Addison said and slipped into sleep.

Andy thought he should have a beer but once up made coffee instead, thinking he'd feel better off next morning if he avoided any more alcohol. He poured the coffee and then pushed that aside and sipped from a bottle of water instead, thinking he'd feel better in the morning if he stuck to water. Now where was he?

He went to the bed and shook Addison awake and asked, "Where was I?"

"You're drunk."

"That's only because I drank too much wine, champagne, beer and cocktails."

Addison said, "You wanted to ask me why was I American."

"No I didn't. You had indicated you didn't want to live in Australia because you were American."

"I only said that to befuddle you to avoid telling you the deal on buying our agency has fallen through and Uncle Bob told me at the wedding, he cried when he'd heard that news because he'd gotten used to the idea he could take early retirement. I will tell him I'll buy him out unless you really object. I have plenty of money in bonds and other stuff and can top that up with a bank loan and buy him out. I'll do that and keep on working here and wait for you to return from Australia."

"Don't get a bank loan. I have stocks I can sell, and they are not junk stocks. I'd much rather invest in you."

"Then why don't you buy Uncle Bob out and work with me?"

"But you are American?"


Addison sighed when she saw her new husband had fallen asleep.

Andy awoke just before 6:00 am and shook Addison. She groaned and said what.

"Where am I?"

"In bed with your wife."

He yawned and said yeah but they didn't get married."

"Yes we did and you looked so handsome. I almost wet myself in happiness."

It was as if Andy hadn't heard that and he said he was hungry.

"God don't you think of anything else but food and sex?"

"I say to myself often these days I love you and I'm so lucky to have you."

"Oh darling, let's..."

"Let's save it till we wake up tomorrow morning in Honolulu."

"Oh yes, great idea."

"I have another great idea. I shall call Linda and say I wish to resign from my job because I've received an offer from my wife to join her working in public relations, an offer I can't refuse."

"God would you do that for me?"



Andy said smugly, "Because I'm American."

Addison held him and kissed him and said, "Suck my cunt darling."


"All American men suck their wife's pussy each morning because that's what wives want from their husbands."

"Okay. Where do I find it?"

* * *

They arrived early afternoon in Honolulu after a 9-hour flight with the only memorable incident being Addison whispering fiercely to Andy that no way was she interested in qualifying for the Mile High Club.

"I should have known you'd want to pull me down to your level," she hissed.

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Never you mind. Please get me coffee."

"Jesus women," he muttered. It was daylight but what was she so shy about?

The heat hit them when they left the airport terminal.

"Oh joy," Andy said, beating his chest with a fist.

"Omigod and you said no to my suggestion of Dallas, saying Texas would be too hot at this time of year."

"Oh did I?" Andy said vaguely, turning to watch two babes in tiny white shorts and well packaged at the chest approaching and probably chatting about nuclear physics because neither was blonde.

"Have you come here for the sex?" Addison snarled.

"No for the relaxing tropical weather. Just you wait till you acclimatize; you'll then think you are in heaven with the best looking man on the beach at your side."

"Who will that be?" she said grumpily, making Andy think really Addison should never consume more than two alcoholic drinks per session. He'd raise that with her when she was back in her usual easy disposition. He wondered while they were in Hawaii would she want to fuck or would she have other things she'd also like to do?

It came right for them next day.

Late morning they went on to the beach, Addison wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and probably thinking she looking like a Hollywood starlet what with her platinum colored hair but received only a few barely interested looks.

They had lunch in their room after sex because Andy was bursting with energy after a four-mile run at 6:00 and then spending two hours in the gym before he returned to awake her.

"God you were great," Addison said eating melon and strawberries. "Am I glad I married you."

"Thanks sweet," Andy said, drinking chilled water and thinking she was coming out of her mood. He patted Marco furtively because they were pals and the assumption was Marco would know a honeymoon was big time for a penis.

He went down to the beach while Addison went 'on an errand' whatever that meant.

Andy was wearing beach shorts because Addison had snapped in the morning he looked obscene showing that amount of sausage under his impossible tight swimmers.

"They are Australian Rip Curls, designer gear."

"Well I'm telling you they show too much of your gear," she's snorted.

A young guy with a beer belly was standing down a bit from almost fully prone Andy and looking bored when he raised his sunglasses and looked behind Andy and plunging a hand towards his dick shouted, "Holy crackamoli."

People around him turned and looked where he was gazing and most didn't swing back to look at the sea and watercraft.

Andy turned and gulped. Holy fuck. The center of attention was Addison who'd decided to join the beach culture. She was wearing a flimsy white and pink bikini, made to look like coral, and matching big straw sunhat, turned up at the sides and she was wearing big black round sunglasses. The contrast of the bikini against her olive skin and lithe body made her look gorgeous.

"Hi," she said nonchalantly, dropping her basket and sitting beside Andy.

"Hi," he said, glaring at the guy who started it all. The guy took his hand off his dick and gave Andy an obscene salute and turned away.

A fight and a double arrest were alleviated.

"Notice anything?"

Andy grunted, "Yeah you're wearing a hat."

Addison sighed.

He turned towards her and said, "And I think I can smell pussy."

"Oh god," she said. "You are an incorrigible asshole."

But she looked pleased.

Linda called Andy and sounded sad.

"The chairman was livid you had pulled out of the South Pacific Expansion Project. He wanted you fired and I said you'd always indicated you were resigning and so he was too late. He said and I quote, 'Well be generous to the Asshole. He was quite useful to us in the short time he was with us."

Andy sighed.

Linda said what sort of exit package did he require?

"A generous one and keep Addison and me in mind whenever your outfit seeks external PR and promotional consultancy."

Linda asked how the honeymoon was going.

"A bit slow. Addison is acting almost frigid."

"She'll acclimatize in a day or two and then will be all over you."

"I hope so."

She laughed and said, "I know so. I've been to Hawaii a few times and know the ropes."

Addison and Andy returned to Chicago fucked-out. Well it had been their honeymoon.

Addison went to the office mid-afternoon and Andy checked that he'd had sufficient sales of stock complete the buy-in. He called Addison and she whispered she felt like sex.

Andy thought that was a terrific thing to say to him and felt so much in love with his wife. He told Addison he was cashed-up and three days later he, she and Uncle Bob had a meeting with attorneys to progress the deal. Andy decided to stick with the agency's established name, Loop-a-Doo Public Relations Consultants. He rather liked the name and complimented Addison for coming up with it.

"Uncle Bob created it," she smiled. "You might think him as being stodgy but he is creative to the core."

"Um which of us is to be the senior partner?" he asked as they went to the meeting.

"Neither of us, we will be equal partners unless you have an objection?"

"No that's fine."

"But I will be named managing-partner."

He said, "Hey wait on but is that fair."

"Okay you take the responsibility with the title to be responsible for employment disputes, client ravings and abuse, taxation issues and..."

"Hold it, I have no issue Addison with you being named managing-partner. The responsibility will stop you becoming bored."

She sighed and avoided saying the managing-partner had to be a responsible person and a stickler to rules and to know intimately how the business ran.

"Will I get a car?"

"No we do most of our business within the Loop. Go by cab and if you need a car, rent one."

"You sound like a very efficient managing partner."

"And you sound like you are trying to get up my skirt."

"No," he said indignantly, "that was a genuine compliment."

"Oh sorry. You are difficult to read at times darling."

On the first day on the job, Andy looked out into the main office and said, "Christ they are all females and all are blondes."

"Few are real blondes darling. Uncle Bob and I preferred employing females because they tend to fit all jobs better than males."

"Bob you traitor," Andy murmured and turned to find his wife smiling at him.

"Just take it calmly, don't rush into anything. We have seven PR specialists and we all are supported by seven other people."

"That ratio seems wrong."

"Fuck the business rules Andy, what we have here is what Uncle Bob had found works best for him and when I bought in I had to agree with him. The specialists are our creative people and the support staff perform normal office functions and do the routine work for the specialists."

"Ah I see. Do you and I get to do the plum jobs?"

"No are main task is to keep work coming in and ensure the work being done is billed correctly and we tend to work on the crummy accounts that none of the specialists wish to handle and fix up what's gone wrong."

"You mean they choose what work they wish to do?"

"Yes but if you can think of a better way I'd like to hear it."

Something told Andy to be cautious. "Um I'll just take it calmly and not rush into answering that."

"Oh darling, what good technique you are exhibiting. Come and meet the girls."

"Girls, attention please. Here he is, my darling Andy."

Andy attempted to lighten his feet to avoid sinking through the floor.

"How was the honeymoon Addison, one of the blondes called.

"Oh you know, a lot of in and out... of the stores."

There were shrieks of laughter and Andy eyed the main door.

"Say something Andy," called a blonde he later learned was a top operator, Kate Gates.

"Hi everyone I'm glad to be here and you all appear energized and that's good for PR work. I've worked on newspaper, done a bit of PR work and have worked in small companies and a couple of international corporates so have been around. I like the idea of lounging around here and watching everyone work."

There was silence.

"Um that was meant as a joke."

The silence seemed sinister.

"Come on girls, don't be such a tease. Laugh."

The girls responded to Addison and they did laugh.

Addison took him down between the two lines of desks and introduced each female and they all kissed him and he was disappointed none of them had big tits. Did that equate to small brains or was it the reverse?

Addison then showed him the studio used for film and still camera work, the lunchroom, the photocopy and storeroom and the changing room and shower and toilets.


"Uncle Bob used to go across the street for coffee and have a pee at their toilet."

"Great man for creativity was your Uncle Bob," Andy said, and that earned him a warm smile.

"Right I'll see you later."

"Are you going across for coffee already?"

"No Addison," Andy smiled patiently. He said he was going out to find work.


"I have no idea," he lied.

"Here are your business cards I had printed for you," she said, eyeing him apprehensively. "Honey in future I'd prefer a little more detail rather than you saying you are going out without any plan."


She smiled and patted his butt.

The receptionist at the Loop Promotions Center said, "Our director normally requires an appointment to be made."

"Darling this is an abnormal visit," Andy said, attempting to work his sexiest smile.

"I'll see what I can do," the 50-year old said sternly and went off with his card.

Bob spent his time eyeing passing breasts on the sidewalk and the woman returned and said, "Come this way please sir."

She puffed up the one flight of stairs and introduced him to Mrs Stevens.

Mrs Stephens put down the layout she was examining and said, "Thank you Mrs White."

When Mrs White closed the door behind her, Mrs Busty Stephens said rudely, "Why are you here? We have our specialist agency doing this work."

"Is that an example of its current work?"


"May I have a look?"

"I don't see why not. It's ready for signing off for printing."

"God what unimaginative layout although the graphics look excellent and at a glance the first bit of text I read is lively enough."

"I see, and you think you could do better with the layout?"

"My team and I could, yes. Give me four hours to work up an alternative at no cost to you. Is the file of everything assembled for this presentation?"

"Yes but I can't allow you to take this original material out of my office."

Andy removed his watch and wedding ring and pulled out his wallet and placed them in front of Mrs Stevens and said, "I'll leave these possessions with you. If I'm not back with an improved presentation inside four hours you keep my possessions."

"But that's your wedding ring."

"I'll buy another if I fail to deliver and my wife mightn't spot the difference."

"God I'll be called irresponsible for allowing this and will probably face a rap from our president."

"People who take risks mostly succeed. Come on sweetie, take the risk and put everything in that plain paper bag. I trust you not to spend the money in my wallet or attempt to use my credit cards."

Andy rushed into Addison's office.

She removed her reading glasses.

"You need reading glasses?" he gawked

She appeared more embarrassed that perhaps if he'd caught her using a dildo.

"I have an eye weakness, yes."

"Then let's see if we can get it corrected. No one looks sexy in reading glasses. We have a rush job. I need to use your most creative girl and the best layout specialist."

"Kate and Claire. You're not out to seduce them with this madcap folly are you?"

"Stop putting ideas into my head. Come on, get them into the art room. You may stay as an observer."

The women opened the portfolio and were wowed, noticing that agency doing the work on contract was J Crombie-Angus, a big name agency. They boggled when finding it was a promo for the upcoming Loop Annual Festival.

Addison asked in awe, "How on earth could you get your hands on this material?"

"I have to say modestly, initiative and awe in prospecting. The Loop Promotion director didn't know me so I left my watch, wedding ring and wallet behind as security and they become hers if I'm not back to her within four hours."

"The wedding ring," chorused the women as if Andy had sold his soul.

He cracked the whip, the women including Addison responded, and Andy was back in front of Mrs Busty Stephens, eyeing what he thought she ought to regard and her pride and joy, two hours and three minutes after he'd left her office.

"You can't have..."

"We perform for our clients," Andy said pompously, thinking a bit of grand-standing mightn't go amiss.

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